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2016 Notes


Dec. 2016, Holland.

#6 Holland, Jeff, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning

- Dan. 11:1-4 gives us insight about the “kings” of the USA from 1989 > SL.

- v.5-9 cover from 281 BC > 246 BC, that parallels 538 > 1798.

- v.10 covers from 246 BC > 222 BC, that parallels 1798 > 1989.

- v.11-12 cover 222 BC > 217 BC, that parallels 1989 > MD.

- v. 13-15 cover 217 BC > 200 BC, that parallels MD > MC.

- v. 16 covers 200 BC > 63 BC, that parallels MC > SL.

- From 1979 > 1989 there was a proxy-war between the KofS (Russia) and the KofN (USA), with the USA being the proxy for Rome, and Islam being a proxy for the USA.

- EGW endorsed the 1843 Chart based on Hab. 2:1-3 & Eze. 12:21-28. The 1843 Chart was made soon after the fulfillment of the 391 yr.-15 day prophecy on 8-11-1840 re. Islam, when the Angel of Rev. 10 came down and the Chart became their “foundation”. This parallels after 9/11 (the Islam connection), when the Angel of Rev. 18 came down and both the 1843 & 1850 Charts (as our SDA “old paths”) became our “foundation”. Therefore, all that happens after 8-11-1840 & 9/11 is “the effect of every vision”.

- An alternate “Present Truth” group has sprung up that totally focuses on the “binding off” from MD > MC to the exclusion of all previous Waymarks, and are in danger of moving the Waymarks, destroying the “foundation” Waymark (which is Jesus Christ, established by Jesus Christ), and going off-course.

- Since the events of the 1989 era are typical of the MD > MC era we can expect to see many of the same events again. MD is typical of the Battle of Raphia, therefore we look for Russia, as the KofS, to attack the USA, as the KofN (currently striking at the USA’s Islamic proxy in Syria). A difference is that in 1989 the USA was the only one using Islam as a proxy, and now both sides are using factions of Islam as proxies. It is becoming apparent that there is some sort of alliance between Russia & Islamic factions now.

- The collapse of the USSR in 1989 was the most significant event in the last century, therefore whatever happens at MD should be just as significant, though maybe not a “hot war”.

- The sequence at MD should follow the pattern of Dan. 11:11 (doubling at MD) onward; v.12, when the KofS was victorious at Raphia (217 BC), which is MD for us, and then wanted to celebrate by offering a sacrifice in the Temple at Jerusalem, which was a “sign” because it was an “abomination of desolation standing in the holy place where it ought not”, and it parallels Pompey conquering Israel in 63 BC, which parallels the Sunday Law in our near future.

- v. 13, the KofN “returns” at Panium (200 BC), which is the MC for us, and is victorious.

- v. 14 is inserted into the narrative here, and it is one of the most important verses in Dan. 11, pointing out that this whole vision is ultimately about Rome.

- v. 15 continues about the KofN in 200 BC, which is parallel to the USA counterattacking Russia at the MC and being victorious.

- v. 14 says “in those times”, during the MD > MC time, that ROME establishes the vision, by exalting themselves, and then falling.

- Jacobin atheism began in France in 1793, which EGW says is the “Dragon” (and grew into Communism in Russia by 1917). The USA became also the “False Prophet” (in 1984). The Millerites fought to maintain that the “robbers/breakers” of thy people was Pagan Rome (emphatically NOT Antiochus Epiphanes), and we now understand for our time that the “robbers/breakers” are Papal Rome, the “Beast” who has been hiding in the shadows, slowly gaining control of both the “Dragon” and the “False Prophet”, but it will fall in v. 45.

- v. 16, after the USA (as the KofN) returns and defeats Russia (as the KofS) at the MC, Papal Rome comes against the USA (as the “him”), defeats the USA “glorious land” at the Sunday law, and becomes the “new” KofN, and conquers the world (as “Egypt”).

- Jesus, as the “Lion of the tribe of Judah”, unsealed Dan. 11:40-45 at the beginning of this prophetic movement, but these middle verses have been the most obscure verses in this movement, until now where they are seen to unseal Dan.11:40-45 again. Therefore it must be close to the end of this movement. The end of Dan. 11 was unsealed at the beginning of this movement, and the beginning of Dan. 11 is now being unsealed at the end of this movement.

- After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 [at symbolic MD] (the first of 3 “walls” the papacy must overcome before it can rule the world supremely), Bush I announced the beginning of the New World Order in 1991, and the “Beast, Dragon & False Prophet” (3-fold union) began to be assembled. After the fall of the “3rd Wall” [of national sovereignty at the MC], the 3-fold union/NWO will be put into effect by the U.N. under the control of Modern Global Rome.



#5 Holland, Jeff, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning: How & Why Russia continues as the King of the South.

- Dan. 11:1-4 is one ‘Prophetic Line’ ending with the breakup of Alexander’s empire.

- V. 5-9 is another Line, covering 35 years from 281 BC > 246 BC, having to do with the kings of the North & South. V.5 is about Ptolemy I of Egypt, and Alexander’s former general Seleucus I Nicator of Syria, who conquers E, W & N. A prophetic principle of Rome (pagan, papal and modern Rome) is that it always has to conquer 3 geographic obstacles before it can rule supremely. The 35 years from 281 BC > 246 BC parallel 538 > 1798 which is 3.5 prophetic years or 1260 literal years.

- In both cases, before the ‘end of years’ a ‘peace treaty’ involving art treasures and gods (possibly 2520 gods, a ‘host’) was engaged in, but was broken soon afterward (v.6), and in retaliation the KofS attacked the KofN and walked into victory unopposed (v.7-9) and reclaimed & restored the art treasures and gods, and took the KofN captive who later died in captivity.

- In 1798 the KofS was atheistic-Jacobin-Communist Napoleon Bonaparte. Egypt as the KofS is a symbol of atheism, but the first atheistic political structure was the Communist-Jacobins that arose into history at the execution of king Louis XVI in 1793 in the French Revolution. (1798 also marks the end of a 2520-year reign of false ‘gods’ over God’s people and a restoration of the true ‘host’.)

- v. 10-12 share some of the same words as v. 40-45 ‘overflow and pass through’. The sons of the KofN (Seleucus II [& Antiochus III Magnus, or The Great]) planned to invade Egypt in 222 BC, but after an initial victory over the Egyptian army outside of their border, which reclaimed the ‘satellite’ countries of Egypt, Antiochus III called a truce and did not invade Egypt itself, leaving it intact, while Antiochus went back to prepare for a full invasion. (Leaving Egypt intact when Antiochus III maybe could have taken it becomes a new point of light in this prophecy.)

- These verses parallel v.40 when Reagan & Bush I in 1989 reclaimed the ‘satellite’ countries of the USSR, for Rome. (Two ‘kings’ noted together mark the ‘Time of the End’.) The USA as the ‘new army’ of Rome, the KofN typified by Antiochus III, ‘invade’ up ‘to’ the ‘fortress’-border of the KofS but do not ‘enter’ it, leaving Russia intact.

- FFA/SOTP had before understood that ‘the atheistic Communism that opposed Rome’ was the entire King of the South, but now we see clearer light (through a brother Chiawuotu) in that while ‘the atheistic Communism that opposed Rome’ aspect of the KofS was defeated, the actual land of the KofS (Russia) was left intact as the continuing KofS (though not opposing Rome anymore).

- Dan. 11:40-45 do not clearly show the MD & MC Waymarks, but they become clear in these earlier verses and the history they portray (prophecy is but history in advance). V. 16 shows pagan Roman Pompey as the KofN conquering the ‘glorious land’ (Judah), which is parallel to Rome conquering the modern ‘glorious land’ (USA) at the Sunday law, so we know that the MD & MC Waymarks have to come before v. 16.

- The MD & MC Waymarks are two battles. (Battle of Raphia in 217 BC and the Battle of Panium 200 BC.)

- v. 11, sometime after the initial truce (parallel to the end of the ‘Cold War’ with Russia in 1989) the KofN (Antiochus III) marched against the KofS again (Ptolemy IV of Egypt) and with a vast army, but was surprisingly defeated at the Battle of Raphia 217 BC = MD (parallel to the USA [for the KofN = Rome] in the future marching a vast army against the KofS [Russia] in some way, but then surprisingly being defeated by Russia.)

- v.12, after his victory over Antiochus III Ptolemy went to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice in the Temple because ‘his heart shall be lifted up” (compare 2Chron. 26:16-17), but it was the ‘sign’ of the ‘abomination of desolation’ (a State interfering in the Church = MD), so the Jews refused him. Therefore he went back to Egypt and in revenge killed all the Jews in Egypt he could find.

- MD therefore has ‘external’ characteristics: KofN (USA) attacks the KofS (Russia) with a vast army but is surprisingly defeated; and MD has ‘internal’ characteristics: the State interferes in the Church, and then there are ‘3-steps’ to the MC.

- v.13, but 17 years later at the Battle of Panium 200 BC = MC, the KofN was victorious (parallel to the USA subsequently defeating Russia).



#4 Holland, Jeff, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning

- 13MR 394, much of the history in Dan. 11 will be repeated at the end of the world.

- In the USA there were 17 ‘pre-Presidents’ before George Washington. At first 7 sat together as the ‘Constitutional Convention’ to write a Constitution, and they came up with the ‘Articles of Confederation’. The first ‘Commander in-Chief’ was George Washington, and 10 ‘pre-Presidents’ later he was elected the first President under the finished US Constitution. He was the richest President there ever was, until this latest President, Trump. The end shows the beginning so Trump has to be the last President of the United States.

- Rev. 17 shows the USA as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy, after which there will be ‘10 kings’. There were ‘10 pre-Presidents’ before G. Washington and there will be ‘10 kings’, the U.N., after the last, D. Trump.

- Dan. 10:14 tells us that the purpose of Dan. 11 is to tell God’s people what will happen in the latter days, and Dan. 11:40-45, esp. v.41, tells us that the KofN will conquer the ‘Glorious Land’ at the Sunday law, which will close probation for SDA’s, and then the rest of the world.

- At the ‘Time of the End’ there is always a prophetic message unsealed which informs that generation of where they are at in prophetic history, and the most important message unsealed for this generation is that our probation is about to close at the Sunday Law crisis in the United States. This message began back in 1989 with Dan. 11:40-45 and now, after over 25 years, we are being brought back to the beginning texts of this message to give us more details about the last President of the United States.

- Dan. 11:1 marks the ‘Time of the End’, which all ‘Times of the Ends’ in Bible prophecy are pointing forward to, the very last ‘Time of the End’ in our day today. Every ‘Time of the End’ has two Waymarks placed close together; the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus both marked a ‘Time of the End’, as did the births of both Aaron & Moses. Dan. 10:1 & 11:1 both mark two kings and the end of two 70-year prophetic fulfillments as a ‘Time of the End’. EGW connects the 70 years ‘captivity of God’s people’ with the 1260 years, the end of which at 1798 was the ‘Time of the End’

- 1798 is parallel to 1989 as the ‘Time of the End’ for the last generation, and in January 1989 there were 2 Presidents, one leaving office and one beginning. They are parallel to Darius as Reagan, and Cyrus as Bush I. Therefore since Cyrus is a type of Christ, then Bush I & Moses are also types of Christ; therefore Reagan, Darius & Aaron are all types of John the Baptist. Therefore the two Seleucid brothers, Seleucus II & Antiochus III, mark a ‘Time of the End’ in Dan. 11:10 which is symbolic of our ‘Time of the End’ today.

- Dan. 11:2, 3 kings ‘shall stand up yet’ in Persia, and the 4th king is ‘far richer than they all’. Persia is a ‘2-horned power’, which is typifying the final ‘2-horned power’ at the end of the world, the United States. The 3 kings that ‘shall stand up yet’ and the 4th ‘far richer’ king, also parallel the last 4 Caesars of pagan Rome just before the birth of Christ. Both ‘Trump’ and ‘Vladimir’ mean ‘ruler of the world’, so that indicates a future conflict. The Republican Presidents have always been in power at an important prophetic event; Reagan/Bush I in 1989, Bush II at 9/11, and Trump will be at ‘Midnight’. At the national level the USA is ‘far richer than they all’ and through its ‘strength and riches’ is able to force the world to accept the Pope as the leader of the U.N.

- In history v.2 refers to Queen Esther’s husband, Ahasuerus, who took 180 days (6 months) getting his leaders from 127 provinces (the world) together for his assault on Greece, a single country; but now Greece is a symbol of the U.N. which is all the world, being attacked by a single country, the USA. Joel 3 refers to all the heathen being woke up for war.

- EGW speaks of the 3-fold union of the papacy, spiritualism and the USA, known as the ‘Beast, Dragon & False Prophet’ bringing the world to the Sunday Law, and FFA has taught that there are 3 obstacles to Rome ruling the world through the Sunday Law; first was the King of the South, taught to be atheistic Communism in the USSR; second the ‘Glorious Land’ or USA through the SL, and third ‘Egypt’ symbolizing the rest of the world accepting the Sunday Law. The last two obstacles seem to be conquered almost at the same time.

- Fractals put at least an early version of the SL coming in at the ‘Midnight Cry’, so there has to be some kind of  3-fold union at the MC too.

- The study of the 7 Thunders Waymarks shows that the parallel to the ‘breaking the two sticks’ and the ‘joining of the two sticks’ of ancient Israel, which is the ‘parallel kingdoms’ motif, happens from MC > SL in our time. Therefore there has to be ‘parallel kingdoms’ in the MC > SL time, and using Miller’s Rules we understand there are ‘internal’ (within God’s people) and ‘external’ (secular) ‘parallel kingdoms’ going on at the same time.

- The ‘external’ parallel kingdoms are the USA which is going down as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy, and the U.N. is coming up as the 7th kingdom at the same time, which is the ’10 kings’ of Rev. 17. However, the USA will be as Ahab who was the leader of ’10 Tribes’, and the ‘Ships of Tarshish’ which are a symbol of economic strength. The USA is also typified by France which Catholicism calls the ‘eldest son of the Church’ because it was the first power to commit fornication with the papacy. So it will be with the Sunday Law in the USA, beginning at the MC.

- Dan. 10:19, Daniel & Gabriel are at the MD > MC time, and Gabriel is going to fight with the ‘USA’ before the ‘U.N.’ comes at the MC. It is also the beginning of the ‘joining of the 2 sticks’ sequence from the MC > SL.

- 11:3, ‘a mighty king shall stand up’ = begin to reign. The activity of the last President of the USA is light from Dan. 11:41 that we have never seen before, but as the anti-type of Alexander the Great who was the king of Greece, the 45th President of the United States will take over the U.N. and become its ‘king’ sometime between the MC > SL. 

- 11:4, ‘when he shall stand up [at the MC] his kingdom shall be broken’ = national apostasy is followed by national ruin. ‘Divided’ = cut into 2 pieces, and the USA is already divided since the election, and EGW says there will be civil war there again (5MR 305). However, 9/11 tended to unify the American people, so there will be unity behind the 45th President at some great national emergency, then ‘his dominion’ will become a ‘parallel kingdom’ as it is ‘plucked up’ and becomes part of the U.N. 

- 11:14, a principle is that ‘Rome establishes the vision’. Therefore, the 3 + 1 Persian kings, and the 3 + 1 ‘American kings’ are given a ‘third witness’ by the 3 + 1 Caesars before the Cross, or Rome, and the Cross symbolizes the Sunday Law during the 4th king. The 4th Caesar was Tiberius who was an alcoholic wino until his death, so the 45th President of the USA will be ‘drinking the wine of Rome’ until his death.


#3 Holland, Jeff, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning

- FFA has always understood that the King of the South was the Soviet Union (USSR, and that the KofS was destroyed at the breakup of the USSR), but within the last week Jeff fine-tuned that understanding so that the King of the South is Russia itself.

- About a year ago FFA/SOTP began to realize that not all of EGW’s references to “the time of the end” are about the end of the 1260 in 1798, but some references are about a span of time, or even about our time. The birth of Jesus is a “time of the end”, but also the birth of John the Baptist 6 months before. We taught that the birth of Moses was a “time of the end” too, but maybe it was really at the birth of Aaron 3 years earlier.

- At about the same time it was seen that Dan. 10:1, the “3rd year of Cyrus”, was the end of a 70-year prophecy, and was a “time of the end” (PK 556, Cyrus marked 70 years). Also Dan. 9:1, the 1st year of Darius” was the end of a 70-year prophecy, and was another “time of the end” (see Jer. 25:11) just a few years apart.

- We also mark the “time of the end” in 1989 with Presidents Reagan & Bush I, and parallel them with the sequence of Persian kings in Dan. 11:2, the 4th king after the “yet” being “far richer than they all”.

- Jeff reviews the “7 Thunders” in the “joining of the two sticks” from the MC > SL, and includes the new light from the first 7 kings of Israel where the “two sticks” were broken apart, and emphasizes the overlapping aspects as “parallel kingdoms”, see Dan. 11:4 “dominion” = parallel kingdom.

- Bible prophecy often carries two lines of parallel thought together, the “internal” events in the Church, and the “external” events in the world during the same time span. There are both “internal” and “external” “parallel kingdoms” to be considered. On the “external” line the “parallel kingdoms” are when the U.N. begins at the MC, and the USA ends at the SL.

- Jeff reviews the pre-Presidents of the USA before the US Constitution was written in 1789, and notes there was a similar Constitution written for France at the same time. Both countries were having revolutions. The French Revolution parallels the American Revolution, and since the beginning of the USA illustrates the end of the USA, the USA will end in a Revolution (that includes the Sunday law). There were 7 “pre-Presidents” before the Articles of Confederation and 10 more “pre-Presidents” before Geo. Washington who was the first President under the Constitution (and richest President), and there will be “10 kings” (the U.N.) after the last President under the Constitution (the 45th) when it is made void at the SL crisis (which also is the number “7” for the Sabbath). Trump is the richest President since G. Washington.

- Dan. 10:19 “be strong” 2x = MC + “strengthened” 3x = 5x empowerment for the “5 wise Priests” of Adventism at the “Midnight Cry”. v.20, “Persia” = USA + “Greece” = U.N. = parallel kingdoms.

- Dan. 11:1, parallels Dan. 10:1, both are the “time of the end”. Darius is noted in Dan. 11:1 to cue us that the “time of the end” has begun for the rest of the symbolism involved in the “yet 3 kings and the 4th king” sequence, that is parallel to the last 4 “kings” of the USA. Interestingly, both “Donald” and “Vladimir” mean “ruler of the world”, so there may be a confrontation between them in the future.

- When you line up the US Presidents from the “time of the end” in 1989, it is the Republicans who are in power when a “crisis turning-point” occurs. Reagan/Bush I were in power at the fall of the USSR (then Clinton), then Bush II was in power at 9/11 (then Obama). Is there to be a “crisis turning-point” for Trump?

- News clip that uses prophetic terminology: The Russian intervention in Syria on 9-30-15 marks a “crisis” and “turning-point” as radical as 9/11, just at a more steady pace.

- Trump begins as President on Jan. “21”, which prophetically puts him in office when “midnight” (MD) comes. Dan. 11:2, the rich king will “stir up” = “wake up” all against the “realm of Grecia” = the U.N. (Joel 3:9-21, wake up all the men of war of the heathen) at the MC. At the fall of the USSR there was an effort to decrease the number of nuclear weapons, but now Trump wants to build up the military (EGW said at the end war would rage).

- The 1917 October Revolution in Russia is connected with the Catholic “miracle” and prophecies of Fatima. Catholicism has their own set of end-time prophecies that make Russia a big player in end-time events. They look for a limited nuclear war that ends when Jesus returns, and they will know its Him because He will call fire down from heaven.

- Airborne nuclear radiation would follow earth’s magnetic fields to the poles, and melt the icecaps, which would flood the port-cities of the world. Both the Fatima prophecies and EGW say the ocean will overflow.


#2 Holland, Jeff, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning

- The first Protestant martyr in France on Jan. 21, and the beheading of Louis XVI on Jan. 21 in the same location 258 years later, parallel July 21, 1844 as events at “Midnight” (MD).

- We have been teaching that the French Revolution would be repeated at the end of the world for many years, but only recently began to understand that the last President of the USA is typified by Napoleon. The bloodbath was originally thought to be Christian martyrs, but it was actually mostly competing political opponents within the Revolution (the Christian martyrs were before the Revolution).

- If in 1535 the French had accepted the Protestant Reformation France could have become the “glorious land” of Europe. 2-horned powers typify the USA, and the beginning also shows the end. Therefore, the Revolutions happening in both France and the USA at the same time, during the beginning of the USA, typify the revolution that will be at the end of the USA when it will no longer be the “glorious land”. When the US Constitution is overthrown it will no longer be the “glorious land” of Bible prophecy.

- According to Abram’s covenant prophecy, when the time for the release from Egypt came, God judged both His people, AND the nation they were in. Therefore, when the time for the release from symbolic “Egypt” comes, at the Sunday law, God will judge both His people (the SDA GC), and the nation they are in, the former “glorious land” (the USA), and that judgment is typified by the French Revolution. But probation closes long before the destruction begins.

- Dan. 10:2,  13, “21 days” & “3 whole weeks”. “3 weeks” begins at 9/11 and takes us to the MD where “21” appears. After the “chazown” vision (of prophetic history from 9/11 onward) Daniel sees the “mareh-marah” vision (of Gabriel as of Christ) who gives him an explanation = “light” at MD. The “temple is opened” with “light” at MD, and two classes are separated (light always separates itself from the darkness).

- This now, today, is the final opening-up of prophetic truth. This message began (in 1995) with light on Dan. 11, and now we have been brought back (full circle) to receive the final light on Dan. 11 at the end of this message. Zech. 4:7, the finishing of the work is represented as the “headstone”. Dan. 11:40-45 is both the “foundation” and “capstone” of this message. The process (flow of history, chazon vision) described in Dan. 11:1-39 (the rise and fall of kingdoms), is all repeated in vs. 40-45, and we see the final events happening before our eyes now.


#1, Jeff Pippenger, Dan. 11, Declaring the End from the Beginning

- In the 1980’s the “Time of the End” began when the USA & USSR were engaged in a proxy war in Afghanistan, with the USA funding the Islamic rebels (led by Osama bin Laden), which helped to drain the USSR financially until it collapsed.

- Today, during our “Time of the End”, the USA & Russia are engaged in a proxy war in Syria, with the USA funding the Islamic rebels, but it is helping to drain the USA financially and the USA is about to collapse, during the “reign” of the 45th President (Trump), which will cause the USA to retaliate against Russia and cause a war with Putin (Dan. 11:1-20). 

-  GC 356, 1798 = Time of the End = Dan. 11:40, and when Michael stands up in Dan. 12:1 then human probation closes. The sequence of events in Dan. 11:40-12:1 is the same as in Dan. 11:1-20.

- Dan. 11:40, in 1798 the KofS “pushed” at the KofN. The KofS in 1798 is France, symbolized  by “Egypt” which is also a symbol of atheism, and the KofN is the papacy.

- Rev. 11 describes the French Revolution that began in 1789.  Louis XVI was beheaded on Jan. 21, 1793, 258 years to the day after Jan. 21, 1535 when Francis I decreed Protestantism outlawed. The number “21” marks Midnight. Napoleon Bonaparte marked the first atheistic “Communist” government that deposed both European kings, and the papacy. But Bible prophecy teaches that the USA will put the papacy back on the throne of the world, and when it does that the USA will follow the steps of the French Revolution… “the end shows the beginning”. If a dictator (Napoleon) took the papacy down, then a US dictator (Trump) must restore the papacy to the throne of the world. 

- Dan. 11:40 says the King of the North would “overflow”, and “enter into the countries” of the Eastern Bloc/Iron Curtain nations, which were the USSR, including Russia (which caused the “Union” of the Soviet Socialist Republics to break up, reducing Russia back to its original borders).

- Jeff says he used to teach that the Soviet Union (USSR) was the King of the South, but now sees that Russia itself is the King of the South (separate from the “countries” because Catholicism never “entered” into it), and that it follows a pattern from the first verses of Dan. 11. 

- The “King of the North” (Rome) always conquers 3 obstacles before it can rule supremely, so did Pagan Rome, Catholicism in Europe, and so will Modern Global Rome.

- Rome has already conquered the “old” King of the South (the atheism of the USSR), and is in the process of conquering the Glorious Land (USA) at the SL, and the world (Egypt) when it gets control of the U.N. The USA will put Rome in control of the U.N., then Russia as the new “King of the South” will attack the USA’s Islamic proxy, and defeat it initially.

- In the 10-year Afghanistan war (in the 1980’s) between Russia and the USA’s Islamic proxy, the USA, as a proxy for the King of the North, prevailed against Russia, but in the next proxy war (currently in Syria), the Islamic proxy of the USA will be defeated by Russia, and may possibly escalate to nuclear war. Clearer explanations to follow. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

Dec. 2016, Wales, 2 studies

#2 Wales, 12-27-16, Jeff Pippenger, the 45th President

- 2SM 53, Satan’s final miracles, especially healings, will bring SDA’s to the test. This message began (in 1995) with light on Dan. 11, and now we have been brought back (full circle) to receive the final light on Dan. 11 at the end of this message (see Holland #2 below).

- 7 Thunders/Joining of the Two Sticks. Jeff reviews the last 7 kings of Israel & Judah, overlapping at Jeroboam II & Zechariah in the north with Jehoiachin & Zedekiah in the south, and the first 7 kings of divided (stick broken in two) Israel in Samaria, beginning with Jeroboam I & Nadab who are parallel to Jeroboam II & Zechariah at the end. The first 7 kings of united Israel begin with Saul-David-Solomon and (“break the stick into two”) at the 4th king Rehoboam & Abijam, and then Asa & Jehoshaphat.

- These overlapping kingdoms are “parallel kingdoms” from the MC > SL, which are also parallel to when the last President of the USA makes it a “parallel kingdom” with the U.N. Asa alone reigned during the 7 kings of N. Israel and can represent the 7 Thunders all within his reign.

- Gen. 37-46:27, the “breaking” and joining of the “two sticks” in the story of Joseph in Egypt, the number “70” being symbolic of the MC > SL time of joining the “Priests” with the “Levites”.

- Dan. 10:19 – 11:4, (the “key” is 11:14 = Rome which establishes the entire vision). Medo-Persia = the USA as a two-part power, then Grecia = the U.N. The 4 kings of Persia = the last 4 Presidents of the USA (the “far richer” one being the main link), and gets a second witness from the last 4 Caesars of Rome before the Cross.

- Dan. 10:1 is the “time of the end” (1989) and by v. 19 Daniel is at the MC as a “Priest” when the USA is going down, then in v.20 the U.N. is coming up, so they are “parallel kingdoms” for some time.

- 11:2. In 1989 the “kingdom” of the USA was divided between 2 “kings” Reagan & Bush I (“yet” meaning “in the past”), then counting 3 more (Clinton, Bush II, Obama [“raiser of taxes”]) Trump is 4th and “far richer than they all”, and parallels George Washington [1st President under the Constitution] who was also “far richer than they all”. There were “10” Presidents under the “Articles of Confederation” before Washington [at the beginning of the Constitution], and after Trump [at the end of the Constitution] there will be “10” kings in the U.N., a chiasm, and the USA will be “far richer than they all” (even if the US economy is tottering at the time) having “strength” (military) and “riches”.  v.3, Trump & the USA becomes the “mighty king” of the U.N. (Grecia), but v.4, after he “stands up” to rule, “he shall be broken”…. absorbed into the U.N.

- 4SOP 410, USA “is in jeopardy” from “despotism” = martial law, abrogation of the US Constitution. ST 11-28-1900, GC 590, calamities (& civil war) after the MC bring on the SL.


Wales #1. Jeff Pippenger, The Last President and More

- France was the “glorious land” during the Protestant Reformation, but rejected the light and ended in the French Revolution in 1789, while the USA was becoming the new “glorious land” in another revolution, but the USA will end in a repeat of the French Revolution.

- GC 27-31, the destruction of Jerusalem, was warned about for 40 years (PK 408) before it happened by both Jeremiah and Jesus. The “siege” and “destruction” (1260 days between Cestius & Titus) are separate Waymarks. The “sign” of the coming siege is the “preaching” about it beforehand.  PK 714, 70 = 1260. PK 422, 3 sieges by Nebuchadnezzar. A “disobedient prophet” announced the destruction of Jerusalem for 7 years.

- Line of Josiah; 1 Ki. 13:1-5, the disobedient prophet rebukes Jeroboam’s “image of the beast” golden calf sun-worship (in Bethel & Dan = Church & State) [977BC], 2 Ki. 23:15-18, calf-altar destroyed [627BC], 2 Chron. 35:18-19, Josiah’s Passover [622 BC], Eze. 4:1-7 [627 > 587 = 40 yrs., 977 > 587 = 390 yrs., Eze. 24:1-2, siege. V. 15-24 & 33:21, destruction, wife/church passed-by = dead, both in 587BC & 70AD]. When the news arrived the silent prophet was able to speak (Eze. 33:22, Lk. 1:64).

- The “beginning shows the end”, so a “disobedient prophet” rebuking “image of the beast” sun-worship will happen again at the end of the prophecy, and the disobedient prophet’s “wife/Church” will “die” = be passed-by.

- Hoshea, 2 Ki. 17:1-6, captured at 9 yrs. in 723BC (+2520 = 1798), is parallel to the French Revolution 1789 -1799 = 10yrs., but the capture of the papacy in 1798 was at 9 yrs. Hoshea was besieged 3 yrs. before his capture, therefore there is a 3 yr. “siege” beginning in 1785 before the pope was captured in 1798. The Bible, the separation of Ch. & State & religious freedom was granted tolerance in France in 1785, which was a hit to the power of the popes.

- The first US President in 1789 was preceded by 10 “presidents” (under the Articles of Confederation in 1781) who themselves were preceded by 6 pre-Confederation “rulers” from 1774 onward; and the last US President will be followed by “10 kings”. 1774 > 1789 = 25 yrs.

- 2 Ki. 18:1, 9-11, the years of Hoshea again. (2 Ki. 17:4 notes he had quit paying his “taxes”.)

- The anti-Catholic pre-communists in France broke into 3 warring factions who were the primary deaths during the Reign of Terror, rather than the Christians. Therefore the USA will break into 3 warring factions too, not including the Christians, and primarily the conflict will be in the Cities (another reason for Christians to be out of the Cities).

- GC 283, France (as a type of the USA-Glorious Land) learned how to persecute Protestants from the papacy, and then turned on the papacy itself with persecution, a natural “cause & effect”.

- GC 230, In the same place where the first Protestant martyr was burned at the stake, 258 years later, to the very day, the king of France was beheaded. “When France rejected the gift of heaven, she sowed the seeds of anarchy and ruin; and the inevitable outworking of cause and effect resulted in the Revolution and the Reign of Terror.”


12-18-16, Conard Panton,

- DA “Forshadowing of the Cross”. “SC” for “second coming” can also be seen as “Steps to Christ” from “midnight” onward. MD > MC > SL all have the same characteristics, only in greater intensity (fanaticism dries up/”Judas” leaves, the Day of the Lord, Midnight Cry/Loud Cry, living testimony/separation).

- In the Church Militant we can’t understand everything God has for us, “the effect of every vision”, even though we are gathering all the “manna” we can, but at MD and the beginning of the Church Triumphant sin is removed and we will be able to understand the Bible fully. The message and the messengers will become one.

- Mt. 16, DA 383, when Jesus refused to be made king it was a turning-point in Jesus’ personal history, parallel to the same point in our Present Truth history between 9/11 & MD. Many joined the Present Truth movement because they understood the meaning of 9/11, at the first test, but because of the separation over literal/spiritual in Joel Present Truth followers had to make a personal decision to either follow Truth or charismatic leaders, our second test. The 1st Angel’s message gets our attention, then the 2nd test teaches, prepares and tests our trust in God’s Word, and the 3rd test proves our confidence in God’s Word. COL 412, a crisis reveals character.

- From 27 AD to 31 AD Jesus was teaching the foundation of the Christian Church, and now from 9/11 > MD Jesus is teaching the foundation of the Church Triumphant. 

- The message and the messengers will become one. Col. 1:27, “Christ (in His message) in you, the hope of glory” is the union of divinity with humanity. As Jesus was anointed at His baptism, and as He anointed the eyes of the blind man, so He has anointed our eyes so that we may see truths in His Word.

- RH 4-18-91, Jesus brought “testing truth” to His disciples. The “tarrying time” was part of the “2nd test” for Present Truth believers, but it could not be understood without using “line upon line”. Those who did not understand “line upon line” could not understand the “2nd test” of the “tarrying time”, and they went out of the message.

- The “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” all “spend a thoughtful hour” on the “closing scenes” of Christs’ life before repeating His final scenes themselves.



12-15-16, Tayon McGregor, Types & Symbols, Symbolic Numbers.

- Symbolic Numbers. 1989, the USA united with the papacy against Russia, which made an “image of the beast”, a union of Church & State, and the next step would have been a SL (by the Christian Coalition & Moral Majority), that would have happened around 9/11, but the issue was sidetracked by Islam because God’s people had rejected the call back to their “old paths” true teachings in 1996 and were not ready to defend those “old paths” at the Sunday law. Therefore the whole time from 9/11 > MD is a time of mercy and “tarrying time” for the “Priests” of Adventism. 9/11 = 2001. SL = 666. 2001 minus 666 = 1335 = “tarrying time”(!).

- A.T. Jones commented on the US election of 1896 that the USA was looking for another Napoleon who would bring in the first SL at MD. Both candidates’ names were “William” = doubling at MD > MC.

- 1896 + “120” yrs. later = 2016 (120 is from 9/11 > MD). “8 + 8” = MD > MC. 1896 – 8 = 1888 when God’s people rejected their Latter Rain message. Many numbers have symbolic meanings.

- RH 10-21-90, Ch. 543. The entire system of Jewish religion was the gospel of Christ in types & symbols. COL 104.4, types & symbols meanings were lost in tradition.

- 27 AD, Christ’s baptism. Everything that happened there becomes a symbol for “9/11”, baptism, dove, descent of the HS, Latter Rain, etc. The disciples had Jesus’ personal presence so they could just ask Him (Zech. 10:1) anything about the OT types & symbols. At 9/11 the Angel of Rev. 18 came down (H.S. = Latter Rain) and now we also can ask Him anything about types & symbols.  Zech. 10:1 = HS = LR = TOE from 1989 onward.

- YI 8-28-95, Christ’s divinity a hidden treasure in types & symbols, but instead of asking Him they rejected Him (because they thought they already knew it all).

- MS #3, 359, “7” = symbol of completeness. Rev. 13:16-18, “666” = a symbol of man. 1d1m = symbol of 9/11. 1d5m = symbol of MC. 10d7m = symbol of SL/Day of Atonement/cleansing.

- 1989 + 9/11 + MD = one message, or a “3 + 1” symbol. 9/11 is also a “4” + “7” message, and MD > MC is a “6” + “9” message.

- Dan. 9:11 = 9/11 = curse = oath = 7 times = 2520. God chose the numbering of KJV chapters & verses.

- Days & years can be symbolic of the arrival of the Everlasting Gospel. The 1st Angel came down in Eden to give the Everlasting Gospel. Dan. 11:16 (Rome conquering the Glorious Land) typifies or becomes a symbol of Dan. 11:41 (Rome conquering the Glorious Land at the End). There are 25 verses between 11:16 & 11:41, and “25” fits from MD > MC when Rome conquers the Glorious Land.

- Dan. 1:1 + 3rd yr. of Jehoiakim = a 3+1 combination = 1989. “3rd year” = judgment of the 3rd Angel, and since “a day = a year” then “3 days” also is judgment. Jesus arose on the “3rd day” so the 3rd Angel’s message is also about rising up or lifting up. Lk. 13:32, lifting up on the Cross = perfected. Jesus was lifted up at the “3rd hour” of the day, also Acts 2:15 Pentecost/Latter Rain, so “3rd hour” becomes a symbol too. Eze. 31:1 “3rd month” Ezekiel sent a message to Pharaoh as another symbol of “going in before the king” at the “3rd step” at MD. Ex. 19:1, “3rd month”, “3rd day” Law given on Sinai when God “came down” at MD.

- It is not numerology but numbers as symbols in the Bible.


12-14-16, Conard Panton, Questions

- BEcho 8-26-95, The Waymarks are “crisis turning points” for us and the world. At the crisis, light is given and it separates those who accept it from those who don’t.

- The MD > MC time is a “door” of probation. “Judas Priests” bail out and close their own probation at MD, and Jesus closes the “door” for the true “Priests” at the MC.

- 1989 began to close the door on the SDA GC because they should have known the USA would help Rome to defeat atheism in the USSR according to the books of Louis Were, but the SDA GC rejected him and his message.

- 1996 was the year the “Time of the End” magazine was published, another call for reform, but the SDA GC rejected it and the messenger again, and the SDA GC also changed their logo, abandoning the “3 Angels” motif. (Islam was ready for the final events to begin, and the USA was ready for the Sunday law through the Christian Coalition & Moral Majority.)

- 9/11, no one knew it was going to happen in advance, although Conard said a certain man said on 3ABN in 1999 that the Twin Towers would come down. Only afterward was 9/11 connected with the “restraint of Islam” on 8-11-1840.

- The times of the “Priests” (MD > MC), “Levites” (MC > SL) and “11th hr. workers” (SL > COP), all have their own “two temple cleansings” periods, and because each period is a “Preparation Day” for each group, therefore there is a “double portion” of the Spirit, which is the “former rain & Latter Rain” for each period and group.

- 9/11 > SL is for the whole house of Adventism, the “chazon” vision.

- 9/11 > MC is for those in the Present Truth movement, the “mareh” vision.

- 9/11 > MD is for us as individuals, our personal “marah” vision, and then we are prepared to carry our cross at our 3rd step (which is itself a 3-step purification process).

- “Midnight” is the midnight of the world (or of God), beginning with the “Priests” and continuing to the coming of Jesus. Each group in turn will be brought to the same “one place” (Acts 2), or to the same spiritual condition, then the Lord can pour out His Spirit on them.

- Lk. 24:13, Emmaus (“warm water”); first “darkness”, then Jesus came down at 9/11. v.25-27, “beginning” = former rain. Arrival at the village of “water” = latter rain. Day far spent = toward MD. Bread = Word opened to them. Eyes opened at MD. Then Jesus “vanishes” and it is “Jacob’s trouble”. V. 33, they “rise up” (MD) and go to the “Levites” (not to the world = “11th hr. workers”), and it is “9/11” for the “Levites”. Important to know and follow “God’s order” in the process. Some of the “disciples of 9/11” will go into the cities and “do a wonderful work” (1SM 204.2), but they are out of God’s order.


12-12-16, Conard Panton, Symbols

- The time from MD > MC is a “door” and the “keys” that unlocked the “binding off” from MD > MC are the “wilderness” times of the past that were “seen”: 1260 years (both pagan & papal), 70 years, 38/40 years, 40 days, 5 months = 150 days/years (Lk. 1, Rev. 9), which will repeat in the “unseen” future.

- John the Baptist was a “sign” that was “seen” of the prophesied Deliverer to come, but the Jews rejected both the “sign” and the messenger of the “sign”.

- The future “unseen” MD > MC time has a “sign” which is the 144000, and they have the “sign-message” of the Sabbath. As “Priests” they become “30” (another “key”) like Christ, who recognized the “sign” of John’s message at MD, and begin their “ministry”.

- Rev. 12 begins on our Line at MD, but you need the “keys” to understand what it is saying for us. (AA 582, COL 104, types, figures & symbols. Miller’s Rule #6) At 9/11 our work was “hidden” (Elizabeth), but at MD the “door” will be opened by the “keys”, and prayer, which is another “key”.

- MD > MC is symbolized by many different related terms; the union of Church & State, marriage, covenant, Passover, called to the marriage and marriage supper for examples. Also, connected to Passover is the Cross, closed door, sealing, Sabbath.

- The time from MD > MC is a “door and we have to “knock” to open it, and there is a “good” knocking and a “bad” knocking. The foolish virgins realize they have no oil but don’t realize they are lost until they “knock” and are refused. The prediction by Josiah Litch confirmed Miller’s Rules, and SS Snow’s prediction “shut the door”, but both of them later “fell away”. Litch believed the prophecy but wasn’t sure of the event that fulfilled it. Snow got full of self-exaltation and called himself Elijah. Judas had both problems.

- John the Baptist had the 1st Angel’s message for all of Judaism “worldwide”, but the leaders rejected him. (Pippenger went worldwide with the message that we receive the Latter Rain through prophecy, and the SDAGC rejected it and him.) So when Jesus was baptized (a symbol of 9/11) He had the 2nd Angel’s message which is “come out” and “local”, and collected “12” disciples (Jeff collected the “disciples of 9/11”) because the leaders had already rejected the message and were passed-by.

- Later Jesus also thinned out the disciples in John 6:66 in a controversy over “literal” vs. “spiritual” (and the “disciples of 9/11” were split in the controversy over Joel in June of 2013, which included whether the “locusts” were Islam or Rome). When there is a “crisis-turning point” God is about to give light on the subject in controversy. In the Joel case He wanted us to understand the application of symbols correctly. It was an issue of defining what the “Latter Rain” really is, it is understanding prophecy symbolically or spiritually.

- The “locusts” in Joel are the armies of Rome, which is more than just the USA, but is the union of Church & State that will continue after the USA is sucked up into the U.N. The “army of Rome” in the USA is first the Religious/Church aspect and then the State/Civil law-enforcement aspect. When God’s people backslide God sends Rome upon them, but when God’s people reform and advance then God’s sends Islam upon Rome. When you see one prophetic symbol in a Bible text you are to understand the other symbols associated with it.

- “1989” has become a symbol of God giving light and separating it from the “darkness” that was before 1989. Therefore “1989” applies at every Waymark because God gives light at every Waymark, which separates the light from the darkness (“everlasting gospel”) at every Waymark (9/11, MD, MC, SL). 

- “MD > MC” is the “effect of every vision” is because every vision can be applied within the MD > MC time by using the “keys”.



12-11-16, Tayon McGregor, 3&1

- The “Time Prophets” study: dispensational prophets, that changed the focus of worship, are Noah who changed the focus of worship from the gate of the Garden of Eden to altars; then Moses changed the focus of worship from altars to the earthly Temple-Sanctuary; then John the Baptist who changed the focus of worship from the Temple to Christ in the Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary; and EGW who changed the focus of worship from the Holy Place to the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary.

- “Wilderness”. The whole “days of one king” = 70 yrs. = wilderness applies to the time of the USA, but it is also a time of “darkness” before the “Time of the End”. Therefore, the time before 1798 was a “wilderness” because it was also the “darkness” before the “Time of the End”. Since 1989 was a “Time of the End” there had to have been “darkness” & “wilderness” before 1989. Also, in 1996 the message was “formalized” like Moses’ message was formalized at the Burning Bush, which was in the “wilderness”, so 1996 also marks a “wilderness”. From 9/11 to MD is symbolically “40” years, but also Jesus’ “40” days of “preparation”, so then, from 9/11 > MD is also a “wilderness”. These are all “fractals” of the “70” years “wilderness” from 1798 > SL, but they have different emphases; ie. “darkness” before the message, “formalization” of the message, and “preparation” to give the message. In heaven we will be teaching these things to people of past ages, like Adam, who doesn’t know about all this history(!).

- 538 > 1798 = 1260 + 1798 > SL = 70/1260, therefore 1260 + 1260 = 2520 from 538 > SL, with a “decree” at both ends and in the middle. Therefore, the 70/1260 of the USA is about “decrees”. 457 BC is the literal beginning of the 70 weeks and 1798 is the symbolic beginning of the “70 weeks”. Since the literal 3rd decree in 457 BC was to “restore & rebuild”, therefore the symbolic arrival of the 1st Angel in 1798 was to “restore & rebuild” also, after delivering the “deadly wound” to the papacy, then we have a 3 + 1 combination. Also, the 3rd Angel’s Message has been continuing since 1844, but in 1989 it was joined by the 1st Angel = a 3 + 1 combination, and at 9/11 was joined by the 4th Angel (Rev. 18) = 3 + 1 = 4. “4” = 4th generation and the 4th iteration of the “seven times”. 7 “times” + “4” = “11” at MD (2 Ki. 18:9, 4th + 7th years of Hezekiah & Hoshea at 9/11).

- Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar was “astonied” “1 hour”. “1 hour” = 6th > 9th hours of the Cross = MD > MC. Adding 6 + 9 = “15” which is the “hour” of the 391 yr.-15 day prophecy (of Islam), but the “foolish” always go to the king first (2 Ki. 18:10, 6th + 9th years of Hezekiah & Hoshea at MD, and 6 + 9 = 15 which is the extra years Hezekiah lived).

- 3 Waymarks establish a “line”. 1989 is established by 9/11, and 9/11 is established by MD, so 1989 is also established by MD. The events of “MD” will “establish” and confirm what we have been teaching about 1989, 9/11 & MD all along.

- 3rd year of Hoshea = 1st year of Hezekiah = 3 + 1 and shows what happened in 1989.

- 3rd year of Cyrus = 1st year of Darius = 3 + 1 and also shows what happened in 1989.

- 1989 is the beginning of the “marah-mareh” vision for the “Priests” which increases through the MC. Ex. 15:27, the first water the Israelites came to after crossing the Red Sea was “bitter = marah”, then came the “12” wells of water and “70” palm trees. 1989 gave us a “bitter” message (re. the USA-False Prophet), but at 9/11 (Rev. 10), the “little book” (of Daniel) became “sweet” to those who “eat” it, then it becomes a “bitter” message (to the world) again at MD.

- Dan. Ch. 9 + 11 = 1st year of Darius = 9/11. 4BC 1158, Daniel spent 60+ years studying Jeremiah.

- Dan. 10:3-4, 24th day minus 21 days = 3 days + 1st month = 3 + 1 = 1989. Daniel’s fasting and preparation time (mareh) was to “see Christ” (marah) at MD (Dan. 10:16) and then he is “turned” or fully converted. The light that came out of 1989 & 9/11 is to prepare us to “see Christ” and be fully converted at MD. Other connections with the numbers are made.



12-8-16, Rashad Brathwaite, The Siege

- The Last 7 kings of Israel = the Waymarks from 1989 > SL, and also the Waymarks from 9/11 > MC.

- 2 Ki. 21:1-7, Manasseh’s evil, especially his idol was the “sin-cause” of the “curse-effect” of Lev. 26. Isa. 10:5, the Assyrian is the “rod” of God’s anger (PK 291.4).  2 Chron. 33:11-13 (RR 137.5), Manasseh’s repentance & restoration.

- Dan. 1:1-2, the first siege, in the 3rd year of Jehoiakim who reigned 11 years, which places him and the siege at MD. Eze. 1:1-2 (5d4m), MD. 2 Ki. 24:1, Jehoiakim rebels, and “wild beast” = nations come against him (Lev. 26:22), but in v.1-15 Jehoiachin submits to the second siege by Babylon after 3 months. Zedekiah also rebelled and was besieged from the 9th to the 11th year (2 Ki. 24:18). Jer. 4:5-7, God threatens another siege, but Judah refuses (5:2-5). 2BC 1040.3 Zedekiah’s destruction. Jer. 38, Jeremiah (as the 144,000) secretly meets with the king, who is in fear of his own princes, and gives him a life-or-death message at MD. 3BC 1133.10-13, the destruction of Jerusalem as a type of the end of the world.


12-7-16, Tayon McGregor, Restore & Rebuild

- If we don’t understand our signs before they happen it will be too late for us when the sign happens, so it is important to understand the symbols associated with each Waymark.

- Gabriel gave Wm. Miller the Rules of correct Bible interpretation which he then “adopted”.

- 1888, p.724.3, the 3rd Angel’s message cannot be proclaimed without proclaiming the 1st & 2nd first. Where there are a “1st” + “3rd” together in the Bible it applies to 1989, the arrival of our 1st Angel’s message. The 1st Angel is the one that brings light on the prophecies (time-prophecies for Miller, event-prophecies for us). Miller knew the prophecies before the 2nd Angel arrived, though the 2nd Angel brought more light.

- Isa. 23:15, Tyre = papacy, forgotten “70” yrs. = “wilderness” = 1260 from 1798 > SL, during the “days of one king” = USA. (Miller’s 4th Rule, bring all the texts and every word of those texts in the Bible on a subject together to understand the meaning.) 538 > 1798 = 1260 + 1798 > SL = 1260, therefore 1260 + 1260 = 2520 from 538 > SL, with a “decree” at both ends and the middle. The only Bible chapter that has both the papacy & USA in it is Rev. 13, so Rev. 13 is about the 2520.

- The 9 years of French Revolution from 1789-1798 = the 9 years Hoshea rebelled = the 9 lepers Jesus cleansed who did not give Him glory. Therefore “9” = non-repentance, non-gratitude & rebellion.

- Dan. 9:24-25, the “70” wks. begin in 457 with a “decree” “to restore and rebuild”, and end in 34AD which is a symbol of the SL “decree”. The 457 “decree” to restore and rebuild parallels the 1st Angel.

- RH 5-2-99, Nehemiah “true as steel to principle”, a “restorer”. Carrying the 1st Angels’ Message makes one a “restorer”.  Conard suggests the 1st Angel’s message of “restoration” (of our SDA “old paths”) and messenger (Bro. Jeff), came in 1989, and the SDA Church should have been looking for him, but instead they refused both the messenger and the message and remained in ignorance, but at 9/11 the SDAGC was called to “repent”, Acts 17:30, (but ignored that call also).

- 2 Chron. 3:1, “building” (9/11 = 1st Angel empowered) on “Mt. Moriah” (“to see”), = visible = 2nd test/Angel, where Abraham also received his “3rd test”, in the “4th month”, so all 4 Angels appear at 9/11. 1 Ki. 6:1 (ST 5-18-42.56), 1843 Chart “foundation” printed in the “2nd month”, “Zif” = brightness = Rev. 18, 4th Angel (April being the “1st month”), and its parallel “restoration/rebuilding” began on 9/11 with the “restoration” of the “Priests”. 5BC 1151.7, “reformers, restorers raising up the foundations of many generations”. Gen. 22:1-3, “Moriah”, 2 men + 2 men = “4th generation”, and the “ass”, all at 9/11.

- “Balaam” as the False Prophet (both the USA and Adventism) “saddled his ass” in 1989 but fell off, and the “True Prophet” began to “saddle the ass” at 9/11 and is soon to “ride the message of the ass”.


12-6-16, Romario Brathwaite, Passover

- 1 Manuscript Releases, p.57, the 3 Angel’s Messages are the whole Gospel, and the 3rd Angel’s message comprises the other two, and becomes especially relevant from 9/11 > MD, in a “cause-effect” relationship, which makes MD “the effect of every vision” in the Bible. (Every Bible prophecy points to the final separation and war between good and evil in our day.)

- For the “Priests” the Passover is the 14th day of the month, and parallels 9/11.

- For the “Levites” the Passover parallels MD.

- For the “11th hr. workers” Passover parallels the MC.

- Ex. 12:11-12, 29, the first Passover, v.29, is at “midnight”. Egypt = the world, so the world is judged at MD. 1BC 1101.5, signs & wonders (plagues), and a call to come out.

- Joshua 5:10-15, Gilgal = “turning point”, eating of the fruit of the heavenly Canaan, “holy ground” at MD with “shoes off” = Moses at the Burning Bush at the Formalization of the message in 1996, so there is a kind of “Burning Bush” formalization of the message again at MD for the “Priests”. Josh. 6:16, 20, Trumpets and the wall fell flat at the MC = first Sunday law.

- 2 Ki. 23:20-33, Josiah, Passover at MD, paganism & fanaticism gone, “Jerusalem” at MC.

- 2 Chron. 30:2-15, Hezekiah, Passover at MD in the 2nd month, “Levites” been on “a long journey”, mocking, one heart-mind (of Christ). 2nd “temple cleansing” for the “Priests” at the MC = 1st “temple cleansing” for the “Levites”. (Class discusses Ruth in relation to the Passover.)

- Ezra 6:15,19-20, at MD the “Priests” are purified (their 3rd step), and the “Levites” are in the process (3rd step for the “Priests” = 1st & 2nd for the “Levites”). 3d12m > 14d1m = 40 days.

- Class discussion reviews that 9/11 is a symbol for “preparation” for the Lord’s Passover at the SL, and the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” all go through their 9/11 “preparations” in their order in the sequence. Dan. 12:10, 1st step = “purified”, 2nd step = “made white”, 3rd step = “tried” 3x.

- GC 399.3, Christ’s line, Passover arrest at MD (14d1m), then raised the 3rd day as the firstfruits.

- Lk. 2:40-46, Passover at MD, Christ is matured at “12”, divinity works within humanity, then 3 days “lost” in the Temple = “darkness” to His parents, and the leaders were “astonied”. 1 Cor. 13:11, at maturity the “Son of man” works within us.

- Jn. 2:11, Jesus’ first miracle (water to wine at the Marriage at Cana) just before the Passover (some discussion).

- Jn. 19:14, 6th > 9th hour of the Passover. AA 143, persecutions done on Passover/MD. 5 BC 1123.3, Passover when Judas/tares are “bound off”.  



12-5-16, Conard Panton, The Keys

- We first began studying the “binding off” as it is connected to the “wilderness” theme. The 1260 “wilderness” has a 25 yr. “binding off” at the end from 1773 > 1798, specifically 7-21-1773 when the Pope decreed the Jesuits out of Rome and persecution “almost wholly ceased” (GC 306).  We expect the reverse at the end, that the Pope will decree the Jesuits in power again. The “binding off” at the end of Jesus’ “wilderness” time shows 3 steps that happen at MD, before the Marriage at Cana = MC. Angels came down to strengthen Jesus before the MC. In Moses’ “wilderness” line the 38/40th year came at MD, when all the rebels were dead, then they were to “rise” and Jerecho was conquered at the MC.

- We are to bring all the “lines” together (to make a single strong “cord” for our faith, 2T 594).

- The prophetic “lines” are the “key” that open the “door” at both MD & MC for some people, and shut the door to others. For the Millerites the “key” was the “year-day principle” that unlocked the prophecies, for us the “key” is the “prophetic lines”, which are both many “keys” from the past and ONE “key” for today at the same time. Mt. 16:19, “keys” that “bind off”.

- ED 178, Jesus told of history that was prophecy of the rise & fall of nations; past, present and future. As the papacy was going down in 1798 the USA was coming up at the same time. In Moses’ time the Canaanites were going down and Israel was coming up. Today the “Church Militant” is going down at MD and the “Church Triumphant” is coming up. At the “sign” of “midnight” “all things become new”, the Church, the papacy, the USA, the U.N./dragon, & Islam. Study the principles involved in the rise & fall of nations.

- Isa. 41:21-23, “consider” that God shows the first from the last at 9/11 (Islam), but Adventism was “asleep”, not understanding what the event meant prophetically.

- Isa. 43:9-11, God’s “witnesses” are the “line-upon-line” studies. Isa. 44:6-7, first & last, and ancient people show the future, and we are to “set it in order”. Isa. 46:8-10, end from the beginning. MD is the “end” of the Church Militant, but also the “beginning” of the Church Triumphant.  1989 was the “end” of the movement started in 1798, and the “beginning” (TOE) for us (Dan. 11:40), who are going to be at the “end” of the Church Militant at MD.

- The number “21” = MD (Dan. 10:2). GC 228, January 21, 1535 (king of France rejects Protestantism) 258 yrs. to Jan. 21, 1793 (king of France beheaded in the French Revolution).

- Mt. 16:4, the “sign of Jonah”. Jesus called the Pharisees “hypocrites” because they should have already known what the sign was. “Jonah” = “dove” =  Holy Spirit, which came down with a message. Part of the “message” was the messenger himself; both Jonah and John the Baptist. Lk. 7:24-27, John was “he of whom it is written”… and the Jews should have known the prophecies that foretold of John’s appearing as the “voice of one crying in the wilderness” (DA 109).  Understanding the sign in the past (9/11) helps us to be ready to correctly interpret the sign at MD. (The Pharisees saw John but “braced themselves to resist” him, Mar. 219.)


11-23-16, Tayon McGregor, Advent History Predicts President

- We “see Christ” through His Word and other people “see Christ” in us. Satan also comes “as an angel of light” with his messengers that bring all kinds of foolish and distracting “reforms”, but “denying the power” of Bible prophecy. They have “lost their first love”, the pioneers’ love of prophecy.

- Jesus could have come soon after the 1844 movement, but His people were not yet ready to “ride the message of the ass”, Maranatha 61.

- Ezra 7:9, and using Miller’s Rules, gave us the line-upon-line clues to identify the 45th President, thereby showing we have the true methodology and message.

- Apr. 19, 1844 > Oct. 22, 1844 (7 months) parallels the “7th year of Artaxerxes”, and other parallels, that illustrate the time from 9/11 > SL. Ezra 7:9 gives us the “4 months” or “120” from 9/11 > MC, and 2 Chron. 29 gives us two “8” times for the “two temple cleansings” from 9/11 > MC, and MC > SL on the “16th day” where several symbols show.

- 9/11 > SL is “the effect of every vision” so every vision in Scripture illustrates 9/11 > SL.

- 1 SM 234-235, at the 1888 GC the “light to lighten the whole earth” (4th Angel of Rev. 18) was rejected (Also 1888 materials, p. 1052.2).

- Jesus could have come soon after 1888; the 4th Angel came down, the Latter Rain message and Loud Cry were ready, Laodicea was in place and the nations were in place too.

- “8” (MC) years after 1888 was the election of 1896, which bears a striking resemblance to the election of 2016 “120” years later (9/11 > MC), and two “Williams” were running = “doubling” at the MC. It was the most costly Presidential race since the depression in the 1840’s. Wm. McKinley was Republican and had a “prosperity” message (cf. Trump), and won by a landslide. Wm. Jennings Bryan was a Democrat populist, favored by the media, who was also seen as a dangerous radical (cf. Hillary Clinton).

- 1796, Napoleon was made “Commander in Chief” + 100 yrs. = 1896 election = a new “Commander in Chief”, = 120 yrs. = 2016 election = a new “Commander in Chief”. 100 + 120 = “220 = reconciliation”.

- A.T. Jones, American Sentinel editorial, 12-3-96, p.377. Both candidates, and French observers, all compared the election to the French Revolution where Napoleon came out as a one-man power.

- There were “10 kings” before George Washington became the first President under the US Constitution (the end shows the beginning), therefore, AFTER the US Constitution is overthrown there will be another “10 kings” = U.N. Also, as the “11th king” of the US the number “11” shows at MD.

- The kingdoms of Bible prophecy are Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece and Pagan Rome; parallel to the modern kingdoms Babylon = Papal Rome, Medo-Persia = USA, Greece = U.N., Pagan Rome = Modern Global Rome. Note that all of the modern kingdoms are unions of Church & State.

- A.T. Jones, American Sentinel editorial, 12-3-96, p.377, continued. Besides the French Revolution, comparisons are made to the Caesars, Pagan Rome, and the work of labor unions to illustrate that people are being conditioned to accept a one-man power, a dictator.

- Note the “Cycle of Bondage”: http://prophecyhelps101.com/rich_text_78.html


11-22-16, Romario Brathwaite, The Gem of Truth

- The gems of Bible truth that we remember are the Father’s Name in our foreheads.

- Dt. 6:8, God’s Word as “frontlets” “fillets” on the forehead, or “blinders” to limit our vision of worldly things. Isa. 28:10, line-upon-line H6957 = “cord” for “binding”.

- Eze. 1:1 (5d4m = July 21 = MD), 3:8-9, the mareh-marah experience gives the “forehead of flint” or “adamant” stone, possibly a diamond for hardness. (1d1m = 4-19-44 = 9/11. 5d4m = 7-21-44 = MD. [+25 days] = 1d5m = 8-15-44 = MC. 10d7m = 10-22-44 = DOA/SL.)

- 1d1m = 9/11 = 1st Angel = “Fear God”. 5d4m > 1d5m = MD > MC = 3rd Angel = “Fear not” (Eze. 3:9, Dan. 10:12, Gen. 46:2-3).

- Eze. 28:13, Lucifer originally had “every precious stone” as his covering, and Christ proposes to use us as “precious stones” for His heavenly temple. COL 110, gems of truth as buried treasures. 7BC 907.3, every Bible text is a diamond that reflects God’s light.

- EW 81.2, Miller’s dream: gems reflected the light; p. 82, “spurious jewels & counterfeit coin” = false messages from 9/11 > MD, where they will stop when Christ as the “dirt-brush man” & 3rd Angel, comes in and declares “Fear not”, “come and see” (Isa. 66:18-21) to all nations “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”, which all appear between MD & MC where “Jerusalem” is “chosen” on 1d5m/Aug. 15, ‘44 = MC.  Phil. 1:27, united in the “mind of Christ”. Philip (as the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”) bring “Nathaniel” (as people in the world who have “no guile” [Rev. 14:5]) to “come and see” Christ. RH 5-3-03.10, common people will be called to shine as “jewels” by carrying the message to the world.


11-21-16, Tayon McGregor, Who is Your King? 2 (Let Me be your King)

- If you have “the daily” in Daniel wrong, you will get the prophetic understanding of the union of Church & State wrong too.

- We judge history by God’s Word, not judge God’s Word by history, because Bible prophecies predate their fulfillment in history.

- 1888 p.804.3 (cf. Ezra 7:9), the 4th Angel of Rev. 18 combines the 3 Angels’ messages in the 4th. Therefore, since the 4th Angel arrived on 9/11 then elements of the 3 Angels’ messages also apply at 9/11. The 3 Angels’ messages appeared on the Millerite timeline at 1798 (papacy), Aug. 11, 1840 (Islam), Oct. 22, 1844 (Christ), and on our timeline at 1989 (papacy), 9/11 (Islam) and MD (Christ, mareh-marah). 

- 1773 > 1798 = 25 yrs. + 1798 > 1818 = 20 yrs. = 2520, and Miller was studying the 2520 in 1818.

- Isa. 6:1, “Uzziah” = 2-part power (co-reigning with his son) = the USA, v. 3, “earth full of His glory” = 4th Angel = 9/11, then Isa. 7 = 2520. 2 Chron. 27, Jotham (son of Uzziah) was 25 when he began to reign; next chapter, 2 Chron. 28, Ahaz (son of Jotham) was 20 when he began to reign = 2520, and Ahaz gets the message of the 2520 from Isaiah.

- Therefore, since the Millerites were connected to the history of 2 Chronicles by the 2520, then we now who are the full-end of the Millerites are also connected to the history of 2 Chronicles by the 2520, which is perfectly fulfilled in our time now.

- The 9 yrs. of Hoshea’s rebellion at the beginning of the 2520 parallels the 9 yrs. of French Revolution at the ending of the 2520, which is also the beginning of the USA, and the Revolution/rebellion at the beginning of the USA parallels the Revolution/rebellion at the end of the USA. Solomon created a rebellion when he was getting 666 talents of silver every year, and the “666” shows up again in the USA when the “666” Sunday Law represents a rebellion against God; and all of these rebellions/revolutions happened over taxes.

- PK 287.3, Hezekiah’s invitation (“preaching”) for the northern kingdom to participate in the Passover in Jerusalem was the last offer of mercy.

- 2 Ki. 18:9-12, Assyria took Samaria, then 8 yrs. later came after Judah too. The “siege” of the 7th yr. of Hoshea = 4th yr. of Hezekiah, and both “7” & “4” appear from MD > MC. Samaria was taken in the 9th yr. of Hoshea & the 6th yr. of Hezekiah, parallel to the 6th & 9th “hours” of Christs’ crucifixion from MD > MC.

- 2 Ki. 17:6, “Halah (painful), Habor (joining) , Gozan (cut off)”. The “joining of the 2 sticks” from MD > MC is going to be the result of a painful process. (The “Levites” of Adventism will get squeezed out of the SDA GC Church by its apostasy, but will not know where to go for spiritual strength or security other than to the “Priests” whom they have been taught to hate as apostates, if they are aware of the controversy of the “Priests” at all.)

- Hosea 10, 11, 12, God pleads for His people to turn back to Him as their King, or something bad is about to happen to  them, parallel to apostate Adventism. God doesn’t want to do it (MD > MC) but there is no other way to bring some of them to their senses. Today we have “Sardis, Laodicea & Philadelphia”. When Hezekiah called Israel to the Passover (which was their last chance), the few left in “Sardis” came down to worship, then “Sardis/Samaria” was destroyed. The 3 tribes that came parallel “Edom, Moab & Ammon” of Dan. 11:41. “Laodicea” is 50/50 (hot/cold), but after the bad 50% (the tares) are gone they will be replaced by those coming out of “Sardis”, and together the “live” of Sardis and “wise” of Laodicea become “Philadelphia” the Church Triumphant.

- When the beginning and ending of any Bible history is the same it is “bound off” on both ends, and shows us what is going to happen from MD > MC.


11-20-16, Tayon McGregor, Who is Your King? 1

- We “Priests” need to always keep the foundation of our message (Dan. 11:40-45) in mind no matter how far and wide we range in increasing our Bible knowledge, because everything new that we learn has to fit on and line up with that foundation. That way those who are newly coming into this message (especially future “Levites”) can see the relationship the whole message “building” has to its foundational teaching, and also keep the various parts of the message in perspective and proper order to each other part of the message.

- There are many symbols of the “3 Angels’ Messages” in the Bible, and elements of all 3 messages are found in the 1st & 3rd Angels’ messages. A primary difference between the 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages and the 3rd Angel is that probation is still open during the 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages (the 7 Thunders) while the 3rd Angel marks the close of probation and judgment.

- The 3 Angels are symbolized by the work of the Holy Spirit; conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come, and also by the layout of the Sanctuary; Courtyard, Holy Place, Most Holy Place. Also, justification, sanctification, glorification; purified, made white, tried; etc...

- Each Reformline has the same Waymarks, but teach us something different about our time now in the last days.  In the Reformlines of Moses and Noah the 2nd “visual test” was the Burning Bush (3rd as the empowerment of circumcision), and the Directions for the Ark (ST 2-17-79, par. 11, the 3rd as an angel comes down to war Noah); and in the Reformlines of Jesus & Elijah John the Baptist & Elijah are the “visual test” brought by human instruments, so now God blends the human & Divine in the Reformline of Dan. 11:40-45, and when fully understood will bring about the “visual test” of reformed lives now.

- Dan. 11:40-45 came before the 2520, and if Dan. 11:40-45 is rejected then the 2520 will be rejected also, and will bring judgment upon the rejectors. Keep in mind that ALL of the Reformlines come about because of the Waymark of the “Darkness” before the Reformline begins, and are God’s response to the “Darkness”.

- Dan. 11:40-45 is all symbolic and can only be understood by studying the symbolic terms in other parts of the Bible.

- At 1798 there was the 1260 & 2520. The 1260 deals with the “man of sin”, and the 2520 deals with the “sin of man”.

- Principle that the end shows the beginning; at the end of the 2520 there was the French Revolution (starting as a “taxes” issue) counting from 1789 to the capture of the Pope in 1798 = 9 years. At the beginning of the 1st 2520 in 723 BC there was a rebellion against Assyria (starting as a “taxes” issue) during the 9 year reign of Hoshea. Also the American Revolution started as a “taxes” issue. Even the division of northern & southern Israel after Solomon was a “taxes” issue.

- 2 Ki. 17:4, Hoshea of Israel went to Egypt for help, which was a “conspiracy and confederacy”, to inflict a “deadly wound” on the KofN = Assyria, but he failed. France, as Napoleon’s atheistic “Egypt”, succeeded in inflicting the “deadly wound” on the KofN, which knocked the “woman” off of the “beast”. There was a “conspiracy and confederacy” then, and there was a “conspiracy and confederacy” in 1989 to begin healing the “deadly wound” when the KofN defeated “atheistic Egypt” in the USSR, and there will be a “conspiracy and confederacy” again when the “deadly wound” is healed and the “woman” mounts the “beast” again for the last time.

- 2 Chron. 30:1-12, Just before the destruction of Israel by Assyria, Hezekiah of Judah made a last call and invited them all “from Beersheba unto Dan” to attend the new Passover in Judah, but most mocked the messengers. Those who obeyed and went down to Judah (some of Asher = “happy”, Manasseh = “forgetting”, Zebulon = “joined” [happy to forget their past idolatry and be joined to the Lord] to worship the Lord escaped the destruction of the North.

(- Today the 2520 is God’s last call to accept Him as King, and those who do so (“Edom, Moab, Ammon” Dan. 11:41) will escape the destruction that comes down on those who mocked the 2520.)



11-19-16, Jeff at Lambert, “Signs & Sieges”

- The “sign of Jonah” is of judgment for Laodiceans, not for waiting and watching Christians. 5 sieges (‘Kim, ‘Chin, Zedekiah, Cestius-Titus, Mohammad II in 1451) all typify the final siege. PK 408, Jeremiah & Jesus both gave warnings 40 years before the siege & destruction of Jerusalem, and there are warnings given before each new phase of the final Sunday law controversy. The SDA GC will use the Gov’t to go after nonconforming reformers, but then the Gov’t will go after the SDA GC too.

- Reading from GC 30, In the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD there were signs to warn the lost before “the sign” that warned the Christians to flee. Those signs were the “sign of Jonah” for them, and there are similar “signs” for the secular world today too. In 66 AD when Cestius withdrew the Christians had already understood their sign and were ready to act quickly. The time from Passover in 66 AD to the feast of Tabernacles in 70 AD was 1260 days.

- PK 408 again, Jeremiah spoke against both the house of David (civil gov’t) and the Temple (church), that they were both being passed-by, typical of our message today. Jeremiah saw 3 sieges himself, so we should expect 3 “sieges” at the End. The “midnight” plot of Mohammad II against Constantinople from 1451 > 1453 is also a type and was 1260 days from conception to fruition.

- The destruction of Jerusalem is a type of the final destruction of the world after the Universal Sunday Law, and the warning sign of the “abomination of desolation” (the Papal power within the Christian Church), is the same in both cases.

- Mt. 12:38-42, 16:4, the “sign of Jonah” is for the “wicked and adulterous generation”, not the true Christians, and the sign for them is the “preaching” of the message. The wicked city repented at the “preaching” of Jonah, and the “preaching” of John the Baptist, and the “preaching” of Jesus was the sign to the Jews (DA 406), and also the “preaching” (the message of the hour) of the Millerites to their generation. GC 44-45, the preaching of “the message of the hour” was the sign to the Jews. The greatest “miracle” is the conversion of a sinner to a saint by the “preaching”.

- The “sign of Jonah” today is the “preaching” from 1989 > CoP, but there is a “preaching” for different classes of people who get tested today too, and it takes a period of time (not like the sign of Cestius which was comparatively sudden). The “testing sign” for the SDA GC began in 1989, for the “Priests” it began at 9/11, for the “Levites” it will begin at “MD” and for the “11th hour workers” it will begin at the MC. The sanctification of the Spirit shows the difference between the people of each class during their respective crisis.

- 2 Chron. 6:1-10, Zech. 2:12, God “chooses Jerusalem” and begins the “Church Triumphant” when the “old temple” is destroyed at the MC, and the “horn of David” begins to bud out.



11-17-16. Rashad Brathwaite, Trumpets

- Num. 10:5, East camps = Issachar, Zebulun, Judah. 10:10, South camps = Reuben, Simeon, Gad. (10:17, then the Tabernacle & Levites. 10:18, West camps = Ephraim, Manasseh, Benjamin. 10:25, North camps = Dan, Asher, Naphtali.) v.8, Priests blow the trumpet for either Assembly or Alarm. V. 9, when oppressed by an enemy “in your land”, blow an alarm and the Lord will remember you and save you. Eze. 20:15, the glory of all lands = the “glorious land”.

- Joel 2:1, the trumpet of alarm, as in Numbers, in the “day of the Lord” which tells us why the trumpet is blown. Zeph. 1:14-16, the “day of the Lord” & trumpet against the fenced cities and high towers, which tells us where the trumpet is blown (GC 311). Dan.11:40-41, tells why the trumpet is to be blown, the KofN has entered into the “glorious land” to make war on God’s people. Rev. 13:11-18, the USA is the “2nd beast” that also makes war on God’s people.

- In 1989 there was a “plan” to bring in a Sunday Law (by the “Christian Coalition” and “Moral Majority”), and about 9/11 they were going to “execute” their plan, but Islam diverted their attention and made them come out with the Patriot Act instead, which is still a “type” of the SL. Class discusses fractal applications. CET 102, the 4 angels holding the “4 winds” are told to “Hold!” 4 times until the servants of God are sealed in their foreheads. Their “plan” was reformed at 9/11 and will still be “executed” at the SL.

- Rev. 9:1 shows the beginning of the 5th Trumpet in 606 AD (“key” = battle of Nineveh), and the 1st Woe (Othman) began in 1299, then “5 months” to 1449. The parallel “key” battle in 1989 was the fall of the USSR, and the 3rd Woe began at 9/11, parallel to the 1st Woe in 1299, then “5 months” to MD, parallel to the beginning of the 2nd Woe in 1449.

- Rev. 9:13 shows the beginning of the 6th Trumpet & 2nd Woe beginning in 1449, parallel to MD, and Rev. 11:14-15 shows the end of the 2nd Woe and beginning of the 3rd Woe. God is now using the armies of Islam (as the “ass”) to chastise the “armies of Rome”, the USA (as the False Prophet).

- Suggestion is made that as the papacy will “ride” the “beast” of the USA to persecute God’s people, so also God’s “Priests & Levites” (true prophets, not like Balaam) will “ride” the “ass” of Islam to defend God’s people (with the prophetic truths of Islam’s 3 Woes).

- TM 410, Commandment keeping people will triumph while all opposing elements will be defeated.

- GC 310.3, the day of trouble and the trumpet, the “day of the Lord” to destroy sinners out of the land.



11-16-16, Tayon McGregor, Basics of the Everlasting Gospel

- Review: the heart of the leader reflects the heart of the people. The USA started as “lamblike” but will speak as a dragon, so will its last President. The 7 Thunders were sealed by not being written, so they will be unsealed by writing out (on a whiteboard possibly, as has been done). EGW Biography, vol. 3, p.494, Joel is a test for this last generation, and it has happened a few years ago already. RH Chap. 941, 8-23-98, “The time is coming when it will be too late to use the light we now have.”

- “The everlasting gospel is a 3-step testing message that develops and then demonstrates two classes of worshipers based on a prophetic testing message.” Refer to Jesus on the Cross with 2 men, one saved the other lost. GC 311.2, God sends a 3-fold message to wake people up in Rev. 14 because Jesus is soon to come.

- The 1st Angel has all 3 messages within it, so the 2nd & 3rd Angels serve as witnesses to the 1st Angel. The 2nd Angel comes because a class has rejected the 1st Angel, and also introduces the judgment of the 3rd Angel.  The 1st Angel announces the investigation of the Judgment, the 2nd angel announces the pronouncement of Judgment, and the 3rd angel announces the execution of the Judgment. 1st Angel is to prepare us for the Judgment, Ps. 51:5, we are shaped in iniquity. Jn. 16:8, HS to reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment. GC 312, divine message through earthly vessels.

- GC 356.2, 1st Angel arrived in 1798, and the “man of sin” received the deadly wound. 1798 marked the end of the 1260 & 2520. The 2300 is about Christ’s work to restore the Sanctuary, the 2520 is about our work to confess our sin, the sins of our fathers, humble ourselves and join the restored Host. The 1260 is about the reign of the  “man of sin”, and is one of the “wildernesses”, at the end of which God always deals with sin.

- God gives us events to tell when an angel has arrived, and which angel it is. Rev. 10, the 1st Angel had a “book open” and “knowledge is increased”. Rev. 14:6, “to every nation” = the whole history of mankind from the Garden of Eden onward. Rev. 10:7 is the longest OT quote in Rev. and is about the Sabbath. Daniel’s Babylonian name “Belteshazzar” means; “Keeper of the hidden treasures of Bel” (quora.com), and in 12:9 is told to “shut up” (keep hidden) his book. Eccl. 12:13-14, 1st Angel = Fear God. 2nd Angel = keep His Commandments. 3rd Angel = judgment + secret. The world’s secret will be revealed to us at the Judgment of the 3rd Angel (SL), the 7th Thunder.

- 1798 is “the time of the end” in Dan. 11:40 when the 1st Angel came down, but that was not the complete fulfillment. DA 234.4, Christ’s birth was also a “time of the end” so it parallels 1798. The 3 Angels’ messages add to each other like lights at intervals down a long hallway.



11-15-16, Romario Brathwaite. Finger, Spirit, Word, Sword

- The “Finger, Spirit, Word, Sword” are all the same thing, and apply to the MD > MC time.

- 1MR 57.2, the whole gospel (separating & “binding off”) message is in the 3rd Angel’s message, therefore “the effect of every vision” is the 3rd Angel, and it is a judgment message (because all of the judgments in the Bible are types of God’s final judgment). EW 118, 3rd Angel separates the wheat & tares, and should occupy our whole attention.  

- DA 262, the “finger of God” is a judgment because of sin: in Jn. 8 Jesus writes the sins of the accusers with His finger and the wicked flee from His judgment. DA 461.5, “bitter tears confessing her sins”: “bitterness” is marked at the MC so also must appear at MD, and God’s judgment also marks the beginning of a new life of purity for the “wise”.

- ST 10-25-05.10 (Lk. 11:14-20) casting out devils by the “finger of God”. Mt. 12:28, “finger of God” = Spirit of God. (Class discusses the progressive separation of the “wise & foolish” from 9/11 through the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hour workers”, all done by the 3rd Angel’s message.)

- Jn. 6:63, God’s Spirit is His Word (1 Cor. 12:8), which is also His “finger”, which is also His Sword (Eph. 6:17, Ps. 55:21, human words as swords, and God’s Word as “oil” to the “wise” but as a “drawn sword” to the wicked). Judges 3:16, Ehud’s 2-edged dagger/sword as a “message from God” to slay the oppressing king.

- Eze. 14:3-21, the wicked separate themselves from God (v.7), then God has a “purified church” (v.11), which is “sealed” (LDE 228.4), and then God’s “four sore judgments” (famine, beasts, sword, pestilence, v.21) from MD > MC. Heb. 4:12, the Word of God is to “cut off” or “bind off”, and to reveal sinful thoughts of the heart. The 3rd Angel’s message searches our hearts & minds to see if we have the “mind of Christ”. COL 411, Eze. 14:20 = MD for the 10 virgins. Eze. 21:3-6, 7, “bitter” (MD) “tidings” of God’s “sword” (3rd Angel’s message) from the “east & north” (Dan. 11:44). Eze. 9:1-4, “loud voice” = 3rd Angel’s message, “slaughter weapons” = the (S)word that “binds off” the wicked. MS 76, 1901.3, Daniel (11:40-45) is the (3rd Angel’s) sword-message that does the cutting.  Ltr. 55, 1897.47, the “word”-message of the apostles was as a “sword” that gathered in the “harvest” of Jesus’ work. GC 656.2 (Eze.9) the “sword” = angel of death, from the “old” (SDA GC leadership) to the “young” to the CoP.  

- Class discusses Moses’ sign of “leprosy” (and Meriam’s), and the Plagues of Egypt (#4 = MD > MC).



11-14-16, Tayon McGregor. First & Last President

- In order to learn Bible prophecy we use the key of the 3-step process that occurs at the beginning and at the end of a sequence. The last 3 kings of Judah typify the first 3 kings of Persia and also the 3 Angels’ messages of the Millerite time. The 4 major prophets typify the 4 Angels, in reverse-order (Isa. = 4th, Eze. = 3rd, Jer. = 2nd, Dan. = 1st).

- Daniel in Babylon went to school for 3 years, but he privately studied Israel’s prophets as well as the knowledge of Babylon. Our “school” today is the 7 Thunders of the 2 Angels of Millerite history, which teach us what is going to happen in our time, before it happens. Therefore we must study the Bible to know what is going to happen before it happens.

- Review of Saul, David, Solomon & the divided kingdom, the king’s heart was the same as the people’s heart, and it is still that way today. People choose rulers after their own hearts.

- ST 2-8-10.5, the last power to wage war against God’s people is the USA, not Islam. Jezebel was already serving Baal before she married the leader (Ahab = USA) of the 10 tribes = 10 kings = U.N.

- Question: Why isn’t Abimelech counted as Israel’s first king? After Gideon’s death the people went back to their idols & “false prophet” = USA. ST 8-4-81, a civil war erupted that destroyed both Abimelech and his former supporters. The sequence of “4” (olive, fig, vine, bramble) can be applied to kings & rulers.

- James Madison (4th Prez.) wrote the US Constitution, and the 4th Prez. from the TOE (1989) will repudiate the US Constitution. There were 10 governors BEFORE Washington became the first President of the United States, and there will be 10 “kings” (governors) of the U.N. AFTER the last President. When Europe broke up into “10 toes” they were all ruled by the church of Rome, and after the USA joins into the “10 kings” of the U.N. they will also be ruled by the church of Rome.

- EP 461.3, Saul was what the people thought a king looked like, and he became “Commander in Chief” like the US President. PP 631, “rebellion is as witchcraft”. Saul started out good but ended up bad, going into spiritualism, typifying the United States. 2BC 1023 (Isa. 28:15), by seeking the witch of Endor (as the SDA GC at 9/11) Saul cut the last thread of connection to God, and made a “covenant with death” and died at the MC (and so will the US Constitution). Saul had formerly killed witches, but he changed to seeking spiritualism, as the last US President will do. The US is the power that changes from the lamb-like horns to the dragon-like voice.



11-13-16, Tayon McGregor, Rejection (of God) at Midnight

- On the prophetic line Ezra 7:9 adds great significance to the Waymarks. 9/11 = 1d1m, MC = 1d5m, SL = 10d7m. 2 Chron. 29:17 gives us 8 days from 9/11 > MC + 8 days from MC > SL, which makes the SL the 16th day.

- Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President in 1863 when James White was moved by fear to unite the SDA Church with the State so his sons would not be drafted into the Civil War. EGW testimonies indicate he was not thinking clearly at that time. The SDA GC was formed on May 21, 1863. The number “21” appears at MD.

- 1st Angel arrived in 1989 (Image/union of Ch. & State in the USA with the Pope), the 2nd Angel at 9/11, and the 3rd is at the “binding off” & judgment at MD. Therefore we should see elements of the 1st & 2nd Angels’ at MD, where the SDA Church will set up its own “Image” to attack Present Truth people.

- A smaller fractal is 1st Angel arrived in 1989 (Image/union of Ch. & State), then the “visual test” with the TOE magazine in 1996, then the 3rd Angel’s judgment (2520) on the SDA GC as it was bypassed on 9/11.

- Hos. 4:6, because SDA leadership has rejected the message of 1989 and made themselves an “Image”, and missed the “visual test” in 1996 also, there is a “judgment” at 9/11 (1d1m, Haman sets in his heart to kill God’s people = a planned SL).

- On the “internal” level God has rejected the SDA leadership who have rejected 9/11 and also the Angel of Rev. 18 who had the “little book” of “hidden manna” “knowledge and of the fear of the Lord” (Isa. 11:2), which means they also rejected the “sprinkling” of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:8), and therefore they will be “no Priest” at MD.

- On the “external” level there should have been a judgment (SL) at 9/11, but God’s people were not ready, so the Angel of Rev. 18 came down to divert it (as Balaam’s “ass” diverted him), and it was turned into the Patriot Act instead.

- Isa. 23:15, Tyre (papacy-“Babylon”) forgotten for “70 yrs.”, the “days of 1 king”, from 1798 > SL in the USA. Dan. 1:3-4, Daniel was “in school” for 3 yrs., parallel to the Millerites being “in school” for the 3 Angels’ messages from 1798 > 1844, at which time both Daniel & the Millerites “went in before the king” (Daniel went before Nebuchadnezzar and the Millerites went into the Most Holy before God by faith with Christ).

- Dan. 2:16, Daniel went before the king and asked for “time” because he didn’t have a “message” then, and afterward he was given a message, parallel to the Millerites needing “time” because they didn’t have a “message” in 1844, but in 1846 the Sabbath message was given to them. After receiving the message, in Dan. 3 the king made the message into a “Sunday law” test, and in 1850 the Sabbath became a test for the former Millerites. Daniel in Babylon shows the beginning of Millerite-Adventism (alpha), and also shows the ending of Adventism (omega) in our time.

- 1 Sam. 8:19-20, God’s people wanted a king against God’s will (forbidden in Lev. 20:23, which would bring “scattering” Dt. 4:27).

- PTUK (Present Truth) 10-5-99, p.629.3, for Israel to be like the nations meant being heathen like them, but before becoming “heathen” their leaders had to reject God (1 Sam. 8:4-7). When they got a king (formed a “State”) Israel united Church & State. Israel had asked for a king 3 times: #1) Judges 8:22, Israel asked Gideon to be king, then “40” years later (9/11 > MD); #2) Israel made his son Abimelech a temporary king, who killed his “70” brothers, in Shechem (where Abram made a covenant to worship God only, built an altar to God, and Jacob dug a well and was later renamed there (covenant). Gen. 34, also Dinah (Feminine for “Dan” = Judgment) was raped there (false marriage/Image) by a man named “Shechem” so there is a “doubling” there (which marks MD, and a “judgment” at the MC). Shechem was the son of Hamor = “donkey” = “ass” (of Islam) also at MD > MC.

- Jud. 9:7, Jotham on Mt. Gerizim (“rocky”, “cut off” = bound off) rebukes Abimelech and Shechem (makes a “prediction”), and the 4 plants typify the “4th generation”, which make an “Image of the Beast in sun-worship (Eze. 8)”, who are also under God’s judgment-condemnation.

- #3) God gave Israel Saul as king, which revealed to them what was in their own hearts (that they had rejected God), but David was after God’s own heart, and then Solomon (as the 3rd Angel) had both hearts (both good and evil), and then God divided the kingdom to two kings, and then let the people choose “which king’s heart” they wanted (northern kingdom had NO good kings = Sardis who had a name that they liveth but were dead; and Judah had both good & bad kings = wheat & tares = Laodicea).

- The 3rd Angel’s message gives a choice to either serve God or man. The 3rd Angel began in 1844 when EGW had her first vision (Portland, ME), and “40” years later she had her last public vision in 1884 (at MD, in Portland, OR), then + “4” yrs. (from MD > MC) to 1888 (at the MC, when SDA leadership rejected EGW as the SOP & also the inspiration of the KJV Bible), and something is going to happen that will lead the SDA GC to reject her fully at MD.

- Saul (Sardis), David (Philadelphia) & Solomon (Laodicea) all reigned “40” yrs. = “120” which along with the “42” & “70” are all the “wilderness”, and can all three be applied separately or together from 1798 > SL (“the days of one king”).


11-12-16, Tayon McGregor, Lambert sermon, How the Dragon Moves

(The USA is already the “Image of the Beast”(!) Most parenthetic comments are mine. Pat)

- God helps us to know the future by studying the past, esp. the rise and fall of nations. God is not giving us a new message, but new light on the old message of Dan. 11:40-45. RH 11-25-84, Follow the same plan of Bible study that Wm. Miller adopted. PK 265.2, some uses of figurative language. CP 433.3, Jesus used the simplest symbols and language. DA 705.3, “figurative” language. ST 10-24-92, p.654, Christ was condemned by twisting His figurative language, but He was understood by those who wanted to.

- Dan.11:41, Edom, Moab, Ammon, can only be understood as figurative. MH 241, Jesus helps us to understand His figurative language as we are able to grasp it. 8MR 67.1, different minds using different figures are to follow the same line of truth. RH 1-15-95, Christian principles presented in a thousand ways. God can connect any two symbols to bring light to His people. Only the power of the 3rd Angel can explain the symbols to us in such a way as to give us “the mind of Christ”.

- GC 390.2, by rejecting the 3 Angels’ messages of Rev. 14, the (fallen) churches fulfill the prophecy of the 2nd Angel of Rev. 14, and the prophecy of the 4th Angel of Rev. 18, “Babylon has fallen” (LS 411.5), and in 1996 the SDA GC rejected the 3-fold message of Dan. 11:40-45.  Ministry Magazine, July, 1997, p. 31, SDA Church “in 1996 & 1997, adopted a unified corporate image” (emphasis on “Image”).

- Dan. 11:40-45 is about the KofN, papacy = Beast. Rev. 13 is about the USA = False Prophet. Rev. 17 is about the KofS = USSR, then U.N. = Dragon (atheism/paganism), and their final stories all begin in 1798 (GC 356.2).

- When Moses was called by God at the Burning Bush, he was told to bring the people back to that mountain after the Passover when they came out of Egypt; and those who became “Priests” in 1996 (who sit in Moses’ seat to the “Levites” and “Nethinim”), will need to “bring the people back to that mountain” of understanding Dan. 11:40-45 as they understood it in 1996.

- YI 5-1-73, “about midnight” there was an “awakening” in Egypt, and “fear” (many prophetic parallels are connected to “fear”). At the “3rd step” (judgment, death of the firstborn) they remembered what happened back at the beginning of the prophetic sequence (Pharaoh’s decree to kill all the male infants [80 yrs. earlier]). At “midnight” they knew the invisible destroying angel was among them, but could not “endure as seeing Him who is invisible” [but we can] (RH 7-16-1914, Chap. 1844).

- Eze. 29:3, Dragon = Egypt, Pagan Rome (GC 438.2). There is a difference between the Atheistic USSR (no belief), and the papacy (pagan gods). The “woman” cannot ride a “beast” with no belief.

- Dan. 8:9-15, Daniel sees the vision, then Gabriel explains it as a “2nd witness”. After the power is identified (v.23, fierce king, Pagan Rome), Gabriel refers to it as “he, his, him, himself” pronouns, and the same applies to Dan. 11:40-45 in 12 of 13 instances.

- Emphasis on the transition from Pagan to Papal Rome (Dan. 8:11-12), who did “take away = ruwm = lifted up and exalt” paganism disguised as Christianity.  The next new power is identified (Dan. 11:30-31 , the abomination that maketh desolate, Papal Rome), then “he, his, him, himself” pronouns.

- Isa. 10:5-6, God uses a “rod” (message of the 2520) to chastise His people, and God also uses a “rod” (message of the east & north) to chastise the Dragon.

- Ex. 4:2-4, Moses took his rod-serpent by its “tail” (Isa. 9:5, the prophet that teacheth lies. Also Rev. 9:10, 19 “tail” = Islam), then Moses went back to Pharaoh to give the warning message to Egypt/Dragon (Eze. 29:3). The “rod” had to be “lifted up” before the plagues could come down (Ex. 7:19, 8:5, 16, 10:13 [both “10” & “13” appear at MD-MC], v.15, the “rod” brings the “east wind” & “locusts”.) Ex. 14:16, 21, “rod” > “east wind” > “waters” divided. Jer. 51:19, the “rod” = “Israel”. At MD “Israel” falls as dead (at the mareh-marah vision), then is “lifted up” as God’s “rod” (Church Triumphant) before the 7 Last Plagues can come down.

- The “rod” chastises Rome (Pagan & Papal) for its Sunday Laws; Constantine in 321 AD + 4 = 325 AD (council of Nicea [sin without repentance for 70 yrs.]), then 395 AD, the first Trumpet/plague judgment. (Isa. 51, “lift up” thy voice like a “Trumpet”.)

- Egypt changed from “lamblike” in Joseph’s day to “voice of the dragon” in Moses’ time, parallel to the USA in Rev. 13.

- Pagan Rome/Dragon came in contact with God’s people in 158 BC + 666 yrs. = 508 AD when Pagan Rome was “taken out of the way” for the Papal Rome/Dragon to ascend. The pagans united (with “one mind”) to give their kingdom to the Dragon in 508 AD; until 1789 when the papacy/woman was taken off of the pagan/beast in France (by atheistic Napoleon).

- In 1798 the Protestant church was given a “sword” to finish off the papacy/woman, but Protestantism rejected the “sword” (God had already raised up Islam to deal with the “pagan/beast” nations). So God raised up the Millerites to give them the “sword”, but they were not consecrated enough to use it either, so Jesus could not come back then (even though the prophecies pointed to their time).

- So now (at the Very End) God is raising up a remnant “Church Triumphant” who will understand, unify and use the “sword” to (finally) finish off the papacy/woman. (God has already raised up Islam to deal with the “pagan/beast/Dragon” nations.)

- (Interesting brief history of the double-cross the USA pulled on the USSR to help the papacy destroy them in 1989.) Without the papacy Napoleon’s France became an atheistic/beast/Dragon, and the USA helped Russia to destroy it, but the Revolutionary atheistic/beast/Dragon SPIRIT moved into Russia in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and Russia became the new atheistic/beast/Dragon in the USSR. However, the papacy/woman could not mount it and ride it (because even though it was a beast/Dragon power, it was an atheistic enemy), so the papacy had to wait until it could get control of the sympathetic apostate Protestant USA, secretly, and then use the USA to destroy the atheistic USSR in 1989 (so the ATHEISTIC/beast/Dragon/KofS is dead).

- However again, the PAGAN/beast/Dragon SPIRIT is NOT dead, and is presently moving into the False Prophet/USA who very soon the papacy/woman will mount and control to “speak as a dragon” (at MD). Then God will “lift up” His “rod/sword”/Trumpet/Church Triumphant to warn of calamities/plagues coming down to “beat” the USA, and then the PAGAN/beast/Dragon, carrying the papacy/woman, will move to the U.N. and then rule the world, until God’s “rod” brings “tidings from the east & north” to “beat” the Dragon again, who will have nowhere to go, and will be revealed to the world as the “man of sin”. (Then the world will destroy the papacy/woman, Rev. 17:16).

- When the USA adopted the spirit of the Dragon in 1989, and became an “Image to the Beast”, it got ready to enact a Sunday Law “Mark of the Beast” by 2001 (via the “Christian Coalition” and “Moral Majority” pressuring the US Gov’t), but God’s SDA GC “rod/sword/Trumpet” was not ready because they had rejected the “formalized message” of Dan. 11:40-45 from 1996 and onward.

- Therefore God sent the Angel of Rev. 18 down to “Hold!” the “4 winds”, and used the “ass” to divert the attention of the “Image of the Beast” USA away from Sunday legislation “Mark of the Beast” on 9/11, which gave a very small remnant who accepted the message of Dan. 11:40-45 more time (15 years so far) to prepare to be God’s “rod/sword/Trumpet” when it is needed and be “lifted up” to deliver its warning message to “beat” the Dragon again (at MD). 



11-10-16, Rashad Brathwaite, One Hour

- GC 343, history repeats. (FLB 345, study D&R to bring revival.) Dan. 4:7, at MD, the king calls upon the foolish for explanation first, then Daniel (v.19) BEFORE the MC. Daniel is quiet for “1 hour” (while possibly thinking how to explain the vision to the king without offending him, which could be very dangerous).

- Mt. 26:40, disciples were sleeping (as the 10 virgins) during Jesus’ “1 hour” of “darkness” in Gethsemane. DA 759.5, Christ’s agony while the disciples slept. TM 118, SDAs not “half awake”. DA 693.2, “light, love, glory” = 3 Angels’ messages, withdrawn. “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” all go through their same “dark hour” in sequence.

-  Rev. 17:11-12, the “10 kings” have “one mind”, “1 hour” with the Beast. Maranatha 187.2, God’s people also are to have “one mind”.

- Rev. 18:17, “1 hour” destroys all riches, or the “ships of Tarshish” = USA, already a little disrupted by the “east wind” at 9/11.

- Interesting class discussion re. when we need to have the “mind of Christ”. Tayon McGregor: As Jesus was given a “prediction” of His future victory beyond the Cross by the angel in Gethsemane, so we will be given a “prediction” of our future victory (beyond the time of trouble), during the “binding off”, before the MC too. “Cestius” will appear sometime between MD & MC (which is the destruction of Jerusalem).


11-8-16, Romario Brathwaite, Fourscore

- “80” = union of Ch. & State, unlawful marriage, MD > MC, Image of the Beast, judgment.

- Ex. 1:15-16, birth of Moses = Time of the End/1989. Midwives names both mean “brightness” (doubling at MC). (Job 26:12-13 describes the work of Moses in dividing the Red Sea, humbling proud Pharaoh and handling the serpent/rod.) Ex. 3:1-3, Moses “80” yrs. old (burning bush), doubling of Moses’ name = 2nd angel comes down (V.8) at 1996, burning bush = visual, and formalizes the message. 6 nations = USA (6th kingdom of Rev. 17) flowing w/milk & honey. Ex. 4:1-6, rod = formalization, leprosy = authority to judge (DA 262.1). Ex. 7:7, Moses is 80 yrs. old from MD > MC.

- Jud. 3:30, land rested for “80” yrs. after being delivered from 2 nations. v.5, Israel oppressed by the same 6 nations, unlawful marriage (Image) followed by oppression (SL = Mark), v.8, name = double wickedness. v.11, 40 yrs. rest (see v. 30). V.15, 2nd deliverer (2nd Angel) has a “2-edged” = MC, “secret”-“message” from 1996 (v. 19-20) of death to the oppressive king from MD > MC (or 9/11), then a “tarry” before Seirath = a “whirlwind” [Dan. 11:40], (v. 25-26). V.30,  40 yrs. + 80 yrs. = 120 = 9/11 > MC.

- 2 Chron. 26:17, Uzziah = Azariah = MD > MC + 80 priests. V.16, king in the temple = Image of the Beast (union of Ch. & State), and leads to v.19, leprosy = judgment of God = Mark of the Beast (NSL). V.23, Jotham co-reigned (+ Judah is 2 parts) = 2 horned power = USA. (PK 304.2, Uzziah’s sin), (RH 10-16-88.8, During Uzziah’s reign, Isaiah’s “marah” vision, then given a message for the king.)

- Ezra 7:9, Out of Babylon on 1d1m = 9/11 and arrive in Jerusalem on 1d5m = MC. Ezra 8:8, “80” men from MC > SL. Dt. 10:6-8, death of Aaron, tribe of Levi chosen at MC to bear the Ark, which is opened at MD.


11-2-16, Tayon McGregor, Principles

- The line-upon-line Waymarks are in a “cause & effect” relationship. 1989 was the “cause” and 9/11 is the “effect of every vision” because “all” 4 of the Angels appear at 9/11 either in their arrival or empowerment. 9/11 is also a “cause” and MD is the “effect of every vision” again. The “causes” and “effects” overlap because they apply to different classes of people at the same time.

- In 1798 Wm. Miller was 16 years old. At Oct. 22, 1844 EGW was 16 years old, and turned 17 in the next month. Her first vision was when she was 17 (and she went into the Most Holy Place in vision where the King was), and Joseph was 17 when he had his first vision, and possibly Daniel was 17 when he went in before king Nebuchadnezzar too.

- 1989 began the repeat of the 1st Angel’s message, 1996  was when the message was “formalized” in print and the 2nd Angel arrived. 9/11 began the repeat of the 3rd Angel’s message. “David” was anointed at 1989 & 9/11 but between those anointings he slew “Goliath” with a “sword” when the 2nd Angel arrived in 1996. “David” has to use the same “sword” to kill “Goliath” again when the 2nd Angel is empowered at MD.

- The vision of 1798 (the beginning of Adventism) continues through our time to the Close of Probation (the end of Adventism), so from 1798 > CoP is all one vision. God is able to connect any point of prophecy with any other point of prophecy, and God gave the Millerites the parable of the ten virgins so that we could see the parallel between their time and our time in the perfect fulfillment in our day.


11-3-16, Tayon McGregor, The Mind of Christ 1

- As Adam & Eve were given their marriage covenant before the Sabbath covenant, also James & Ellen White were married before learning of the Sabbath in 1846, the number “46” connects to other prophetic lines.

- The “binding off” is more about receiving the “mind of Christ” than about the “prediction”.

- 2520 repeatedly shows up in the sequence of notable dates in Adventist history.

- 1793 > 1798 = 25 + 20 from 1798 > 1818 = 2520.

- 1818 > 1843 = 25 + 20 from 1843 > 1863 = 2520.

- 1863 > 1888 = 25 + 20 from 1888 > 1908 = 2520.

- 2520 = Adam = Christ. 2300 = Eve = Church.

- When the 2520 is denied or rejected then the Church has no “head”, no “seed” to reproduce itself = no message for the world.

- The “binding off” is done by the 3rd Angel at the “appointed time”, Habakkuk’s two tables also. Satan has been allowed to come in and manipulate the Church, therefore the “tarrying time” is prolonged. (CE 161.1, EW 118.1, 1888 1525.2, [SSP 731 pioneer writings]).

- Jesus’ own people (a symbol of Adventism) were the first to reject Him.

- Rev. Ch. 1, Jesus identifies Himself as the “First & Last” 3x.

- Rev. Ch. 2, The “7 Churches” are just phases the “One Church” passes through.

- Mt. 16:13, Peter receives the “Revelation” of Christ (divinity flashes through humanity) Who then reveals the “One Church”. AA 302.3, Paul received revelations that gave him the “mind of Christ” to understand and judge events at Corinth. Mt. 16:18, Peter’s name-change = covenant, and “doubling” (Peter + rock) = MC (GCB 4-6-03.35),  the messages on the Charts is the “Rock of Ages” and “platform”. V. 19, (3SM 22), Christ ratifies the decisions of the Church only when it has the “mind of Christ”, or is the “Church Triumphant” and is on the “platform” message, which by beholding the message (2 Cor. 3:18) changes us into the “mind of Christ”.

- When we have the “mind of Christ” through the prophetic lines we “get inside the Ark” with the Law of God, the manna and Aaron’s rod that budded, and as in Noah’s Ark, the only thing that survived the Flood and wilderness wanderings was what was “inside the Ark”.


11-6-16, Tayon McGregor, The Mind of Christ 2

- The foolish virgins get called in to speak before the “King” first, then the wise. In Mt. 16:13 the disciples gave the “foolish” answers before Peter got it right.

- At MD (as a symbol of Pentecost), God’s people begin speaking in “different languages”, ie. the 7 Churches require us to use the language of the “internal” group (Adventism), the 7 Seals require us to use the language of the “external” group (the world), and the 7 Trumpets require us to use the language of prophetic Islam (& Catholicism and paganism), which all come under the 7 Thunders. (Interesting take on the date of 11-8-16 for the Presidential election.)

- At 9/11 the “powers that be” wanted to make a Sunday Law (but were diverted by Balaam’s Islamic “ass”). But the SL would have been equivalent to “the number of a man” = 666. Subtract 666 from 2001 and you get 1335, the beginning of the “tarrying time” at 9/11. On the 1843 Chart the number “45” appears next to the 1335 “tarrying time”, and now the “tarrying time” has extended to the time of the 45th (and last) President.

- ST 10-28-13 (Mt. 16:18), Jesus is going to establish His Church Triumphant on the “rock” which is the revelation of divinity in humanity, not Peter himself. (DA 413.6), Jesus’ words have power to open & shut heaven, through His message, starting at MD.

- HL 280-281, the trials and attitude of God’s people just before the first coming of Christ is the same as just before the second coming of Christ today. John the Baptist illustrates our present position. Christ was “born” in 1989 and John’s message came in 1996. Jesus as a “second witness” confirmed John’s call to “Repent!” In 1996 Adventism (internal) changed its logo from the “3 Angels” to 3 wavy lines and a cross (imitating a Catholic Jesuit logo), and Congress (external) passed the “Anti-Terrorism Act” which is the precursor to the “USA Patriot Act”. “Haman” has the SL in his heart already.

- Pattern: “Laodicea” is always overturned for “Ephesus”. “Laodicea” for ancient Israel was overturned for “Ephesus” the new Christian Church. When Christ was overturning a spiritual kingdom the world was ready to overturn the Jew’s literal kingdom. Today we are in “Laodicea” for the Church and “Ephesus” for the 144,000 Remnant. Dan. 11:6, Ptolemy sent Berenice to Seleucus who divorced his wife Laodice, who later had them killed at Ephesus.

- RH 2-27-66, p. 102.7, Sabbathkeepers were first corrupted by paganism (woman), then by the papacy (Beast). Therefore the corrupted SDA “woman” will persecute its own dissenters first, before calling in the State on them.

- Jesus is coming for a renewed “Philadelphia” not Laodicea as the 8th Church, just as Satan is coming for a renewed Papal Rome “whose deadly wound is healed” as the 8th Kingdom of Rev. 17. Jesus gets His “5 wise virgins” from Millerite history and 5 more from our history, for a total of 10 virgins, eventually.


11-7-16, Tayon McGregor, the Mind of Christ 3

- Bible references to 1d1m (Apr. 19, 1844) all connect to 9/11 in some way. 1d5m (Aug. 15, 1844) all connect to the MC. 10d7m (Oct. 22, 1844) all connect to the SL. 1d1m > 10d7m = “1 year” (the 7th year of Artaxerxes), the “7th month movement”. Ezra 7:9 opens up the Waymarks for us as it did for the Millerites, which helps us to understand Daniel better, which brings revival & reformation. The Church Triumphant will be able to take every word of Scripture and show its relation to Present Truth.

- The 3rd Angel came down at Oct. 22, 1844 to announce the beginning of the Investigative Judgment of the dead, but was empowered for the first time by the 4th Angel at 9/11 which announces the beginning of the judgment of the living, when the SDA leadership was passed-by. The 1st Angel descended in 1989, and 1996 was the formalization of the message in print (T.O.E. magazine & Pippenger’s book, “The Final Rise & Fall of the King of the North”), which was the 2nd or “visual test” for the SDA leadership before being passed-by on 9/11 when the 1st Angel was empowered and the 2nd Angel descended.

- After empowerment at 9/11, the 3rd Angel “binds off” the “Priests” at MD, therefore there has to be a 2nd “visual” test before MD. The 3rd test (which is a 3-part test at MD) is also the Cross and the “hour” for the “Priests”, and they should be ready for it.

- “Repentance” = Gk. “meta” = change + “noeo” = mind, or to “change the mind”.

- Isa. 6:1, the “year” = 9/11 > SL, that “king Uzziah” (prosperous co-ruler = “two-horned” power = USA) “died” = absorbed into the U.N. (RH 10-16-88.8), Isaiah saw a revelation of Divine Character.

- Since the 3rd Angel was empowered at 9/11, which made 9/11 “the effect of every vision” before it, so the MD is also the “effect of every vision” before it, and the events of 9/11 will be repeated at MD. The “firstfruits-Priests” of Adventism will be “harvested” by the 3rd Angel at MD. The experience of the “Priests” from MD > MC is the 2nd “visual test” for the “Levites”, and the “time of the end” for the “11th hour workers”.

- The “one hour” from MD > MC = “days of one king”, and is the “hour” Jesus went into the MHP, and when Daniel went in before the king. The “foolish” went in to the king first at MD (and got a “death decree”, so fanaticism is “bound off” and “dies” first. The 3rd Angel separates out the “tares” first. Ahimaaz ran to the king first but had no message), then Daniel went before the king alone (also Esther) and Hushai, and gave the king the bad-news, warning him of what was going to happen at the MC. 


11-9-16, Tayon McGregor, The Boundary Line (of God’s mercy)

- From 11-9-89 > 1996 (2nd or “visual test” & “formalization of the message”) > 9/11, the “binding off” message was for the SDA Structure. GC 390.2, arrival of the 4th Angel of Rev. 18 at 9/11 indicates the “3-fold warning” of the 3 Angels have already been rejected by the SDA leadership, by their rejection of the message of Dan. 11:40-45.  Dan. 11:40-45 = 3rd Angel’s message, and since you can’t have a third without the first and second (2SM 104.3), you can’t have a 4th Commandment crisis without all Ten. Therefore Dan.11:4-45 is also the 10 Commandments, and “he that offends in one point is guilty of all” (James 2:10), so the “Turkey as the King of the North” fanatics are as guilty as if they broke one of the Ten Commandments.

- The words "Fallen - Fall" from Rev.18:2 and Heb.6:6 are the same. (However in the Strong’s concordance, we have for - Rev. 18:2, G4098 (piptō - petō), and Hebrews 6:6, G3895 (parapiptō) made of 2 words : G3844 and G4098. They have a common root word, "fall", but the sense is more like "come in for a landing" (and wherever they "land" or "fall" then that is where they stay). But "para" means they "fell" or "landed" "over there" or "around in the general area somewhere" or "alongside", but not precisely "here", and that's where they will stay, "over there", "in the general area", "alongside", but they missed the "Bull's Eye", so to speak, which is "here".)

- From 9/11 > MD the message was/will be for the “Priests”, and the beginning of the Church Triumphant, but their 2nd or “visual test” & “formalization of the message” will be the beginning of the (“visual test” of the “living testimony”) & “formalization of the Mind of Christ” BEFORE “Midnight”.

- From MD > MC the message will be for the “Priests’” brethren, the “Levites”.

- From MC > SL > CoP the message will be for the “11th hour workers”.

- G. I. Butler, Advent Experience (AdEx p.27.4), they passed the “boundary line” of God’s mercy long before their judgment was executed (at MD), at the Flood, Sodom, and Judas.

- Fear led Aaron to make the “image of the beast”, and fear made James White organize the SDA Church in 1863, and make an “image of the beast” because he was afraid his son would be drafted into the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was President then as the “first” Republican, and Trump will be the “last” Republican President.  



Oct. 2016, Campmeeting: “Binding Off”.

Jeff #1

- The “tares” of the “Priests” are bound into “bundles” first, and then separated from the “wheat” (“the work of the gospel is completed”, including complete separation from sin) just before MD, and then the “binding”, “sealing” or “harvest” for the “Priests” is from MD > MC. 

- Don’t get drawn in to the present political fervor. (7. Ellen White did not concern herself with women’s rights movements. {DG 252.7}), “They dishonor God by their party spirit and contention, and He will condemn both alike.” {FE 482.1}

- Jeff reviews times when the USA “spoke”, made “decrees” through its Laws & Acts, and connects prophetic parallels. The SL is the “decree” for the 11th hr. workers; the MC has a “decree” for the “Levites”, so therefore MD has to have some kind of “decree” for the “Priests” to react to also.

- “…a special work of purification, of putting away of sin, among God’s people upon earth.” {GC 425.1}

- The SDA “Levites”, and the world can only be warned by seeing the SDA “Priests” “acting upon high and holy principles” … when they are under the stress of the “first Sunday Law” crisis that is coming.

- Every Waymark has a “shut-door message” attached to it. God will "choose their delusions" (8T 249-250) of those who once had the truth but then gave it up. “God has not changed toward His faithful servants who are keeping their garments spotless. But many are crying, “Peace and safety,” while sudden destruction is coming upon them.”

- RH Oct. 7, 1895, COL. 412, Character is revealed in the crisis that hits at MD and brings the “soul face to face with death”.  5T 707, “The fact that there is no controversy or agitation among God’s people should not be regarded as conclusive evidence that they are holding fast to sound doctrine.”

- There are some people with perfected character today. “Enoch’s translation to Heaven represents the commandment-keeping people of God who will be alive upon the earth when Christ shall come the second time, and who will be glorified in the sight of those who hated them because they would keep the commandments of God. These also will be translated to Heaven without seeing death, as Enoch and Elijah were.” {RH April 29, 1875, par. 8}

- “In every phase of your character building you are to please God. This you may do; for Enoch pleased Him though living in a degenerate age. And there are Enochs in this our day.” {COL 332.1}

- Some have objected to Mark Bruce teaching that the “deliverance from sin” is before MD, when MD marks a “deliverance from captivity”. “God will arouse His people; if other means fail, heresies will come in among them, which will sift them, separating the chaff from the wheat.” (5T 707.3)

- Litmus test: “It does not seem possible to us now that any should have to stand alone, but if God has ever spoken by me, the time will come when we shall be brought before councils and before thousands for His name’s sake, and each one will have to give the reason of his faith. Then will come the severest criticism upon every position that has been taken for the truth. We need, then, to study the Word of God, that we may know why we believe the doctrines we advocate.” —The Review and Herald, December 18, 1888. {LDE 209.1}

- Midnight seizure: “striving to entrap Him and bring Him before a secret tribunal, where they might obtain by perjury what it was impossible to gain by fair means. Now they were carrying out their purpose. The midnight seizure by a mob, the mockery and abuse before He was condemned,” DA 699.2

- USA Patriot Act of 9/11/01, change from English Law to Roman Law, “guilty til proven innocent”. “The members of the church will individually be tested and proved. They will be placed in circumstances where they will be forced to bear witness for the truth. Many will be called to speak before councils and in courts of justice, perhaps separately and alone. The experience which would have helped them in this emergency they have neglected to obtain, and their souls are burdened with remorse for wasted opportunities and neglected privileges.” {5T 463.2}

- The people who are into the Turkey fanaticism today with U. Smith’s error, used to be “Present Truth” people just a few months ago, and are now under a “delusion” (2 Thess. 2:10).

Jeff #2, Rev. 11 Repeats at the end of the world.

- Trump’s populism parallels the same attitude just before the French Revolution & Reign of Terror.

- Antichrist follows the Pattern of Christ, and Christ’s “confirming the covenant for one week” parallels the two 1260’s of the 2520 from 723-538-1798, the end of which was the French Revolution (Rev. 11).

- 1789-1793-1796  parallels 9/11-MC-SL, so the MC parallels the Cross/bitter. France & the USA are both “two-horned” powers and are parallel, but also their Constitutions are parallel, both being made in the same year. 1798 marks the beginning of the US Constitution and 9/11 (Patriot Act) marks the beginning of the end of it. The anarchy of the French Revolution parallels the COP & 7 Last Plagues. The Two Witnesses are resurrected and ascend after the SL, then there’s an “earthquake” = Revolution.

- 2 Thess. 2:2-3, a “falling away” has to come “first” before the “man of sin” can be revealed, as in the transition from Pergamos to Thyatira, and from the “daily” abomination to the “abomination that makes desolate” (Dan. 11:31 & 12:11). 13MR 394, Dan. 11:30-39 get repeated in v.40-45.

- Repeats at the end of the world: Rev. 1-3 = 7 Churches. Rev. 4-6 = 7 Seals. Rev. 8 = 7 Trumpets. Rev. 9 = Islam. Rev. 10 = Millerite Time. Rev. 11 = French Revolution ... all repeated at the end of the world.

- Ephesus-Smyrna-Pergamos come in a “cause-effect” relationship. “Ephesus” begins at MD with the “Church Triumphant”, then “Smyrna” (3SM 397) martyrs in standing in defense of the Truth.

- Ephesus (Pentecost), Philadelphia (Millerites), Laodicea (our time) are all parallel and repeat within Laodicea’s time. EW 258, 260, GC 611, last work to be like Pentecost.  18MR 193, Rev. 3 (7 Churches) repeating now in Laodicea (also S.N. Haskell’s books). 7 Trumpets repeat from 1989 > SL.

- GC 286-287, France a kingdom set free from the restraints of the Law of God, then bloody revolution & anarchy. Afterward the Bible is reinstated and “public evangelism” begins worldwide.

- 1796 = SL in the USA, and Napoleon = 45th President of the USA who will also lead the U.N. In 1798 Napoleon gave the “deadly wound” to the papacy, and the 45th US President will heal the deadly wound.


Jeff #3, The “Year-Day Principle”

- Num. 14:34 & Eze. 4:6 are about the beginning and end of ancient Israel. Num. 14 is about the rebellion against the “rest” of grace (Heb. 4:9-11) , rejecting the power of the Holy Spirit to lead them, and Eze. 4:6 is about rejecting the Sabbath itself.

- From 9/11 > SL there has been the same rejection of the spiritual “rest of grace” or “sprinkling” of the Latter Rain from the Holy Spirit, that will end in rejecting the Sabbath itself at the SL.

- In the beginning of ancient Israel God’s people broke their covenant in Num. 14 so He entered into covenant with new people (Joshua & Caleb). God had to do the same in the time of Jesus, with the new Christian Church, when the Jews rejected Him. God had to do it again in the Millerite time when the Protestants rejected Him and made a new covenant with Adventism. By 9/11 SDA leadership had broken their covenant and were being passed by and now God is establishing a new covenant with those who will be among the 144,000.

- The 40 yrs. in the wilderness is symbolized by the “manna” (3-fold test on “eating”). At the end of ancient Israel the “eating test” was the “bread of heaven” in Jesus. For the Millerites the test was “eating the little book” of Daniel in the hand of the Angel of Rev. 10, and today it is the “hidden manna” in the hand of the Angel of Rev. 18. (Very many have already refused … refused the true “daily”, the 2520, and prophetic Islam, and therefore are unable to see vast fields of prophetic truth.)

- Ezekiel patterns the Millerite time (beginning with 5d4m, July 21, 44 “mid way”, and ending with the Day of Atonement), including the Jubilee cycles that the Millerites studied (and are still under study), the Hebrew & Karaite calendars (metonic 19-yr. cycle), Lev. 26 day/yr. principle.

- Sieges. Jerusalem was besieged 3x every time it was destroyed, and there was a “disobedient prophet” at every siege. Also there was a “40-yrs.” time of probation & witness before the siege began. In 66-70 it was Cestius, Titus (and the Jews besieged each other within the city).

- Today we look for the “sign” of the “sieges” to come at MD, MC & SL. As there was 1260 days between Cestius & Titus, so there is a figurative “1260-wilderness” time from 9/11 > MC (including a “25-binding off” MD > MC time at the end), and another “1260” from the MC > SL.

- “Sign” of the destruction was a “falling away first”, then the “abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel” before the “siege”, which in 321 was Constantine’s Sunday law, and in 508-533-538 the “falling away first” was the union of Ch. & State in Rome. Paul uses Jesus’ reference to the book of Daniel in 2 Thess. 2:7 to predict the rise of the papacy, and when the true Christians saw this sign they separated (fled into the wilderness) from the apostate Church both in 321 and 538. 

Jeff #4, Parallel Kingdoms

- The 7 Thunders = the 7 last kings of Judah, but they overlap with the last 7 kings of Israel at the last 2 kings of Judah (Jehoiachin & Zedekiah), which is the “joining of the two sticks” during the MC > SL time. The first of the last 7 kings of divided Israel was Jeroboam II (at the MC), who parallels with the first of the first 7 kings of divided Israel, Jeroboam I (also at the MC), who then also parallels with the 4th of the first 7 kings of united Israel, Rehoboam. The first 7 kings of divided Israel reigned during the reign of the 6th king of Judah (3rd since the division at the MC Waymark, good king Asa).

- Since all of the first 7 kings of divided Israel were within the reign of Asa, then all the 7 Thunders fit within one Waymark. Therefore the 7 Thunders fit between MD > MC, MC > SL, SL > CP, just like the “3-steps” do. All of these “parallel kingdoms” are witnesses that there is a “parallel kingdom” when the USA as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy transitions into the U.N. as the 7th kingdom of Bible prophecy, during the “reign” of the 45th President of the USA.

- Dan. 10:19, Persia transitions into Grecia, as a symbol of the USA transitioning into the U.N. The 3rd yr. of Cyrus and the 1st yr. of Darius are both at the end of a 70-yr. captivity, which is parallel to the 1260 years captivity under Catholicism, and all three mark a “time of the end”. 539 B.C., 537 B.C. & 1798 = 1989.

- Dan. 11:14, “Rome establishes the vision”. The first 4 Persian kings parallel the last 4 Caesars of Rome before Christ (the 4th being “vile”), which also parallel the last 4 Presidents of the USA, because they are both “two-horned powers”, and the “fourth is far richer than they all”, which may indicate Donald Trump as the 45th President, or the “vile” one may indicate Hillary Clinton. Finally, the “far richer than they all” may refer to the USA as being the richest nation of any in the U.N.-NWO.

- Parallel kingdoms. During the transition from the 6th to the 7th kingdom both kingdoms exist parallel to each other, starting at the MC (10:19). Dan. 11:2, “stand up yet three kings” from Bush I (Clinton, Bush II, Obama [tax man], and then the “far richer” one). More lately this has come to be understood as the “strength through his riches” of the USA at the head of the U.N., who “stirs up” or literally “wakes up” all the Gentile/heathen to war at Armageddon (Joel 3:9, Valley of Jehoshaphat), the greatest bloodbath the world has ever known.


Jeff #5, Egypt’s 10 Plagues & 4 Sore Judgments

- Dan. 11:2, from the MC > SL the richer “4th king” may be the 45th President who stimulates the US economy by building a war-machine, like Hitler did with the Weimar Republic, and as it transitions to the 7th Kingdom, continues to be the economic leader of the “10 kings”, like Ahab was over the 10 tribes, and the “ships of Tarshish” were the leading ships.  So in v.3 the “mighty king” is still the USA, but as part of the U.N. (which will be controlled by the papacy).

- The endings of ancient Israel & Judah give 2 witnesses of existing “parallel kingdoms” during their transfer of power. In the “joining of the two sticks” the process begins at the MC and is done at the SL, but at v.4 the USA is broken by “4 sore judgments” = “winds”, (“dominion” = “parallel kingdom”), which is the “4 sore judgments” of Eze. 14:21. (Jeff recounts the speedy erection of the new buildings at SOTP, and the accelerating spread of this message around the world.)

- Interesting observation that as this message is nearing its culmination, that the Lord is bringing us back to studying the beginning verses of Dan. 11 again. Eze. 14:21, “Jerusalem in Judah” = Adventism in the USA. v.22, the remnant “comfort” the “11th hr. workers” when they see their Godly lifestyle “ways & doings” x2 (MC).

- The 10 Plagues of Egypt were separated into 3 + 7, the last 7 plagues typify the “7 Last Plagues” on the world. #10 = Passover = Cross = SL, so the previous 6 plagues have to be on Waymarks before then. 9/11 = #1) 7 days’ blood. #2) Frogs = “visual” (deceptive tongues/words, split in the Present Truth movement). #3) Finger of God’s writing at MD. #4, #5, #6) During the “binding off”. #7, #8, #9) From the MC > SL = the “4 sore judgments”. Ex. 9:14 “all My plagues” = 7-10, & “stretch out My hand”.

- Dan. 12:12, “Blessed is he that (toucheth) the 1335” at April 18, 1844, by “waiting = tarrying” beginning at April 19, 1844. The number “45” years between the 1290 & 1335 brings us to the “sealing time” from 4-19-44 > 10-22-44, which is symbolic of the “sealing time” from 9/11 > SL for us, which is also the time of the 45th President of the USA.

Jeff #6, Campmeeting Sabbath sermon, The number “45”.

- “45” is a symbol of the sealing of the 144,000.  Dan. 10:19 “be strong, yea, be strong” = MC and Dan. 11:1 emphasizes 2 “time of the ends”, therefore Dan. 11 is about our “time of the end” beginning in 1989. The Millerite “time of the end” was in 1798 where the 7 years of the French Revolution parallel the 7 years of Jesus’ life and the “Reign of Terror” = the Cross. Napoleon, who gave the “deadly wound” to the papacy is a type of the 45th President who will heal the deadly wound.

- In the “7 Thunders” & “joining of the two sticks” & “parallel kingdoms” the last 7 kings of the northern & southern kingdoms overlap at the MC > SL time, and also the first 7 kings of united Israel show the “stick” being broken at the same MC location. The 7th kingdom begins at the MC but the 6th kingdom doesn’t completely end until the SL, the overlap.

- When the 4th “richer” king stands up to take possession of the 7th kingdom, then his past 6th kingdom is to be broken to the “4 winds” by the “4 sore judgments” of Eze. 14:21, which also line up with the last 4 plagues of Egypt.

- The last “4” Presidents of the USA from 1989 = the last “4” Caesars before Christ (Pompey, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar [tax guy], and Tiberius Caesar [vile], crucifies Christ = SL, parallel to the 45th President), which also parallel the “4” Persian kings at the beginning of Dan. 11 (Jeff’s Notes p. 35), Ezra 4:11-13 the 3rd Persian king is the “tax guy” (False Smerdis), parallel to Obama.

- Jesus was taken at “midnight” (literally & symbolically), and false accusations were made about sedition (treason) and heresy. The Courts are corrupt, so our purpose there will be to glorify God, not win our defense.

- Jeff called the group to stand for a covenant with God to spread these truths now at the end of the world.

Jeff #7, “45”

- “Jerusalem” appears at MC, along with the first SL. The “Beast” is always Rome, the “False Prophet” always changes, and the “Dragon” moves through history (Eden, Tower of Babel, Babylon, Pergamos, Rome, France, USSR, U.N.).

- Revolution: the Dragon as “atheism” foments revolution. There was a revolution from 1776 (Declaration of Independence) to 1789 (ratification of the US Constitution), and there is another revolution from 9/11 > SL (the end of the US Constitution) which is the symbolic  “70 years” or “days of one king” (Isa. 23). Napoleon took the Pope off of his throne in 1798, and the 45th US President will put the Pope back on the throne of the U.N. at the SL. (Jeff’s Notes p.41, the progressive set-up from the MC onward.)

- Since Marriage & Sabbath are “twin institutions” one’s family has to be in order at the MC, which marks the beginning of the “4 sore judgments”. The foolish “Priests” preach a “Peace & Safety” message, but at MD “sudden destruction” hits the foolish “Priests”, then the foolish “Levites” at the MC, then the foolish of the “Nethinim” at the SL.

- (Jeff’s Notes p. 45), “45” is a symbol of the sealing of the 144,000. The end of the 1335 “touches” both 1842 & 4-19-44, where the “tarrying” began. Those who “waited” (“hung in there”) and stayed in the message were “blessed” (Isa. 30:18, Hab. 2:3), while the “foolish virgins” were shaken out. The events of Dan. 11:45 begin in v.41, and it is the transition from the “Church Militant” to the “Church Triumphant”.  

- Joshua 14:6, Caleb (H3611 = “attack dog”) was 40 at Kedesh-Barnea (symbolizing the Millerite time), and “45” yrs. later inherits the land.

- Jubilee Standard, July 31, 1845. SS Snow, Ed.; Clovis, who put the Pope on the throne, was in power 30 years and died at 45. Napoleon Bonaparte, who took the Pope off the throne, also was in power 30 years and retired from public life at 45. Both contribute information to the symbol of “45” now.


#3, Theodore Turner, the Structure of the Prophetic Chronology 1

­- Theodore addresses the 430 years of Abraham’s covenant prophecy & Joseph in Egypt. The fact that Abraham had to divide the sacrificial animals in half shows there is a “prophetic mirror” or chiastic structure in the history that the covenant made at that time represents. He was able to see Christ’s atoning sacrifice and we are to see that also. The 430 years divides into two 215 segments, one in Canaan & one in Egypt at the time Jacob went to live in Egypt at 130 years old.

- The events that happened in the transition between the two 215-year segments parallel the events that happened in the transition between the two 1260-year prophecies that make up the 2520.

- Jacob was 84 years old when he married Leah & Rachel and had 12 children (including Dinah) in the first 7 years of marriage. Interesting to note that 7 x 12 = 84 (x 30 days per month = 2520 as per the 1843 Chart). 

- Joseph’s 2 dreams were 11 years before the Butler & Baker’s 2 dreams, and were fulfilled 11 years after the Butler & Baker’s 2 dreams = a chiasm. The Butler & Baker’s dreams had to be fulfilled in order for Joseph’s dreams to be fulfilled.

- Joseph & Jesus were both 30 when they began their “ministry”, and the next 7 years for both were “times of plenty” before a “famine”.

- Its 1764 years from Jacob’s death (the end of the previous chiasm) to 34 AD, then another 1764 years to 1798 (a type of the Exodus from Egypt). Each 1764 = 7x 252. 252 = 1/10 of the 2520.

- Seeing these prophetic structures helps us to have more faith in God and His Word, which allows God to give us more light, which helps us to increase our faith in God. It is a “positive feedback loop”, line upon line. Each new light we see gives us another “line” or “cord” in our rope of faith that will eventually carry us over the “chasm” at The End (see 2T 594-597 the Impressive Dream).

- The structure of the story of Jacob & Joseph is the same as that of the Babylonian Captivity(!).

- Powerful closing prayer.


#9, Theodore Turner, the Structure of the Prophetic Chronology 2

- There are 2 overlapping periods of 490 years in ancient Israel, from the beginning of Saul’s reign in 1096 BC > 607 BC when the first captives were taken from Jerusalem; and the 490-year span from the first temple to the second temple (1006 BC > 516 BC).

- Tricky areas in the chronology of the Persian kings are noted, as well as false assumptions re. the reigns of the kings of Israel & Judah. Often confusion arises when calculating reigns from “Spring to Spring” or “Fall to Fall” because records are inconsistent. Theodore points out some synchronisms, where the reigns of multiple kings or other events are noted together (Jer. 25:1-3, 32:1) that help establish chronologies. (Attention is pointed to the Campmeeting Notes chart p.118 re. the siege & end of Zedekiah’s reign.) 

- Eze. 1:1-2, 5d4m, July 21, 592 BC, the “thirtieth year” (Millerite “midnight”), is counted from Josiah’s Passover in 622 BC, which was a “sabbatical year”, and 621 being a Jubilee year, or 50th year. Eze. 40:1 is another synchronism, the “beginning of the year” = 7th month + 10th day = 10d7m = Day of Atonement = Oct. 22, 573 BC. Note the metonic cycle = 19 years. 1d1m, 592 BC = April 19 on the Julian Calendar, and also 1d1m, 573 BC = April 19 on the Julian Calendar, the Day of Atonement.

- Ezekiel’s first date given (5d4m, July 21) is the Millerite “midnight” (MD), and his last date given (10d7m, Oct. 22) is the Day of Atonement, therefore Ezekiel is about Millerite history.


#27, Theodore Turner, the Structure of the Prophetic Chronology 3

- Eze. 1:1, 592 BC, the 30th year since Josiah’s Passover in 622 BC, which was a Jubilee year. Some kings’ reigns are measured from Spring to Spring (when referring to the Captivity), and some are from Fall to Fall (when Ezekiel doesn’t refer to the Captivity), so there is opportunity for confusion. Ezekiel is a “Priest” who is given a “prediction” at MD (5d4m).

- Eze. 4 is the “prediction” and the “sign” is the “siege” 40 years later. Theodore’s dates are determined by starting with the dates for the 2520 and working back. The siege at 587 BC counts 40 years back to 627 BC, and 390 years back to 977 BC, the division of the kingdom. (1 Ki. 13:1-3, Jeroboam I, a king with a censer = union of Church & State = abomination.) The “disobedient prophet” makes a prediction (977 BC) which is fulfilled in (627 BC) 2 Ki. 23:15.  

- The curse-events of the “7 Times” (Lev. 26) occur in sequence from 742/677 BC to 587 BC, but all 4 curse-events also all repeat together at the siege in 587 BC. Much of the language of Eze. Chs. 4-6 is taken from Lev. 26, an obvious connection.

- Eze. 24:16, 21. The first event of the “7 times” was the loss of their king, the “pride of their power” (Manasseh in 677 BC), and the repeat event in 587 BC is the loss of their Sanctuary, that SHOULD have been the “pride of their power”.

- From 592 (MD) to 587 (MC) Ezekiel tells of the coming doom to the house of Israel, but after 587 (MC) his prophecies of doom are directed at the nations.

- Parallels to Joseph in Egypt are noted as the “2 sticks” (Joseph/Israel & Jacob/Judah) are joined during the MD > MC time, just before the “famine” begins at the SL.

- Eze. 26. Ezekiel’s use of the dates and events ties a certain theme to each date. Eze. 26, 1d(5m, after Jerusalem was smitten in the 4th month); a woe upon Tyre (as the USA, destroyed by “Babylon”).

- Eze. 29:17 (1d1m), the prophecy of Egypt (as the U.N., also destroyed by “Babylon”) is out of chronological order (after the end of Tyre), but it is the same theme of judgment on the nations.

- Eze. 40:1 (10d7m), in this case the “beginning of the year” = beginning of a Jubilee year. 10d7m indicates judgment, therefore the use of a “measuring reed” (cf. Rev. 11). V.5, The “reed” is 6 cubits + handbreadth = 21 (United States inches) x 6 = 126 = part of the 1260 & 2520 which were times of judgment. (It only works using the Standard American Equivalents of the 2nd Beast of Rev. 13 [feet/inches], not the Metric System.)

- The prophetic Lines point to an event at MD that will enable us to see the “prediction” that must be given to Adventism and the world, but we probably won’t like what the prediction is, or what it is about.

- Inspiring and provoking closing remarks and prayer!



#6, Noel del Rosal, Advancing Light, Prophetic Fractals

- (2 Thess. 2:3), two long periods of time, the “falling away first” then the “man of sin” had to come first (Pergamos > Thyatira; Constantine > Papacy), and only then (after 1798) could the 3 Angels arrive and the second coming of Christ be preached, but the Protestants refused the message.

- The 1st Angel’s message was on time, the “hour” of judgment had arrived. By April 19, 1844 (1st Disappointment) the 1843 Chart had fulfilled its purpose, testing those who professed to love Jesus’ appearing, and the Protestants were fully separated from the Millerite/Adventists, and the 2nd Angel’s message began. They also saw in Hab. 2:2-3 that the “tarrying time” had begun, and finally the 3rd Angel on Oct. 22, 1844. Nowadays the message is based on events rather than time, but it is the same 3-fold pattern.

- Another pattern is the number of days in Ezra 7:9 from the first day of the 1st month (parallel to Apr. 19 in 1844 [the 1st Disappointment] and 9/11 in our day), to the first day of the 5th month (parallel to Aug. 15 in 1844, the “Midnight Cry”, and a future “Midnight Cry” in our day), then to the 10th day of the 7th month (parallel to Oct. 22 in 1844 and the Sunday law in our day).

- EGW says to “combine” the 3 Angels’ Messages, and when we do so we see that they overlap the times when they “arrive” with the times when they are “empowered”. 1798 marks the “arrival” of the 1st Angel, but he isn’t “empowered” until Aug. 11, 1840 when the 2nd Angel “arrived”. The 2nd Angel was not “empowered” until the “Midnight Cry” on Aug. 15, 1844,  and the 3rd Angel did not “arrive” until Oct. 22, 1844, and was not “empowered” until 9/11/01. The work of the 3 Angels in the Millerite time was only the “imperfect” fulfillment of their mission. The “perfect fulfillment” of their mission is today.

- In our time now the 1st Angel “arrived” in 1989, then was “empowered” at the “arrival” of the 2nd Angel at 9/11. The 2nd Angel will be “empowered” at the future “Midnight Cry” where the 3rd Angel “arrives”. Then the 3rd Angel will be “empowered” at the Sunday Law.

- In charting the “Fractals” of the Millerite time we see the 3-step process of events happening at times that are closer and closer together. In the first “temple cleansing”, the first 3 steps are Aug. 11, 1840 (Litch’s prediction), Apr. 19, 1844 (1st Disappointment), and Oct. 22, 1844 (closed door), but there are 3 steps between the first two steps, which are Aug. 11, 1840, then June 1842 (Protestants close their doors against Miller), then Apr. 19, 1844. There are also 3 steps from Aug. 11, 1840 to June 1842, the second step being May 1842, the publication of the “1843 Chart”.

- In the second “temple cleansing” we see fractals in the 3 steps from Apr. 19, 1844 (1st Disappointment) and Oct. 22, 1844 with Aug. 15, 1844 (Midnight Cry) in the middle, and then from Apr. 19 to Aug. 15 we see July 21 as the middle or second step (SS Snow at the Boston Tabernacle, which is “midnight” [EGW “midway” GC 398.3], which was also the 5d4m [Eze. 1:1, the marah “binding off” vision where the prophets personally saw Christ and fell “as dead”]). Both of SS Snow’s presentations (July 21 at Boston, and Aug. 15 at the Exeter, NH Campmeeting) make a “doubling” which started the “Midnight Cry”.  

- In our time now we chart the 3 steps from 9/11 > SL > CoP, but a second step appears between 9/11 > SL, which is the “Midnight Cry” of our time, and in the next fractal we see another second step between 9/11 and the MC which is “Midnight” itself.

- Also there is a fractal between Oct. 22, 1844 and 1850 (publication of the 1850 Chart), which is the Autumn of 1846 (when the Whites began keeping the Sabbath covenant), and the previous 2nd-step fractal between Oct. 22 and Autumn is Aug. 30, 1846 (the marriage covenant of Ellen Harmon & James White).

- An interesting side-note is that there were some loud “fanatics” from Watertown at the Exeter, NH Campmeeting, but after SS Snow’s 2nd lecture on the definite time and the Midnight Cry enthusiasm began, the fanatics fell silent.

- Noel suggests a parallel in our time today in March/April of 2013 when Jeff was presenting the “Habakkuk’s Two Tables” series of lectures (when the light on Ezra 7:9 was opened up) a division of opinion on the “locusts” in Joel arose, which caused a “shaking”, and the Present Truth movement was split between those who took the locusts as Islam and those who took the locusts as Rome. This “internal” “shaking” has become the “2nd step” or “visual test” for this movement between 9/11 and the MC. 

- Noel also suggests an interesting possible “external shaking” parallel event in the Boston Marathon bombing (2 Islamic brothers, 2 bombs, a 3 + 1 combination of people killed by them and their capture in “Watertown” on April 19 [the original “Patriot’s Day” memorial of the first battle for US Independence]).

#12, Noel del Rosal, Advancing Light, the Binding Off

- Review of how the light opened up regarding the Midnight Cry and Midnight “binding off” time, then a review of the Millerite reckoning of their own Midnight Cry time using the Karaite calendar.

- Sometime in the Fall of 1843 SS Snow hit on the idea of the Day of Atonement as the only “day of judgment” and “sealing” of the Fall Types, so he decided that Jesus would most likely return then, but since Jesus did not come in 1843 he had to move his calculation to 1844.

- After July 21 “midnight”, in the Summer & Fall of 1844 many farmers did not harvest their crops in order to show their faith, and backsliders were being reclaimed. Former leaders in the Advent cause were the last to accept the Midnight Cry after it began spreading in August. As Oct. 22 neared there was strong opposition from worldly mobs and Advent meetings could not be held in many places.

- Noel explains the origin of the “Nethinims” as the “11th hour workers”, and uses a whiteboard-chart to explain the progressive harvest during the “binding off” of the “Priests”, “Levites” and “Nethinims”.

- Acts 17:30 refers to a “time of ignorance” which is the “plowing” time from the “time of the end” to the first major Waymark (when the 3-fold test begins), or from 1989 > 9/11 for the “Priests”. In 1996 the message was “formalized” (in Bro. Jeff Pippenger’s “Final Rise and Fall of the King of the North” book and “Time of the End” magazine), and after 9/11 the “sowing time” began and the Latter Rain began to “sprinkle”. “Midnight” begins the 3-step “binding off” and “harvest” time for the “Priests” as illustrated in Daniel’s “mareh-marah” experience of seeing Christ, falling as “dead” and receiving “3 touches” to strengthen him in Dan. 10. The “Levites” & “Nethinims” (11th hr. workers) repeat the same process one and two Waymarks behind the “Priests” as the Sunday crisis moves from the SDA Church in the USA out to the world.


#11, Richard Coleman, Binding off of the Millerites a Type

- The number “4” became important in the Millerite time when the 4 Sultans at the beginning of the 391 year, 15-day prophecy were paralleled by 4 Christian nations at the end in 1840, then the 4 years to 1844. The “tarrying time” of 6 months from 4-19-44 to 10-22-44 was marked at “midway” July 21, 1844 (or “midnight”, “MN” or “MD” of the message) by increasing confidence in the Truth they had learned, and paved the way for the Midnight Cry on Aug. 15, 1844.

- Mt. 13:34, the parables were their foundation. Miller’s understood the parables as prophecies in 1818 (Dt. 18:18) which had been kept secret from the foundation of the world, and they became the foundation of their message, parallel to 1996 being the foundation of our message today, which had also been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

- 9/11 parallels 8-10-40 when the “tarrying time” began, and by “MN or MD” our increasing confidence in the Truth we have learned is paving the way for the new Midnight Cry to be given again. 9T 14, Dan. 11 is nearly complete, and as the Alpha & Omega are the same, so now we are learning that the first verses of Dan. 11 parallel the last verses. Amos 3:8, God won’t do anything but He reveals it to His servants the prophets. He has spoken, they must prophesy.

- The numbers “13” & “30” mark rebellion (13 US colonies, age of Ishmael at his circumcision in Gen. 17, kings rebelled in the 13th years in Gen. 14; Judas’ 30 pieces of silver, 30 years between 508-538). Priests serve at age 30 (Num. 4:3) and Levites serve from 25 for 25 years (Num. 8:24). One must be 25 to serve in the US House of Representatives and 30 to serve in the US Senate. The binding off is shown in Ch. 13 v.30 in the 4 Gospels. Mt. 13:30 the binding off of the tares, Mk. 13:30 the final generation is bound off, Lk. 13:30 the first & last are bound off, Jn. 13:30 Judas went out at midnight and was bound off.

- Mk. 13:1-2, stones of the “temple” (built after 9/11) are to be thrown down (1 Pet. 2:5 living stones of the temple). The 144,000 will all be “thrown down” at “midnight” (MN/MD) and not stand one upon another, “4” disciples present, Jesus on Olivet where He will “come down” after the Millennium, then the “inquiry” (v.4). V.6, false Latter Rain message. V.7, wars, “sieges” at MD, MC & SL (AD 66 & 70, French & American revolutions being studied now). V.9, brought before rulers & kings (Joseph & Daniel). V.11 Persecution spreads the message but the Holy Spirit will speak through His people (Lk. 21:17-21, patience). V.14, flee from “Judea” = SDA structure to the “mountains” = glorious holy mountain (Dan. 11:45). V.15, not take with you anything out of the old “house” = SDA structure, nor (v.16) go back after his old SDA “garment” (Est. 4, Mordecai puts on the “sackcloth” garment of repentance at MC and refuses the “Levite” Esther’s offered garment. She has to accept his message instead, Heb. 11:40.) v.17, woe to those who only give spiritual “milk” in those days when people will be wanting the “strong meat” of prophecy.  v.18 winter contrasted with the summer of harvest (July 21, 1844 at MD/MN, Jer. 8:20). V.20, He has shortened the days of “binding off”.



Deontay Jefferson, #15, The Church Triumphant

- Gen. 24:1-2, Abraham symbolizes the “Ancient of Days”, and the “servant” is “called” in 1989. In 1996 the “message is formalized” = go find a wife for my son (Isaac is a type of Christ. Gen. 17:15 ff, Isaac the promised “seed”. Gal. 3:16, not “seeds” but the “seed” which is Christ), so the “wife” is a Church. V.7, Angel comes down at 9/11 = the “sign”. V.10, “10” between MD > MC. v.11, a “well” and “women go out to draw” at MD. v.16, virgins “unhidden” at MD (Lk.1). v.18 + 20 “haste” marked at MD & MC.

- Lines from MD > MC:

- Ruth 1, Elimelech dies at 9/11, then “10” to the MC where there is “bitterness”/Marah.

- 1 Sam. 25, Samuel dies & David is in the “wilderness” at 9/11, then “10” men to the MC where Nabal = foolish & Abigail = wise. V.18 + 23 she makes “haste” marked at MD & MC.

- Ex. 12, 1d1m = 9/11, then “10” days to taking a lamb at MD, then “4” days to kill it at the MC and v.8 “bitter” herbs.

- John 11, Lazarus sick at 9/11, v.6 “2” days to MD, then “4” days to the raising of Lazarus at the MC. SOP says both Martha & Mary made “haste” at MD & MC.  

- Dan. 1-2, “10” day test, and Arioch “hastes” at MD & MC.

- Back to Gen. 24:22, “10” shekels also from the MC > SL, and the servant “bows” at the MC (also bows at Dan. 2:46, Gen. 41:43). V.32, there are other men with the servant of 9/11. V.34, the servant repeats the MC message as a “Levite”, and “bows” a 2nd time in v.52. v.55, there is another “10” at MD for the “Levites” (MC for the “Priests”), and v.57, another MD “call” of the “virgins” for the “Levites” (Est. 2:19, a 2nd “call” of the virgins). v.65, she “inquires” as the “11th hr. workers” at the SL = “veil” of Oct. 22, 1844. V.66, the servant repeats the message again because the SL (for the “Priests”) = MD for the “11th hr. workers”. v.67, “Christ” marries His Church at the CoP, after his “mother’s death” at the SL.

- Rebekah represents the whole “Church Triumphant” as a symbol of all 3 classes, “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers”, and only those who follow these Waymarks will be “Christ’s Bride”.


#18, Deontay Jefferson, Dan. 11:41, Trials of the Church Triumphant

- GC 578, “prophecy foretells a restoration of her power.” (6T 18, all nations will honor Sunday. CWE 69, foreign nations follow the USA, same crisis comes in each country.) The “10 horns” of Dan. 7 typify the “10 kings” of Rev. 17. Clovis of France (2-horned power) in 496 switched from paganism to papalism and became the first of the “10 horns” as a type of what the USA (a 2-horned power) will do to become the first of the “10 kings” of Rev. 17. The CoP is when the last of the “10 kings” falls to Rome.

- As the USA changes from the 6th kingdom to the 7th kingdom (the U.N.), the 7th kingdom itself is falling to Rome the 8th kingdom as each nation accepts the Pope’s Sunday Law.

- The SDA Pioneers understood that Clovis (who put the Pope on the throne) typified Napoleon who took the Pope off of the throne. Rev. 17, John is spoken to by a 7 Last Plagues angel, so he is at the CoP, but the angel takes him back to 1798 at the end of the “wilderness” time. Rev. 17:13, the “mind” = papacy, “brain” = USA/apostate Protestantism and the “body” = U.N.

- (Notes p.78, 5T 711, papacy is waiting for opportunity to “spring again into active despotism”). LDE 131, papacy’s lost supremacy restored in America. LDE 129, rulers yield to popular demand for the SL at the MC. The “woman” that mounts the “Beast” in America is apostate Protestantism at the MC, then the 5th Seal (martyrs under the altar) begins to repeat. The churches have to unite into a single body and begin making demands to the State BEFORE the MC. 5T 450, God will vindicate His truth and His people.

#21, Deontay Jefferson, Dan. 11:42,

- The “mind” = papacy uses the “brain” = USA to make the “body” = U.N. to move. Rev. 14:9, don’t receive the “mark of the mind” nor the “image of the brain”. Clovis bowed to Rome first, then made all the other nations bow too, and the USA will do the same thing. (Notes p.81), ST 11-8-99, Image of the Beast; Protestant “Image” gets the State to persecute as did the Catholic “Beast”. The Churches must unite and make a “decree” before they can ask the State to enforce it for them. The number of the Beast is 666 so therefore the number of the “Image” is also 666, as on the 1850 Chart. Pagan Rome made Sunday Laws, Papal Rome made Sunday Laws, and the USA “Image” will make Sunday Laws too.

- 496 AD, Clovis’ wife Clotilda = the woman (Church) that gets Clovis (State) to submit to Rome (Notes p. 86). Clovis (who switched 15 yrs. into his reign) typifies Constantine who switched from paganism to Catholicism, and enacted the first Sunday laws, and also typifies Napoleon who (also 15 yrs. into his reign) united Church & State at the end of Catholicism in France. Clovis was 45 when he died and Napoleon was 45 when deposed from the throne, and the next US President will be the 45th, and last. Clovis was losing a big battle but when he vowed to become Catholic the devil reversed the battle. The USA will lose a big battle to Islam, but will become Catholic in order to win (but “Surprise!”)

- PK 188, “a firmament of chosen ones” in every part of the earth will stand out clearly before the apostate world. There is a process as the 144,000 are made up bit by bit from people of every nation as they resist the Sunday law in their own nation. “Foreign nations will follow the example of the United States. Though she leads out, yet the same crisis will come upon our people in all parts of the world.” {6T 395.1}

- SpM 2.1, “The Catholics will give their power to the image of the beast. And the Protestants will work as their mother worked before them to destroy the saints. But before their decree bring or bear fruit, the saints will be delivered by the Voice of God.”


#22, Thabo Mtetwa. Exodus 2; Joining the 2 sticks, transition from the 6th to the 7th kingdom.

- Ex. 6:20, Am-ram = Am-ruwm = people lifted up, and parallels Jehoiakim “Jah will raise” at 9/11. Jochebed = “Jah-gloried” = 4th Angel who lightens the earth with God’s glory. Moses = “drawn from the water”, both him & Christ were persecuted by the Dragon power at birth (Eze. 29, Egypt = dragon. Rev. 12:3, Pagan Rome = dragon).  Ex. 2:2, “hidden” 3 months from 9/11 > MD, then “unhidden” at the 4th month from MD > MC.

- Lk. 1,Elizabeth was “hidden” 5 months, then unhidden at the 6th month at the MC, both symbols of the “Church Triumphant”.

- John 11:11, the resurrection of Lazarus also is a revelation of the Church Triumphant at MD. He is “dead”, “hidden”, there is an inquiry, then he is unhidden after “4” days at the MC when Jesus “cried” to raise him up.

- Ex. 2:3, Moses, as the message, was contained in an “ark” with slime & pitch (Gen. 11:3 slime & pitch in building a temple. Gen. 6:14 Noah’s Ark, a symbol of the Church Triumphant at the MC). The bulrushes had to be “bound” together at MD, then covered with pitch to protect or “seal” it from the “flood” (Rev. 12) of “Egypt” = worldly persecution (Jer. 46:7-8, flood of Egypt. Isa. 8:7-8, Assyria [Rome] “floods”.) PP 243, angels came down and watched the ark. (Lk. 1, An angel came down with a message to Zacharias and empowered it at MD.)

- v.5, Pharaoh’s daughter of Egypt (a church in the world = 11th hr. workers) sees the “ark” = ensign, in a time of persecution, and has it “lifted up” and opens it, and Moses as the 3rd Angel’s Message “cries out” = MC. v.7 “inquiry”. v.9 the “2 sticks” are joined as Jochebed, mother of “2” sons = “Levites” connects with Pharaoh’s daughter = “11th hr. workers” = “10” tribes.

- Line of Joseph (Joining the 2 sticks, Gen. 45-46). Joseph’s “2” sons (USA’s “2” horns) join with the “10” brothers (“10 kings” = U.N.). 9/11 > MC = 7 yrs. of “famine” for those who refuse the “sprinkling” of the LR. MC > SL = “2”. SL > CoP = “5”. (Gibeonites hung 2 of Saul’s sons of one source and 5 from another to atone for a “famine”. Jesus used 2 fish & 5 loaves to feed people so there would be no “famine”.) Joseph = USA. The world subjects itself to the USA during the “famine”, and the USA delivers them as slaves to “Pharaoh” = Rome.

- Moses (3rd Angel’s message) is adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter (11th hr. workers) at the SL, and she names him = covenant. (ST 2-12-1880, Moses’ mother fortifies his mind when young.)


#29, Thabo Mtetwa, Naboth’s Vineyard

- 1 Ki. 21, Naboth means “fruits” as the “Priests” are “firstfruits”. Beginning at 9/11, at the 3rd step (between MD & MC) the “fruit” is perfected (bud, ear, corn).  The “vineyard” = a body of truth, but actually the “inheritance of his fathers” = Old Path truths.  At the MC “Ahab” = the State, will want the “Priests” to “sell the inheritance of their fathers” = the Sabbath (so Ahab can give him “another vineyard” ie. Sunday), but “God forbids” it. V.8, apostate Protestantism writes “letters” (a decree/law) in the king’s name = Image of the Beast test.

- Mk. 6:14-19, John the Baptist. Herod/Herodias = doubling at the MC, and the “Image of the Beast”. John, as a “Priest” rebukes them, and the Church gets the State to imprison John.  DA 216, bitter disappointment of the “Priests” when they are “cut off from labor”, their work appears to be a big failure, but they are sustained by what they have learned “line upon line” since 9/11, that God is indeed in the work.

- 1 Ki. 21:9, Naboth as a “Priest” is “lifted up” as an ensign, but “two men” = MC accuse him of blasphemy/heresy & sedition (Waco, Tx & Jesus’ accusers). v.12, a false fast (Isa. 58:4, Sabbath v.12). 5T 450, Satan gets men to falsely accuse the humble minority, and to make Sunday laws. It will look like the State has shut the “Priests” (& “Levites”) down (GC 590), but v.17 “Elijah” comes in as the “11th hr. workers/144,000” so that at the very end (v.23) the “dogs” (Ps.22:16, the assembly of the wicked) shall “eat Jezebel” (Rev. 17:16).


Michael Chapman, Daniel’s Last vision #1

- Revival comes through understanding prophecy, which makes the heart humble, and “binds off” the believer. Since 9/11 the “sprinkling” of the “Latter Rain” has been available through the Holy Spirit to all who will seek it through the Word (of the “little book”). This revival through an “increase of knowledge” (2SM 105) by the Word and the Holy Spirit is necessary in order to get our message straight before we can give the last warning message to the world. All the books of the Bible meet and end in the Revelation , which is the same book as Daniel, so all of the Bible is prophetic (AA 585). This “increase of knowledge” also prepares us to “stand” during the final conflict.

- Not Turkey. “The scenes connected with the working of the man of sin (papacy, not Turkey) are the last features plainly revealed in this earth’s history.“ (2SM 102). “They have paid homage to an institution of the Papacy, making of no effect the law of Jehovah, but there is to be an increase of knowledge on this subject (the Sunday Law, not Turkey).” {2SM 106.1} The Revelation opens up that part of the book of Daniel that was sealed, but that related to these last days, which was Daniel’s last vision. Therefore, everything in Dan. 11 applies to us at the end of the world. Dan. 30-36 (rise of the papacy, not Turkey) are soon to be repeated (13MR 394).

Michael Chapman, Daniel’s Last vision #2

- Dan. 11, the 3 main characters are Pagan Rome, Papal Rome and Modern Rome, with emphasis on the transition verses as one king takes over another king (3, 16, 31, 40), leading up to Rome ruling over all. Dan. 11: 2, after Cyrus is #1) Cambyses, #2) False Smerdis, #3) Darius, and the 4th “far richer” king is Xerxes or Ahasuerus the husband of Esther, who collected taxes from 127 provinces, all the then-known world.

- Kings of N & S battle but the “overflow” of v.10 parallels v.40, the KofS initially is victorious over the KofN, but then later the KofN returns and “overflows” the KofS.

- Rome enters in v.14 to help the KofS against the “old” KofN, and begins a process of becoming the “new” KofN.

Michael Chapman, Daniel’s Last vision #3

- Brief review of the wars between the Seleucids & Ptolemys until Rome gradually comes onto the scene (168 BC on the 1850 Chart), and how Julius Caesar tries to become a dictator, but it is Augustus (the raiser of taxes) who really marks the end of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire.

- V.22-23, after the “Prince of the Covenant” is broken in 27 AD the narrative drops back to the “league with the Jews” in 168 BC and details just how Pagan Rome gradually took control of the then-known world and reigned “even for a time” = 360 years from 31BC > 330 AD.  

- V.27, after the “time appointed” (330AD) arrives, then the 7 Trumpet powers begin to invade and divide Pagan Rome, and v.31 shows the transition from Pagan Rome to Papal. EGW says v.30-36 show a process and pattern that will repeat at the end of time, how Papal Rome came to power and universal dominion then, and how it will come back to become Modern Global Rome again. 



Tyler, French Revolution #1

- Avoid the “party spirit”, be above politics. Using the “first & last” principle the Revolution shows us info on what is happening at the end of the USA.

- Strife between political groups, depleted treasury from constant wars, no exports, corrupt taxation system, (1790) too many commoners admitted to power, then guns & gunpowder.

- The people wanted freedom of speech & religion, which was good, but they went into the Revolution a different kind of people than when they came out of the Revolution. There was a big disconnect between the royalty & commoners, food shortages & food riots, Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake”.

- Within a year of getting power religious rites are banned & persecution begins. France also invades other countries to spread “Democracy”. Robespierre becomes the “barometer” of the Revolution, controlling it. He started out a good man working for good ideals, but became a monster (parallels to Trump are noted). Having been oppressed by Catholicism for 1260 years, when France threw off the oppression it threw off all self-control and all law as well, and then descended into anarchy.

Tyler, French Revolution #2

- The working out of papal policy causes people & nations to lose their moral compass. After 1260 years of papal domination of every aspect of life, the spirit of desire for independence and freedom of thought rose up, but without a moral compass it became a license to indulge selfishness. 

- Noted that secular papers now compare H. Clinton to Marie Antoinette’s disconnecteness to real life, and Trump’s supporters as “mob rule”, as in the French Revolution, secular commentators using prophetic terminology for current events.

- ED 227-228, spiritualism (now in a “Christianized” evangelical form) will lead to license as in the French Revolution, “Sodom & Egypt”, and is leading the world to anarchy and the guillotine today.

- PP 636, King Saul was a great military leader (what the people wanted), but he was lacking in true equity and nobility of character. Today God will give us a ruler after our own heart’s desires, and hopefully many will see their error and return to the ways of God before the End.

- Trump is riding the wave of “populism” (5 magazine headlines quoted), which Wikipedia compares to the French Revolution. The Revolution “won” in that they got rid of their oppressors, but their own leader became a more oppressive dictator than the original king was. Trump may defeat the NWO-globalists, but become a more oppressive dictator himself, as Robespierre did.

- Robespierre executed his best friend for publishing a history of Tiberius Caesar (“the vile”) because that people could make the obvious connections. The USA was born in a revolution based on Christian principles that gave a just and fair Constitution, but the USA will end in a revolution based on Satanic principles, rejecting every principle of its Constitution, in a bloodbath.


Duane #1, A Lying Spirit

- EW 36-38, the 4 winds of Rev. 7 were first held/restrained in 1844, waiting for the servants of God to be sealed in their foreheads. The parallel is 9/11, so the “4 winds” are being held/restrained now.

- Aaron’s dead rod coming to life and budding & bearing fruit symbolizes and signifies God’s work in us since 9/11. The almond tree is the first to bloom in Spring and is called in Hebrew the “waker”, that awakens the 10 sleeping virgin-disciples of 9/11. God holds the forces of nature according to his will, and restrains the “4 winds”, until it is time to slay “Pharaoh and his army”.

- Rev. 7, the “Angel” from the East is divinity and humanity united Who unites us with Himself at His coming, and there is no second bidding to the “marriage feast” (15MR 222), therefore we need to have His blood over our doorposts today and every day. 

Duane #2, A Lying Spirit part 2

- There is a “Close of Probation” period of time that includes “points” of time where definite steps are taken. “Present Truth” and the “Lying Spirit” always appear together.

- Mt. 23 (7MR 235), Jesus’ final words to the Pharisees revealed they were believing a lie, under strong delusion. Under the Master Serpent they were a generation of vipers. “The spirit of antichrist is prevailing to a far greater extent than it ever has before.”

- GC 389, “A Warning Rejected” warnings come just before probation closes. 2 Thess. 2:9-11 (9/11), those who have lost their love of the truth (in the 9/11 time-period from 1989 > MD) will be given a strong delusion.

- GC 603, “The Final Warning”, the 2nd Angel’s message is to be repeated in our time by the 4th Angel of Rev. 18.  Rejection of truth leads to an “infidel hardihood” as in the French Revolution. Spiritualism removes the restraint placed on the carnal heart and they do Satan’s will.



Conard Panton, At Midnight (all the truths connect at MD)

- At MD the truths of our SDA old paths will be used by the “Priests” to “take away” the errors (“daily” = pagan gadal from 723 > 538 = 1260) & fanaticisms of the “Levites”, and they will “rise up”.

- After the “wilderness” of the 1260 Josiah Litch’s prediction at 1838/40/MD was & will be progressively “detailed”, then after the “rebels have died”, “Jerecho” is taken. The “Priests” will be accused of “treason” because we say Islam will destroy the USA. Jn. 5:5, 38 yrs. at MD, the nearly dead was healed to create the final Sabbath/Sunday controversy.

- Jesus’ 3-step “binding off” wilderness temptations, re. the “voice” at His baptism, or the “voice” of the “angel of light” that leads foolish “Priests” to “do a great work” in the cities. Already separated from the “foolish” Jesus relied on the pure “thus saith the Lord”, then showed His glory at the “marriage at Cana”. 

- 538 > 1773 > 1798 = 1260 minus the “25 yrs.” “binding off” in the French & American Revolutions. 1773 = “Tea Party” “rebellion of 13” against “taxes”, Paul Revere’s “MD ride”, USA “rising up”. Nations fall the same way they rose. 1773, Pope’s decree on “July 21” (MD) to end the Jesuits parallels a future decree to empower the Jesuits again.

- Gen. 17, Abram 25 yrs. in Canaan = MD. The whole household circumcised (removal of gadal), Ishmael/Islam first (at “13”), who diverted “Cestius/SL” with the Patriot Act at 9/11.  The “prediction” of Isaac & Abram & Sarai both laugh “mock”. Gen. 17-19 = progressive “binding off”. Israel was led to the rock where water came out at Kadesh-Barnea, and the children were led there again for the same test.

- In 1989 the USSR was keeping a lid on Islam, but the USA removed it and Islam exploded, and now the USA is trying to do the same again. “Wilderness of Paran” = 9/11, but Islam “becomes a great nation” at MD, which “troubles the kings” (Ps. 48:5). The Cross was dark at MD (6th hr. = mid-day) and Islam darkens the sun at MD. In 1449 the “troubled king” surrendered his kingdom to Islam.


George Seaman, Two Temple Cleansings, Part 1

- DA Chs. 14, 15, 16, = Passover, Unleavened Bread, Wave Sheaf.

- 1989 > 9/11 parallels John the Baptist teaching “line upon line” reminding the Jews of their history at the Jordan & Jerecho. Jesus receives His “sign” at the baptism = 9/11. After His baptism & wilderness time Jesus gets 3 tests at MD. When Jesus was at His weakest Satan affected to appear as His deliverer but really just tempted Him to work to save Himself rather than trust God.

- At 9/11, the Sanhedrin sent a delegation to John in an attempt to retain their control over the people, and SDA leadership brought in Spiritual Formation in an attempt to retain their control over the people.

- At 9/11 the “dove-sign” marking the end of the “70 yrs.”  was given at Jesus’ baptism. The Jews had certain expectations of how God was going to exalt them with the Messiah, and Adventism has certain expectations of how God is going to exalt them at the Sunday Law, but are missing the Present Truth message right now.

- At MD Jesus is revealed and begins gathering disciples as “Priests”. For those who come to us at MD, not as critics, but wondering what we are about, Jesus’ reply was “Come and see” and “Follow Me”. They needed to spend time with Him. The names of the first 5 disciples make a message, “Man, whom god favors, becomes the living stones of the temple, by hearing and receiving the warning message empowered at 9/11 (Philip = horse, restrained at 9/11), the sign of Jonah, by God.”

- Mt. 17 (transfiguration), a mareh-marah experience. At the 9/11 “tarrying time” (or 6th day) we get double manna, but at MD (7th day) there will be none. The names mean Peter “living stone”, James = Jacob = “supplant”, John “favored of God”, so the message is, “The living stones replace the favored people of God”.

George Seaman, Two Temple Cleansings, Part 2

- The disciples left their employment at 9/11 to be with Jesus, and they trusted in His providing care for them. So must we as “Priests”.

- The Waymarks are “crisis turning points” for us and the world. Jesus worked His first miracle at the MC “wedding feast”. Mary represents honest-hearted SDA “Levites” who trust and have confidence in Jesus’ leading. The “young men” = “Priests” with Jesus are the “4th generation” who tell “Mary” of their “mareh-marah” experience at 9/11 at the Transfiguration. The “wine fails” at MD, which begins the 1st “temple cleansing” (which is for the “Priests”), and marks “9/11” for the “Levites” which “wakes them up” and begins the 2nd “temple cleansing” for them, and also begins the TOE for the “11th hr. workers” in the world (though they are not really aware of the “wine shortage” yet).

- Wine fails at MD, causing a “cry”, and “much perplexity and regret” for the foolish (DA 145). Joel 1, the “new wine” is cut off from some people, because they are still satisfied with the “old wine” and do not see that there are more prophetic steps to happen, and a work to do, before the Close of Probation.  They expect to be anointed as “kings” (at the SL), as the Jews expected the Messiah to do for them, but the “stone jars” (for purifying) with “Latter-Rain water” (Elijah pours water on the altar-stones) get turned into jars full of “new wine”, but only for those “Levites” who accept new light from the purified, bound-off, “Priest/disciples” of the “Church Triumphant”, and who want to “cry” it out for the world (the governor of the feast) who then turns the world’s attention to the “Church Triumphant”. The “Levites” are bound-off and the 144000 are made up.

Swindon Charles. Intro to the “Binding Off”

- Brother Swindon draws the Millerite Reformline and shows that “MD” begins the “binding off” time, and then the MC and SL “shut door” in 1844.

- Rev. 9 shows the location of the “binding off” at the end of the 5th Trumpet (5 months from 9/11 > MD), and beginning of the 6th Trumpet (hour-day-month-year, the “4” times, and “4” Sultans, during the “binding off”).

- Lk. 1:8, the angel comes down at 9/11, and Zacharias is made dumb, even though he was told to “Fear not”, and then he “tarries”. Elizabeth conceives at 9/11 and is hidden 5 months (parallel to the 5th Trumpet), then Mary conceives and goes to visit Elizabeth in “haste” at MD. (Interesting note re. “15” furlongs between MD > MC.) They give a “double” prophecy in the 6th month = MC. Elizabeth delivers and Zacharias/USA/Balaam’s ass all “speak” at the SL.

- Mt. 4:1-11, Jesus goes into the wilderness at 9/11 for “40 days”, also marking the “binding off” time at the “3 tests”, and connects with Joshua 5:6, where after the “38/40 yrs.” circumcision = baptism = “binding off” at MD.

- Dan. 9:24, the “69 weeks” with the “70th week” during the “binding off” time parallels the 1260 “wilderness” of persecution with the “25” at the end.



9-3-16. Tyler Sena at Lambert Fellowship. The French Revolution.

- The major difference between the American and the French Constitutions of 1789 is that America’s was founded on faith in God, and the French Constitution was founded on faith in man.

- The 7 yrs. of the Revolution parallel Christ’s 7 yrs. “confirming the covenant” Reformline (GC88 273, Rev. 11, Dan.9).

- Dan. 11:1-3, comparing the 4 Persian kings, the 4 American “kings” since 1989, the 4 Caesars and the French Revolution, Robespierre ascended to the peak of power because of his charitable views of “humanity”, but then became a bloody tyrant like Tiberius Caesar. PP393, after 40 years God brought the children of Israel back around to the same point a second time. At first they didn’t go when God wanted them to go, and then went when God wanted them to not go, and were defeated. The second time they waited on God’s timing and did it in God’s way and were victorious. God brings the 4th Generation” over the same ground as the 1st generation, same with the USA, and the French Revolution.

- The political climate before the French Revolution parallels the political climate in the USA today, popular dissatisfaction with the government in general, or populism. ED 4, Enlightenment humanism without God is spiritualism and leads to anarchy. The “Reign of Terror” started out as the “Reign of Justice” and virtue. Then it became a virtue to kill anyone who was not gung-ho for “the cause”.



July 2016. NC #7.

- Some dividing issues among the “disciples of 9/11” are “locusts” & “Day of the Lord” in Joel, and the public evangelism question. The wilderness wandering was a special private teaching-time “confirming the covenant” with little contact with outside peoples. The disciples had special private teaching-time with Jesus “confirming the covenant” before they were sent out after Pentecost. The new detail was that the former “covenant people” were being passed-by. Same in the Millerite time, the former “covenant people” (Protestants) were passed-by, and the Millerites spent 1844-1850 “confirming the covenant”, figuring out their message, before the 1850 Chart was published and they went out to do evangelism again. Other symbols of a “covenant change” is the Marriage Covenant of James & Ellen, her name change from Harmon to White, the covenant of the Sabbath, and the covenant at her baptism. It is the same in our time, the SDAGC former “covenant people” were passed-by at 9/11, and now the new “covenant people” are having special private teaching-time with Jesus, figuring out their message, before being sent out to do evangelism (possibly by persecution as after Pentecost).

- The “Day of the Lord” (SL, and events at MD-MC [“footsteps so muffled” FE 335] leading up to the SL), is preceded by the “day of the Lord’s Preparation” (9/11 > MC). “Syriack” shows the false latter rain “peace and safety” message at MD, but then “sudden destruction” begins at the MC. 

- Eze. 8. 4 tests, #1) “Image of jealousy” = Golden Calf (true “Image of Jealousy” = Decalogue, “old paths”, pioneer Charts). #2) Spiritualism, man’s word above God’s word at 9/11. #3) Tammuz, false latter rain message at MD.  #4) Then “25” bow to the sun at MC > SL.

- Zech. 1:17, “choose Jerusalem” at MC. David’s 4 anointings (#3 is at Jerusalem/Church Triumphant/144000, a fractal of the SL), then corrupt marriage w/Bathsheba, the child dies (judgments of God, last 4 Plagues, and “civil war” [out of the cities!]) leading up to the SL and David’s 4th (self) anointing. Satan appears as an “angel of light”, then as Christ at the SL.


July 2016. NC #6

- The Plagues of Egypt. Ex. 7:12, Aaron’s rod eats the magicians’ rods as a “sign” at 9/11, then the 3rd plague is “the finger of God” at MD (writing the Decalogue, Belshazzar at MD, dust with the woman). “3” or “4” plagues are between MD & MC as a symbol of the “binding off”, then “4” last plagues to the SL (4 sore judgments, Eze. 14). Ex. 9:14,  the 7th plague gets counted twice at the MC “doubling” and represents “all” 4 last plagues as a separate unit from MC > SL.

- For the “Priests” the “image test” will begin at MD (parallel to Constantine’s 1st Sunday law in 321 AD), and Sunday laws will increase from MC > SL, and also Satan’s personations, first (possibly) as an SDA doctor, then at the MC as an angel of light, then at the SL as Christ Himself. At MD the SDAGC will want to put the faithful “Priests” in jail, and will join with Spiritualism & the State (3-fold union), and then join the first Sunday law at the MC (parallel to the Pope’s 1st Sunday law in 538 AD, that included persecution).

- Discussion of the IRS 501(c)(3) question.

- At the MC the 1st SL “will be nothing else than giving life to the tyranny which has long been eagerly watching its opportunity to spring again into active despotism.” {5T 711.4} There will be Martial Law in response to man-made & natural disasters, false miracles, etc.

- Hos. 10:12, plowing, sowing, rain, reaping overlapping in sequence for the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”. Much discussion of events during the MD > MC time.



July 2016. NC #5.

- 1838/1840, Josiah Litch’s prediction given 2x re. Islam and then the “rising up” of the Millerites (connects with SS Snow’s prediction given 2x re. the “shut door”). End of the 38/40 yrs. of wilderness wandering & command to “rise up” because God has put fear of them on the gentiles. John 5, the man paralyzed for 38 yrs. is told to “rise up” and walk.

- Litch, as a “Priest”, “fine-tuned” his prediction re. Islam at MD “10 days” before the MC, which empowered “Levite” SS Snow’s predictions re. the Sunday Law, at MD & MC, and there may be a prediction by the “11th hr. workers” at the SL too.

- The “key” of the “long, drawn out war” between the kings of the North & South happens in 2 parts: the KofS “pushes” at the KofN, then later the KofN defeats the KofS (and destroys the “Glorious Land” in the process). Historical illustrations; 1st between Egypt & Assyria/Babylon/KofN (then KofN destroyed Israel the “Glorious Land” in the process). Then at Nineveh between Persia & Pagan Rome/KofN then KofN destroyed Israel the “Glorious Land” in the process (and unleashed Islam, Rev. 9), then again in Dan. 11:40.  

- Jeff draws the line of the 5th & 6th Trumpets or 2 Woes (150 yrs. [7-27-1299 > 7-27-1449] & 391 yrs.-15 days [7-27-1449 > 8-11-1840]) of Islam (who attacks the nations that support Papal Rome), and parallels the “long, drawn out war” between Papal Rome/KofN and atheism/KofS (beginning in 1798, Dan. 11:40) which ends at the fall of the (new) atheistic KofS/USSR in 1989 (with the help of the USA who supports Papal Rome, which is then attacked by Islam on 9/11). The “4” yrs. (1449-1453 = MD > MC) connects to the “4” yrs. of the Millerite time (1840-1844 = MC > SL), and also overlays the time of the “Priests” & “Levites” today. “4” is a symbol of the “binding off”.

- Lk. 1 parallels Rev. 9; Zacharias is “troubled” & “dumb” and the people “tarry” at 9/11 (a “crisis-turning point”), then Elizabeth is “hidden” for “5 months” = 150 days (parallel to Islam’s 150 years) until MD, then 30 days to the MC (then “Galilee” another “crisis-turning point”). “Trouble” is another symbolic word for Islam. V. 34, Mary asks a question which parallels the foolish virgins asking the wise for oil at the MC, the “inquiry” is at the MC, and “haste” at both MD & MC, and v.42 a “doubling” is at the MC when both women prophesy (as both “Priests” & “Levites” do at the MC). v. 64, birth of John & Zacharias “speaks” at the SL (as does the USA as a dragon & Balaam’s “ass”).

- Lk. 21:25, Rev. 11:18, “distress [angering] of the nations” by Islam (the “Eastern Question” acc. to U. Smith in 1838) at MD (emphasis on “38” appearing at MD). Islam becomes a unified “Caliphate” (Ottoman Empire) in 1449 (MD), and by 1451 has a weapon to blow down the “walls” of “Constantinople/USA” in 1453 (MC > SL). A “Caliphate” under Turkey today may claim Pakistan which has a nuclear weapon, and maybe Iran which is developing nuclear weapons. Interesting that there was an “Abu-bekr” in the 1st Woe, and an Abu-bekr is leading ISIS today. Some event at MD tells God’s people it is time to immediately flee from “Jerusalem”.

- Dan. 10:1, Daniel’s 3 “touches”. V.2, 21 days (studying, fasting, praying) from 9/11 > MD. V.10-11, 1st “touch” at MD = understand. (MD = Eze. 1:1, 5d4m, 7-21-44, SS Snow @ Boston, “midway” [GC 398.3] between 4-19-44 & 10-22-44.) v.16, 2nd “touch” = spake/spoke = Litch’s “prediction”. V.18, 3rd “touch” at MC = double Be strong, the “prediction” is fulfilled, “Church Triumphant” begins. The “Priests” cry “Babylon is fallen….”, “Come out” (as Moses after the Golden Calf crisis) and the “Levites” come and stand with them. V.20, Medo-Persia as a “2-horned” power = the USA (also France, Judah & Israel), and the transition from the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy (USA) to the 7th (U.N.).

- Dan. 11:1, 1st year of Darius & 3rd year of Cyrus are both the “time of the end” for two 70-year prophecies for literal Babylon (which PK 714 says is the same as the 1260 years in “spiritual Babylon”). Therefore the 1st yr. of Darius & 3rd yr. of Cyrus are both the “time of the end” which is 1798 & 1989. 

- At the TOE at 1989, “there shall yet stand up 3 kings in (the USA) and the 4th shall be far richer than they all”. 1989 = Bush I, “yet” Clinton, Bush II, Obama (tax man), then the “far richer” 4th king (more the USA in general, even though it is going down, rather than whoever becomes the new President of the USA). 11:3 = “Grecia” = U.N., and when the U.N. “stands up” the USA is “broken” and divided to the 4 winds = 4 sore judgements of Eze. 14. (National apostasy leads to national ruin.) V.4 “dominion” = parallel kingdom = 6th & 7th kingdoms of Rev. 17 exist together (with the 8th).


July 2016. NC #4.

- Fractals. The 1st Angel’s Message has elements of all 3 messages within itself. The Millerite time of the 3 Angels’ Messages is the “imperfect” fulfillment and the perfect fulfillment is in our time now, including special emphasis on the Sabbath “worship Him that made”. 

- Class isn’t getting it, so Jeff reviews the “two temple cleansings”, for the Protestants first, then the Millerites, and both temple cleansings are overlaid to illustrate our time. Our first “temple cleansing” is for the “Priests” of Adventism from 9/11 > MC, then the second “temple cleansing” (a “fractal” or repeating sequence) is for the “Levites” of Adventism from the MC > SL. Each “cleansing” is a 3-step process.

- Question is asked re. the 2nd “visual” test for today, which was when the Present Truth movement split over the issue of “Truth” in Joel a few years ago (also the “Day of the Lord”, “Zephaniah”, “4th generation” & more). The other camps are still disunited with each other, except to oppose Future For America.

- At MD, we who have been studying these things have to be able to stand, as it were, before “Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar” and tell the secular leaders what the prophecies mean, give the “prediction”, and possibly pronounce judgment upon the rulers also for causing the crisis.

- Jeff explains the “fractals” of the “Priests”, “Levites” (firstfruits) and “11th hr. workers” (harvest). “God’s dealings with men are ever the same” (GC 343) following the same sequence in every repeat.

- Acts 17:30 shows that God “winks” at the ignorance of the “Levites” at the same time when He is requiring obedience from the “Priests”. The same applies to the “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”. The prior group is held accountable for obedience to the light before the latter group even knows what the light is yet.

- In the 3 steps the 3rd is always the “binding off”, or “judgment”, or the “appointed time” (Dan. 8:19, Hab. 2:3, Acts 17:31), and includes another 3 steps that parallel Christ’s 3 temptations in the wilderness where people reveal what character they have formed before the crisis hit.

- Suggestion is made that at MD the “foolish” “Priests” (Judas), will call the SDAGC (Sanhedrin), who will call the State (Rome) down on the “wise” “Priests” for some kind of tax-evasion (at least), and as the “Priests” are “lifted up”, or put in the spotlight, and make their “prediction” re. the impending Sunday Law at the MC, then the “Levites” will join them at the “joining of the two sticks” (Eze. 37), and then also the “11th hr. workers”.

- As each group becomes aware of their situation they have to return to their “old paths” (Jer. 6:16), for the “Priests” it is the two Charts, for the “Levites” it is “line-upon-line” teaching method (rather than Greek & Roman hermeneutics, and their allegiance to the SDAGC “structure”), and for the “11th hr. workers” it is the Sabbath/Sunday issue.


July 2016. NC #3. Prophetic Subjects.

- The 3 Angels’ Messages are 3 tests that follow the 3-step sequence of the Sanctuary. 1) courtyard = sin, justification, the “old paths” test = Noah’s preaching, called. 2) Holy Place = righteousness, sanctification, visual test = animals getting on the Ark, chosen. 3) Most Holy = judgment, glorification, Ark door closed, faithful.

- Jeff explains how increasing light made him move the arrival of the 2nd Angel’s message from June, 1842 (Miller’s 2nd course of lectures where the doors began to close) to 4-19-44 (1st Disappointment).

- The 1843 Chart was indeed the 2nd or “visual test” from May of ’42 to April 19, 1844 (the last possible day of 1843) for the Protestants (1st “temple cleansing”), separation, judgment and “door closed” (3rd test) on the Protestants. The 1st test for the Protestants was 8-11-1840 where Miller’s methodology was validated.

- Where the “door closed” on the Protestants on 4-19-44 marks the arrival of the 2nd Angel and 1st test for the Millerites (2nd “temple cleansing”). The Millerite 2nd “visual test” was 8-15-44 (MC, “living testimony”), and the Millerite “door closed” on Oct. 22, 1844.

- Beginning at 9/11, the 4th Angel of Rev. 18 “combined” & “blends” (EGW) the two temple-cleansings (3 steps for the Protestants + 3 steps for the Millerites) into the ONE final message of two temple-cleansings for the 144,000 today (first for God’s SDA people, then for the world in the Latter Rain & Loud Cry), in the Judgment of the Living. 

- At 9/11 (or 8-11-40) the 1st test on the Protestant Line shows the beginning of the Judgment of the Living, while the 1st test on the overlaid Millerite Line (4-19-44) shows the arrival of the 2nd Angel. The 2nd “visual” test for both Lines today is the “old paths” on the 1843 & 1850 Charts, which illustrate Miller’s methodology in his 14 Rules of prophetic interpretation.

- Based on Ezra 7:9 (1d1m) at 9/11, there are 120 days to the MC (1d5m), then 70 days to the SL (10d7m). In Gen. 6 the Holy Spirit strives with man for 120 years then stops, and the 5 “foolish virgins”, which are the Godly who are mixed with the worldly in a “corrupted marriage”, which is the Image of the Beast, discover their “oil” has stopped at the MC, “Image” test. 

- At the MC “Moses & Aaron”, or “God & prophet”, or the “Church Militant” die at 120, and are replaced by “Joshua & Eleazar/Lazarus”, or “Jesus & Holy Spirit/Helper”, or the “Church Triumphant”.

- Ezra 10:17, 1d1m (8-11-40, 4-19-44, 9/11), separation from the “strange wives” of Babylon is complete, which is the separation between the higher-critical methodology of SDA colleges (plus the IBMTE document introduced on 9/11/01 that opened the way for Jesuit Spiritual Formation to be taught in SDA colleges), and Miller’s 14 Rules.  

- Eze. 29:17-21, 1d1m (in the Millerite time 4-19-44), Babylon (KofN) conquers Egypt (Protestant horn of the USA), but in our time today since 9/11 (in the USA Patriot Act instead of a Sunday Law) the KofN has conquered the Republican horn of the USA (but not fully because Balaam’s [as the “False Prophet/USA”] Islamic “ass” “turned him out of the way” at 9/11, and will soon “crush Balaam’s foot” at the doubling “between two walls/laws”, ie. marriage at the MC & Sabbath at the SL…[EGW “twin institutions”] where Balaam and the ass both “fall”, and the USA ends as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy [Rev.17]). But v.21 is the promise that in that day (9/11) the “budding” and “opening of the mouth” began, because of the “sprinkling” of the Latter Rain began (TM 300). 

- Question is asked re. marriage & Sabbath; at least the marriage issue has an “external” (LGBT) aspect, and an “internal” (SDA strife over women’s ordination) aspect ….(and probably the same for Sunday laws).

- 2 Chron. 29-30, Hezekiah’s Passover in the 2nd month. He “gathers” the leaders in the “East” street at 9/11. “Priests” cleanse the Temple from 9/11 > MC, and “Levites” cleanse the courtyard from MC > SL (then the “11th hr. workers” cleanse the world).

- Harvest in the Spring & vintage in the Fall. Jesus fulfilled the Spring types, Himself and a group of others being a 2-part “firstfruits” offering. The “Priests” will fulfill the Fall types, themselves and the “Levites” as part of the 144,000 will be the 2-part “firstfruits” offering (Rev. 14:4).


July, 2016. NC #2.

- Jeff reviews the Line of Christ as a template for every other Reform Movement, and compares the Line of the Millerites and the Line of the 144,000, which is the prophetic “4th generation”, with emphasis on 9/11, the “3 Woes” and Adventism’s “old paths” (Jer. 6:16).

- The Midnight Cry & SS Snow. Question re. the calendar the Millerites used that led to Oct. 22, 1844. Ezra 7:9 was part of Snow’s argument for 10-22-44. Jeff explains that the Millerites saw they were in the “midnight of earth’s history”, and Ezra left Babylon on the 1d1m, 4-19-44 and “tarried” = 9/11 = tarrying time.

- Then Ezra arrived in Jerusalem (GC 398.3) “midway” = 1d5m = “midnight” = 7-21-44 = SS Snow at Boston.

- Then at Exeter on 8-15-44 SS Snow’s same sermon pinpointing 10-22-44 sparked the “Midnight Cry”.

- 9/11 (tarrying time), parallels where an angel comes down both time (the same angel = Christ), Rev. 10 (1st Angel with the little book open to be “eaten”, 1st test of Daniel) & Rev. 18 (parallels 2nd Angel’s Loud Cry of “Babylon is fallen, is fallen!”), which leads SDAs to study their “old paths” re. the “restraint” of Islam & the “3rd Woe” (which is the 3rd Great Jihad in Islamic literature).  

- EW 245, 254, 247, 1st Angel is a type of 4th Angel of Rev. 18 who “lightens the earth”. Therefore all 4 Angels have a “writing” we are required to “eat”, Rev. 2:14 “hidden manna”. Daniel’s 2nd test is how he looks (visual test) after eating the right diet for 10 days, then Daniel’s 3rd test (“litmus test”, “binding off”) is at the “end of the days” (MD > MC of the “10 virgins”) where he is examined by the “king” and demonstrates he is “10x wiser” (EGW, LR = 10x power, Miller’s “jewels” = 10x brighter), based on what he had been “eating” (gathering the “oil”, or Joseph’s “corn”) for the previous 3 (or 7) years. 


July, 2016. NC #1. The “4 Sore Judgments” overview. (Compare with Portola, Ca. #1)

- Jeff reviews Dan. 10 where Daniel sees the “mareh-marah” vision, is humbled into the dust (the “foolish” flee to hide themselves), and then Daniel is “touched” 3x and is purified to illustrate what the “binding-off” is. He begins with a “prediction” at MD, and then to be “lifted up, as an ensign” at the 2nd touch at the MC. More explanations of how MD & MC are two parts of the same Waymark.

- Jeff explains about how Medo-Persia is a type of the United States and “Grecia” a type of the U.N. after the USA is absorbed into it. Dan. 10:21, what is “noted in the Scripture of truth” may not line up with history, but with prophetic truth. The 4th king “richer than they all” after Obama.

- 1449-1453 is reviewed; the Christian power can’t afford the “brass cannon” war technology, so the inventor sells it to Islam, which uses it to attack Christendom.

- Some events that happen at MD > MC > SL are the same but stronger at each Waymark. Question is asked re. the “sign” at MD of the “siege” to come. (Two “signs”, one when you have time to plan your move, and the second “sign” when you have to make your move. AD 66-70 Cestius/Titus). Jesus was taken at MD by a “3-fold union” (Judas, Jews & Rome). Therefore some professed Present Truth reformer, a “false/foolish Priest” = “Judas”, will get the SDAGC = “Jews”, to sic the State = “Rome” on the “wise Priests”, on the basis of Obama’s taxes, somehow.

 - From MC > SL the “two sticks” of the “11th hr. workers” are being joined as the “Priests” & “Levites” of Adventism, who have made the transition from the Church Militant (which has ceased to exist at the SL because of either compliance or persecution) to the Church Triumphant.

- The 10 Plagues of Egypt (esp. the last 4) parallel the 4-part destruction of the USA from MC > SL, even though the USA is the 4th king who is “far richer than they all”. The 7th plague of Egypt is the famine that begins at the MC (Amos 8:9-12, Eze. 14:21), and then the “4 sore judgments”.


7-23-16. Lambert, Jeff.

- Jeff reviews U. Smith’s premise that Turkey is the King of the North, and notes that this conflict indicates the nearness of the Close of Probation.


7-16-16. Theodore Turner. Prediction of the siege of Jerusalem.

- Eze. 1:1 = 5d4m = 7-21-44 ("midway", at "midnight", GC 398.3, between 4-19-44 & 10-22-44).
- Eze. 29:17 = 1d1m = 4-19-44 = 9/11 = Tarrying time.
- Eze. 40:1 = 10d7m = 10-22-44 = DOA.
- Eze. 5:17 = Lev. 26:22 (the destruction of "4"), wild beasts, etc.

- Eze. 4:5-6, the “day for a year” prophecy that no one can figure out what the “390” & “40” years are. The prophecy about Josiah was given in 977 BC (1 Ki. 13), and fulfilled in 2 Ki. 23:15-18 (2 Chron. 34:3) in 627 BC, 350 years later when Josiah “began”, and was 19 years old when he destroyed the altar in Bethel. 5 yrs. later he held the Passover of 2 Ki. 23:21 in 622 BC.

- Ezekiel is at 592 BC (1:1) when he uses the prophecies re. Josiah to predict the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC (4:5-6), 5 years into the future, using the day/year principle.

- Prediction re. Josiah made in 977 BC (1 Ki. 13) > siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC = 390 yrs.

- Prediction re. Josiah fulfilled 627 BC (2 Ki. 23:15-18) > siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC = 40 yrs.

- Eze. 24:1-2 (in the 9th yr. of Zedekiah), Ezekiel is told the prediction of 4:5-6 in 592 BC has been fulfilled as the siege of Jerusalem begins in 587 BC, and he further predicts the destruction of the Temple (& wife/SDA Church “structure” dies), fulfilled in 18 months (586), and that an escapee will tell him of it (fulfilled 6 months after [585] in 33:21-22), then he can speak against Judah.

- Parallels for today. The prophecy re. Josiah in 592 BC parallels the prophecy of Josiah Litch in 1838 (“Midnight”, GC 334 & 691, which was fulfilled on 8-11-1840), which enabled SS Snow’s further prediction on 8-15-44 (“Midnight Cry”, GC 398-400, parallel to 587 BC), which was fulfilled on 10-22-44 (door closed in the Holy Place [parallel to the Sunday Law, when the SDA “Church Militant-structure” dies & Church Triumphant begins … also parallel to the destruction of the Temple in 586 BC], & another door opened in the Most Holy = Day of Atonement begins), and an “escapee” comes in 585 BC to report it (Loud Cry?), which is the Close of Probation.  


7-2-16. Theodore Turner.

Theodore lays out Abraham's 430-year covenant prophecy with emphasis on the beginning and end having the same characteristics, and internal 215-yr. and other internal chronologies, and the later chronologies of the progressive destruction of "4" (unto "midnight") and then the 3-part restoration in a Reformline (the 4 + 3 structure is very common in Scripture). God reveals Himself as both smoke/furnace/cloud and fire/lamp/light (according to whichever is needed at the time).


8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #7

- The “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” will realize they are at the end of earth’s history and understand that the “sign” for their group was a message, a previous “voice crying in the wilderness” during the time of “ignorance” and “plowing”, and that they need to go back to review and catch up with what the message was about. There is some time for studying out the issue then, but their “final sign”, which is a fulfillment of a prophecy, will require an immediate response. It was 9/11 for the “Priests”, and will be at the “siege” at MD for the “Levites”, and at the MC for the “11th hr. workers”.

- 1989 began the “voice crying in the wilderness”, the “preaching-sign of Jonah”. Then the “troubling of the kings” began at 9/11, when the “Priests” saw a fulfillment of prophecy in Islam at that time and went back to study the message of Dan. 11:40-45 to find the connection (and since have split into “wise & foolish” “Priests”). The “troubling” grows at each Waymark (a “siege” begins at MD), and brings the “Levites” into the message, who must then study out the previous “voice crying in the wilderness” from 9/11 > MD, and realize that the “Structure” of the “Church Militant” is going down and that the “Church Triumphant” is rising up.

- There are 3 “sieges” in Ezekiel (Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah), and the sieges of Jerusalem (AD 66-70), and the siege of Constantinople (1451-1453 AD) are other witnesses. Before the final “siege” and “destruction” there is always the “sign” first, which is the “armies” (of Rome, Lk. 21:20) standing in the “holy place” (Mt. 24:15) where they “ought not” (Mark 13:14).

- Today (since 9/11) the USA Patriot Act “armies” (Roman law [guilty until proven innocent] instead of English law [innocent until proven guilty]) stand in the “holy place” (of the US Constitution) where they “ought not”. (The USA is already under siege and its destruction is near, because national apostasy always leads to national ruin.)

- Jesus’ unjust seizure (at MD), mock trial and execution will be repeated in our day. Pilate parallels US State tax laws and Herod parallels US Federal tax laws. Those who refuse the forced Sunday worship will be seen as not only apostates to the Church but traitors to the Nation.

- “Many will be surprised to hear their own words strained into a meaning that they did not intend them to have. Then let our workers be careful to speak guardedly at all times and under all circumstances. Let all beware lest by reckless expressions they bring on a time of trouble before the great crisis which is to try men’s souls.” {6T 394.3}

- 3-fold union at the SL is the Beast (Catholicism), Dragon (U.N.) & False Prophet (USA). At the MC it is the Beast (Catholicism), Dragon/Spiritualism (EGW, worldlings, U.N.), False Prophet (apostate Protestantism). At MD it is the obedient & disobedient prophet/“Priests” (False Prophet), and Judas (as “Beast”, the SDAGC who sues people for using their gov’t copyrighted name), and the IRS is the gov’t “Dragon” as a tool the SDAGC will use to go after dissenters (reference is made to the Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx. that the gov’t destroyed because of a call from the SDAGC).  

- Dan. 12:12, says he that cometh “TO” the 1335 = 5-19-44 (1st Disappointment) and the “tarrying time” (from 9/11 > MD), then the “Church Triumphant” begins. 

- Another “sign” is when Islam repeats 1449-1453 (begin 6th Trumpet, 2nd “Woe”). 4 Sultans begin, but by 1451 there is only 1 (Mohammad II) who creates a Caliphate, and attacks the “walls” of “Constantinople”. 1st Trumpet was Alaric (who made an alliance with Rome in 1984-1989). 2nd Trumpet was Genseric (ships of Chittim) hit the economic structure of “Rome” (ships of Tarshish) at 9/11. 3rd Trumpet was Attila the Hun (& Islam, both “stars that fell from heaven”) who will make the “waters bitter” at MC. 4th Trumpet was Odoacer who will finish off “Western Rome” (USA) at the SL.

- At MD Satan has some kind of special “strong delusion” and “Omega apostasy” prepared just for the false “Priests” who did not receive “the love of the truth” (2 Thess. 2:10) , and he may appear as a Physician/Healer (like Kellogg at the “Alpha of apostasy”) and conduct FALSE HEALINGS (at MD). At the MC Satan appears as an “angel of light” (to the 3-fold union in the USA), and at the SL he “personates Christ” to the world and calls down fire from heaven.

- Today, there are some “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers” who have (major) health issues now who are chosen to reveal the “works of God” and His glory in their TRUE HEALINGS during the MD “binding-off” time (Jn. 9:3).

- Super powerful final prayer too!



8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #6.

- The “binding off” (Life Sketches 423, EW 88, 119), or marah vision. Jeff draws the line of the Close of Probation/Harvest/Judgment for the with emphasis on the process of the “door closing” for each group. Judgment begins with those who have had the most light in each group. (You can’t harvest an entire field all at once.) Hos. 10:12, plow, seed, rain, harvest. Amos 8:11-9:15, a self-imposed famine for one group while the other group is feasting on the “little book”.

- They famish & fall at the “Image” test, beginning with the “Priests” at MD, then the “Levites” at the MC (“Jerusalem” is at the MC, the transition from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant), then the “11th hr. workers” at the SL. “11th hr. workers” = the 220 Nethinim when Ezra came out of Babylon = restoration = joining of the two sticks at the SL. 457 BC + 220 = 677 BC, and both 2520’s end on 10-22-44, the 10th day of the 7th month = 220 days. 220 is the number of tissues a stem-cell can make.

- When the three lines for the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” are overlaid line-upon-line, then you see Amos 9:13, the plowman, sower, treader & reaper all at the same time, but on different lines.

- Jeff reviews the last 7 kings of Judah & Israel (joining of the two sticks), and adds the first 7 kings of Israel to illustrate the experience of the “11th hr. workers”. Jeroboam I, II, & Rehoboam all line up at the MC. Zachariah, Ahab & Jehoshaphat all line up at the SL in the USA. For united Israel the 7 kings are Saul, David, Solomon (opens the temple at MD), Rehoboam (breaking into two sticks “doubling” at the MC), good king Asa reigned through the 7 bad kings of Israel, then Jehoshaphat = SL when the KofN is destroyed. 

- Acts 17:30, ignorance and the call to repentance for all three groups. Plowing time = ignorance time. Present day application.


8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #5.

- Jeff draws out the “Pattern of Christ Chart”, including the pattern of the Antichrist, and the pattern of the Bible, with emphasis on the persecutions during the French Revolution, first by the papacy, which ended 25 years before 1798 in 1773, and then by atheism (Dragon) in 1789. Persecution comes first from the corrupt Church then from the outside world (ED 228.2).   

- The two 3 ½ parts of 27 > 31 > 34 AD (Christ) parallel 1789 > ? > 1796 (French Revolution), and 723 > 538 > 1798 (2520). Today the parallel is 1789 = 9/11 > MC > 1796 = SL.

- “The end shows the beginning”, so as the “7 Trumpets” have been sounding, beginning with “an increase of knowledge” on Dan. 11:40-45 in 1989, and ending now in 2016 with the 7th Trumpet and new light on Dan. 11:40-45, it seems we are very near the End. In both France & America their Constitutions were written in 1789.

- July 27, 1229 (Ottoman Empire) + 490 yrs = July 27, 1789 (American Empire, State Department, Constitution) = 9/11 (then “1260” to the MC.) MD = national apostasy, so the MC = begins another 1260 of national ruin, a bloodbath of persecution (4 sore judgments, last 4 plagues of Egypt).   

- Many Waymark dates are really 3-year periods, ie. 1798 (at the end of a 2520) is really a series of events from 1797-1799 that was typified by the 3-year siege of king Hoshea in Jerusalem in 723 BC (at the beginning of the same 2520).

- “The end shows the beginning” but there is sometimes a reversal. Napoleon was the military “Commander in Chief” of a 2-part power (as was Gen. George Washington at the time) that took the Pope off of the throne of the then-known world, and the “Commander in Chief” of the USA, a 2-part power, will put the Pope back on the throne of the world. Then the USA will cease to be the “False Prophet” and become part of the “Dragon” who will meet his “Waterloo” at Jesus’ coming and die in exile on the destroyed earth. Napoleon captured the Pope who then died in exile. Later Napoleon met his “Waterloo” and then died in exile. Other parallel “Commander in Chiefs” at the SL are Tiberius Caesar & Ahasuerus.

- Dan. 11:40a. 1798 was the end of the type, a 3-year war-”push” began by atheistic/communistic Napoleon in France (the King of the South) in 1789, exactly 200 years before the anti-typical Cold War finished the atheistic/communistic USSR (the King of the South) in 1989.  (So the King of the South is dead).

- The Constitution battles that began in 1789 for the USA & France both began over taxes. 1789 marks the beginning of the US Constitution, parallel to 9/11 that marks the beginning-of-the-end of the US Constitution in the Patriot Act.

- The next-to-last President (Obama) parallels the next-to-last Caesar (Augustus) because they both raised taxes, who also parallel the False Smerdis who stopped the rebuilding of Jerusalem over a tax issue (Ezra 4:20), which was restarted by the “2nd decree” of Darius at the MC (1st decree = Cyrus at 9/11, 2nd decree = Darius at the MC, 3rd decree = Artaxerxes at SL, Ezra 6:14).  


8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #4.

- Ezekiel typifies us, standing at the “midnight” of the world looking over the Reformline of the Millerites that ends in the destruction of “Jerusalem” as a symbol of the end of the world. Jeremiah & Jesus both predicted the destruction of Jerusalem 40 years before it happened. The principle is that we reap what we sow, Jesus was betrayed at MD but His betrayer was dead by the MC, so with all of the false accusers of the “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers”.  A man proclaimed a “Woe!” to the city for 7 years.

- The “siege” of Cestius in 66 AD at Tabernacles was the “sign” at MD/538 AD for the Christians to flee “Jerusalem”, then 1260/70 later Titus destroyed the city on Passover/Cross/SL/1798/70 AD = 7 Last Plagues. Some “signs” you can take time to think about and figure them out, but the “sign” of Cestius had to be known and understood and watched-for, so that whoever saw it could act on it immediately with no delay. The faithful before 538 AD saw Rome, the “abomination of desolation, standing where it ought not, in the holy place” within the Christian Church, and separated from it during the “wilderness” time.

- Paul warned (in 2 Thess. 2:3-4 re. Dan. 11:36) that before 538 AD the “falling away” would come (321 AD = 1st SL [508 paganism’s “arms”, 533 Justinian’s “authority”] Pergamos’ compromise), based on the book of Daniel that identifies it is Rome that “establishes the vision”. At MD some kind of activity that typifies the “falling away”, Pergamos’ compromise, the arrogance of Rome and the SL must happen.

- Daniel’s 3 tests. The 3rd test at MD was a 3-step “litmus” test at end of his 3 yrs. of school, learning “Syriack” the language of prophecy, where he (& Joseph) were brought before rulers to answer the ruler’s questions, and was found at the MC to be “10x” better (LR is 10x stronger, Miller’s jewels 10x brighter), and to pronounce judgment upon them as Moses & Elijah did to Pharaoh & Ahab. Heresies will cleanse God’s people first. Their “sign” of the “siege” is also their “seal”.



8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #3.

- Eze. 1:1. 5d4m, 7-21-44, MD, SS Snow @ Boston, “midway” (GC 398.3) between 4-19-44 & 10-22-44. 25 days later (8-15-44) is the MC. The vision by the river Chebar on the “plain” is the same “mareh-marah” experience wherever it appears; 1:1, 3:23, 8:4. As a “Priest” Ezekiel sees the temple opened at MD which contains elements of the final Sunday law that the Millerites understood was typified by both the MC and the “sounding of the 7th angel” that began on 10-22-44.

- Ezekiel counts time from either Josiah’s Passover, or Jehoiachin’s captivity, or the reign of Zedekiah, and the Millerites had to figure out three calendars also; Gregorian, Karaite, and the Hebrew civil & religious calendars. Ezekiel parallels the Millerite history.

- Num. 14:34 & Eze. 4:6 illustrate not only the “year-day principle” but also Israel’s rebellion against the “rest of grace” in Num. 14 and their rebellion against the Sabbath in Eze. 4:6. These rebellions parallel the last-days rebellion that happen at 9/11 (against the grace of the “sprinkling” of the Latter Rain), and at the SL (against the Sabbath).

- Eze. 4, the “siege” is a prophetic sign. V. 5 the “390” counts the years from 977BC (1 Ki. 13, Jeroboam’s 2 calves [Image of the Beast]) to the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC, so since God shows the end from the beginning, we see that the Image of the Beast test at the beginning of the 390 parallels another Image of the Beast test at the end of the 390,  at the siege of Jerusalem, which is at the MC. So the “siege” is at the MC because the “Image test” is also at the MC. The “Image test” is the beginning of the “siege” that culminates in the Sunday law, which is the “destruction of Jerusalem”.

- Both Jeremiah & Jesus predicted Jerusalem would be destroyed 40 years later, in 586 BC & 70 AD, and 70 AD includes the “sign” of the “siege” set up in 66 AD, which is “time dilation”, both a point and a period (4 years). The 3 kings at the building, destruction, and rebuilding of the OT temple (that starts the 2300-yrs) symbolize the 3 Angels’ Messages that build the last-day “temple” of believers (at the end of the 2300-yrs).

- Every separate “siege” is to be overlaid line-upon-line upon every other siege. At the beginning of the 6th Trumpet Islamic Mohammad II “wakes up” at MD (1451 AD) with a desire to take Constantinople, using gunpowder & explosives, which he did in 1453. The first Sunday law (abomination of desolation “sign” at 66 AD) at the MC marks the beginning of Islam using explosives to begin the final “siege”.  

- The Metonic cycle (19 yrs) in Karaite reckoning, with the 49-yr Jubilee cycles, fits into our Gregorian understanding of 1840-1844.

- Eze. 40 & Rev. 11 are parallel when the temple of God is “opened” on 10-22-44/SL, and it begins to be “measured/judged” with a “reed”, and there is an “obedient prophet” and a “disobedient prophet” revealed. It is opened at MD for the “Priests”, at the MC for the “Levites”, and at the SL for the “11th hr. workers”.

- Ezekiel shows the 4 phases of “scattering” of Lev. 26. At the MC his wife the “woman-SDA church” dies, and he is told not to mourn for the loss of the old “Structure” as the “Church Militant” is replaced by the “Church Triumphant”. Ezekiel helped the Millerites put together their “Midnight Cry” message.



8-6-16. Portola, Ca. #2.

- 1989 is 200 years after 1789, which is the beginning of the French Revolution, which is typified by the time from 9/11 > SL, as is explained in the old “Pattern of Christ” study on Rev. 11. In 1789 Napoleon Bonaparte was the “Commander in Chief” who took the pope off the throne. At the Sunday Law in the USA the “Commander in Chief” (with Napoleon’s personality) will put the pope back on the throne (of the world at the U.N.). The “end is shown by the beginning”.

- Dan. 10:1 and 11:1 both point Daniel to the “time of the end” which for us is 1989. The “yet three kings in Persia” parallel “yet three kings” in the USA from, or after, 1989, which are Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama; and then “the fourth shall be far richer than they all”…. who will be the President at the MC when Martial Law will be declared, and be the last President of the United States.  Suggestion is made that those SDAs who are still in the big cities will not be able to get out after Martial Law is declared, using the present crisis in Venezuela as an example.

- Dan. 11:2,  “stir up Grecia” = “wake up the world” (Joel 3:9-21) at the MC for the battle of Armageddon (Valley of Jehoshaphat) at the SL. The “7 Thunders” sequence of the 7 kings of Persia at the beginning of the 2300 years = the “7 Thunders” of the Millerites at the end of the 2300 from 1798 > 1844, which also typifies 1989 > SL. Second witness is the last 7 kings of Judah from Manasseh > Zedekiah = “cleansed” through the 2520 years to 1844 when the “cleansing of the Sanctuary” began, which also typifies 1989 > SL. Third witness is the first two of the 7 last kings of Israel/Samaria (Jeroboam II, Zachariah) that overlap the 7 last kings of Judah at the 6th & 7th kings, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah in the “joining of the two sticks” of Eze. 37. (The “joining of the two sticks” theme is also the story of Joseph and his brothers in Egypt.)

- Since the end of the northern kingdom of Israel/Samaria shows the beginning, then the first 7 kings of Israel/Samaria also illustrate the “7 Thunders” (Jeroboam I > Ahab, who are symbols of the time from the “Image test” [union of Ch. & State] to the SL), and interestingly, good king Asa of Judah lived during the first 7 of the northern kings, Ahab being the last, who took the throne in Asa’s 38th year (“38” has many connections), and Jehoshaphat was the 7th king of Judah. The first 7 kings of Judah (from Saul > Jehoshaphat) also illustrate the “7 Thunders” from 1989 > SL and parallels the 4 anointings of David (1989, 9/11, MC, SL).

- The “two sticks” of Israel are “broken” apart at the beginning prophetically at the same place they are joined again (at the MC). The 3rd king of Israel (Solomon) builds and “opens the Temple” at MD, then the kingdom is broken/divided/doubled (MC) at Rehoboam & Jeroboam I, who parallel Jehoiachin and Jeroboam II (the joining of the two sticks [internal]) at the MC also. So the 7th king of Judah (Jehoshaphat) parallels the 7th king of Northern Israel/Samaria (Ahab), which makes the 4 kings from the MC > SL the “Valley of Jehoshaphat” [external], which makes them “parallel kingdoms”, which is the meaning of “dominion” in Dan. 11:4.

- Eze. 14, “My 4 sore judgments upon Jerusalem” = MC (Ezra 7:9, 1d5m) = last 4 plagues of Egypt to the SL/national ruin. Ex. 7-8, the first 4 plagues fit between 9/11 > MD: (9/11 [Islam] = the “sign” of the rod/serpent), #1. blood 7 days, #2. “frogs” = false publications (Ed. 189.5), #3. Lice = “finger of God” = “writing”, “mene-mene, tekel, upharsin” (2520) at MD (then the separation of classes, land of Goshen), then “rise up” (8:20) for the “Priests”, then #4, #5, #6 to the MC (1st SL, “Jerusalem” [either punished or exalted]), and the last 4 to the SL/Cross/Passover (“4 sore judgments”, “4 winds”).

- The original “Globalists” (the Knights Templars & Freemasons… now including the U.N.) helped foment the French Revolution, and they are working in the USA now, being neither for Trump nor Clinton, and God’s people now need to be preparing their citizenship for heaven.  

- Dan. 11:14-22, “Rome establishes the vision”, and the 4 Roman rulers before the cross parallel the 4 Persian rulers, and also parallel the last 4 rulers of the USA. v. 16, Pompey conquers Jerusalem in 63 BC and destroys the temple = SL (Bush 2). v. 17, Julius corrupts the “woman” = church (Clinton). V. 20, Augustus is the “raiser of taxes” (Obama). v. 22, Tiberius (who was continually drunken with the “wine of Babylon”) was ruling at the time of the Cross = SL = Ahab = union of Ch. & State (last President, “the end shows the beginning”).



8-5-16. Portola, Ca. #1. “The 4 Sore Judgments on the USA at the Sunday Law”

- The judgment of the Cross is a type of the Sunday Law in the USA. The 4 Roman emperors before the Cross parallel the first 4 kings of Persia, and also the last 4 Presidents of the USA before the SL.

- Dan. 11:14, it is Rome that “establishes the vision”.  Actually every vision in the Bible has something to do with Rome ruling the world just before Jesus comes. So the last 4 Roman emperors before the Cross are prophetic types. This prophetic “Present Truth” movement began 20 years ago with increasing light on Dan. 11 and it appears that this prophetic “Present Truth” movement will end with increasing light on Dan. 11.

- The “Time of the End” is from 1798 to the SL, but before 1798, in 1789, the Constitutions of both France and the USA were written (France & the USA are both “2-horned” powers), but France devolved into atheistic Communism (because of Godless rationalism and worship of human reason) and became the “King of the South” (while the USA, based on Protestantism and the Bible, became a Republic). In 1789 Napoleon Bonaparte was the “Commander in Chief” who took the pope off the throne. At the Sunday Law in the USA the “Commander in Chief” (with Napoleon’s personality) will put the pope back on the throne (of the world at the U.N.). The “end is shown by the beginning”.

- Dan. 11 has within itself the “2nd witness” to several symbolic entities. In v. 16, the literal “Glorious Land” (Israel) is a type of the spiritual “Glorious Land” (the USA) in v. 41. The 1st year of Darius & 3rd year of Cyrus are 2 witnesses to the “time of the end”, as are the 4 Roman rulers a 2nd witness to the 4 Medo-Persian rulers.

- Dan. 10:18-19, at the 3rd “touch” Daniel is “strengthened” or told to “be strong” 5x = “5 wise Priests”, and “be strong” 2x = a “doubling” at the MC, so the “5 wise Priests” are “bound off” at the MC. v. 20 “prince of Persia” is a type of the USA (another “2-horned” power), and “Grecia” symbolizes the United Nations as the 7th kingdom of Bible prophecy, but they both continue together as “parallel kingdoms” (external). In Rev. 17, the last 3 “heads” reign together as “parallel kingdoms”, which also happens in the “joining of the 2 sticks”, the “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th. hr. workers” all “reign” together (internal).

- v. 21, what is “noted in the Scripture of truth” indicates that it is Scripture that determines which events are important rather than all the events recorded in the history books. For example there are several kings between Darius and Cyrus but Scripture only “notes” Darius in Dan. 11:1 because of his prophetic importance, which marks that Daniel is located at the end of a 70-year “wilderness” prophecy, and the end of a “wilderness” is always “the time of the end”, so the “note” of Darius at 11:1 is a “2nd witness” to Daniel being at the same “time of the end” as in Dan. 10:1. There are two 70-year wilderness prophecies, one ending with Darius and the other ending with Cyrus, both being a type of the “time of the end” in 1798, which is another type of our “time of the end” at the end of the world in 1989. So Dan. 11:1 is a type of the “time of the end” beginning in 1989, which is also Dan. 11:40. Therefore Dan. 11:1 and 11:40 are both the same “time of the end”.

- The same truth about the location of the prophet in the vision is illustrated in Rev. 17:3-6 where John sees the harlot/Babylon at the end of the 1260 years, in 1798, drunken with the blood of the saints. Without understanding the location of the prophet in the vision you can’t figure out the riddle. (Same with the “kingdoms of Bible prophecy” that begins with Babylon in Dan. 2 rather than Assyria, Israel and Egypt who were world-kingdoms before Babylon, but are not prophetically important to the prophecy of Dan. 2.)

- Dan. 11:2-4, the “far richer” one was originally thought to be Trump, but on a larger scale is referring to the USA in comparison to the other nations of the U.N., and includes the global economic collapse that will happen when the judgments of God begin ravaging the world. “Strength & riches” = military & economic power = “ships, chariots & horsemen” in Dan. 11:40. “Stir up” = “wake up” (Joel 3:9) the nations for Armageddon.

- When the USA begins to “stand up” and have “dominion” = “parallel kingdom” over the U.N. it ceases to be the “6th head” of Rev. 17 (“is broken”), and becomes the “Ahab” of the U.N.’s “10 tribes” or the “7th head” of Rev. 17.



7-23-16. Lambert Fellowship sermon. Ezekiel & Millerite History.

- The entire book of Ezekiel happens at “midnight”, and contains separate timelines for the reigns of Jehoiakim, Zedekiah and the Jubilee cycle beginning at Josiah’s Passover. The Millerites understood the differences between the Gregorian, Karaite, and Hebrew calendars (both civil and religious years), the 19-year Metonic cycle, and we need to also. The 1st & last references to a date mark 7-21-44 (MD) & 10-22-44. The references to the “year-day principle” refer back to Lev. 25-26 (the 7 times) as the first illustration of the year-day principle in the Bible. The “reed” (126) and “plummet” are both symbols of the 2520.

- Both year-day principle texts (Num. 14:34, Eze. 4:6) are about ancient Israel’s rebellions against God’s “rest”, Num. 14:34 is a rebellion against the “rest” of Latter Rain Grace at the beginning of ancient Israel,  and the Eze. 4:6 rebellion is against the “rest” of the Sabbath at the end of ancient Israel. Today, those who reject the “rest” of the “sprinkling” of Latter Rain Grace at 9/11 will also reject the “rest” of the Sabbath when the Sunday laws come down.

- Eze. 1:1, (5d4m = 7-21-44 = MD) “30th year” since Josiah’s Jubilee Passover in 622 BC, and Eze. 40:1 is also a Jubilee year. The same “marah-mareh” vision in the plain is referred to in 3:22 & 8:4. Also Isa., Eze., & Rev. are connected together (5T 753), and there are “external” events as God brings His judgments on the disobedient world, and “internal” events that show His care for His obedient people. Many aspects of MD also show before at 9/11, but a major difference is that at 9/11 probation is still open and at MD probation is closed for Isaiah and the “Priests” first.

- When Isaiah saw the “glorious manifestation of the power of God” (at 9/11 & Rev. 18, the “mareh-marah” experience), besides seeing God on His throne he also saw the “glory of God” (at MD) in the Reformlines of history (GC 611 Millerite time noted), how God brings reformation by the “mareh-marah” experience to all of His people throughout history.

- Jeff explains the Reformline of good king Asa (1 Ki. 15:9-24) who reigned in Judah during the first 7 kings of Israel, beginning with Jeroboam’s two calves (Bethel & Dan that combined Church & State) and ending with Ahab & Jezebel (who also combined Church & State), which is another revelation of the “7 Thunders”. The “7 Thunders” are from Manasseh to Zedekiah, and include the pattern of the “4” kings (Manasseh, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah which are parallel to Jeroboam, Zimri, Omri, Ahab) that also mark the “4 generations” with many connections there.

- Ahab became king in Asa’s 38th year, and “38/40” is to be combined on two witnesses (Josiah Litch’s prediction in 1838 & 1840, and the 38th & 40th year Israel came out of Egypt, after the rebels were purged out [Dt. 2:14], then the command to “Rise” [v.24]). 2 Ki. 15:8, it is the “38th year” when Zachariah (name means “remember” = Sabbath) reigns who parallels Ahab (& Zedekiah), who is the SL, in the “joining of the two sticks”, therefore “38th year” = SL; but Zachariah goes “6 months” beyond the SL, parallel to the birth of Christ “6 months” after the birth of John the Baptist which is when Zacharias “speaks” at the SL. Jn. 5 also records a man who is healed and is told to “rise” after 38 years who is symbolic of the “Priests” of Adventism.

- The sequence of the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” begins with the “time of the end”, a “time of ignorance” or “plowing” time that God “winks at” (Acts 17:30), but calls the “Priests” to “repent” when we become aware that prophecy began moving and being fulfilled at 9/11, and then the “judgment” for the “Priests” begins at MD when they begin to be sealed and “harvested”.

- For the “Levites” of Adventism it is the same sequence but one Waymark later. Their “time of ignorance” is from 9/11 > MD, but when they become aware that 9/11 was important they have to “repent” and go back and become informed about the history and conflicts of 9/11 and onward, and their hour of “judgment” begins at the MC when they begin to be sealed and “harvested”.

- The “11th hr. workers” in the world, during their “time of ignorance” from MD > MC will become aware of the Sunday law crisis as they see the “Priests” & “Levites” gathering together, and will have to “repent” and go back and become informed about the history and conflicts of the Sabbath/Sunday issue, and their hour of “judgment” begins at the SL when they begin to be sealed and “harvested”.

- “Strong delusion” takes control of the “foolish” of the three groups at their “judgment”, they fail their “Image of the Beast” test, their “door of probation” closes, and they join a “3-fold union” to persecute the “wise”, and in parallel with the pattern of Christ, the “wise” will begin getting arrested by the Church/State union at MD (their 3rd test which is the 3-fold “litmus” tests, parallel to Daniel’s “3 touches”, which is their “binding off”), who will then (if they understand the “old paths” of Millerite methodology of “line upon line”), as Joseph before Pharaoh and Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar/Belshazzar, explain the situation to the Church/State rulers, and then pronounce judgment upon them for oppressing God’s people, and “shine”.



Second Trimester 2016

7-26-16. Review

- Jeff wants to overview the “binding off” in Dan. 1-10, but the class wants to discuss details in Dan. 1 & 2. Question of where to put the “4” Chaldeans on the Reformline. The characteristics at 9/11, MD, MC & SL are very similar (all have a “binding off” before the Waymark), but not identical. At MD the “disobedient prophet” or “false prophet” is the “Judas” within Adventism, but from MC > SL it is apostate Protestantism in the USA and then in the world.

- The “4th generation” (after the pattern of Eze. 8’s “4 abominations”) has to pass their own test (Sunday law), plus the tests of the previous 3 generations. In Adventism the test the 1st generation failed was rejecting the 2 Charts, their “old paths”, beginning in 1863 (which parallels SDA rejection of their “old paths” again in 1989 [Dan. 11:40-45]). The test the 2nd generation failed at the 1888 GC was to accept the Holy Spirit inspiration of the Bible & EGW, or to go into spiritualism (which parallels SDA rejection of the 2 Charts after 9/11).  The 3rd test will be the “false Latter Rain message” at MD, and our 4th test will be the SL.

- Theodore suggests the “binding off” time of the Millerites (4-19-44 [1st Dis] > 8-15-44 [MC] > 10-22-44), the 2nd Angel’s Message, is the pattern for all the “binding off” times.

- William suggests the “2 temple cleansings” illustrate the same, that 8-11-40 [1st Angel comes down] > 4-19-44 = the judgment of the dead beginning (tarrying time), parallels 4-19-44 [2nd Angel comes down] > 10-22-44 = the sealing of the Millerites. Therefore 8-11-40 and 4-19-44 “combine” to typify 9/11 (when both the 1st & 2nd Angel’s come down) marking the judgment of the living (tarrying time) beginning.

- Dan. 1, the “end of the days” applies to MD, MC & SL because all 3 sieges of Jerusalem happen at the end of time, because if there is a 3rd “siege” (and destruction) there must be a 1st & 2nd.  (And also because of the “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers”).

- Tyler wants to get back into where Daniel/Joseph is standing when the king wakes up and he gives the “prediction”. The kings “wake up” (by degrees) at every Waymark. The “prediction” given is at 9/11 by the “Church Militant”, but at all the other Waymarks it is given by the “Church Triumphant”.  Jesus and Joseph are “30” at 9/11, but the “Priests” are “30” at MD, so context must be considered.

- Jeff quizzes the class on where the “binding off” at MD-MC appears in Dan. 3 (“bound” in their coats), Dan. 4 (astonied “one hour”), Dan. 5 (writing “on the wall”), Dan. 10 (“3 touches”/angel comes down/marah). Considering Dan. 10:20-11:1-4, “Persia” = USA, “Grecia” = U.N., and 10:1 + 11:1 = TOE, because each marks the end of a “70 yrs.” = a symbolic “1260 yrs.” = “wilderness”, the end of which is the TOE.

- Jeff admits the class did not go where he wanted it to go in this Trimester, but that the Holy Spirit has guided the class to see Dan. 10:20-11:1-4 (“Persia” = USA, “Grecia” = U.N.) as having to do with the upcoming US Presidential election, in connection with the French Revolution (part of the cause of which was France’s open-door immigration policy that flooded it with migrants… like Clinton wants to do… maybe the “prediction” is that Clinton will be Prez.)

- Jeff reviews Dan. 11:2, “there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia” which prophetically symbolizes the USA (both are 2-part powers, France also in Rev. 11:8). From the "time of the end", the end of the prophetic 70 years of Babylon (and the 1260 years of Rome in 1798, Dan.11:40), anti-typically beginning in 1989 with the fall of the atheistic USSR (also marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall) and Bush 1. The "three kings" from then are: Clinton, Bush 2, Obama (“raiser of taxes” Dan. 11:20) … and the 4th “far richer than they all” = Trump.

- V.4 “dominion” = parallel kingdom = USA + U.N. = “joining of the two sticks”, represented by Jehoiachin & Omri at both 9/11 & MC because Jehoiachin means “tarry”, and Omri had a “parallel kingdom” reigning in 2 places. More discussion of where to put the “binding off” time, and the 4 Caesars before the Cross.


7-25-16. French Revolution.

- Jeff combines the Lines of Joseph & Moses, and reviews the “3 sieges” of the “Priests”, “Levites”, “11th hr. workers” and notes they are symbolized by Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah. All 3 have their own “falling away & strong delusion” component. The Lines of Christ, Joseph, Moses and the Bible (as the “Two Witnesses” during the French Revolution) all have the same Waymarks. God’s people were persecuted by both Catholicism for 1260 years, then by atheism for the last 1260 days.

- Revolutionary France was a “two-horned” power (all 2-part powers symbolize the USA at the end of the world). The “glory” of the “Glorious Land” is the US Constitution. In 1789 both France and the USA were writing their Constitutions and having revolutionary wars at the same time, rebelling against kingly rule and papal rule (and new taxes). France got a dictator, Napoleon Bonaparte, who later took down the Pope and tried to conquer the world. The End shows the Beginning, so Napoleon is a type of the last President of the USA. But Napoleon came to his “Waterloo” and “none shall help him” (Dan.11:45), and was exiled to the isle of St. Helena.

- As the Emperor of Europe Napoleon symbolizes Ahab as the king of “10 tribes” (Rev. 17), with Jezebel as the “Beast”, Ahab as the “Dragon” (10 kings), and the priests of Baal as the “False Prophet”. The Beast & False Prophet are cast into the “Lake of Fire” but the Dragon is exiled to “the island of St. Helena” for 1000 years (Rev. 20).

- The “7 years” of Revolutionary France (1789-1796) overlays the Waymarks of the Pattern of Christ from 27 to 34 AD, and the last 3 ½ years from the “Cross” were the “Reign of Terror”. 1789 = 27 AD = 9/11 the beginning of the attack on the US Constitution (USA Patriot Act), switching from English Law to Roman Law. At 9/11 the “two witnesses” (Priests) “eat the little book” which is “sweet in the mouth” and give their testimony for 3 ½… until the “Cross” at 1793 = MC = 3rd Trumpet = Attila the Hun = Wormwood/”bitter in the belly”/Naomi.

- Review of the “4 kings” (part of the “7 Thunders” study) and Eze. 8 (9/11 = Manasseh/secret chambers. MD = Jehoiakim/spiritualism. MC = Jehoiachin/weeping for Tammuz/false Latter Rain. SL = Zedekiah/25 men bowing to the sun). They also received the four 2520 “7 times” curses of Lev. 26. They also parallel Jeroboam I (2 Images of the Beast at 9/11), Zimri (treasonously slays Elah- a name for God [Jesus taken] at MD), Omri (heap [of grain] to be gathered between MC-SL) & Ahab (State’s unholy marriage to Jezebel at the SL). Jehoiachin was anointed king at 8 and 18, so he fits at both 9/11 and MC; and parallels Omri who ruled in 2 places, the capital city is parallel to Jerusalem) marking the Church Triumphant at the SL…. where proud dictator Napoleon meets his “Waterloo” at the beginning of the USA, which also shows the end of the USA’s Constitution with another proud dictator. 9/11 > SL shows the progressive destruction of the US Constitution.

- Class discusses parallels between aspects of the French Revolution and events in the USA since 9/11.



7-24-16. Abomination of Desolation.

- Jeff takes up where yesterday’s class left off on Joseph; his line parallels the line of Christ, his birth marks the TOE AND 9/11, and on another line marks his 30th year (as a type of Christ, and a “Priest” at 9/11), and the 7 years of plenty, and the king’s birthday (but Herod’s birthday is at the MC). Islam benefits God’s people in an indirect way, and his garment being torn from him by his brothers and Potiphar’s wife mark two separate prophetic lines. He becomes the “2nd ruler” at 9/11, gold chain. (Daniel becomes “3rd ruler” at MC.)

- Joseph had the “good” Pharaoh, but Moses had the “bad” Pharaoh (stories in different chapters still an illustration of the separation by the everlasting gospel, like Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar). Moses’ birth marked the TOE, and the “burning bush” marks the “covenant prophecy” (like Joseph’s 2 dreams) before 9/11.  At 9/11 Moses has the Sabbath = 7 “foundation” plus a “7” days of water to blood. At the end of the 10 plagues is Passover/death of the firstborn/Cross/SL, then a “disappointment” at the Red Sea (parallels the disappointment of the disciples at the Cross, & 10-23-44).

- First 3 plagues (water/blood, frogs, lice) separate God’s people & Egypt. MC = 1d5m (Ezra arrives at Jerusalem). “Choosing Jerusalem” includes both destruction and building/lifting up AT THE SAME TIME (the Church Militant appears as about to fall but only the sinners are sifted out, which leaves the purified Church Triumphant to be lifted up). 3rd plague is from MD > MC, but since 3 & 4 go together (in other lines) then 4th, 5th , 6th plagues all go from MD > MC too (3rd step has 3 steps within it), and the last 4 plagues (parallel to the “4 sore judgments” Eze. 14:21) go from the 7th = “all” at the MC to the death of the firstborn at the SL. (MD > MC has the “25” “Priests” bowing to the sun [Eze. 8], and MC > SL has “25” “Levites” bowing to the sun.)

- 9/11 is a “sign” because of Moses’ rod, and the “budding trees” (Lk. 21), and the 4th generation (that saw these “signs” will not pass before all is fulfilled). There are general signs, like the falling of the stars in 1833 that show a major prophetic event is near so that the general population can think about it and begin to get ready, and then there are specific signs just for God’s people, like the “siege” of Roman standards outside of Jerusalem in 66 AD (the Abomination of Desolation) that was the sign for God’s people to flee the city, or die in its destruction in 70 AD.

- 70 AD is parallel to the Sunday laws that came in 538 AD at the rise of the Papacy (GC 49-50), and the true disciples (the “holy city” of Rev. 11:2 & “woman” of Rev. 12) “fled into the wilderness” for “1260” (which is also the 3 ½ literal years) from 66-70 AD. There was a sequence of events then that we expect to be repeated now (for the 3 groups; “Priests”, “Levites”, “11th hr. workers”), as the mild Sunday law of “66 AD” (the “siege” at MD-MC for the “Levites”) leads to the final Sunday law  at “70 AD” (the “destruction” at the SL). The “siege” at the SL (for the 11th hr. workers) goes to the “Universal” SL/CP.

- The 390 & 40-yr prophecies of Eze. 4:5-6 point to the “siege” of “66 AD” rather than the “destruction” of “70 AD”. It was at the “siege” (the first, mild, Sunday law at the MD-MC, for the “Levites”) that Ezekiel’s wife (woman = SDA Church) died. It was at the BEGINNING of the “siege” of “66 AD” that Cestius withdrew and the disciples had a short window of opportunity to flee “unmolested” (GC 30), NOT the whole 3 ½ years.

- For the “Priests”, some kind of activity that typifies a “mild SL” (a recognizable “abomination of desolation”, “life-or-death-sign”, a symbol of Rome, unholy “marriage”, that demands an immediate response to either flee or die) has to happen at MD within Adventism, within the SDA Church.

- The “siege” of Bible prophecy. Constantinople 1451-1453 = MD-MC, so Islam has to be part of it (“tidings out of the east & north”).  MD-MC also represents the 6th & 7th, “marriage & Sabbath”, Pilate = Federal gov’t & Herod = State gov’t. Adventism is the “Beast”, the US Gov’t is the “Dragon”, and “Judas” is the “False Prophet” = a foolish “Priest” who can’t get what he wants out of the cause, and therefore abandons the cause just before MD.



7-21-16. Joseph & Moses

- Jeff opens with a brief discussion of some fanaticism that teaches that the Pulse gay nightclub shooting where 49 were killed, and a Muslim shooter, marks “midnight” and we need to begin confessing our sins. It is actually a “peace & safety” message because our sins have to be confessed and cleansed before MD not after, and other points, so it is a counterfeit that comes before the true crisis at MD.

- Line of Joseph (Gen. 37, 4th Generation). Two dreams (establish & formalize his message). 9/11 = a turning point, return to the “old paths” (foundation), Islam, 10 brothers = “dragon” “turned out of the way” (Balaam). Potiphar & wife = Ahab & Jezebel = MC, prison = SL.

- Nebuchadnezzar has 2 dreams (prophetic history & 7 times). Miller has 2 dreams (prophetic history & 7 times). Pharaoh (7 times),  Joseph also 7 times, because his brothers bow down to him, which is the “joining of the two sticks” which is part of the 7 times.

- Line of Moses, 4th Generation. Angel comes down to confront Moses re. circumcision is parallel to 9/11, both are the beginning of a covenant relationship. The “foundation” is the “old paths” = Sabbath. First 3 plagues mark Jerusalem (Goshen) at the MC, and Passover at the SL. At the CP God smites the “Egyptian sea” in its “7 streams” (Isa. 11:15, Dan. 11:41) in the 7 Last Plagues. Discussion moves to where to place the 7 years of famine.

- The “prediction” may come after some elements of its fulfillment have already happened (Josiah Litch), and possibly all predictions. Belshazzar’s “candlestick” at the MC shines light back onto the “wall” at MD, where the “prediction” and “handwriting” first appeared. So there is a “wall” at both MD & MC (they are a “point and a period” of time, and a “fractal”.) At MD Jesus predicted that those who live by the sword will die by the sword (Catholicism & USA).

- More on Moses. While Moses was getting the Law, Aaron was getting the golden calf (Image of the Beast), so the “Image test” begins at MD with Adventism asking the civil gov’t to persecute “Present Truth” believers (the first “Close of Probation” event), and at the MC apostate Protestantism will ask the civil gov’t to persecute “Present Truth” believers (a larger “Close of Probation” event), and the last will be the Universal Sunday Law & Death Decree. 

- More on Joseph. Pharaoh’s butler and Belshazzar’s Queen-mother both “remember” at the MC (an allusion to the Sabbath), which also has the first Sunday law.


7-17-16. Reformlines

- Jeff reviews the Waymarks in the Line of Noah, Moses (beginning of ancient Israel), Christ (end of ancient Israel), Elijah and the Millerite time (beginning of Adventism [restraint of Islam on 8-11-1840], with some comments on new developments in Turkey). 1843 Chart is the “foundation”.

- There are general signs, like the falling of the stars in 1833 that show a major prophetic event is near so that people can think about it and get ready, then there are specific signs for God’s people, like the Roman standards outside of Jerusalem that was the sign for God’s people to flee the city.

- The 3+1 pattern shows the repeat of the Millerite 2nd Angel’s message in our day, the end of Adventism (Laodicean-darkness, Catholic methods [“higher education”] instead of Miller’s Rules). 1989, USSR goes down because of an alliance between the USA & Vatican. 1996 TOE book “formalized” the message of Dan. 11:40-45,  then 9/11 (and the restraint of Islam again, which brings the 1843 & 1850 charts back into controversy, Adventism’s “old paths”, and the “rest” of the “sprinkling” of the Latter Rain begins). The “activity of the enemies” & “visual test” is that Adventism will be in conflict with the US Gov’t (because of the first anti-marriage laws) and be “lifted up as an ensign”, because of the judgments of God on America’s apostasy from truth (see Ahab/Elijah accusing each other), then Sunday Laws (and the end of the USA as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy), the Loud Cry, Universal Sunday Law and the 7 Last Plagues.

- Hopefully, further study on the “prediction” of Moses & Joseph will bring new light.


7-14-16. Ezekiel

- Theodore helps Jeff lay out the timeline of Ezekiel’s predictions. The “disobedient prophet” predicts Josiah (parallel to Litch’s prediction of the “east” at MD [& Snow at Boston]), which later gives a basis (year-day principle) for a prediction re. the siege of Jerusalem (parallel to Snow’s prediction of the “north” at the MC [fulfilled on 10-22-44]). Much class discussion on chronology.


7-13-16. Noah

- Class wants to review the old Reformlines and try to find the place of MD in them, so they begin with the Line of Noah, with much discussion of where to put the Waymarks.


7-12-16. Angel of Light

- Class briefs Jeff on  the emailed position paper from Bro. Blessing, then in response to a question Jeff draws the lines of the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” and marks the “3-fold union” at MD-MC-SL, with emphasis on when Satan “personates” Christ. The suggestion is made that between MD and the MC demons will appear as James & Ellen White and other noted SDA pioneers in order to fool SDA’s, and then during the MC > SL time they will appear as great leaders and the apostles around the world. Class discussion tries to find some kind of “3-fold union” at 9/11. The “midnight thief” (GC 38 & 491) comes at MD, at the very time when the leaders are calling for “peace and safety” and “sudden destruction” is happening in the cities.

- Line of Moses: signs at the plagues; blood for 7 days (9/11), “frogs” that are worldly “periodicals and books” (ED 189.5), the “finger of God” (God’s writing at MD [Decalogue, Mary, Belshazzar]), (Aaron’s rod is connected with the first 4 plagues). “4 horns” scatter “Jerusalem” at the MC (Zech. 1:19). Class discusses where the rest of the plagues may line up on the line.

- Nehemiah, as a “Levite”, arrives at MD, makes a 3-day/night “hidden” circuit around the walls to “increase his knowledge” up to the MC, and then goes to work and finishes the “streets & walls” in 7 weeks; the 50th day is “Pentecost” at the SL.


7-11-16. Dan. 2

- Michael leads as the class reads and discusses an emailed position paper from Bro. Blessing. The proposition is made that the last-day repeat of Dan. 2 begins back in 1989 rather than 9/11 as has been accepted so far. Suggestion is made that the kings of ancient Israel sat on “the throne of the Lord”, and every nation that has ruled the world since the fall of Israel are usurpers of “the throne of the Lord”.

- Another suggestion is that it is a series of events over a 3-year period rather than a singular event that marks the “time of the end”. Dan. 10-12 is a “repeat and enlarge” of Dan. 2, so Daniel’s position should be marked in the same place in both stories. 1798 was actually a 3-year process ending when the new pope was elected in 1800, and 1989 was a 3-year process ending in the formal dissolution of the USSR in 1991. This 3-year pattern is established at the beginning of the first 2520 from 723-721 BC. The fall of Belshazzar’s Babylon was also from 538 to 536 BC.

- Michael draws out the years 609-603 BC to see where Daniel was in relation to Nebuchadnezzar’s 2nd year. After the 3-year schooling for Daniel (that introduces the “time of the end”), then Nebuchadnezzar has his dream, which is prophetically 1989 (the “marker” of the “time of the end”). 


7-10-16. Abigail & Esther.

- Class reads & discusses a position paper by Tyler, that the same structure appears in 1 Sam. 25 (Abigail), Esther 3,  Dan. 2, Gen. 40 (butler & baker) & Litch/Snow. (God’s people are notified of the danger by a 3rd party. Abigail may not have been personally threatened with death, but Esther was.) The focus is the structure of Dan. 2 from MD > MC. If any of the points of Dan. 2 are moved away from MD > MC to either 9/11 or the SL, then the same points in the other 4 stories have to be moved too. Daniel, Esther, Abigail stand before the king at the MC. Litch & Snow show 2 “predictions” (MD + MC), so the other stories should have 2 predictions too. (Theodore notes there are 22 years between Joseph’s 1st dream and its fulfillment, with the butler/baker event at the 11 year mark.)

- Theodore and the class review the line of Josiah and Ezekiel’s predictions. 1 Ki. 13 is the 1st “prediction” (977 BC), then 350 years to its fulfillment, and 2nd “prediction” (destruction of Jerusalem) in 2 Ki. 23:27 (627 BC), then Eze. 1-7 at MD at 592 (specifically Eze. 4:5-6, 390 - 40 = 350), then the MC at 587 (siege of Jerusalem), and SL at 586 BC.

- The fulfillment of Litch’s prediction in 1840 worked to empower the 1st Angel’s Message (that had begun in 1798) which predicted 1844 (“hour of His judgment is come”). The PATTERN is that a long-time prediction is given, then a second, short-time, prediction is given (and fulfilled) near the end of the first (long) prediction, in order to empower and draw attention to the first prediction just before it is fulfilled.

- Theodore describes a chiastic structure in the life of Joseph, and it illustrates that when a short-time prediction is fulfilled (the 7 years of famine) it empowers his first “prediction” (dream of his brothers & parents bowing down to him, that made them mad) parallels the "Priests" giving a "first prediction" at (or maybe before) MD that angers Adventism.


7-7-16. Dialog Part 6

- Jeff refutes the idea that Bible prophecy is separate from Christ by showing Christ at every Waymark. Cyrus, as a type of Christ, is also at every Waymark. The 70 years of Babylon (608-538 BC) parallel the 1260 years of  Papal “Babylon” (538 AD – 1798), and since Cyrus brought the “time of the end” in 538 BC (and the end shows the beginning), Cyrus is also prophetically at 608 BC and 538-1798 AD. The “38” in both “538” dates connects with the 38/40 years of “wilderness”, and Litch’s 1838/40 “prediction” was at “midnight”, and was fulfilled at SS Snow’s “midnight cry”. Cyrus also came under the walls at “midnight”, so “Cyrus” is an important symbol. He is prophetically there whenever a kingdom falls.

- Theodore Turner details for Jeff the prophecy of king Josiah (parallel to Josiah Litch), beginning at the “prediction” in 977 BC > 390 years [for Israel], and 627 BC > 40 years [for Judah] before the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC. Josiah [Litch], meaning “foundation” in 1840, and SS Snow is the “capstone” in 1844. The book of Ezekiel gives the structure from MD > SL, therefore Litch & Snow’s predictions are sequential not simultaneous.  

- Jeff leads the class through the Waymarks of Jacob going down into Egypt to Joseph, and Moses bringing the people up out of Egypt. At the beginning 9/11 is the “sign” that marks the beginning of “7 yrs. of plenty” before MC marks the “famine”. At the ending 9/11 is the “sign” for Moses (angel comes down re. the circumcision “sign”, plus the battle of the rod-serpents is a “sign” for Pharaoh), and he lays the “foundation” of the Sabbath before the 10 Plagues begin.

- There are 3 plagues before the “separation” of Goshen is made, and the magicians note it is the “finger of God” (10 Commandments, Belshazzar’s feast, Mary’s accusers = sin & judgment), which is “midnight” for Belshazzar. Then 7 plagues end at Passover/SL. There are 3 plagues to MD, 3 plagues to MC (“binding off”), then 4 plagues to Passover/SL (“4 sore judgments”), then the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy (USA) is over. Moses made 10 “predictions” (though not one for each plague).


7-6-16. Dialog Part 5

- Class begins by discussing when “midnight” happens for the 3 groups. Arjan’s email with Mark suggests there are two “predictions”, at both MD & the MC (at both ends of the “binding off”), and the fulfillment of the first empowers the second, as in Litch & Snow’s predictions.

- However, the “prediction” is not known before “midnight”, but is given by God “in that hour” (Mk. 13:11) to the “wise” who have enough background study so that whenever “midnight” occurs (“brings the soul face-to-face with death”), they realize at that moment what their “prediction” should be, based on their prior study… “eating the little book”.  (The “foolish” have been preaching a “peace and safety” message all along, have not been “eating the little book”, and are unready whenever the “midnight” occurs that “brings the soul face-to-face with death”.)

- Dan. 2, the king has a “troubling dream”, becomes aware of danger, and eventually “Arioch” finds Daniel (as a “Priest”) and brings him to the king to give him the “prediction” (avoiding the word “interpretation”). When the “prediction” is fulfilled at the MC it “wakes up” the “Levites”.  Class discusses at which Waymark Nebuchadnezzar (as the “wise” among God’s people) should line up, and if Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar should represent God’s people at all, or only secular governments.

- The email explains the “binding off” fractals in the stories of Elijah/Elisha, Jehoiachin-”establish & “tarry”/2 begin dates “10” years apart + 1 end date = 3 Waymarks (9/11 > “10”/”tarry” > MD + MC).


7-5-16. Dialog Part 4

- Class continues discussing the email; Question of where to place the “7 years of famine”. When comparing Joseph as the beginning of the “time appointed”, and Moses as the end (at Passover).

- Class struggles with where to put the “3 tests [binding off] in the 3rd step” (which is for purification not “everlasting gospel separation”) in the lines of the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”. Each of the 3 groups has its own “7 years of plenty” and then “7 years of famine” caused by the “east wind” = Islam. The “7 years of famine” are broken into separate 2-year (MC > SL) & 5 year (SL > CP) periods. All 3 groups serve as “Joseph” to probably 3 different “Pharaohs” or “target” audiences. The “plenty” for the “wise” and the “famine” for the “foolish” is self-imposed because the “foolish” refuse to “eat the little book” (and refuse to acknowledge the prophetic role of Islam in last-day events). Discussion of the confusion caused when you try to describe two lines of thought at one time.


7-4-16. Dialog Part 3

- The Alabama group sent an email with a possibly different take on Dan. 2:1-4. The “4” “foolish wisemen” compare with other meanings of “4” that we know. “Syriack” as a false Latter Rain message. Class reviews the current understanding of the symbols in Dan. 2. The meanings of the names; “Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah” connect with the “4 generations” symbol. Ps. 48, the “troubling” of the kings, as birth-pains, increase at every Waymark.

- Going back to Mark’s email, Jeff reviews the Waymarks of Rev. 9, illustrating that the “4” years at the begin and end of the 391-yr.15-day prophecy (1449-1453 & 1840-1844) are both MD > MC (as well as MC > SL which makes MC > SL a “binding off” period [for the “Levites”]).

- Question: is Daniel making his “prediction” at MD or the MC? Using Litch & Snow there are two predictions, one built upon the other “tidings from the east & north”.


7-3-16. Dialog Part 2

- Jeff reviews the “parallel kingdoms” of the 4 Caesars up to the Cross, and the last 4 Presidents, now including Ahaz as a “tax man”, and class discussion.

- Email (and S.N. Haskell) note that Mohammad II woke up at “midnight” in 1451 with a desire to take Constantinople, which the “wall” fell in 1453 at the MC. Therefore 1449 = 8-11-40 and 1453 = MC in 1844 (also the SL). If God’s people give an “interpretation” at the MC, then the “prediction” must be at MD. (Question; then do the “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers” all have a separate “prediction” at their relative “midnight” points?)

- Louis Were predicted back in the 1950’s that “Protestantism” would unite with the papacy to bring down the USSR (in 1989).

- If ALL the kings are “troubled at MD”, then a lot of prophetic information has to be put at that point, and the “one hour” is left hanging.

- Litch & Snow’s predictions prophetically both occur at MD (“tidings out of the east & north”), which “trouble” the KofN, and help to bring the MC in a 2-stage fashion.


6-30-16. Dialog Part 1

- The “candlestick” pattern is reviewed (originally connected with the “opening of the temple” study) with more connections being made.

- “Parallel kingdoms”, Jeff lines up 4 Roman kings at the end of ancient Israel, with the first 4 kings of ancient Israel, with the last 4 Presidents of the USA.

- “38”, Jeff reviews the presently understood connections at MD-MC-SL, 1449-1453 (end of sovereignty & “4”, plus “Islamic Caliphate established” that “troubles the kings” at “midnight”, even without an Islamic strike). Whatever the “sign of Jonah” is at MD, we have to be able to recognize it apart from all the other excitement going on, and then enter our own “marah” experience as Jonah did.

- The man that cast cannons for Mehmet II against Constantinople came from Europe, so a possible parallel would be that someone from the USA would give ISIS nuclear technology to use against the USA. The “sign of Jonah” has something to do with Islam at every Waymark. Rev. 9 shows that Islam is “loosed” at MD (a “Caliphate” is established) then strikes at the MC. Litch had the “tidings from the East” = Islam, and Snow had the “tidings from the North” = Papacy.


6-29-16. 1838.

- Ps. 48, at 9/11, kings “troubled”, “day of the east wind”, “fear”. At MC, “haste”. Ps. 83, “tempest”, “troubled”, “perish”. Lk.21:20, considering the “binding off” from 66-70 AD. The“sign” of Cestius at 66 AD (MD), then 1260 days until Titus arrived to destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD (MC). Cestius withdrew because of “fear” at MD (also Belshazzar’s fear). The pain & fear of the “kings” increases from 9/11 onward “as a woman in travail”.

- The “38/40” years (Dt. 2:14, Josh. 5:6), “rise up”, “king’s fear”, a “report” at MD. (John 5:5) “38”, “angel comes down” and “troubles the water”, “healing”. 1 Ki. 16:29, “38th year of Asa”, Ahab (the 7th northern king during Asa’s reign) began to reign & married Jezebel (unholy marriage) at MD. 2 Ki. 15:8, “38th year of Azariah, Zachariah (“remember” = Sabbath/Sunday crisis).

- Eze. 12, (effect of every vision), “vain visions” at MD, when the “Church Triumphant” begins. Jer. 15:19, two classes separate into the “precious from the vile” at 4-19-44 at the “tarrying time”. The faithful become as “God’s mouth” (Acts 3:21) SOP restored (Dt. 18:18) “Prophet raised up from among thy brethren” (Mt. 10:19) “what ye shall speak” to be given in “that same hour”, against both “governors & kings”.  

- Litch’s “38/40” prediction “gave power to the message” at MD. Jeff argues for “38/40” as at the same “MD” Waymark, but the “10 days” is from MD > MC when the message re. Islam being restrained is “empowered” by its fulfillment. The “methodology” was empowered.

- Snow’s prediction (based on Miller/Litch’s empowered “methodology”) was also given at MD/MC but was “empowered” at its fulfillment at 10-22-44 (the SL). Jeff does not want to say Snow’s prediction was “empowered” at both the MC & SL. Need to make a difference between a “prediction” and “empowerment” at its fulfillment. EGW uses “impetus”.

- Lk. 21:25 “distress of nations” in 1838 (U. Smith’s D&R, a “restraint” of Islam in 1838) parallels “angering of the nations” (Rev. 11:18). Tyler suggests a parallel between 1838-1840 & 1449-1453, nations distressed by Islam in both cases. (Reading from S.N. Haskell’s “Seer of Patmos”.) In 1449 Rome voluntarily took its restraint off of Islam “prophetically”, but by the fall of Constantinople in 1453 the restraint was off of Islam “literally”. In 1451 Mehemet II “woke up” at “midnight” to begin his plans for conquest, and hires a “bomb-maker” to take down the “walls”. The “walls” today are in the USA (marriage, the Constitution, Sabbath), the (nuke?) “bomb-maker” (Iran?) is “troubling” the “kings of the earth”.  A “prediction” is at MD, and the “bomb” will go off at the MC, taking down the “walls” (of the US Constitution with martial law as one example).


6-28-16. Litch & Snow.

- Class discusses moving the “budding trees of Spring” on the Waymarks & Reformline, and the prophetic markers for the “sprinkling” of the H.S.

- The fulfillment of Litch’s 1838 & 8-01-40 predictions on 8-11-40 “empowers” the 7-19-44 & (25 days) 8-15-44 predictions of Snow re. 10-22-44 (by establishing the methodology of the “Year-Day Principle” which Snow used). Litch’s prophecy marked the opening of the judgment for that generation, and Snow’s marked the end. There is a “prediction” and a “message” at MD, MC, SL; but discussion focuses on MD when Daniel is both spiritually “dead” and “resurrected” at the same time to give his prediction, with another “resurrection” and “empowerment” at the MC. Litch as “Joseph before Pharaoh” at MD, and Snow as “Daniel before Nebuchadnezzar/Belshazzar” at the MC.


6-27-16. Q/A & Kings

- Dan. 11. Class discusses the possible parallel of the last 4 Roman emperors at the time of the Cross (a type of the Sunday law in the USA) to the last 4 Presidents of the USA, with consideration of the prophetic “last 4 kings” of Judah, and other sequences of kings. In the Caesars it appears that the “taxes guy” comes just before the Cross/SL, which compares favorably with Obama as a “raiser of taxes” before the “king” who brings in the SL. Suggestion that Dan. 11:5-39 may be a fractal of v.40-45.


6-26-16. Week 8 Summary by Tyler.

- Mon. 6-20, “Out of the Cities”. In the destruction of Jerusalem there was a “sign” (MC, 1st Sunday Law) before the city was destroyed. Cestius in the Fall (DOA), Titus in the Spring (Passover). There will be a “3-fold union” of Papists, Protestants and Worldlings (spiritualism). The courts will be as a “lion’s den” for God’s people. 1 Cor. 1:22, “For the Jews [SDAs] require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:”, but the Jews missed their “sign” … and Adventism is missing it too. 

- Tues. 6-21, Christ arrested, DA Ch. 75, reading and class discussion of how those events will repeat. He was taken at “midnight” and charged first with “sedition” then “blasphemy”. His accusers progressively closed their probations. Tyler points out the deadly conflicts created by interpreting the Scriptures literally rather than spiritually. The rending of Caiaphas’ robe as high priest symbolized the separation of the nation from God, and parallels the rending of the veil in the temple which symbolized the separation of God from the nation.    

- Wed. 6-22, Theodore Turner did a study on Song of Solomon, Chs. 3 & 5, focusing on “doublings” at the “binding off”, “waking up”, the wise & foolish virgins seeking their spouses, the “watchmen”.

- Daniel did Luke 1 (the Line of Elizabeth), with emphasis on the MD > MC time, and the 2 “Woes” of Rev. 9, with comparison to Moses at the Burning Bush. The part about Mary “after those days” goes back to 9/11 as a repeating sequence of events, and Zacharias “speaks” at the SL. The angel says “Fear not” to both Zacharias and Mary.

- “38/40” review (rebels all died off, nations begin to fear). Question & discussion about is “38” or “9/11” or are other numbers prophetic anywhere they appear, even as part of a larger number, or as chapter & verse numbers? We have to consider the context. (Tania points out that we happen to be living in Ch. 38 of the Great Controversy now.)

- Thurs. 6-23 (no class video available). Class discussed an email re. parallel kingdoms, ie. the USA both rising and falling during the same prophetic sequence. Some discussion of 4 kings of Pagan Rome as parallel to today.


6-22-16. (the “binding off” in) Solomon & Luke 1, by Theodore Turner & Bro. Daniel .

- SoS 5:1 (Isa. 21:9-12, 2nd Angel’s Message.) 9/11 = song, vineyard, garden, eating/drinking, milk/honey/wine = doctrine.  V.2, MD = “wake up”, 4 synonyms, dew = H.S. sprinkling.  V.3, MC = double “inquiry”, beloved not found by “foolish” virgins. (“Shulamite” = feminine form of Solomon.) SoS. 3:1, MD = “night”, MC = “sought & found not” x2, then “found” by “wise” virgins. (Isa. 21:11-12, “watchmen” keep time. The hours of the night & day are the same symbol.)

- Lk. 1, at 9/11 Elizabeth is “hidden” “5 months”. Bro. Daniel gives a brief review of the 1st 2 “Woes” with emphasis on the 6th month which is the “binding off” from MD > MC. Mary goes in “haste” in the 6th month (MC) and Elizabeth gives the “Loud Cry”, Mary also makes a prophecy. Zacharias “speaks” at the SL (also Rev. 13:11, Num. 22. Balaam). Zecharias’ “lot” at MC. Suggested that “fear not” in 1:13, 30 both show the MC. v.21, Zacharias “tarried” at 9/11. V.24, “after those days” marks the beginning of a repeating sequence, parallel w/Dan. 4:29.  Lots of class discussion of when Zacharias is struck dumb. Some parallels to Moses at the Burning Bush and his being stopped by an angel are discussed too.

- Class reads a “thought paper” on “38” & “40” by Jeff. Dt. 2:13-14, Jn. 5:5, rise up, fear/trembling, report, wasted-out, “angel comes down”& “healing” at MD. Jonah 1:7, “for whose cause the trouble has come” (Elijah as the “troubler”). “Astonied” “one hour”, then fully “made-up number” of “12” “Priests” “speak” at the MC (Eze. 12:25). (The MC is a type of the SL so there are many similar characteristics.)  Tania notes that we are presently in Ch. 38 of the Great Controversy.


6-21-16. Christ Arrested.

- The scenes of Christ’s betrayal, arrest, trial & condemnation will be repeated in our day. DA 699, His difficult task was to keep to the role He had chosen as a man and not use His divinity under abuse. Being arrested at “midnight” means that we are sealed for eternity, “bound” and “condemned” by the “rabble” of Jerusalem/Adventism. Class discusses double occurrences of words in the passage that may apply to our MD > MC time. Caiaphas rends his robe signaling the end of the old corrupt priesthood and the beginning of the new “Priesthood” (Church Triumphant) at MD > MC. God later rends the veil in the temple, and then Stephen is stoned by the Sanhedrin, showing a progressive closing of Jewish probation. The judgments pronounced upon Christ were eventually fulfilled on themselves when Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.


6-20-16. Out of the City.

- Class discusses GC 588- . The MC is marked by the first of a series of Sunday laws, and Satan will appear “as an angel of light” with false “miracles of healing” (19MR 358.1), therefore Satan will appear as a “great doctor” in “thousands of cities” (RH, Sept. 10, 1903. {Ev 29.4}) suffering the judgments of God (the “4 sore judgments” of Eze. 14:21), “impending destruction” (EV 29).

- There will be a “3-fold union” of Papists, Protestants and Worldlings (spiritualism). The courts will be as a “lion’s den” for God’s people. “Fallen angels” will unite with people, and will “deify” antichrist. TM, 62 (1893). {LDE 168.2}. At the SL he will “personate” Christ to the world.

- {7T 153.2} “bind (off) the law among my disciples” from 9/11 > MC, then “a confederacy” of Satan’s agents. “Christ had bidden His people watch for the signs of His advent… He pointed His followers to the budding trees of spring,” Luke 21:28, 30, 31. {GC 308.2}.

- (CL 11, 14,21,31-32), when the first Sunday Laws begin at the MC it will be SDAs last chance to get out of the cities, or never, because they will die in the destruction of that city. (Current collapse of Venezuela as an illustration.) They will have either the “image of the beast” (Omega apostasy) or the “image of Christ” by then. “Make haste to get ready”.

- The Jews did not know what their “sign” to get out was. (SDA’s do not see Islam as a “sign” to get out.) Cestius withdrew from the 1st siege of Jerusalem because of “fear” (kings troubled) from another source (Islam is suggested). It was the Christians’ last chance to escape (MC), and the next President is the last one.


6-19-16. Week 7 Summary by Michael.

- Mon. 6-13, Rev. 9 & Lk.1 by Michelle, and Rev. 11 by Heidi. Arjan briefly summarizes the “3 Woes” and Michael draws the first 2 “Woes” (1229-1449 & 1449-1840) on the board. Michael also draws Rev. 11 briefly, with emphasis on the “binding off” at the end of the 1260 “wilderness”, the French Revolution, and how that is a type of the USA as the “2-horned beast”.  Jeff reviewed the major Waymarks (1989, 9/11, MC, SL) and that each mark the end of a “wilderness”.  The important point is that the end of each “wilderness” is the “binding off” time, and the persecution during each “wilderness” sheds light on the “binding off”. Jeff reviewed Dan. 10 with emphasis on the “prediction” and “target audience”, and pointed out that the relevant nations are those “noted in the scriptures of truth” (v.21) ….NOT the historical records of nations. The principle is that “prophecy defines history, not that history defines prophecy”. Michael reviews Jeff’s study on Dan.11:1-4 how that Medo-Persia and Greece BOTH can be types of the USA (as the USA by itself, and the USA plus the U.N. together).  Class discusses v.4, how the USA can be “divided toward the 4 winds”.

- Tues. 6-14, Michael on “Tyre”. Isa. 23, Eze. 1, 26-28 (“Tyre” is symbolic of the papacy and “Babylon” is symbolic of the USA). Tyre is “forgotten for the days of one king” = 70 years, which prophetically is the time of the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy, the USA. In Eze. 26 “Tyrus” is a type of the USA, progressively (economically, Isa. 23:18) being destroyed “broken” by the “KofN” papacy/Babylon (2 Ki. 25).

- Class discusses the fall of Adventism’s GC structure at the SL.

- Jeff described that at the MC, the “Message”, like that given to Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar (Ahab/Herod, good Pharaoh/bad Pharaoh), is that your kingdom is over, and whoever the US President is at that time will be the last President (see Jeff’s 6-18-16 Lambert Fellowship sermon).

- Michael discusses Dan. 11:3, how that Alexander the Great’s revenge attack on Persia was actually several kings down the line from Xerxes, not an immediate retaliation. The principle is that “prophecy defines history, not history defines prophecy”.

- Wed. 6-15, Jeff addressed an email question that suggested, prophetically, the priests of Baal & Elijah do their things at the same time rather than consecutively, and class discussion. Then Jeff addressed another email question re. the butler & baker at the “binding off”. Joseph is already “bound off” as a “Priest” at MD, and he interprets the “dreams” of the “Levites”.  The moral characters of the butler & baker (as “Levites”) are already sealed & separated (everlasting gospel) when they are “bound off” in the prison (from MC > SL), and then physically separated at “Pharaoh’s birthday” = SL. The interpretation of the “Levites” “dream” IS the “prediction” at MD and fulfilled at the MC. Then Jeff made the class think about & discuss using “18” as a symbol for 1818, “38” as a symbol of 1838, “40” as a symbol of 1840, and “50” as a symbol of 1850 as valid prophetic tools everywhere the numbers appear in either the Bible or prophetic history (without considering their historical context). Lesson is to avoid fanatical reasoning without proper Bible support. “New Light” is an unfolding of established truth.

- Thurs. 6-16, Jeff brought an email with questions about several issues to help the class think about other peoples’ viewpoints and established truths; the “binding off” for the beginning and ending of ancient Israel, and the “king’s fear” at “midnight”, and the “sign of Jonah”.


6-18-16. Lambert Sermon, Jeff.

- Dan. 10:18-19, Daniel’s 3rd “touch” and double “be strong” = MC. “Persia” =  USA (2-horned powers) and “Grecia” = U.N., therefore Dan. 11 is about the transition from the USA to the U.N. (at the SL) as the next world-power (from the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy to the 7th kingdom).

- The next US President will be the last, and will bring in the Sunday law. Dan. 11:4, “dominion” = a “parallel” dominion (the USA + UN). The MC = the first SL “agitation”- debate. Joel 3:9, at the SL the “mighty” “wake up”. Eze. 14:12-23, “4 sore judgments” (famine, beasts, sword, pestilence) on “Jerusalem” in the “glorious land” = USA. RH 5-2-93, corrupt justice system.

- At the MC there is the Sunday “decree”, national ruin begins, false miracles, calamities, famine (caused by Islam & civil war), martial law, despotism, the “Image test” in the USA (5T 712-718), which awakens the world, and there will be “false witnesses” against God’s people.

- 3 “Day of the Lord” crises to come (for the “Priests” at MD, the “Levites” at MC & “11th hour workers” at the SL. Conviction that comes from the Holy Spirit comes from the knowledge of the prophetic events that are coming. (Nice sermons on the love of Jesus will not bring the kind of conviction the Holy Spirit can use in the coming crisis.)

- IRS to be used to arrest God’s people on trumped-up tax-evasion charges (Ezra 4:20-24), and be “treated as traitors” (6T 394.2).


6-16-16. King’s Fear.

- Jeff discusses an email. DA 495, two parables that illustrate the “binding off”. The 3 steps are “ask, seek, knock”, and at the 3rd step the “door” is either open or closed. The friend asks for “bread” at “midnight”, and “speedily” (“suddenly” Mal. 3:1) justice comes at the 3rd step = judgment. 

- King’s awake at “midnight”. In the storm on the lake the disciples “cry” at “midnight” we “perish” 2x = MC doubling, and the “wind” (of Islam) is “restrained”.

- Jonah, “Dove” at Christ’s baptism = death/resurrection = “sign” of Jonah. “Ship” to “Tarshish”, mariners “afraid” of the “wind” and throw their valuables into the “sea”, all connect to Islam. “3 days” in the whale = Jesus’ “3 days” in the tomb = the “binding off”. “9/11” was “imperfect” for the “Priests” & “Levites” (MC), but the “9/11” (at SL) for the “11th hr. workers” will be the “perfect” fulfillment of “9/11”.

- Ps. 48, the “kings” look to “Jerusalem” then they are “afraid” (Cestius retreats from the siege of Jerusalem in 66 AD (MD) because of some “fear”, and there is a 1260-day persecution [“wilderness”] before Titus arrives at the MC) [also symbolic of 126 & 2520]. Ps. 83, “10 kings” “consulted against Thy hidden ones” until MD.

- “Appointed time” (Isa. 45:1), Belshazzar’s “loins loosed” at MD & MC (Ps. 69:20-23, Jesus given vinegar at the 3rd & 9th hours, Mk.15:23, 36 [“3rd hour” could be 9/11 too]), and then “open before [Cyrus] the two-leaved gates”. There was a “door opened” as well as a “door closed” on 10-22-44 (and the SL is the perfect fulfillment), preceded by an “imperfect appointed time fulfillment” at the MC.

- Dan. 4 & 5, at MD, both Nebuchadnezzar (4:7) & Belshazzar (5:4) call in “4 foolish virgin” wisemen, who speak in “Syriac”, and “accuse” God’s people re. taxes & sedition. 

- Gen. 41, Pharaoh’s 2 dreams at 9/11 & MD (9/11 shares many of the same characteristics as MD), and therefore are “established” by the “2nd witness” (Jehoiachin = “establish”) at MD.

- FCE 335, EGW rebukes time-setting for “the day of the Lord” when probation closes. So we don’t know exactly “when” it is, but we do know “what” it is, it is the “binding off” time. For the “Priests” it is MD-MC, for the “Levites” MC-SL, and for the “11th hr. workers” it is from the SL to CP.


6-15-16. Elijah & Joseph.

- Email question: 1 Ki. 18:27, suggests that, prophetically, the priests of Baal & Elijah do their things at the same time rather than consecutively, and class discussion. Also that Nebuchadnezzar’s 3 replies to the magicians are the 3 tests or “binding off” from MD > MC, which connects to an earlier question of “when do the kings wake up”, and learn the “secret”? Email appeals to Esther 3:12 as at MD rather than 9/11, and Ezra 4:15, a decree to stop the work at MD (like Christ was arrested at MD). Also Daniel comes in to reveal the “secret thing” to Cyrus at MD (Isa. 45:3), possibly “the prediction”.

- Gen. 40, Jeff wants to study the “2 Pharaohs” and the butler & baker at the “binding off” in connection with Daniel. Joseph is already “bound off” as a “Priest” at MD, and he interprets the “dreams” of the “Levites”.  The moral characters of the butler & baker (as “Levites”) are already sealed & separated (everlasting gospel) when they are “bound off” in the prison (from MC > SL), and then physically separated at “Pharaoh’s birthday” = SL. The interpretation of the “Levites” “dream” IS the “prediction” at MD and fulfilled at the MC (but there is another dream-interpretation-prediction at the MC for the “11th hr. workers” which is fulfilled at the SL).

- Jeff makes the class think about & discuss using “18” as a symbol for 1818, “38” as a symbol of 1838, “40” as a symbol of 1840, and “50” as a symbol of 1850 as valid prophetic tools everywhere the numbers appear in either the Bible or prophetic history (without considering their historical context). Michael notes that in the context of the history of the Exodus “38” & “40” mean the same year (or the MD > MC “binding off” time).


6-14-16. The Last President.

- Principle: “national apostasy leads to national ruin”. The first Sunday law at the MC will be followed by a judgment of God, and more severe Sunday laws will be followed by more severe judgments of God, until the 7 Last Plagues.  So whoever the President is at the first Sunday law, he will be the last President because “the final movements will be rapid ones” (9T 11.2). USA’s borders are open to flood the USA with Catholics (not Democrats) who will uphold the Pope’s Sunday Laws.


6-14-16. Tyre.

- Jeff begins by comparing the “line of Joseph” as the “beginning line”, and the “line of Moses” as the “end line”, trying to discover exactly what our message is going to be when at the MC we, as “Joseph” give our message to “Pharaoh/Nebuchadnezzar/Belshazzar”.

- Michael presents “Tyre”. Isa. 23, Eze. 1, 26-28 (as symbolic of the papacy and “Babylon”), is “forgotten for the days of one king” = 70 years (607/606BC > 538/537BC), which prophetically is the time of the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy (Rev. 17), the USA (1798 > SL), but it is not the destruction of Babylon. In Eze. 26 “Tyre” is a type of the USA, progressively (economically, Isa. 23:18) being destroyed by the “KofN” papacy/Babylon from 586BC > 570BC (2 Ki. 25, 2 Chron. 36, Jer. 52). Class reads 2 Ki. 25, with some comments.

- At the MC, the “Message”, like that given to Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar (Ahab/Herod, good Pharaoh/bad Pharaoh), is that your kingdom is over, and whoever the US President is at that time will be the last President.



6-13-16. Rev. 9 & 11 by Michelle & Heidi.

- Michelle (sealing, wild man, pregnancies). Rev. 9:4 “external”, “earth/sea/trees” = a sealing at MC, SL, CP. Illustrations are Joseph & Gideon. 20MR 217 = “4 winds” = “angry horse” = “wild man” (Ishmael, Gen. 16:12, Num. 22:21, Rev. 9:7). Jer. 22:18-22, Jehoiakim, “ass” & “wind” “eats”.  Gen. 41:63, “east wind” “eats” & causes famine, Ps. 48:7 “breaks the ships of Tarshish”, Hos. 13:15, “dries waters”. Lk. 1, Mary & Elizabeth (hidden 5 months, then the “1 month” “binding off”) and they both prophesy at the MC.

- Heidi Turner, Rev. 11, “Sodom & Egypt” (of Revolutionary France at the end of the 1260 “wilderness”) are symbolic of homosexuality & atheism. At MD there is a “wake up”, an “ascension” & “judgment”, and at the MC there is another (or continuing) “ascension”, a “breathing” & “earthquake”, where the “2 witnesses” are slain (representing the OT & NT, and French Revolution in 1793). Zech. 4:1-6, the “2 olive trees” & “double inquiry” at MD > MC. Rev. 11:7-13, the “2 witnesses” are resurrected “breathe” again, and “ascend”, and an “earthquake” destroys 1/10th of the “city” (one of the 10 toes of Dan. 2). Suggestion is made that “an earthquake” happens every time “an angel comes down” (at every Waymark).

- Jeff reviews how that the major Waymarks (1989, 9/11, MC, SL) are represented by Manasseh, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah; and that they all represent an expression of the “7 times”, which is also a “wilderness” (which is also “70 years”). The “wilderness” before 1989 is Rev. 12:6, 14; the “wilderness” before 9/11 is David’s time in En-Gedi (when Saul became demonic); the “wilderness” from 9/11 > MC is David’s time in Paran (where he came from to meet Abigail). Therefore each “king” & “wilderness” can represent a separate “70 years” which agrees with Theodore Turner’s thesis.  The important point is that the end of each “wilderness” is the “binding off” time, and the persecution during each “wilderness” sheds light on the “binding off”.

- Dan. 10, the “prediction” and “message” to be given at the MC. v. 1-3, the “21 days” (a hot topic but Jeff limited the discussion for another time). v. 4-6 = the “mareh-marah” vision. V.13-15, all “2-horned powers” represent the USA (Republicanism & Protestantism) at the end of the world. v. 18 = “3rd touch”. v.19, “be strong” x2 = MC. v.20 “Grecia” = USA + U.N. at the SL. v.21, “noted in the scriptures of truth”….NOT the historical records of nations.

- Dan.11:1-3 “notes” that the 4th “rich” king stirs up Alexander the Great, but history says there are several other Persian kings between the attack of Xerxes and Alexander’s reprisal (true, but that is irrelevant to the prophetic symbolism). V.4, “And when he shall stand up” at the SL, as the 7th kingdom of Bible prophecy (the USA + UN) “he shall be broken and divided toward the four winds” (also Dan. 8:8). The parallel is in Rev. 11 where “the 10th part of the city fell” (France), only in this case the “10th part” that “falls” is the independence and sovereignty of the United States (as the 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy) as it is absorbed into the U.N./Masonic/Catholic/Islamic New World Order (the 7th kingdom of Bible prophecy), or the leading “king” [“Ahab”] of the “10 kings [“10 northern tribes”] that have no kingdom as yet” (Rev. 17).  “4 winds” = Eze. 14:12:21, of the “4 sore judgments” the “famine” may be BOTH literal & spiritual (5MR 305.4, Amos 8:11). In Isa. 23 Tyre symbolizes papal “Babylon” which typifies the USA. (Some little speculation about the message being “hidden” up to MD, and the “hidden book” the Apocrypha.)


6-12-16. Week 6 Summary by Arjan.

- Mon. 6-6, (Carmel), students are compiling a list of two witnesses to characteristics of the MD > MC time. Class discussed whether the 4th  “Hold!” is at the 1st or 3rd Waymark (1989 or MD). The 4 “Hold!” are for the “sealing” of the 144,000 which we have said begins at 9/11 rather than 1989.  Class discusses the “loosening” and “Hold!” of Islam from all the way back from 8-11-1840 to the 9/11 > MD > MC time today. An EGW quote is brought out that suggests there are 3 more “Hold!” to come after EGW’s time, in the “4th generation”, which is from 1957 (QOD) to the SL. The “3rd generation” in Adventism was from 1919 (“Doctrine of Christ”) to 1957 (Questions On Doctrine) … an “alpha & omega” of apostasy, and “books of a new order” (1SM 104.2). 

- Tues. 6-7, (3-fold union). Student presentations didn’t line up the same way on the Waymarks, so Arjan & the class review. From MD > MC, “Herod” = SDA union w/State in 1863, “Herodias” = Nominal Adventism, “Salome” = False “disciples of 9/11”. From MC > SL, “Herod” = US Gov’t, “Herodias” = US Catholics, “Salome” = apostate Protestants & apostate SDAs. From SL > CP, “Herod” = U.N., “Herodias” = global Catholics, “Salome” = global apostate Protestants.

- Wed. 6-8 (Deception). Jeff suggests that “fire from heaven” is not a point in time but a span of time. GC 611-612, there is a “progressive” blotting out of sins from 9/11 > CP. GC 553, H.S. power and “similar manifestations of satanic power” also “increase” over the span of time from MD > SL & Satan’s “personation” of Christ. 2 Thess. 2:10, the “strong delusion” begins at MD for the “Priests”, at MC for the “Levites” and at the SL for the “world”, and increases until the Close of Probation, and some discussion regarding the “process” of our own personal “close of probation”.


6-9-16. Revelation 8.

- Hygor describes the 7 Trumpets. Constantine’s Sunday law in 321 AD was the sign for “national apostasy leads to national ruin”. 1st Trumpet is based on Alaric’s alliance with Rome, the USA made an alliance with Rome in 1989. 2nd Trumpet, Genseric destroys shipping and the economy of Rome (Isa. 23:1 & 15, Eze. 27 [“east wind” Ex. 10], Rev. 18, Dan. 11: 30). 9/11, “east wind” of Islam attacks the economy of the USA. 3rd Trumpet, Attila the Hun, “Wormwood” = “bitter” at the MC (Lk. 1 + Ruth 1, “Marah” = bitter). 4th Trumpet, Odoacer, end of Western Rome = USA at the SL, the end of the “days of 1 king” and the “Harlot” begins to “sing”. 

- Jeff continues: the modern parallel to the 5th Trumpet is at 1989 but the “Woe” begins at 9/11 and continues “5 months” to MD where the 6th Trumpet/2nd Woe begin together. The “4” years at the beginning of the 6th Trumpet (from 1449-1453) mark from MD > MC and the “4” years at the ending of the 6th Trumpet (1840-1844) mark from the MC > SL. The SL marks the beginning of the 7th Trumpet. A “star falls” (Mohammad) at the beginning of the 5th in 1989, and another “star falls” (Attila) at the beginning of the 6th at the MC.

- “The Time of the End” is at 1989 for the “Priests”, 9/11 for the “Levites” and MD for the “11th hr. workers”. Before the “TOE” for each group is the “time of ignorance” (Acts 17:30).

- Theodore Turner observes that the same sequence of prophetic Waymarks (“structure”) from 1989 to the Close of Probation appears all over the Bible in its various histories (and Wm. Miller’s dreams).

- The “Berlin Wall” came down at midnight November 9 (11/9) and the next Waymark was 9/11. Suggestion is made that some “wall”, either literal or symbolic, will come down at MD.

- When Daniel gives an interpretation it is always at the MC (Chs. 2 & 4, to Nebuchadnezzar. Ch. 5 to Belshazzar). MC = “Image test” in the USA, so (in the “external” sense) symbols of the “union of Ch. & State” fit there (Herod/State, Herodias/Protestant Church in control, and Salome [dance of deception] is promised Herod’s “half of the kingdom”).

- In 1844 the USA Protestant “horn” was conquered, and at 9/11 the USA State “horn” was conquered (with the USA Patriot Act), but at the MC/“Image test” the Protestant “horn” arises again to get control of the State. “Internally” (in Adventism) Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar are the “wise & foolish” virgins in Chs. 5 & 6.

- The “kings” are the “target audience”, and “the message” is (Dan. 2, 7, 8, 9, 10-12) the rise & fall of kingdoms (and churches & individuals). Part of “the message” is the “old paths”, externally to the U.S. State, the “old paths” are the U.S. Constitution which rejected “kingly power” and established the “separation of Church & State”. (Internally, the “old paths” of Adventism are the 1843 & 1850 Charts.)

- In Dan. 4 Nebuchadnezzar’s “kingly power & pride tree” is cut down and “falls” (also when Balaam & the “ass” both fall). The “fall” of Nimrod’s Babylon is a type of every “fall” of Babylon. (The already “fallen” apostate “Protestant” churches of America are already spiritual “Babylon”, ready to be cut down.) In Dan. 5 Belshazzar’s “foolish virgin” Babylon is cut down (by the 2520).

- The “prediction” is the dreams of Dan. 2 & 4 (unclear whether at 9/11 or MD), and the “handwriting” in Ch. 5 is at MD, but the explanations are given at the MC.


6-8-16. Deception.

- Jeff suggests that “fire from heaven” is not a point in time but a span of time.

- Jesus “lifted up” on the cross = death to self in the “binding off” time (and maybe literal death from persecution), Isa. 5:26, 11:10-12, the “ensign lifted up”. Isa. 18:3, “ensign” & “trumpet” (1844 was the “imperfect” 7th Trumpet, but the SL will be the “perfect” fulfillment of the 7th Trumpet). Isa. 30:8-18, turned “out of the path”, SL = a “breach”, “swelling in a high wall”. Zech. 9:16, “as a crown, lifted up as an ensign”.

- “Fire from heaven”, whether Elijah’s “holy” fire, or the “unholy” fire of Rev. 13:13 is the same prophetic symbol, but the priests of Baal counterfeit came first (the counterfeit always precedes the true). GC 611-612, progressive blotting out of sins from 9/11 > CP. GC 553, H.S. power and “similar manifestations of satanic power” too over a span of some time. 2 Thess. 2:10, “strong delusion” begins at MD for the “Priests”, MC for the “Levites” and at the SL for the “world”. The contrast between “sealed” Christ & Barabbas “could be seen by all” {RH January 23, 1900, Art. A, par. 5}. Sabbath or Sunday is as Christ or Barabbas {ST March 12, 1894, par. 4}, (DA 738.5). There is a process of rejecting the H.S., and its removal from the world, “Just to that degree that light is refused and rejected will there be misconception and misunderstanding. Those who reject Christ and choose Barabbas will work under a ruinous deception. Misrepresentation, the bearing of false witness, will grow under open rebellion....” {3SM 416.2}. It’s a progressive process. After the SL Satan will “personate” Christ (5BC 1105.8), but the spiritualistic “strong delusion” begins at MD for the “Priests”, which is the “imperfect fulfillment” of “fire from heaven” at the SL. Every legislative act of concession to the papacy (USA Patriot Act) typifies the final Sunday Law. Class discusses message “arrivals” & “empowerments”.

- Betrayal. “Near the end of the world’s history Satan’s deceptive workings will lead men to choose Barabbas, Barabbas!” {5BC 1106.1-3}. The scenes of Christ’s betrayal will be reenacted (for the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”), false brethren will lead the Catholics to Present Truth people at MD (Sp.M.p.2), therefore some prophetic event has to happen before MD to enrage the masses & destroy “temporal prosperity” (so that they will look for a scapegoat).

- At the SL the choice is between “Christ” or “Barabbas”, and “Satan is full of malignant hatred" (TM 37.1). “Kings and rulers and governors have placed upon themselves the brand of antichrist, and are represented as the dragon who goes to make war with the saints—with those who keep the commandments of God” (TM 38.1-2).

- Up to the MC the choice is between truth and error, “Unsanctified ministers” …. “will stand in our pulpits (of Adventism) with the torch of false prophecy in their hands, kindled from the hellish torch of Satan” {TM 409-410}. Choosing between true and false prophecy will take a period of time.



6-7-16. 3-fold Union.

- PK 151-153 reading continued: True prophet is contrasted with the false prophets at the MC. Elijah is a “Priest” calling the “Levites” to true worship, the “joining of the two sticks”. The “fire” (falling fire or pillar of fire) at the SL separates the true & false God, the true & false “Levites”, and the true & false “Word”.

- Class discusses the Close of Probation for various groups. Adventism wrongly teaches it is a single event for all the world, but actually, it is a progressive process that travels around the world, and is based on each individual’s light and accountability, beginning with those in moral leadership positions.  (audio/video freezes from 44:50-46:20)

- MC = begin of the SL crisis in the USA (the Waymarks are also the “appointed times”). When the events of “Herod’s birthday” occur in the USA the “3-fold union” is: “Herod” = State, “Salome” = apostate Protestantism, “Herodias” = Catholicism in the USA (and “John” is “beheaded” at the SL).  

- “I saw the nominal church and nominal Adventists (two groups, as the priests of Baal & prophets of the groves), like Judas, would betray us to the Catholics to obtain their influence to come against the truth. The saints then will be an obscure people, little known to the Catholics; but the churches and nominal Adventists who know of our faith and customs (for they hated us on account of the Sabbath, for they could not refute it) will betray the saints and report them to the Catholics as those who disregard the institutions of the people; that is, that they keep the Sabbath and disregard Sunday.” {SpM 1.5} Spaulding & Magan, p.1, par. 5. (parenthetical statement mine)

- The “obscure people” logically must not be the 18 million SDAs (and schools and medical centers), because they are known throughout the world, but rather the few “obscure” Present Truth believers.

- SL = death to the false priests & prophets (also John the Baptist). Discussion of the 6th & 9th hours as applied to the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”.  

- The General Conference “SDA Name = Trademark” court-battles already prove the GC is “nominal Adventist”, which means “Adventist in name only”.

- Suggestion that at MD “Salome” would be false “disciples of 9/11”, “Herodias” would be the “nominal Adventists”, and “Herod” would be the “State”, and possibly “Herod” married “Herodias” in 1863 (when Adventism registered with the US Gov’t to get conscientious objector non-combatant status for SDA young men during the Civil War).


6-6-16. Carmel.

- 1 Ki. 18, “prophets of Baal” = male deity, “priests of the groves” = Ashtoreth = female deity. Elijah repairs the altar at “9th hour”. Discussion of whether all the “binding off” times have the same characteristics. The first “binding off” “arrival” of the message (at MD for the “Priests”) is a bit different than the other “binding off” starts in that there is no “empowerment” of a message there.

- Further discussion of whether to put a “Hold!” at the 1st or 3rd Waymark (1989 or MD). The 4 “Hold!” are for the “sealing” of the 144,000 which we have said begins at 9/11 rather than 1989. Michael points out that Islam was both “loosed” in 1449 (MD) to attack Christendom but still “restrained” in that they could only “hurt” not “kill”, plus Islam did not attack right away but there was a time of calm even after Islam was “loosed”. Hygor points out the role of “progression” and preparation to strike after Islam was “loosed” in 1449. An EGW quote is brought out that suggests there are 3 more “Hold!” to come after EGW’s time, in the “4th generation”, which is from 1957 (QOD) to the SL. The “3rd generation” in Adventism was from 1919 (“Doctrine of Christ”) to 1957 (Questions On Doctrine) … an “alpha & omega” of apostasy, and “books of a new order”.

- 1 Ki. 18 (PK 148-151) reading continued: priests of Baal continue false worship to “mid-day” = MC (6th hr./12 p.m.) until they give up in fatigue, then Elijah at SL (9th hr./3 p.m./evening sacrifice) then “fire from heaven” (HS = Pentecost).


6-5-16. Week 5 Summary by Tyler.

- Mon. 5-30, Num. 22, Balaam by William Pitt. In 1989 the “darkness” is past and it goes “from night to morning”, and the “ass” of Islam is “saddled” and “ridden” by Balaam. V. 22, “Two servants” = 2nd Angel’s message at 9/11 (or the 2 angels that met Lot, Gen. 19). V.21, “princes of Moab” as world leaders, or U.S. leaders.

- Tyler explains that the symbols of Bible prophecy define history for us, therefore Balaam’s two evil servants can symbolize the 2nd Angel’s message for us. Also, the nations of Bible prophecy are not the nations of world history, Egypt, Assyria and Israel were “world powers” before Babylon.

- Class discusses just when “Balaam” gets his foot crushed against a “wall” by the “ass”. Older members point out the first “wall” was the literal “Berlin Wall” that came down at literal “midnight” on Nov. 9 (11/9) 1989 (and was a symbol of the “Iron Curtain”). Also discussion of why the SL is the “narrow place”.

- Dan. 11:1-4, “Time of the End” = 1st yr. of Darius, one of the 70-year prophecies (end of the captivity of the people), 536 BC, and Dan. 10:1 = 536 BC. 4th king “far richer than they all” must be a male, “by his strength” (not Clinton). Class discusses how Trump copies past despotic rulers.

 Tues. 5-31-16. 4x  “Hold!”. Placing a “Hold!” at 1989 or at MD is still an open question.


6-1-16. Elijah & John.

- Jeff reviews the Waymarks before the students make their presentations in case a student presents a point wrong so that the audience won’t think that is what FFA officially teaches. The point is that the story of Elijah shows the separation between the false prophets and the true prophet. The parallel in the Millerite time was the separation between apostate Protestantism and Adventism, and now the parallel is the separation between apostate Adventism and God’s true people.

- The presentation on Elijah brings out established and new ideas, and there’s a good discussion afterward.

- Bud Alavezos on John the Baptist. Mt. 14:1, Herod was a “tetrarch” = ruler of “4”, which connects to Ezra 7:9 the “4” months journey (“120” days, 4-19-44 > 8-15-44). Mk. 6:7, Jesus sends out the “12” before the story of Herod. From MD > MC (the “binding off” time) Herod imprisons John, then on his birthday he’s drunken and there is a “dance of deception”. In Mk. 6:19, Bud suggests Herodias (as the papacy-“king of the north”) had a quarrel against John but was “restrained”, which, in a secondary sense (as in Rev. 12 where the “dragon” is Satan but secondarily Pagan Rome) makes Herodias line up with Islam at 9/11 being “restrained”. Salome’ is the “daughter of Herodias” = Rev. 17 one of the “daughters” of the harlot-mother = apostate Protestantism in the USA, doing the “dance of deception” to fool the US Gov’t. Then “Herod-Ahasuerus-Belshazzar” promises to give up to 1/3 > 1/2 of his kingdom to her. She becomes a 3rd party “go-between” (like Hatach in Esther) that acts in “haste” (like Arioch in Daniel). Her request makes Herod “sorry” (because it is a betrayal of his purpose to respect John’s “religious freedom”), but he accepts the “strong delusion” (2 Thess. 2:11) and beheads John anyway, at the SL. The body of John is “lifted up” at the SL, and (Mk. 6:30) the 12 disciples “gather themselves to Jesus”.

- In the critique/question time Michael & Tyler discuss whether the “rebuke” and imprisonment is from 1989 > MC or MD > MC, and Jeff reminds the class that the stories of Elijah & John have to bring out the same points because they are “two witnesses” to the same storyline. On the “external” Herod (as the State) offers to give his “half of the kingdom” (political, economic & military power) to the woman (as the Church), and they together make the “image of the beast”, and the “Beast” = Herodias/Jezebel/papacy who stays back in the background “in Samaria”.


5-31-16. “Hold!”

- Carol Alavezos explains Rev. 10, with emphasis on personal experience when one “eats the little book” and then understands the “7 Thunders” for himself.

- Jeff reviews the prophetic history of Islam relative to the “binding off” time and how we believe and Angel descends at every Waymark.

- Jeff lists a “problem” that needs to be resolved: Josiah Litch’s “prediction” and how it connects to the “binding off”. There are 4 “binding off” times; 3 different times for the “Priests”, “Levites” and “11th hr. workers”, then also for the 144k from CP > SC (“Jacob’s trouble”). The question is whether or not there is a “Hold!” at MD, and a second question; do all the “binding off” times have the same characteristics? If so, then there HAS to be a “Hold!” at MD. Also the question of is there a “strike” by Islam at every “Hold!”.


5-30-16. Balaam by William Pitt.

- (PP 438), a former prophet of God corrupted by covetousness, a symbol of the USA in general and apostate Protestantism in particular.  Jud. 7:12 (PP 550), “children of the East” = Islam. Gen. 16:12, Ishmael the “wild [ass]” man, Rev. 9 “locusts”, v.11 “Abaddon & Apollyon” [death & destruction], Rev. 7:1-3 “4 winds” (EW 38) “Hold!” x4, (6T 408.3) judgments about to fall on a doomed world. (20MR 216) “4 winds” = “angry horse”.

- 9/11, Num. 22:22, Balaam & 2 servants = 3-fold union (Rev. 16:13), or 2nd Angel arrives too. “Out of the way” (Jer. 6:16) in to the “field” = world (Mt. 13:38). Islamic “ass” is “smitten” & “restrained” by the False Prophet who is “riding” it.  

- MC > SL = “two walls” =  laws (FE 393.2), “foot crushed” = economic crippling of the USA by Islam. Laws affected at MC > SL = Marriage & Sabbath, union of Ch. & State. (AH 340, marriage & Sabbath). Marriage “wall” (created on the 6th day) has an “internal” aspect = Women’s ordination controversy; and an “external” aspect = LBGT rights. The Sabbath “wall” (created on the 7th day) is the Sunday controversy. The “walls” are in the “vineyards” = God’s people.

- SL, Balaam and the ass both “fall” and he beats the “ass” which then “speaks” (Dan. 10:5-21), Zacharias speaks (Lk.1:64). “Day of the Lord” (Zeph. 1:14:18) (PP 443).

- God shows the end from the beginning (Isa. 46:10, Rev. 22:13), two sacred institutions from Eden to the End. (PK 678), “At the time of the end every divine institution is to be restored…” (Isa. 58:12).

- Critique time. Islam was supported by the USA during the 10 year war Islam had with the USSR from 1979-1989, but then when the Soviet Union fell in 1989 the US support of Islam stopped, thereby implying a “restraint” on Islam in 1989.

- Jeff shows that Dan.10 & 11 can only be understood if they are put at “the time of the end”. Dan. 10:18-19 (3rd “touch”), is at the MC because of the double “be strong”, or one “be strong” each at MD & MC for the “Priests” and one each at MC & SL for the “Levites” (time dilation = a point and a period of time). v. 20, “Persia” = USA, “Greecia” = U.N. (7th kingdom of Bible prophecy, Rev. 17:10). Dan. 11:1 is the “second witness” that the whole vision of Dan. 10-11-12 begins at the “time of the end” = 1989.  

- “yet 3 kings” from 1989 = Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama (4th is richer & stirs up all against the U.N. Globalists). V. 3, “mighty king” = the U.N. = the “10 kings which have received no kingdom as yet”, but the USA is the “head-king” = Ahab of the 10 northern tribes, and Haman & 10 sons, “ships of Tarshish” leads the “assembled kings” (Ps. 48, 83). The USA is “broken” (national apostasy leads to national ruin), and the “kingdom” is “plucked up” even for “others” (the Globalists). The Sunday law will be brought in because of a loss of “temporal prosperity” (GC 590), caused by the “ass” that crushes “Balaam’s” foot against a “wall”.


5-29-16. Week 4 Summary by Michael.

- Mon. 5-23. Dan. 10, characteristics of the “binding off”. Two views of the 21 days’ fast were discussed but no conclusion was reached. Daniel’s encounter with Gabriel (with Christ present) is very similar to John in Rev. 1. He loses all strength (& breath) in the presence of Christ, but is strengthened to hear & speak.

- Tues. 5-24. Mark’s email about “secrets being revealed to kings at ‘midnight’” was discussed. If Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar all “wake up” at “midnight” then that changes the placement of the first of Pharaoh’s two “7x” dreams. Mark also puts the “38th & 40th year” at MD because of the “fear” of the nations, and also Belshazzar’s “troubling”, “loins loosed” and “fear” at MD. Cyrus takes the kingdom and then “secrets are revealed” (Isa.45) to him re. his role in prophecy. That Belshazzar & Jehoiachin were both 18 years old when dethroned [at MD] is also brought as a proof (and other things about Wm. Miller in the year 1818, Dt. 18:18, etc.). Evidently Daniel was taken to Babylon before Nebuchadnezzar’s 1st year as king, during his “ascension year”. There was much discussion but no definite conclusion was reached.

- Wed. 5-25. 4 short presentations by students on Ezra 7:9, 1 Sam. 25, and two on the beginning and end of the 70 year prophecy.

- Thurs. 5-26. Jeff pointed out that during the “binding off” there has to be a “prediction” [re. the fall of earth’s kingdoms and the release/rescue of God’s people (at Christ’s second coming)] startling enough to get the attention of both SDA Church and the US State, and that its “target audience” would be the leaders of both.



5-26-16. Prediction. Jeff.

- At the “binding off” there will be a “prediction” (or a “rebuke” as in Elijah & John the Baptist) given to a symbolic “target audience”, probably symbolic “kings” first; Pharaoh (both of Joseph & Moses, “1st & last”), Nebuchadnezzar (1st) and Belshazzar (last), Ahab, Herod. (Suggestion is made for 2 Ki. 24:8 & 14, Nehushta = brass; smiths = iron. Also Zedekiah + gold & silver.)   

- Much discussion re. whether the “prediction-rebuke” will be directed more for the US State or the SDA Church. If there is an “external” (political) Beast, Dragon, False Prophet, then there should also be an “internal” (SDA) “Beast, Dragon, False Prophet”.

- The “prediction” has to be about a provocative subject that everyone is concerned about, not just “Present Truth” people (possibly Islam). 1 Ki. 13:1, Jeroboam, “altar-altar” = MD > MC, and an “arrest decree” that he could not fulfill. (Jeroboam II is at MC.) (Jews charged Jesus with “sedition” first [at MD], then “blasphemy”.)

- Suggestion that the “prediction” is that as the USA becomes more apostate that the judgments of God will become more severe upon the USA, for some time before “midnight”…. that something will interrupt the food-transportation network, and that the food stores in the cities only have a 3-day food-restock cycle before they run out. Some discussion of major natural disasters in the USA in the past. 


5-25-16. Class Topics.

- Ezra 7:9 structure helps us locate the events of Daniel in the 6 main Waymarks (1989 > CP).

- Stephen. (Isa. 46, God declares “the end from the beginning”.) Dan. 9:25, “going forth” = 9/11 = Ezra “going forth” from Babylon on 1d1m (Apr. 19, ’44). Dan. 9:25, “restore/return” = MC = Ezra “returns” to Jerusalem on 1d5m. Dan. 9:25, “build” = SL.  (1SG 229), Miller was given the “commencement” of the 2300 yrs. in 457 BC (originally thought to end on 4-19-44), but after 4-19-44 (SS Snow’s studies on 7-21-44 [“midway” GC 393 & Eze.1, 5d4m] & 8-15-44 [MC]) they realized they had to move their expected date to 10-22-44. 4-19-44 [9/11] > 8-15-44 [MC] = “120” days. 8-15-44 [MC] > 10-22-44 [SL] = “70” days. At “midway-midnight” [of the 10 virgins], in Eze. 1:28 & Dan. 10:9, the prophet “falls on his face”, then is “strengthened” and prepared to give a message. On 8-11-40 [and 9/11] the 2nd Angel “arrived” (also the 4th Angel of Rev. 18), then was “empowered” at 8-15-44 at their MC [and will be again at our MC]. LS 411.5, Angel of Rev. 18 arrives when the NYC “great buildings” are thrown down. 2SM 116.2, messages to be blended.

- Matthew Margolis, 1 Sam. 25. (David, Nabal & Abigail). At 9/11 = Samuel dies = change of leadership (Aaron dies = change of leadership, Num. 33:38, Dt. 10:6). David was in the “wilderness of Paran” (where Ishmael’s descendants lived [Gen. 21:21], and where the kings will be “gathered” and broken by the “east wind”, Ps. 48).  Nabal = “Fool”, lives in Maon = “abode of God”, and is shearing sheep = “gathering first-fruits”, “10” appeal to Nabal (Daniel is tested “10” days). At MD a “third party” warns Abigail as a “Levite” (as Arioch warns Daniel & Mordecai warns Esther). There is a “crisis”, “death decree”, “wall”, “haste”, “gift”. David appears (as Christ) at the “covert”, Abigail has the “mareh-marah” experience and “bows down” (as Daniel in 10:9), “upon me x2” connects MD to the MC. At the MC Nabal (as a false “Priest”) has a “feast”, “drunk with wine”, (Belshazzar was drinking the “wine of Babylon” = “strong delusion”, 2 Thess. 2:11). When informed Nabal turns to “stone” and dies in “10” days (Daniel & 3 friends found “10x” better). At the SL Abigail (as a “Levite”) goes to the “marriage” with “5 damsels” = wise virgins. Abigail (as the “wise”) are always carried by the “ass” (of the message of Islam). (Critiques are that 1d5m [death of Moses & Aaron, Num.33:38] applies more to the MC [8-15-44] where the death of Josiah, king Saul, Pharisees is marked. Also Maon, firstfruits applies more to MD than 9/11. Also Abigail meets David at the “covert” at the MC rather than MD because of her status as a “Levite”. Also Balaam & the “ass” at 9/11.)

- Michael Chapman. (PK 556.4, the end of the 70 years captivity.) Michael notes that the Hebrew calendar marks the “civil year” and “religious year” 6 months apart and that the Babylonian-Persian calendar follows the Hebrew “religious year” from Spring to Spring. Babylon falls in the “Fall” of the year, 538 BC, and Darius dies “within about 2 years” (Darius & Cyrus had been co-reigning). Persian calendars begin the year in the Spring, so the ascension of Cyrus is not marked until the Spring of the next year (the 70th year), which explains why the “1st year of Cyrus” is also the “3rd year of Cyrus”. (Dan. 10 parallels Ezra 1 & 2 Chron. 36.) Daniel informs Cyrus that he is named in Bible prophecy to release the Jews, and then prays for 21 days that Cyrus will do so, and “Michael” comes down to help.

- Theodore Turner continues and suggests the 70 years is complete at the death of Darius when Cyrus “ascended” to the throne. The Hebrew “civil year” is Oct. > Oct. and “religious year” is from April > April, which causes confusion when we try to match it with our Gregorian calendar (Jan. > Jan.). (The reigns of kings is counted in the “civil year”.) Cyrus had already been the king of other lands many years (co-reigning with the Medes) before he became the king of Babylon also, so the “3rd year of Cyrus” could be the 3rd year since he conquered the city of Babylon as the military General of Darius (a Median king). (Answer to a critique question: Both the siege of Jerusalem and the restoration under Cyrus were processes that took about 6 months to do, so the taking of captives [which EGW marks] was in one year [607BC] and the taking of the vessels was in the next year [606BC], according to the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, at the end of the 70 years, Cyrus’ accession, 1st year and decree to release the Jews were all months apart, but still all within the 70th year.)



5-24-16. 18 & 38.

- More consideration of Mark’s email re. the 38th & 40th year after coming out of Egypt, and the connection to Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar.

- The “troubling dream” (Gen. 41:7-8, Dan. 2:1-4, Dan. 5:6-7) is “established” before it comes to pass (Gen. 41:32). Question is raised whether the “7 good years” & “king wakes up” both apply to 9/11 or to MD.

- Belshazzar is “troubled” at MD (Dan. 5:5-6) and his “loins are loosed” in fulfillment of Isa. 45:1 to Cyrus, who then has “hidden secrets” revealed to him, v.3. Mark: “Therefore, I am suggesting that the secrets being revealed are the same secrets that are revealed to Nebuchadnezzar at Midnight. Here we see three stories all paralleling each other, all three kings are troubled, all three kings call for their magicians, all three have something revealed to them, two of them are having this revelation when they awake.”

- At 9/11 Ezra leaves Babylon (1st day of the 1st month) with all 3 decrees in his hand (the 3rd being the first SL), so the USA Patriot Act serves as a “quasi-SL”.

- Mark’s email puts “38” at MD (and “fear”, Dt. 2:14, 24-25), and also both Jehoiachin & Daniel being 18 years old at MD, with the “doubling” of Dt. 18:18. (Miller in 1818 had been seen as a symbol of the “formalizing the message” parallel to a sort of “binding off” in 1996 before 9/11 because of the 25 years between 1818 & 1843.) Jehoiachin was anointed king 2x with “10” years between, and Daniel was “10x” better at MD.

- In Dt. 18:18, the year 1818 (Miller), and at MD the Lord “raises up a prophet” (Daniel at age 18, 4T 570) in the restoration of the “gifts”, who gives a message (the secret revealed to kings at MD). Jn. 5:5 the paralytic of “38” yrs is “raised up”.

- Gen. 41:1-8, Pharaoh’s two “troubling” dreams (or 1 dream 2x). Jeff points out that some characteristics of 9/11 also appear at MD, esp. when the “Levites” repeat the experience of the “Priests”.

- MD = “38” at “midnight”, also “mid-day” and “midway” (GC398), Eze. 1:1, 5d4m = July 21, ’44 = “marah” (which has 3 steps from MD > MC [for the “Priests” is NOT “everlasting gospel” but “3 touches” for preparation/empowerment]; 1:1 [by river Chebar], 3:22-23 [plain, “arise” 2x], 8:4 [Jerusalem]). However, (for the “Priests”) Pharaoh’s dream is also by a river (at 9/11), so the 3 steps (from 9/11 > MC for the “Priests”) IS the “everlasting gospel” = separation, at “Jerusalem” [begin “Church Triumphant”] from MD > MC.

- Dilemma of EGW placing Isa. 6, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” at Rev. 18 (which also is 9/11), but the experience of some of the other prophets puts them at MD. Pharaoh’s “experience” shows the “binding off” from MD > MC, but the “prophetic history” shown in the vision is from 9/11 > CP.


5-23-16. Dan. 10.

- V. 1, class discusses the “third year of Cyrus” and the “1st year of Cyrus” (2 Chron. 36:22), and v.4, the 21st day & 24th day of the first month. V. 4-7, (at MD) the Hiddekel, 24th day, “mareh-marah” vision (Gabriel, v.13), wicked “saw not” but fled to hide/separation, “no strength” x2 (“voice” x2), countenance changed, becomes dumb, sleep, face to ground, (3 touches =  the MD > MC time).

- v.10, 1st touch (rise to hand & knees, v.11, then on feet, trembling, understand).

- v.16-17, 2nd touch, on the lips (Isa. 6), opened mouth, no breath/strength yet speaking (many of the same characteristics are found both at 9/11 & MD).  

- v. 18-19, 3rd touch, strengthened, “be strong” doubled.

- Class begins to consider Mark’s email re. the 38th & 40th year after coming out of Egypt (when all the rebels were dead = separation at MD). Pharaoh, Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar all have the same experience; “rising up”, “fear” begins (Belshazzar), joints loosed, hidden secrets revealed.


5-22-16. Week 3 Summary by Arjan.

- Mon. (5-16-16) Dan. 6, question of whether to put Dan. 6 at 9/11 or MD. Daniel’s character seems to be already “sealed” (there’s no fault in him) which seems too early for 9/11. The wicked “assemble” 3x before urging the king’s law against Daniel at MD. They make a “lie” at MD to get the king’s law. Class discusses Jer. 6:16-18 on the prophetic line, “38” in prophecy, .

- Tues. overview of Esther where there is one “binding off”. Both Ruth & Esther are stories of preparation to wed a leading male figure, symbolic of the “woman-church” who “weds” the “king-Christ”. Esther describes the “binding off-marriage” of the “Priests” & “Levites”, and Ruth describes the “marriage” of the “11th hr. workers”. In the “joining of the two sticks” Esther symbolizes Israel, and Ruth symbolizes Judah.

- Wed. Dan. 1-4, “3 tests” (emphasis on 2nd test as “visual”), then “10x” wiser.

- Dan. 2, the “foolish virgins” cannot tell the vision and there is a “decree” to kill them. Daniels asks for and receives “time” for a response, then Daniel & 3 friends are “lifted up”. Nebuchadnezzar himself symbolically applies “internally” to the fall of the SDA Church, and “externally” to the fall of the US Gov’t at the SL.

- Dan. 3, the 3 friends show the experience of the “11th hour workers” during the Sunday Law > Close of Probation time. Arjan shows how the “binding off” times overlay each other to add information. The construction and then “setting up” of the “Image test” is the “binding off” time for the “Levites”, before the SL “test” for the “11th hour workers”.

- Dan. 4-5, the “binding off” of the “Levites” from MC > SL. As “Levites” both Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar are punished “7x” for their pride; one “wise” who repents, and one “foolish” who did not learn from the “wise” and is slain.  Dan. 4, The “tree” symbolizes “internally” the fall of the SDA Church, and “externally” to the fall of the US Gov’t at the SL. Daniel as a “Priest” is “astonied one hour” from MD > MC then gives the interpretation to the king. Back to the “binding off” at the MD > MC, in the field Nebuchadnezzar has a “spiritual diet change” and “eats grass” or accepts the message provided by the “Priests”, and receives the “dew” (a symbol of the “Latter Rain” message), and he repents of his pride.


5-19-16. Waymarks & “binding off”, part 2.

- Dan. 5, class lists and discusses the characteristics within the Waymarks in Belshazzar’s feast, with emphasis on the “binding off” time from MD > MC. Suggestion is made that we are almost at Litch’s 1838 “prediction” just before “Midnight”.

- Dan. 6, class lists some of the characteristics within the MD > MC “binding off” time. “3 days” is cut off the beginning of the “30 days” (like the 70 weeks were cut off the front of the 2300-year prophecy), and spans the MD > MC time. Suggestion is made that the events of each one of the “3 days” is the “binding off” from MC > MC.


5-18-16. Waymarks & “binding off”, part 1.

- Class reviews the verses & keywords by chapter in Daniel that apply to the “binding off” time.

- Dan. 3, has two “binding off” times; one for the “Levites”, and one for the “11th hr. workers”.

- Dan. 4, also has two; one (external) when Nebuchadnezzar (as the US gov’t) gets the dream & Daniel interprets it, and one (internal) when Nebuchadnezzar (as a “Levite”) goes through the events of the “seven times”.


5-17-16. Esther & Ruth.

- Brittani briefly introduces the book of Esther by reviewing the “7 Thunders” which contain the “3 Angels’ Messages” in each 7-part sequence. The “3 Angels’ Messages” give us the three Waymarks of the prophetic structure, ie. 1st Angel = 9/11, 2nd Angel = MC, 3rd Angel = SL. Esther Chapters 1, 2 & 3 each contain the 3 Waymarks but the emphasis is on when the 3 Waymarks repeat in Esther’s 3 days of fasting, her feasts with the king and the hanging of Haman. They denote the “firstfruits” of the “Priests” at the “binding off” from MD > MC, the “firstfruits” of the “Levites from MC > SL, and the “great harvest” of the “11th hr. workers” from SL > CP. Further emphasis is placed on the “4 days” of Esther’s fasting & feasts as parallel to the 4 years from 1449-1453 (Rev. 9), and 1840-1844.

- Arjan compares Esther & Ruth as the “two temple cleansings”. The “famine” in Ruth connects to several other “famines” in the Bible. In the time of “famine” Adventism (symbolized by the family of “4” as a symbol of the “final generation” of Adventism) flees to “Moab” which is a symbol of the world where Ruth (as an “11th hour worker”) comes out of (in Dan. 11:41), and the 3 male-leadership figures “die”. Naomi (as a “Levite”) hears there is “bread” (a message) again in Judah and returns (to the “old paths”), and brings Ruth with her who participates in the “harvest” in progress (Naomi does not participate in the harvest). At “midnight” Ruth formally declares her intent to marry Boaz (as Christ), and he loads her up with all the barley (message) she can carry. They actually “marry” at the SL (RH 7-2-89.14). Class comments note Num. 9 re. the “cloud” not moving and Elimelech should have “remained in his tent” in Judah.  

- Jeff reviews the “binding off” time.

- Dan. 1 = a “judging” & Chaldean “prophetic language” mastered at MD; and “10x better”, “gifts” at the MC.

- Dan. 2 = decree, time (Esther’s “3 days”), 2nd –hand info (Mordecai, Abigail/servant), “secret emergency revealed” that “brings face-to-face with death”, “night vision”, “haste” at MD; and “haste”, “prediction”, “perish” at the MC.

- Dan. 3 = “1st decree”, “7x”, “bound”, “righteous garments” (MD can also parallel MC + SL as MC can also parallel SL + CP for the 3 different groups [“Priests”, “Levites”, “11th hr. workers”/Nethinim]), “music”, “fiery furnace” threat, “mareh”, “Image set up”, “gathering”, “accusation”, “visage changed”; and a “universal decree” at the SL.

5-16-16. Dan. 6.

- “120” = “4 mos.”, or “3” from 9/11 > MD (+ 1 month to the MC), 120 years of probation, 120 years of Moses, 120 disciples in the Upper Room at Pentecost/SL. v.7, 5 “foolish” politicians “consult” (Ps. 83) to make a law (but their plot is foiled by Islam, Ps. 48). V. 20, at the end of “3 days” (inclusive reckoning) of the “binding off” from MD the king makes a “cry” at the MC and Daniel is “lifted up as an ensign” (also applies at the larger view for the “Levites” from the MC > SL. 

- V. 7, discussion of the “lie” that “all” the presidents agree on the new law (2 Thess. 2:11), and that God appears to “lie” (Jer. 15:18), and to the Millerites on 4-19-44 (9/11) the “tarrying time” (Hab. 2) for the “Priests”. For the “Levites” the apparent “lie” is from MD > MC, where the “Priests” make a “prediction” at MD (parallel to Josiah Litch in 1838). “38” = “a rising” (Dt. 2:13-14), rebels gone (Judas believes a “lie” and falls away at MD), Ahab married Jezebel in the 38th year of king Asa, and John the Baptist rebukes Herod at MD. Litch made his prediction in 1838, and fine-tuned it 2 yrs later on 8-1-40 (“10 days”) before the fulfillment on 8-11-40, so the “10 days” can be a “repeat & enlarge” (or maybe a fractal) of the “2 years”. Also Wm. Miller studies from 1818 “25 yrs” to 1843 = the “binding off” of the 1260.


5-15-16, Week 2 Summary by Tyler.

- Mon. 5/9, “midnight”. Christ’s arrest at midnight illustrates the “binding off” time. He was accused first of “sedition” against the “State”, and then “blasphemy” against the “Church”, and then they “chose Barabbas” at the SL. It is the “falling away first” (2 Thess. 2:3) because they lost the “love of the truth” (v.10) and then are given a “strong delusion” (v.11) as Judas, so “that man of sin (Barabbas can) be revealed” at the SL. The Sabbath & Marriage are “twin institutions” so we should expect some kind of (greater) attack on marriage at the MC. The false “Judas-Priests” lose their “love of the truth”, receive “strong delusion” and “fall away” at MD, so that “Barabbas” can be revealed at the MC (at the first SL) when they “believe a lie”. It is the same sequence as Pergamos (compromise = falling away) at MD so that Thyatira (papacy = “man of sin”) can be revealed at the MC (at the first SL).

- Tues. 5/10, Faithful City (Eze. 16). Refusing great light leads to great darkness. The “strong delusion” happens gradually. Even preaching Christ, which is in itself a good thing, when separated from Bible prophecy, can become a “strong delusion”. There has to be the “complete truth” for it to BE “Truth”, or a partial truth can be “made to minister to error” (DA 287). The “mystery of iniquity” makes progress silently as a serpent, or like slowly boiling a frog, and began for Adventism at least by 1863. Incorrect preparation only prepares one to flee when “the Lord comes suddenly to His temple” at the MD > MC “binding off” time.

- The question is discussed of how to tell when EGW speaks of “the Church” whether she is referring to the SDA GC “structure”, or “God’s true church” of individual true believers (AA 11.2). (Similar to which “law” [either moral or ceremonial] that Paul speaks of in Galatians.) The GC corporate “structure” will be “cut down” at the SL as Nebuchadnezzar’s “tree”, and the SDA “Levites” will have to choose either to go with the SDA corporate “structure”; at least some pastors will uphold Sunday (Rh 3-18-84.8), or to go with the true church, the “Church Triumphant”. The “true church” are “outcasts” but the false church will be “cast out” (Jer. 7:15, Isa. 66:5, 1 Sam. 25:29) when “David” is “bound up” or at the “binding off” from MD > MC.

- Wed. 5/11, Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar together as one “gospel” story of the separation of two classes. Nebuchadnezzar was told “the kingdom is departed”, but it didn’t really happen until Belshazzar. He was not “conversant” with the truth as Nabal’s servants were “conversant” with David’s men, the “Priests”, (1 Sam. 25:15-16), but like the youth of today, was controlled by his “love of amusement” rather than truth (BEcho, 4-25-98.10).

- Thurs. 5/12, “Sacrilegious profanation” (Eze. 22:26), the priests make no difference between the holy and the profane. Ch. 4, Nebuchadnezzar “wakes up” as a king at 9/11 (either as the SDA leadership or the United States gov’t), but he “wakes up” as a “wise virgin” at the MC. The “two temple-cleansings” illustrate Mal. 3:1 where Jesus “suddenly (and unexpectedly) comes” to His temple to cleanse it awakens both classes of “virgins”. Nebuchadnezzar’s “brass, iron, wood/tree” and Belshazzar’s “gold, silver, stone/plaster” together = 6 idols (the number of “man”) that are revealed at the MD > MC “binding off” time.




5-14-16. Daniel & the Gospel (3 parts). Lambert Fellowship.

Part 1, with Notes.

- Jeff briefly reviews the Present Truth Waymarks in Dan. 1-3 (symbolizing the 3 Angels’ Messages). Dan. 4 & 5 emphasize the condemnation that comes from being willingly ignorant of what we need to know (Belshazzar was willingly ignorant of his grandfather’s hard “7 times” lesson). “Syriack” or “dark sentences” = the hidden language of prophecy. There is a deadly emergency at “midnight” when “Christ” is taken at MD and condemned to death, against the law, first of “sedition” against the State, then “blasphemy” against the Church. Sabbath & Marriage as “twin institutions”, both violated by Belshazzar.

- Dan. 4 & 5 show the “everlasting gospel” (separation of classes) in that Nebuchadnezzar was rebuked for “7 times” (2520), repented and was saved, while Belshazzar ignored the lesson and was lost. “Candlestick” = light of the Church. “Plaister” = the “stone” that spelled out his doom. Isa. 28, Belshazzar (as a foolish “Levite”) makes his own “wall” and covers it with “untempered mortar” at the MC, but it will come down at the SL. Nabal & some kings “pisseth against the wall” [law] at the MC, and their kingdoms are overthrown shortly thereafter. Adventism will unite with the State to persecute “Present Truth” believers at MD > MC. Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar have the 6 idols of “gold, silver, brass, iron, stone, wood” associated with them. “Iron” = Rome, “brass” = looking glass = Image of Rome.

- Nebuchadnezzar’s (SDA) kingdom as the “fruit, leaves, branches, tree” all cut down at the MC = progressive 4-fold destruction.  “Fowls” = Churches, “Beasts” = States are supported by the “tree”.

Part 2 (review, no Notes).

- Acts 17:30. The “time of (Adventism’s) ignorance” that God winked at was the reform message of Dan. 11:40-45 from 1989 > 9/11, EW 259 (for the “Priests”), but at 9/11 Islam came back into the prophetic picture, and the “Priests” that wanted to be “wise” had to go back to learn the prophetic history (Dan. 11:40-45) of 1989 > 9/11. Then the “visual” 2nd test began (conflict within the Present Truth ministries),  and there is a “death & resurrection” yet at MD, and a 3-step “binding off” from MD > MC.

- For the “Levites” of Adventism the “time of ignorance” that God winks at is from 9/11 > MD. Their “2nd (visual) test” is the controversy between Present Truth people and the US Gov’t because of a “prediction”, and they have to go back to learn the prophetic history (of the separation of the “wise & foolish Priests” from 9/11 > MD), and they have a “death & resurrection” at the MC, and a 3-step “binding off” from the MC > SL.

- For the “11th hr. workers” of the world the “time of ignorance” that God winks at is from MD > MC. Their 2nd or “visual” test is the Image of the Beast test in the USA, and they have to go back to learn the prophetic history (of the separation of Church & State, religious freedom, and who the “Priests” & “Levites” are), and they have a “death & resurrection” at the SL, and a 3-step “binding off” from the SL > Close of Probation.

Part 3, back to the Notes.

-  At the MC Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar illustrate the “wise & foolish Levites”. First the “tares” are “bound together”, then they go into “strong delusion” (2 Thess. 2:11). The “progressive” nature of these events is emphasized. Isa. 28, the “wise” make a “covenant of life” and the “foolish” make a “covenant of death” and go into darkness in proportion to the light they have rejected. At the SL God will do to Adventism what He did to Shiloh and to “this house which is called by My name” = USA (Jer. 7, RH 8-1-93).

- The SDA “tree” of Nebuchadnezzar began to have the “ax laid to the root” in 1989, but it will finally fall down at the MC, which also applies to the dried up fig tree just before Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and cleansing of the Temple.

- When “Levite” Nebuchadnezzar is being the “image of the Beast” (for 2520 days), he receives spiritual food by eating “grass” (given by God’s people as “Joseph”) and being wet with the “dew” = H.S. “oil” of the wise virgins. The “Levites” in Mal. 3 are purified as gold & silver.


Daniel & the Everlasting Gospel


In the history of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, God speaks to the people of today. The condemnation that will fall upon the inhabitants of the earth in this day will be because of their rejection of light. Our condemnation in the judgment will not result from the fact that we have lived in error, but from the fact that we have neglected Heaven-sent opportunities for discovering truth. The means of becoming conversant with the truth are within the reach of all; but, like the indulgent, selfish king, we give more attention to the things that charm the ear, and please the eye, and gratify the palate, than to the things that enrich the mind, the divine treasures of truth. It is through the truth that we may answer the great question, ‘What must I do to be saved?’

“On every page of God’s word the injunction to obedience is plainly written, and yet how often His commands are lightly regarded or wholly set aside! The command for the observance of the holy Sabbath of the Lord is placed in the very bosom of the Decalogue, and is so plain that none need err as to its import, and yet it is treated with as great profanation as were the sacred vessels at the feast of Belshazzar. The condemnation of those who trample upon God’s holy Sabbath will not come because they have conscientiously observed the first day of the week, but because they neglected opportunities for searching the Scriptures and learning, not what man has said, not what the ministers say, not what the fathers have said, but what saith the infinite God!” Bible Echo, September 17, 1894.


The Same Sins

In the history of Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar, God speaks to nations of today. We are to take to heart the lessons he sought to teach these rebellious kings; for if Belshazzar had pursued a course in harmony with the instruction given to his grandfather, he would have retained not only his kingdom but his life. He disregarded the lessons, and went on in rebellion against God, committing the very sins for which his grandfather had been reproved and punished. He, too, lifted himself up in pride and exaltation, and the final judgment of God fell upon him and his house. His great sin was that, notwithstanding God had given him light, he refused to walk in the paths of righteousness.” Signs of the Times, July 20, 1891.


The Foolish King

“Belshazzar had been given many opportunities for knowing and doing the will of God. He had seen his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar banished from the society of men. He had seen the intellect in which the proud monarch gloried taken away by the One who gave it. He had seen the king driven from his kingdom, and made the companion of the beasts of the field. But Belshazzar’s love of amusement and self-glorification effaced the lessons he should never have forgotten; and he committed sins similar to those that brought signal judgments on Nebuchadnezzar. He wasted the opportunities graciously granted him, neglecting to use the opportunities within his reach for becoming acquainted with truth. ‘What must I do to be saved?’ was a question that the great but foolish king passed by indifferently.

“This is the danger of heedless, reckless youth today. The hand of God will awaken the sinner as it did Belshazzar, but with many it will be too late to repent.



“The ruler of Babylon had riches and honor, and in his haughty self-indulgence he had lifted himself up against the God of heaven and earth. He had trusted in his own arm, not supposing that any would dare to say, ‘Why doest thou this?’ But as the mysterious hand traced letters on the wall of his palace, Belshazzar was awed and silenced. In a moment he was completely shorn of his strength and humbled as a child. He realized that he was at the mercy of One greater than Belshazzar. He had been making sport of sacred things. Now his conscience was awakened. He realized that he had had the privilege of knowing and doing the will of God. The history of his grandfather stood out as vividly before him as the writing on the wall.” Bible Echo, April 25, 1898.


Chapter One

I —Diet

II—Visual ten days

II—Judgment by Nebuchadnezzar


“You are getting the coming of the Lord too far off. I saw the latter rain was coming as [suddenly as] the midnight cry, and with ten times the power.” Spalding and Magan, 5.


Dark Sentences

Daniel 1:4; Numbers 12 [6]; Psalm 49 [4]; 78 [2]; Proverbs 1:1–7; Daniel 8:23; Deuteronomy 28:47–50; 2 Peter 1:19–21


Chapter Two



Arioch’s haste

Second-hand—Abigail/Nabal’s men; Esther/Hatach

Sought time; prayer; revealed in the night; perish


Character is revealed by a crisis. When the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight, ‘Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him,’ the sleeping virgins roused from their slumbers, and it was seen who had made preparation for the event. Both parties were taken unawares, but one was prepared for the emergency, and the other was found without preparation. Character is revealed by circumstances. Emergencies bring out the true metal of character. Some sudden and unlooked-for calamity, bereavement, or crisis, some unexpected sickness or anguish, something that brings the soul face to face with death, will bring out the true inwardness of the character. It will be made manifest whether or not there is any real faith in the promises of the word of God. It will be made manifest whether or not the soul is sustained by grace, whether there is oil in the vessel with the lamp.



“Testing times come to all. How do we conduct ourselves under the test and proving of God? Do our lamps go out? or do we still keep them burning? Are we prepared for every emergency by our connection with Him who is full of grace and truth? The five wise virgins could not impart their character to the five foolish virgins. Character must be formed by us as individuals.” Review and Herald, October 17, 1895.


Christ Arrested at Midnight

“The Saviour contrasted His own manner of work with the methods of His accusers. For months they had hunted Him, striving to entrap Him and bring Him before a secret tribunal, where they might obtain by perjury what it was impossible to gain by fair means. Now they were carrying out their purpose. The midnight seizure by a mob, the mockery and abuse before He was condemned, or even accused, was their manner of work, not His. Their action was in violation of the law. Their own rules declared that every man should be treated as innocent until proved guilty. By their own rules the priests stood condemned.” The Desire of Ages, 699.


Two Charges at Midnight by the Jews [SDA]

“Christ was to be tried formally before the Sanhedrin; but before Annas He was subjected to a preliminary trial. Under the Roman rule the Sanhedrin could not execute the sentence of death. They could only examine a prisoner, and pass judgment, to be ratified by the Roman authorities. It was therefore necessary to bring against Christ charges that would be regarded as criminal by the Romans. An accusation must also be found which would condemn Him in the eyes of the Jews. Not a few among the priests and rulers had been convicted by Christ’s teaching, and only fear of excommunication prevented them from confessing Him. The priests well remembered the question of Nicodemus, ‘Doth our law judge any man, before it hear him, and know what he doeth?’ John 7:51. This question had for the time broken up the council, and thwarted their plans. Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus were not now to be summoned, but there were others who might dare to speak in favor of justice. The trial must be so conducted as to unite the members of the Sanhedrin against Christ. There were two charges which the priests desired to maintain. If Jesus could be proved a blasphemer, He would be condemned by the Jews. If convicted of sedition, it would secure His condemnation by the Romans. The second charge Annas tried first to establish. He questioned Jesus concerning His disciples and His doctrines, hoping the prisoner would say something that would give him material upon which to work. He thought to draw out some statement to prove that He was seeking to establish a secret society, with the purpose of setting up a new kingdom. Then the priests could deliver Him to the Romans as a disturber of the peace and a creator of insurrection.”  {DA 698.3} 


SEDITION: A factious commotion of the people, a tumultuous assembly of men rising in opposition to law or the administration of justice, and in disturbance of the public peace. Sedition is a rising or commotion of less extent than an insurrection, and both are less than rebellion; but some kinds of sedition, in Great Britain, amount to high treason. In general, sedition is a local or limited insurrection in opposition to civil authority, as mutiny is to military. Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.



1 Kings 21:1–15


Marriage & Sabbath

“Then marriage and the Sabbath had their origin, twin institutions for the glory of God in the benefit of humanity. Then, as the Creator joined the hands of the holy pair in wedlock, saying, A man shall ‘leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one,’ He enunciated the law of marriage for all the children of Adam to the close of time. That which the eternal Father Himself had pronounced good was the law of highest blessing and development for man.” Adventist Home, 340. 


SDA Church Choose Barabbas Over Christ

“The Prince of Light and the prince of darkness are contending for the victory. When Jesus, the Prince of Life, came forth from Joseph’s sepulcher, his triumph was assured. As he came forth from the grave, and proclaimed himself the resurrection and the life, the end of Satan’s reign on the earth was made certain; but well may the hosts of heaven be astonished to see men exalting him who is the leader of the great rebellion against God. Those who are choosing to honor Satan by exalting the spurious sabbath are making a choice similar to that which the people made when they rejected Christ, that Barabbas, a robber and murderer, should be given unto them.” Signs of the Times, March 12, 1894. 


“So deceptive will be his working, that men will do as they did in the days of Christ; and when asked, Whom shall I release unto you, Christ or Barabbas? the almost universal cry will be, Barabbas, Barabbas! And when the question is asked, ‘What will ye then that I shall do unto him whom ye call the King of the Jews?’ the cry again will be, ‘Crucify him!’ Christ will be represented in the person of those who accept the truth, and who identify their interest with that of their Lord. The world will be enraged at them in the same way that they were enraged at Christ, and the disciples of Christ will know that they are to be treated no better than was their Lord. But Christ will surely identify his interest with that of those who accept him as their personal Saviour. Every insult, every reproach, every false accusation made against them by those who have turned their ears away from the truth and are turned unto fables, will be charged upon the guilty ones as done to Christ in the person of his saints.” Review and Herald, April 14, 1896.


Chapter Three

“Satan has taken the world captive. He has introduced an idol sabbath, apparently giving to it great importance. He has stolen the homage of the Christian world away from the Sabbath of the Lord for this idol sabbath. The world bows to a tradition, a man-made commandment. As Nebuchadnezzar set up his golden image on the plain of Dura, and so exalted himself, so Satan exalts himself in this false sabbath, for which he has stolen the livery of heaven.” Review and Herald, March 8, 1898.



“An idol sabbath has been set up, as the golden image was set up in the plains of Dura. And as Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, issued a decree that all who would not bow down and worship this image should be killed, so a proclamation will be made that all who will not reverence the Sunday institution will be punished with imprisonment and death. Thus the Sabbath of the Lord is trampled underfoot. But the Lord has declared, ‘Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees, and write grievousness which they have prescribed’ [Isaiah 10:1]. [Zephaniah 1:14–18; 2:1–3, quoted.]” Manuscript Releases, volume 14, 91.



Chapters Four and Five

To the last ruler of Babylon, as in type to its first, had come the sentence of the divine Watcher: ‘O king, . . . to thee it is spoken; The kingdom is departed from thee.’ Daniel 4:31.” Prophets and Kings, 533.


Human Works

Daniel 5:4, 5; 1 Chronicles 22:9–16; 29:1–5


Gold, Silver, Stone [plaster wall]

Ezekiel 13:1–16; 22:17–28; Isaiah 28:14–28; Jeremiah 47:2; Ezekiel 13:11–13; 1 Samuel 25:22, 34; 1 Kings 16:11, 12; 14:7–11; 21:20–22


Iron, Brass, Wood [tree]


Gold and Silver

Malachi 3:1–4


Iron and Brass

Daniel 4:15, 23

Leviticus 26:14, 19; Deuteronomy 28:15, 23

Isaiah 45:1–3; 48:1–5; Jeremiah 6:16–30 [28–30]

Psalm 2:9; Revelation 2:27, 12:5; 19:15; Genesis 46:2 marah: looking glass


Changed to an Image of a Beast

Psalms 106:19–21




Judged by Light

In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote. Daniel 5:5.


Great Light and Opportunities

“‘A new heart will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you.’ I believe with all my heart that the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the world, and those who have had great light and opportunities and have not improved them, will be the first to be left. They have grieved away the Spirit of God.” Selected Messages, book 3, 154.


The Faithful City

“One who sees beneath the surface, who reads the hearts of all men, says of those who have had great light: ‘They are not afflicted and astonished because of their moral and spiritual condition.’ Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before Mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.’ ‘God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie,’ because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved,’ ‘but had pleasure in unrighteousness.’ Isaiah 66:3, 4; 2 Thessalonians 2:11, 10, 12.

“The heavenly Teacher inquired: ‘What stronger delusion can beguile the mind than the pretense that you are building on the right foundation and that God accepts your works, when in reality you are working out many things according to worldly policy and are sinning against Jehovah? Oh, it is a great deception, a fascinating delusion, that takes possession of minds when men who have once known the truth, mistake the form of godliness for the spirit and power thereof; when they suppose that they are rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing, while in reality they are in need of everything.’

“God has not changed toward His faithful servants who are keeping their garments spotless. But many are crying, ‘Peace and safety,’ while sudden destruction is coming upon them. Unless there is thorough repentance, unless men humble their hearts by confession and receive the truth as it is in Jesus, they will never enter heaven. When purification shall take place in our ranks, we shall no longer rest at ease, boasting of being rich and increased with goods, in need of nothing.

“Who can truthfully say: ‘Our gold is tried in the fire; our garments are unspotted by the world’? I saw our Instructor pointing to the garments of so-called righteousness. Stripping them off, He laid bare the defilement beneath. Then He said to me: ‘Can you not see how they have pretentiously covered up their defilement and rottenness of character? ‘How is the faithful city become an harlot!’ My Father’s house is made a house of merchandise, a place whence the divine presence and glory have departed! For this cause there is weakness, and strength is lacking.’” Testimonies, volume 8, 249–250.




“One matter burdens my soul: The great lack of the love of God, which has been lost through continued resistance of light and truth, and the influence of those who have been engaged in active labor, who, in the face of evidence piled upon evidence, have exerted an influence to counteract the work of the message God has sent. I point them to the Jewish nation and ask, Must we leave our brethren to pass over the same path of blind resistance, till the very end of probation? If ever a people needed true and faithful watchmen, who will not hold their peace, who will cry day and night, sounding the warnings God has given, it is Seventh-day Adventists. Those who have had great light, blessed opportunities, who, like Capernaum, have been exalted to heaven in point of privilege, shall they by non-improvement be left to darkness corresponding to the greatness of the light given?” Manuscript Releases, volume 16, 106–107.


Great Light & Opportunity Defined

“Among the professed children of God, how little patience has been manifested, how many bitter words have been spoken, how much denunciation has been uttered against those not of our faith. Many have looked upon those belonging to other churches as great sinners, when the Lord does not thus regard them. Those who look thus upon the members of other churches, have need to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. Those whom they condemn may have had but little light, few opportunities and privileges. If they had had the light that many of the members of our churches have had, they might have advanced at a far greater rate, and have better represented their faith to the world. Of those who boast of their light, and yet fail to walk in it, Christ says, ‘But I say unto you, It shall be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon at the day of judgment, than for you. And thou, Capernaum [Seventh-day Adventists, who have had great light], which art exalted unto heaven [in point of privilege], shalt be brought down to hell: for if the mighty works, which have been done in thee, had been done in Sodom, it would have remained until this day. But I say unto you, That it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee.’ At that time Jesus answered and said, ‘I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent [in their own estimation], and hast revealed them unto babes.’

“‘And now, because ye have done all these works, saith the Lord, and I spake unto you, rising up early and speaking, but ye heard not; and I called you, but ye answered not; therefore will I do unto this house, which is called by my name, wherein ye trust, and unto the place which I gave to you and to your fathers, as I have done to Shiloh. And I will cast you out of my sight, as I have cast out all your brethren, even the whole seed of Ephraim.’

“The Lord has established among us institutions of great importance, and they are to be managed, not as worldly institutions are managed, but after God’s order. They are to be managed with an eye single to his glory, that by all means perishing souls may be saved. To the people of God the testimonies of the Spirit have come, and yet many have not taken heed to reproofs, warnings, and counsels.



“‘Here now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not: fear ye not me saith the Lord: will ye not tremble at my presence, which have placed the sand for the bound of the sea by a perpetual degree, that it cannot pass it: and though the waves thereof toss themselves, yet can they not prevail; though they roar, yet can they not pass over it? but this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone. Neither say they in their heart, Let us now fear the Lord our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest. Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. . . . They judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. Shall I not visit for these things? saith the Lord; shall not my soul be revenged on such a nation as this?

“Shall the Lord be compelled to say, ‘Pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee’? ‘Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain. . . . Wilt thou not from this time cry unto me, My father, thou art the guide of my youth?’

“Will not those to whom have been committed the treasures of truth, consider the superior advantages of light and privilege that have been purchased for us by the sacrifice of the Son of God on Calvary’s cross? We are to be judged by the light that has been given us, and we can find no excuse by which to extenuate our course. The Way, the Truth, and the Life has been set before us. Many seek to excuse themselves by saying, ‘You must not judge me by some weak trait of character, but consider my character as a whole.’ We always feel deep pain at heart when the sinner seeks to apologize for his sin, to smooth it over, and fails to realize the danger of cherishing one un-Christlike attribute of character. We are to place our will on the side of the Lord’s will, and firmly determine that by his grace we will be free from sin. Sin is the transgression of the law, and it is not the magnitude of the action in iniquity that stamps it as sin. Adam and Eve were prohibited from eating of the tree of good and evil. The test was a slight one, but the act of disobedience to God was the transgression of his law.Review and Herald, August 1, 1893.


“In the balances of the sanctuary the Seventh-day Adventist church is to be weighed. She will be judged by the privileges and advantages that she has had. If her spiritual experience does not correspond to the advantages that Christ, at infinite cost, has bestowed on her, if the blessings conferred have not qualified her to do the work entrusted to her, on her will be pronounced the sentence: ‘Found wanting.’ By the light bestowed, the opportunities given, will she be judged.” Testimonies, volume 8, 247.


Sodom and Gomorrah

“The Redeemer of the world declares that there are greater sins than that for which Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Those who hear the gospel invitation calling sinners to repentance, and heed it not, are more guilty before God than were the dwellers in the vale of Siddim. And still greater sin is theirs who profess to know God and to keep His commandments, yet who deny Christ in their character and their daily life. In the light of the Saviour’s warning, the fate of Sodom is a solemn admonition, not merely to those who are guilty of outbreaking sin, but to all who are trifling with Heaven-sent light and privileges.



“Said the True Witness to the church at Ephesus: ‘I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.’ Revelation 2:4, 5. The Saviour watches for a response to His offers of love and forgiveness, with a more tender compassion than that which moves the heart of an earthly parent to forgive a wayward, suffering son. He cries after the wanderer, ‘Return unto Me, and I will return unto you.’ Malachi 3:7. But if the erring one persistently refuses to heed the voice that calls him with pitying, tender love, he will at last be left in darkness. The heart that has long slighted God’s mercy, becomes hardened in sin, and is no longer susceptible to the influence of the grace of God. Fearful will be the doom of that soul of whom the pleading Saviour shall finally declare, he ‘is joined to idols: let him alone.’ Hosea 4:17. It will be more tolerable in the day of judgment for the cities of the plain than for those who have known the love of Christ, and yet have turned away to choose the pleasures of a world of sin.” Patriarchs and Prophets, 165.


The Tree

“‘And now also,’ said the prophet, ‘the ax is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.’ Not by its name, but by its fruit, is the value of a tree determined. If the fruit is worthless, the name cannot save the tree from destruction. John declared to the Jews that their standing before God was to be decided by their character and life. Profession was worthless. If their life and character were not in harmony with God’s law, they were not His people.” The Desire of Ages, 107.


The Tree

Daniel 4:10–16


Beasts and Fowls

Revelation 18:2; Daniel 7:17


“Jesus presented to his disciples the true condition of the Jews in this striking figure of the barren fig-tree; and, as the tree withered beneath the Savior’s blighting curse, and stood forth sere and blasted, dried up by the roots, so should all pretentious hypocrites be brought low.

“The other trees in the fig-orchard were also destitute of fruit; but their boughs were leafless, therefore they raised no expectations and caused no disappointment. These leafless trees represented the Gentiles, who made no boasts of superior piety. In them the words of the scripture finds an application, ‘the time of figs was not yet.’ But while the Jews in proud self-confidence stood forth assuming superiority to all others, the Gentiles were in a measure feeling their want and weakness, and longing for a better day, a clearer and more certain light to guide their wandering footsteps. . . .

“The judgment pronounced upon the barren fig-tree not only symbolizes the sentence passed upon the Jews, but is also applicable to the professed Christians of our time, who have become formal, selfish, boasting and hypocritical. Many who profess godliness stand before the world like the barren fig-tree, displaying pretentious leaves but utterly devoid of fruit. They go through the form of worship, yet have not repentance and faith. In the doom of the fig-tree Christ demonstrated how hateful in his eyes are hypocrisy and hollow pretense. . . .



“Important events clustered around the close of Christ’s ministry. His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, his cleansing of the desecrated temple and the blighting of the barren fig-tree, all pointed to the doom of Jerusalem. The tears of Jesus upon the mount, when he overlooked the city of his love and care, while in the midst of the rejoicing and hosannas of thousands, were the last pleadings of rejected love and compassion.” Spirt of Prophecy, volume 3, 18, 19.


“The church at Battle Creek might have stood free from idolatry, and her faithfulness would have been an example to other churches. But she is more willing to depart from God’s commandments than to renounce the friendship of the world. She is joined to the idols which she has chosen; and because temporal prosperity and the favor of a wicked world are hers, she believes herself to be rich toward God. This will prove to many a fatal delusion. Her divine character and spiritual strength have departed from her.

“I counsel this church to give heed to the Savior’s admonition: ‘Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.’” Testimonies, volume 5, 190.




5-12-16. Belshazzar & the Cleansing of the Temple.

- USA to be captured by Rome using its two false doctrines of the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness. False “Priests” are captured by “strong delusion” at MD > MC.

- Context of Belshazzar’s “sacrilegious profanation” & that of the Temple in Jerusalem, then the “cleansing”, by the book of Revelation.

- In the Millerite time the “Protestant temple” was cleansed first (#1. 8-11-40 [2nd Angel comes down with the book of Revelation “open” in His hand = Islam confirms the “year-day principle”]. #2. 1843 Chart [visual test]. #3. Apr. 19, 1844 [1st Disappointment]).

- Then the “Millerite temple” was cleansed (#1. Apr. 19, 1844 [1st Disappointment, Angel comes down with a “writing”]. #2. Aug. 15, 1844 [MC, visual test, “living testimony revived”]. #3. Oct. 22, 1844 [door shut, 3rd Angel comes down with a “scroll”]).

- Our “temple” is cleansed 3x with “3 tests” for each group: beginning for the “Priests” at 9/11 (Angel comes down with the “hidden manna” book [Revelation] re. the “3rd Woe”, then a “visual” [“old paths/2 Charts], then the “shut door” at MD > MC), then for the “Levites” at the MD > MC, then for the “11th hr. workers” (#1 at the SL, #2 the “ensign”, #3 CP). 

- Therefore, when an angel comes down at MD (at the beginning of the “binding off” for the “Priests” [gold]) He will open a part of the Revelation which confirms a part of Daniel, who will give “most startling declarations” {1888 Materials, p.1490.3}, (possibly that since the SDA GC  has become a “retail corporation” they will go along with the first Sunday law instead of resisting it), which will awaken the “Levites” [silver]. The GC “sacrilegious profanation” will be to make God’s house (Adventism) “a den of thieves” (Rome is the “robbers of thy people”), or to make God’s house (Adventism) a “den of Rome”. PK 670 Tobias’ “sacrilegious profanation” is an eternal enemy in the room where the tithe is kept (Judas & Shebna were also “church treasurers” obsessed with the “god of mammon”).

- The “good guys” are “outcasts” but they “cast out” the “bad guys”.

- Belshazzar’s “feast” of “sacrilegious profanation” began at 9/11 and ends at the MC = 1st “temple cleansing” (the gold, silver [cups] & brass, iron [bands] indicate the fall of one nation and the rise of another [from 6th to 7th “head” of Rev. 17 & from “church militant” to “Church Triumphant”]). 


5-11-16. Dan. 5, Belshazzar.

- Question: did Daniel speak to Belshazzar as symbolic of the national leaders of the USA, or as the leaders of Adventism, or both? Belshazzar did not learn from Nebuchadnezzar’s humbling experience, but we are to learn from their “signal judgments”. Their judgments are to be as “signals” to us in our prophetic history. “His great sin was that, notwithstanding God had given him light, he refused to walk in the paths of righteousness.” {ST July 20, 1891, par. 6} “What must I do to be saved?” was a question that the great but foolish king passed by indifferently. {BEcho April 25, 1898, par. 10} Asleep in carnal slumber, but at “midnight” = “the candlestick” there is “a cry made” that awakens them (par. 11).

- YI May 19, 1898, par. 1, Hew down the tree, and cut off his branches, shake off his leaves, and scatter his fruit: = a 4-part progressive fall. “John the Baptist” in 1989, and “Jesus” at 9/11 has “warned them to flee from the wrath to come” in 70 AD = SL. “Fowls & beasts” = Church & State, supported or “shaded” by the “tree” of Adventism. Two “shades” = shadow of the Most High, or the shadow of “Egypt” = world. Lines of study here are Daniel speaking to Nebuchadnezzar as either the State or Church leadership; the “everlasting gospel” contrast between Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar; and the “internal – external” aspects. Also includes “covenant histories”, Abraham, etc., judgment of Israel and Egypt at the same time. Par.3, “greatest kingdom on earth” = USA. Par.4, “feast” for “a thousand” at 9/11 parallels the “feast” of Esther 1 (Dt. 7:9, “thousand” = covenant), “two thousand” (Josh. 3:4, also Esther’s 2nd feast) at the MC,  and “three thousand” (converted in a day, Acts 2:41) at Pentecost/SL.

- “Awake-awake” (Isa. 51:9, 17. 52:1) = MD > MC = Church Triumphant. Dan. 5, “mene-mene” = MD > MC = judgment. MC = “wall”, “plaster/lime”. Discussion of the “wall” that falls at the SL and its false foundation discovered. Babylon’s “wise men” could not understand the writing but Daniel could = difference in “methodology” gives a proper understanding of prophecy.

- Nebuchadnezzar as a “Levite” had to be “driven from men” at the MC = driven from reverence for men’s teachings. When Daniel is made “3rd ruler” (3rd Angel) at the SL, and is parallel to Joseph as “2nd ruler” (2nd Angel) at 30 years old, which is 9/11.

- Queen = “wise” Church Triumphant (who refers back to the “old paths” and brings the book of Daniel in) at the MC.


5-10-16. The Faithful City.

- Sometimes a Bible doctrine is emphasized in a prophetic story: Sunday Law crisis = “Sabbath law”, Rome conquering the world through the “state of the dead” & “Sunday sacredness” errors.

- The Bible doctrine that is misunderstood by former Present Truth speakers who are now confused is “the day of the Lord” (confused re. the “sound of the trumpet” in Joel, either a “call to assembly” or a “call to war” = God’s vengeance). To be confused re. “the day of the Lord” is first to give a “peace & safety” message, and then to become a “harlot”. Those who say “the day of the Lord” = “God’s vengeance” began at 9/11 are giving a “peace & safety” message because apparently no “vengeance” is happening yet.

- At the MC “wall” the “faithful city” reformers will become a “harlot” along with the rest of the SDA Church, which is the lesson of Dan. 4 & 5 (Dan. 5:5 = judgment on the “5 foolish virgins” = Belshazzar [gold, silver, rock/plaster], Nebuchadnezzar = iron, brass, wood), while the “5 wise virgins” change from the church-militant to the Church Triumphant.

- (An observation. Dan. 5:4 in order: Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, Wood, Stone = Babylon, M/P, Greece, Rome, USA, U.N. The USA is "wood", and is the world's largest lumber exporter. The U.N. of course is "stone", the hardest and of least value than all the other kingdoms. But the hardest "stone" of all is the diamond, which is also the most valuable of all jewelry, the "stone cut out without hand" that smashes all the others, which is also the mind of the "wise", sharp as the "point of a diamond" [Jer. 17:1]).

- After 9/11, when the call to return to the “old paths” went forth (Jer. 6:16), that was when the “watchmen” were put in place, but the SDA Church has refused its responsibility to be the watchman (DA 252). Capernaum = SDA Church (LDE 48.2). Belshazzar’s candlestick “church” is condemned by the light it rejected, and “Shiloh” (Jerusalem, “whole seed of Ephraim”[Jer. 7:15] at 742 BC = 2520, Tyre & Zidon, “foolish people” [Jer. 5:21], “without understanding” [Dan. 12:10], “having eyes and see not” [Isa. 6:9]) is cast off at the SL.

- Hos. 4:17 (PP165), “Ephraim is joined to idols”, we become what we spiritually “eat”, so at 9/11 the choice was to either “eat” the “old paths” or “spiritual formation” (IBMTE handbook), so when in Miller’s Dream the “dirt-brush-man” sweeps out the false doctrines at MD > MC then those who are “joined to idols” from “eating” false doctrines will be swept out too (DA 583 “sere and blasted”), and the true “Priests” will be purified. The “tree” cut down in Dan. 4 = Adventism, and Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar = the “wise & foolish” virgins of Adventism.

- 1SM 204, “books of a new order”, “our religion would be changed”, “new organization” all happened back in the 1920’s – 1930’s (W.W. Prescott’s book, “The Doctrine of Christ” = “Alpha” & 1957 “QOD” = “Omega”). There is a call to bring people out of the “new organization” in Adventism that was established in the 1930’s, but not out of the SDA Church.  


5-9-16. Midnight. Dan. 4-5.

- Nearly every chapter of Daniel & Revelation can be put on the Reformline from 1989 > CP. Bible stories that can fit into the 1989 > CP structure: Balaam (Num. 22), Lot (Gen. 19), Abigail (1 Sam. 25), Esther, Ruth, Joseph (Gen. 40-47), 7 Trumpets (Rev. 8), 3 Woes (Rev. 9, Lk.1), Samaritan woman (Jn. 4), Joshua 2, 3, 4, 6, Parable of the Supper (Lk. 14), Abraham (Gen. 15), Third Decree (Ezra 7:9), 2nd Passover (2 Chron. 29-30), Elijah (1 Ki. 18), Herod/Salome (Mk. 6, Mt. 14), eating (Rev. 10), Sodom & Egypt (Rev. 11). Assignments are made to the students for 15-min. presentations.

- “Midnight”. (DA 699) It was at “midnight” when Jesus was accused of sedition to the Roman gov’t (so the SDA Ch. will accuse Present-Truth believers of sedition too), and then blasphemy against the Church, of setting up a secret society, a “new organization” which would offend both Church & State. By then we will know it is “Midnight”. Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity is a type of the end of Babylon, the fall of a kingdom (the end of Adventism). 

- Heb. 6:4-8,  it is impossible to restore the false “Priests” who have tasted (the heavenly “honey” that “lightens the eyes” at 9/11), but later, during the time of “rain” they accept the “strong delusion” and “fall away” = Judas/Pergamos/Pagan Rome, at MD, then “perish” at the SL. False “Levites” & false “11th hour workers” follow suit.

- The “external” is the “Image of the Beast” test, and the “internal” is the “image of Christ” in the believers test (3SM 154).

- Noah (Holy Spirit strives with men for “120” until they fully reject the truth), Abraham/Lot, Christ. (Isa. 6, the believer sees his own moral defilement and is humbled into the dust, then his lips are touched with the “live coal from off the altar” and lifted up to give a message. Otherwise, “the faithful city” becomes a harlot-daughter of Babylon, 8T 250.) Zech. 1:17, God will “choose Jerusalem” at MC-SL, while others become the “man of sin” & “harlot”.

- David was anointed (Saul bypassed) at 1989 in the “wilderness of En-Gedi” (Rev. 11 “wilderness” study); and the second time (by Judah at Hebron) at 9/11, and the third time at Jerusalem at the MC (God will then “choose Jerusalem”), while Adventism’s leaders become like a “Catholic procession” who “proscribe” the “house” of the faithful (1T 577) and sic the State on them.  


5-8-16. Week 1 Summary by Michael.

- Sun.) Gen. 3:15 is the “seed” (rule of first mention) of the everlasting gospel, a separation between Christ’s children and the Serpent’s children. (The first “gospel sermon” was also a prophecy, and they should not be separated.)  3-step testing process as in Rev. 14, Jn. 16:8, Ps. 77:13. 

- Mon.) Dan. 1, The fall of Judas. “binding off”, & symbols, “3 yrs”, “10 days”, “eating” test, then the “gifts” at MD.

- Tues.) Dan. 2, Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, “troubled” at 9/11, “call-decree”, Ps. 48 & 83, two groups of “4” marked (foolish “wisemen” at 9/11 have “3 steps”, a “confession”, their character is manifested, then a “decree”, and then “4” wise at MD). Arioch’s “haste” at MD > MC, with “praying” and a “revelation”, & “gifts” at the MC.

- Wed.) Acts 17:30-32, “times of ignorance” (as “time zones”) parallels the “plowing” for each group (“Priests, Levites, 11th hr. workers). Dan. 3, is mostly about the “11th hr. workers”. “25” days, “Image of the Beast” MD > MC, “gathering”.

- SL. “cry”, “accusation”, “bound”, “astonied” , “haste”, “3+1” in the fire = “4” = “11th hour” or “binding off”, “judgment”, “7 times” (2520), “Sabbath”, “ensign” is lifted up higher = “visual” test, “escape” (“Edom, Moab, Ammon.” Dan.11:41), “universal decree”, promotion = “gifts”. 

- Thurs.) Jn. 4, Samaritan woman at the well, “6th & 9th” hour” (MD > MC “binding off”) or MC > SL “binding off”, “120” = “4 months” already in the past. The woman as the “Protestants” in an unlawful “marriage” with the State = “Image” test, “5 husbands + 6th = USA (Rev. 17). 


5-5-16. 6th & 9th hour in the “binding off”.

- Jn. 4, Woman at the Well:  9th hour for the “Priests” = 6th hour for the “Levites”. The “6th hour” can be either mid-day or mid-night (GC 398 “midway” = 7-21-44), and is at MD for the “Priests”, MC for the “Levites” and at the SL for the “11th hr. workers”. The “4 months to the harvest = 120” applies at MD > MC, MC > SL, SL > CP for the 3 groups. The two kinds of “water” at the MC symbolize the Bible study method of either Rome or Christ (Miller’s Rules, Exeter NH campmeeting, “Watertown”. Lk. 21 “sea & waves roaring”, distress of the nations, Islam, “troubling of the waters” at Bethsaida). The woman “perceives” at the MC “binding off” for the “Levites” (also Mordecai & Daniel). “5 husbands” = foolish virgins (internal, both SDA “virgins” and apostate Protestantism’s “horn”); and (external) the 5 kingdoms of Bible prophecy, Republican “horn”. The “hour” now is at the MC. “Well” = 2520 = covenant, Beer-Sheba, joining of the two sticks. Samaria/Sychar = “strong drink”, “drunkards of Ephraim”.

- Review of Dan. 4-5, the “Everlasting Gospel” as shown by Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar. The feast is at “night” from 6th > 9th hour, and includes the 7x, and “holy vessels” filled with the “wine of Babylon”.

- Class discusses the “binding off” for the “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers” as symbols apart from history. “Time of the End” (1989) = 1st Angel arrives, prophecy fulfilled, increase of knowledge.


5-4-16. Dan. 3.

- Question: Are the “Levites” receiving the “mareh-marah” vision of Christ and humbling at the MC? Answer: Yes, Jeff reviews the sequence of Acts 17: 30-31; “ignorance” that God winks at (also “plowing”, Hos. 10:12), the visual test, and a judgment for all 3 groups, “Priests”, “Levites” & “11th hr. workers”.

- Dan. 2, at the MC Daniel explains the “external” rise-and-fall-of-kingdoms of the “latter days” to the “king”.

- Dan. 3, at MD the Image begins to be set up, and the “Priests” make a “prediction” re. Adventism’s fall & Islam’s attack at the first SL, which is set up at the MC, and the SDA “Chaldeans” accuse, and the “furnace” = SL. The “binding off” for the “11th hr. workers” (Edom, Moab, Ammon) is emphasized from SL > CP.

- Dan. 1-3 sets up the structure of the Waymarks to be used (1989 > 9/11 > MD/MC > SL > CP) in laying out the “everlasting gospel” emphasis of Dan. 4-5.

- Dan. 3, MC 8 + 8 rulers are “gathered” (“in the valley of Jehoshaphat” in Joel) = 16 = Passover at the SL. A “cry” from MC > SL (the “hour”), and a “double inquiry” & accusation (“double unto her double” at the SL, Rev. 18:6), the king’s “visage is changed” and “Edom, Moab, Ammon” are “bound” in true worship, but the “4th“ appears, the king is “astonied”,  and they “escape by slipperiness” out of his “hand” (Dan. 11:41). Discussion re. the number of musical instruments used.

- Email questions re. “6th & 9th hour”, the two Waymarks that mark the beginning & ending of the “binding off”.



5-3-16. Dan. 2.

- 9/11; v.1 = “night”, “troubling dream” (Ps. 48:1-7, kings, assembled, troubled, fear, ships of Tarshish broken by the east wind), “waking up”. “Doubles” in v. 4 & 7 = the 2nd Angel’s message arrives and the 2nd step of that 3-step sequence to the MC.  A “call” for “4” (Syriack, a decree) , and they are the “foolish virgins” who argue that “none” have the “oil”, while Daniel + 3 friends = “wise virgins” prove that they do have the “oil”. A parallel is Korah, Dathan & Abiram who say “all” are holy (have the “oil”) when they don’t.

- Discussion of the idea that “doubling” as the “2nd step” may include the doubling of “intent” rather than the doubling of stated words, like saying that “chapter 9 verse 11” or that “verses 9-11” are a reference to 9/11, but it must depend on context rather than applying it in every place where that sequence occurs.

- MD, Daniel asks for “time” and & Esther asks for “3 days” from MD > MC, then there is a “hidden & revelation” of both the message and the people who are “bound off” in the message (hidden jewels in Wm. Miller’s dream = both truths & people), “gifts” are revealed, then at the MC “If I perish I perish”.


5-2-16. Review of the “Everlasting Gospel”, continuing from 5-1-16.

- GC 50. The “fall of Judas” can be placed at either MD (“Judas Priests”) or at the MC (“Judas Levites”, which is still “midnight” for the “Levites”), therefore when you bring MD + MC together you get a “doubling”. When “Judas” falls, then a “Barabbas” is revealed; for the “Priests” at the MC, and for the “Levites” at the SL. 2 Thess. 2:10-11, either “the love of the truth” or “strong delusion” comes in; for the “Priests” at MD & “Levites” at the MC. Pagan Rome “falls away” that Papal Rome may be “revealed”.  TM 409, unsanctified ministers. The “wheat & tares” get separated at their “appointed time”, for the “Priests” it is MD, for the “Levites” it is the MC, and for the “11th hr. workers” it is the SL.

- “Binding off” in Dan. 1-3. Ch. 1 is the “1st Angel’s Message” but it includes elements of all 3 messages. 1st test is “eating”, 2nd test is “visual” after “10 days”, and the 3rd test is a Judgment (“10 times” wiser) at the “binding off” time from MD > MC for the “Priests”, plus Daniel has the “gifts” of the Spirit restored (understanding of all dreams and visions). The “10 day’s test” connects to the stories of Abigail (1 Sam. 25, 10 young men + informed by a messenger at MC, then “10” days of Nabal’s coma until his death at the SL) & Esther (informed by a messenger). (In Dan. 2, Daniel is informed by a messenger, Arioch.)

- Discussion moves to Lev. 26 where 4 kinds of “pagan-beasts” attack Israel to initiate the 2520 “scattering”, and Daniel is taken as a captive to learn the literal “language of the Chaldeans” (the “dark sentences”); which in the spiritual sense, when he receives the “gift” of “understanding of all dreams and visions”, he receives the ability to understand prophecy (the “dark sentences” or “language” the Jews could not understand in Deut. 28:49). Discussion of the “shut door” for the “Levites” beginning at MD through MC.

- Dan. 2:1 = 9/11 because of “troubling” by “Islam” (Pharaoh & “east wind”, Joseph is “30” = 9/11). Discussion of how Isa. 6 “holy, holy, holy” can be (depending on the prophetic line of reasoning) either the 3-step “everlasting gospel” from 9/11 > MC, or can be the 3rd step (which is 3 steps within itself) which is not the “everlasting gospel” but only “manifesting character” (as Christ’s 3 temptations in the wilderness). Rule X, “symbols have more than one meaning”.



- Dan. 4 & 5 are combined as one story of the “everlasting gospel” (internally) which separates two classes of people; Nebuchadnezzar as the “wise virgins” and Belshazzar as the “foolish virgins”. (PK 280-301 given as assigned reading.) The beginning = the end, in the sense that the OT gave prophecies of Christ and they were fulfilled in the NT. Similarly, the Millerite time is the beginning of Adventism and we are now in the “end of Adventism”.

- Promise of “enmity” in Gen. 3:15 is the “seed” (rule of first mention) of the everlasting gospel, a separation between Christ’s children and the Serpent’s children. (The first “gospel sermon” was also a prophecy, and they should not be separated.) Note Cain & Abel, not just separation but assault (and will be again at the end of the world as it was in the beginning). Peter developed his Pharisaical sense of self-righteousness over time.

- Parables as prophetic truths. Learning by personal instruction from the Holy Spirit is better than learning from another human. There are “3 tests” in the 3 Angels’ Messages, the 3rd being “judgment” and the final separation of classes, from those who are “daily imbibing new errors” (EW 124.3).

- Nebuchadnezzar out in the grass represents the “Levites” who realize that God has bypassed the SDA “structure” at the MC (the “tree” that is cut down and its stump confined by “iron & brass” [Rome & Greek teachings]), and that there is a “new organization” set up (the “Church Triumphant”) that he has to go to, the “Priests” organization, and quit going where error is taught. In the Millerite time the believers left the fallen Protestant churches (those who weren’t already cast out of them). 

- Also Judas, whose story begins and ends with a “feast & footwashing” (learning & humility). His probation was still open even after failing his first two tests, but he left the presence of his “leader”, and accepted a “strong delusion” (2 Thess. 2), then the “man of sin” was revealed at the MC (Barabbas/false Christ/Rome/1st Sunday law). Jesus told the disciples re. Judas’ apostasy in advance as a type of the “wise Priests” in this “Present Truth” movement who know, in advance, there will be a similar apostasy and separation in the “Present Truth” movement at MD just before the MC. EGW’s first vision of the Midnight Cry was given for the benefit of Wm. Miller who had denied the MC and was in danger of “falling off the path”.


Gold Country Convocation, April 2016.

Gold Country, Jeff #6,

- Dan. 6:1, “120” = “probationary time” in Gen. 6:3, “4 months” of Ezra. 7:9 from 9/11 > MC (old SDA leadership is dead and bypassed). Daniel as first of 3 = 1st Angel’s message. V.3, Daniel’s “excellent spirit” gives him preeminence. V.5, “the law of his God” for Daniel was the Decalogue, but for SDA’s its “Habakkuk’s Two Tables”, the 1843 & 1850 Charts. V.7, “30 days” from MD > MC (Rev. 9, “hour, day, month, year”). V. 17, Daniel was probably into the den (at night, MD), “sealed” and out of the lion’s den in “3 days” = 3rd Angel or “sealing Angel”. v.13-14, “king deceived” (Note. Ahab/Jezebel & Herod/Herodias). V.20, a “cry” at the MC, and an “inquiry”. v.22, “His Angel comes down” at the MC (Rev. 10:1, Aug. 11, 1840. 2nd Angel’s feet on “land & sea” = worldwide). V.23-24, “Daniel” is lifted “up out of the den” x 2 = MC, and his 3 accusers (them, children, wives = 3rd Angel arrives at MC) are “eaten” by the “lion” of “Babylon” (KofN = papacy). V.28, “Daniel” prospers during “Darius & Cyrus” = Medo-Persia = USA = “2 horned” power.

- Dan. 1 recap. Daniel “eats” the “proof-text” “methodology”, “Miller’s Rules”, SDA “old paths” and understands that 9/11 was Islam, and Islam has a prophetic history (in the 1843 & 1850 Pioneer Charts), and we are in the “3rd Woe!” right now. “Daniel” is “10 times” wiser = LC is coming with “10 times” the power of the MC.

- “Levite” Nebuchadnezzar “eats” the “grass”, the stored–up message [by “Priest” Joseph from 9/11 > MC], that the True Church gives him, in the form of Latter Rain “dew”, from MC > SL and is saved; while Belshazzar drinks the “wine of Babylon” and is lost.

- “Levite” Saul gets “knocked off of his high horse” by a sudden revelation of Christ at the MC, (Note the original Levites with Moses [Golden Calf/Image of the Beast test], and Jeroboam I [2 golden calves], and Jeroboam II [joining of the “2 sticks”]).



Gold Country, Jeff #5,

- Gen. 11, 3x “Go to” = 3 Angels. “Brick & mortar” tower instead of natural stone altar = a broken covenant, false covenant (Isa. 28). 2nd “Go to” city = State, tower = Church: union of Church & State. Name = character, trying to save themselves outside of the grace of Christ. God comes down to “see” = 2nd or “visual” test. v.6, wicked “imagination” (Gen. 6:5) = settling into character, Babylon. 3rd “Go to” = judgment, scattering = 2520 (Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar).

- Dan. 4 & 5 (rule of first & last), first king Nebuchadnezzar as a type of the last king Belshazzar (also typical of the begin and end of Adventism, “internal”). Nebuchadnezzar’s “2nd dream” (about the 2520) parallels Wm. Miller’s “2nd dream” (in EW, also about the 2520), both chapters written by “non-prophets” but recognized as inspired by God.

- 4:1-7 (9/11). “All the earth” = world-wide = 8-11-1840 (1st Angel’s message to every mission station) = 9/11. V.4 “rest” = Latter Rain “rest” began “sprinkling” on 9/11. V.5, “troubled” = Gen. 41, Ps. 48 (kings “troubled” by “east wind” = Islam at 9/11). V.6, a “decree” to “call” the “foolish”. V.7, there are “4 foolish” = “last generation”, that began at 9/11.

- v.8 (MD > MC). Daniel brought to the king at MD, & “name change”. V.9, “holy gods” in him = “wise virgins” appear at MD. v. 13, “watcher & holy one” “come down” at MD > MC. v.14, “cries aloud”, 4 progressive destructions of Adventism (hew down, cut off, shake off, scatter. Also 1st 4 Trumpets progressively bring down Western Rome), “beasts” = State, “fowls” = Church (union of Ch. & State at the “fall” of Adventism). V.15, “stump” = promise of future Church Triumphant, “double bands” = MC, “iron” = Rome, “brass” = Greek education, “dew of heaven” = H.S. pouring out at MC. V. 16, “heart changed” to a “beast” (Rev. 13, lamb-like changed to dragon-like), “7 times” = 2520. V. 19, Daniel “astonied” and “the dream be to them that hate thee”. (If Nebuchadnezzar = Adventism, then “them that hate thee” = Evangelicalism. Jeff makes a brief comment re. the book, “Questions on Doctrine” [QOD] by the betrayers of true Adventism back in the 1950’s who tried to appease the Evangelicals who hate us.) v.25, “the Most High ruleth & giveth [the kingdom of Adventism] to whosoever He will”. The SDA “Levites” will have to see that God is giving the “kingdom of Adventism” to a new organization the “Church Triumphant”, and come and stand with them (as the Levites stood with Moses after the Golden Calf apostasy). V.27, “break off thy sins” = 1st Angel, “show” = visual= 2nd Angel. V.29, “end of 12 months” = 9/11 > CP (or as fractals; 9/11 > SL, or 9/11 > MC). v.30, “inquiry” (of the virgins for oil) at the MC.

- v. 31, “The kingdom [SDA corporate structure] is departed from thee” at the SL. v. 33, “same hour” can apply at all 3 Waymarks but all the parts of Rev. 9:15 apply (hour, month, day, year) in the “binding off” time from MD > MC. v. 34, “end of the days” = SL/ Oct. 22, 1844 (and at the fractal level also applies at a “judgment” at MD). v. 36, the “glory of my kingdom …returned” = Church Triumphant, “mountain of the Lord”, “ensign lifted up”.

- Dan. 5:1-2, the “Everlasting Gospel” shows Belshazzar failing the 3-step testing process. v.1, “feast” (compare with Esther’s feasts) at MC, with “double” list of partyers. V.4, “6 gods” the number of human worship, “6th day” marriage law at MC. V.5, “same hour”, “countenance changed”, “loins loosed” (Ps. 69:23). V.7, “loud cry” at MC, 3 wisemen arrive = 3rd Angel arrives, but they can’t understand the prophetic message.  V.9, “king troubled” (Ps. 48:4-5,7 by the “east wind”), “lords astonied” at MC (and in all “binding off” periods). V.10, “Queen/woman/church” (Millerite “church” and the “Church Triumphant” = same “church/woman/Queen”). V.11, “spirit of the holy gods” = “oil in his vessel”. V. 12, “call” & “inquiry” at MC. v.22, “though thou knewest all this” = the 1843 & 1850 Charts were known, but are now forgotten by Adventism. V.25, “mene-mene” = doubling from MD > MC. “Mene” = God has numbered and finished the SDA 501©3 Corporate Structure at the MC. “Tekel” = GC is “weighed” in the Investigative Judgment & found wanting. “Peres” = “wheat & tares” separated, and “given” to the “2-horned power” = US Gov’t. v. 30, “in that night” from MD > MC > SL. Foolish king was slain by Cyrus (a type of Christ) who came through the “gates/door that no man could open” at Oct. 22, 1844… a type of the SL judgment.


Gold Country, Jeff #4, the “binding off” in Dan. 2-3.

- There is a “name change” at every Waymark. Dan. 2 shows the “external” rise-and-fall of kingdoms, while Dan. 10 shows the “internal” workings within God’s people’s hearts. Dan. 2-3 both have “images” so it is a “doubling” of “images” at the MC (which is the 2nd or “visual-image” test). Dan. 3:2, a “doubling” of “8” (whole world) at the MC (2 Chron. 29), or beginning of the Sunday laws. The “same hour” = SL > CP persecution, and is the “binding off” for the “11th hr. workers”, symbolized by the 3 Hebrews (Dan. 11:41, Edom, Moab, Ammon). (Daniel was not there because he is a “Levite”). All of the “binding off” times are to be combined, so the “accusation” that happens (v.12) from SL > CP also applies to the “Priests” from MD > MC. The “inquiry” of the foolish virgins, “Give us your oil” appears from SL > CP, and some are “astonied” (when they finally “wake up” to their situation).

- Christ’s “Triumphal Entry” will be perfectly fulfilled from MD > MC > SL > Loud Cry > Close of Probation > Second Coming > Heavenly Jerusalem.

- v. 19 (SL > CP), Nebuchadnezzar’s “visage changes” (as the USA changes from the lamb-like 6th kingdom of Bible prophecy, to the dragon-like 7th kingdom of Bible prophecy, the U.N. v.27, the 4th (and last) generation see their efforts at persecution to be useless because the captives’ “garments” (robe of Christ’s righteousness) is “unchanged”, only the “ropes of sin” that had previously bound them are destroyed by the “fire”. Then a “counter-decree” (also Esther), may be Rev. 22:11.

- Jesus doesn’t open up prophetic truths until just before they become a present reality, therefore the “binding off” is just before us.


Gold Country, Jeff #3, the “binding off” 5MR128, 9T98.

- The 3 Angels’ Messages are “3 tests”, the 3rd one is a “judgment” or a “close of probation”. The first two have some time involved where one can vacillate back and forth or take time to settle into the messages for himself, but not the 3rd test, the 3rd test only reveals what decisions have been made during the first two tests. Each message “arrives” at one point but is “empowered” by a fulfillment of prophecy at another point. When one comes into this message during the “empowerment”-part of the message he needs to go back to study the “arrival” point of the message in order to get the background history, or (as several ministry leaders have done) they will eventually find fault with the message and abandon it.

- Acts 17:29-31, for most of us now, 1989 > 9/11 (when Dan. 11:40-45 and the “daily” in Daniel was first proclaimed) was our “times of ignorance” that God “winks” at, but since 9/11 we are commanded to “repent” of our former ignorance and study up, get up to speed, on the foundation of our message (Dan. 11:40-45 and the “daily” in Daniel) that was given from 1989 > 9/11, and become the “Priests” of Adventism, and the world. The first two tests are called the “plowing” time (Hos. 10:12).

- The “3rd test”, or “judgment”, or “binding off”, or “harvest” for the “Priests” of Adventism begins at “midnight” (MD) and lasts until the “midnight cry” (MC) at the “Image of the beast” or 2nd “visual” test.

- The “Levites” of Adventism are “plowed” from 9/11 > MD (breaking up their attachment to corrupt SDA leadership), and see their “2nd test” or “visual” test from MD > MC as they see the “Priests” make a “prediction” at MD re. Adventism bowing down at the SL (as the Golden Calf in Ex. 32 and the Golden Image in Dan. 3); and their “3rd test” (their “harvest” from MC > SL), when they see the “prediction” come true at the MC, is to come and stand with the “Priests” (as Moses, Ex. 35:26, or be spiritually “slain” by their fellow “Levites”). “Priests” & “Levites” together become the 144000, the 2-part “firstfruits” offering, and the “11th hour workers” are the “great multitude”.  

- Dan. 1, “3 tests” (spiritual) from 9/11 > MC: diet (either eat the “little book, proof-text” method, or the “wine of Babylon”), 2nd “visual” test, 3rd “binding off” test & “10x wiser” “at the end of the days” for the “Priests” at the MC, which is a type of the SL.

- Dan. 2, (arrival of the 2nd Angel) 2nd year, name doubled, “troubled” dream (Pharaoh [Gen.41], Joseph 30 yrs = 9/11). There is a “call” to the “4th” generation of the “foolish”, and some people “stand” (Eze. 37), but they can’t tell and there is a “death decree” (“external”, for the “Glorious Land” = USA Patriot Act & “internal” for the “Glorious Holy Mountain” = Spiritual Formation). “Gifts” are given at the MC.

- A “marker” for the “binding off” is when a story begins and ends the same way (principle of “Alpha & Omega”, “first & last”). Gen. 19 (2 angels, “rising up”, “feast”, “tarry”, “gate” at 9/11), and a “door shut” at MD and the same “door shut” again at the MC = “binding off” time. (Issue of “marriage” at the MC also, and Sabbath at the SL.)

- There is a “shut door” on the “foolish” at every Waymark. Probation ends at the MC for the “Priests”, at the SL for the “Levites” and at the Close of Probation for the “11th hour workers”. For the Millerites the issue was “prophetic time”, but for us it is “probationary time”, then the “shut door”.  In the Millerite time Apr. 19, 1844 was a “shut door” for the Protestants, but it wasn’t manifest until Oct. 22, 1844 where EGW saw them praying to Satan. In 1989 “David” was anointed king and “Saul” (SDA leadership) became demon-possessed, but he didn’t “die” until 9/11, when “David” was anointed the 2nd time.

- The “binding off” is illustrated by Samuel S. Snow giving the same “MC message” at both July 21 “midnight” (EGW “mid-way”) at the Boston Tabernacle, and Aug. 15, 1844 “midnight cry” at Exeter, NH. Another illustration in Dan. 2 is Arioch’s “haste” to find Daniel at MD and then bring him to the king at MC. Daniel asks for “time” (parallel to Esther at MD, who asks for “3 days” then says “If I perish, I perish” [a doubling] at the MC), they “pray”, and the prophetic message is opened up to them (a revelation re. the rise & fall of kingdoms). Daniel’s name is changed, which shows a “covenant relationship” at the MC.


Gold Country, Deontay Jefferson on the 7 Thunders

- Dan. 11:40, 1989 was the “time of the end” and the SL (Dan. 11:41) should have happened about 2001, but Islam “turned the (USA) out of the way” at 9/11 and we entered the “tarrying time” (4 winds restrained, Rev. 7), parallel to the Millerite “tarrying time” after April 19, 1844. (Note Mt. 25 the 10 virgins, Eze. 12 “prolonged”.)

- Num. 10, how trumpets are used. A “trumpet” (assembly) sound and an “alarm” (war) sound are different. Joel 1:14-15 & 2:15, the “Priests” (from 9/11 > MC) “call a solemn assembly”, and “sound an alarm” (meaning a war, “day of the Lord”), and 2:15 “blow the trumpet in Zion…for assembly”.  Jer. 4:5-6 (assembly), v.19 (alarm of war). Jer. 50:17, Assyria & Babylon can be interchangeable in prophecy as the King of the North. (Joel 1:18, the papacy makes “desolate”, not Islam.)

- Zeph. 1:16, “trumpet & alarm” = war against the “enemy that oppresses you in your land” (Num. 10:9), which are “fenced cities” (State) and “high towers” (Church) = union of Church & State enemy at the MC (the first Sunday laws or “Image” test). The true “Priests” began “assembling” at 9/11 (because it will be too late for the “Priests” to “assemble” at the MC). Also the “false Priests” are calling an “alarm of war” at 9/11 instead of the “assembly”. They really are not ready with their message yet (Ahimaaz). Jer. 25:24, “Babylon” comes after “Arabia” = Islam too.


Gold Country, Jeff #2.

- Jeff overviews the “7 Thunders” as they are revealed in Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar, the 7 Persian Kings, 7 last kings of Israel, and Judah. Also, the sequence of “3 kings” or “3 leaders” repeats as “the prophetic chain” from the Garden of Eden all the way to Christ’s second coming, and they represent the 3 Angels’ Messages, especially Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah. The same “3 Angels” sequence also shows in the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Dan. 1:1 refers to Jehoiakim, Eze. 1:2 refers to Jehoiachin and Jer. 1:3 refers to Zedekiah, and Zedekiah was the final king upon whom the final judgment fell upon Jerusalem (as the “glorious land”). Judgment is the theme of the 3rd Angel’s message, and it is written in Rev. 14:9-11, and 9/11 was a judgment upon the USA (as the “glorious land”).

- The arrival of the “3 Angels’ Messages” in the Millerite time from 1840-1844 was the “imperfect fulfillment” of those messages (because Jesus didn’t come then), and the arrival of the “3 Angels’ Messages” in our time (the time of the 144000), is the “perfect fulfillment” of those messages (because Jesus is coming now). In the “fractal” sense, the 1st Angel contains elements of all 3 Angel’s Messages.  

- In 1846 the “covenant” began to be established with Adventism; the White’s were married, Harmon’s name was changed, she was re-baptized, they began to observe the Sabbath-covenant.

- In 1850 the “covenant” took another step; “50” = Pentecost, the “two tables” of the Decalogue-covenant was given to ancient Israel on “Pentecost” and parallel our “two tables” the 1843 & 1850 Charts  that were given to “Modern Israel”.  

- Since the 1st Angel contains elements of all 3 Angel’s Messages, then Dan. 1 also contains elements of all 3 Angels’ Messages. It is the “3 messages” theme that ties Dan. & Rev. together.

- Dan. 1; in the beginning literal Babylon prevails over literal Jerusalem, but at the end of Dan. 11 spiritual “Jerusalem” prevails over spiritual “Babylon”. A prophetic fulfillment is that Hezekiah’s children would be “eunuchs” in Babylon, and represents the 4th & final generation of the 144000 because there will be no “children” after them.

- Lev. 26:18, 21, 24, 28; the “7 times” (2520) is noted 4 x, each with greater severity, and they were fulfilled in what happened to the 4 kings, Manasseh, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, & Zedekiah. v. 18, Israel’s king was the “pride of their power”, and that was broken when Manasseh was captured and became a vassal king. V. 21, Jehoiakim was attacked by “wild beasts”, a symbol of the other nations around him, and they “rob them of their children” = Daniel & friends taken to Babylon. Back to Dan. 1….

- Dan. 1 (1st Angel’s Message), the scene begins in the “king’s palace” (which parallels the U.S. Congress at 9/11), and Daniel, et al are made “eunuchs”, and learn the “dark sentences” of the Chaldean language (which parallels the 144000, the “last generation” at 9/11 beginning to “eat the little book” and understand the “dark sentences”, or parables, of Bible prophecy). They study for “3 years” until a “judgment” at the “3rd test” (the MC) where they are “10x wiser” (Sp.M. p.4, “the Latter Rain is coming as suddenly as the MC, and with 10x the power”). Often Daniel & his 3 friends are listed separately which implies a “3 + 1 combination”, but when they are named together the imply the “4th generation”, and in v.7 the 4th generation gets a “name change” = covenant relationship (at 9/11). V.9, “favor with the keeper” (see also Esther’s “favor with the keeper”, and Joseph with the jailer). v.10, “fear” of the “king/god”. V.12, “ten days” = the 2nd or “visual” test at “midnight” (MD) to see who has been eating the “real King’s food”, or the “food” of the “king of Babylon” (and “Daniel” has “understanding in ALL visions & dreams” = Bible prophecy) “at the end of the days” [6MR108] = MC.

- A “prediction” (made by “Daniel”) at “midnight” will cause controversy (as did Josiah Litch in 1838), but when it is fulfilled at the MC, Adventism and the world will start paying attention to what “Daniel” says. Jeff suggests the “prediction” is our “old paths” message for Adventism to open their eyes to the Truth. If the “old paths” are rejected they will die for eternity, if accepted they will “die to self” (as Daniel fell before the Angel), and be strengthened (“resurrected” with Lazarus/Eleazar [and Joshua who replaced Moses]) and lifted up before the world.  

- “Resurrection”. Jesus did not die the “2nd death” (eternal death), per se’, at the cross, but His “eternal sacrifice” was the giving up of His divine Omnipresence at His incarnation (still retains His Omniscience & Omnipotence).


Gold Country, Jeff #1.

- The “binding off” is a period of time for the “3rd Angel’s Message”, or the “sealing”, or the separation of wheat & tares. TM445 “sealing” (Rev. 7 & Eze. 9). The judgments of God will fall immediately when the sealing is complete, but there are 3 groups to be sealed, the SDA “Priests”, SDA “Levites” and the “11th hour workers” from the world, just before the Close of Probation.

- Islam is on “hold” 4 times (EW 38) before the Close of Probation, but multiple extreme weather events indicate that Satan is at least practicing exercising his power over the elements. “Wheat & tares” exist together in the Church now, but at “Midnight” (MD) the “tares” will begin to be separated into their own group. The lesson of “spiritual triage”, sick Adventism needs the saving message now, not the world, so it is not time to evangelize the world now. It is unwise to bring converts from the world into the sick Laodicean SDA Churches now. The converts will only get infected with the Laodicean self-satisfaction which makes them impossible to reach with the Truth.

- Hos. 10:12, “plowing”, “sowing”, “seed”, “rain”, “harvest” for each of the 3 groups (“Priests, Levites, 11th hr. workers) at their major Waymarks, which are in the sequence for each group (“Priests” “harvested” from MD > MC, “Levites” from MC > SL, “11th hr. workers” from SL > CP). Amos 9:10-14, the different “harvests” overlap the next one in the sequence. The 1st & 2nd Angels’ messages do the work of the “gospel” in the “plowing-seed-rain” time, but the 3rd Angel separates & seals the two classes at the MD > MC “binding off-harvest” time and their destiny is “fixed” for eternity. GC 341, etc., “closing messages” = “golden oil” = books of Dan. & Rev. = the prophetic messages = Latter Rain which ripens the final harvest.

- Isa. 6 can be placed either at 9/11 (Rev. 18), or MD. EGW called Jones’ & Waggoner’s 1888 message the “beginning” of the final message, but by now it has developed far beyond what J&W understood and taught.

- Ms32-1896 (December 6, 1896) par. 38, The “banner of the 3rd Angel” is the 3-step testing process that happened during the “Reformline” of the Millerites from 1840-1844. The same 3-step testing-process sequence-history repeats in every “Reformline”, most importantly in our final testing process now.  Also the 3rd Angel’s Message can NOT be taught without using “Miller’s Rules” of prophetic interpretation. The 3rd Angel’s Message (in the “binding off”) is the “only hope for salvation of a perishing world” (Pacific Union Recorder, January 14, 1904, par. 5). “We are God’s messengers”, The Signs of the Times, July 4, 1906. {to Be Like Jesus, 69.5}.

- TM 300, some don’t know what the 3rd message is, and will “not recognize” it when it comes to them. To “recognize” something you have to have seen it somewhere before. Those who have a regard for the Spirit of Prophecy (EGW) already have a great advantage even if they know nothing else re. this message. Same with the KJV Bible, some have already discovered it is the only reliable version and have rejected the Catholic versions. Some “recognize” the truth of this message the very first time they hear any of it. 5T 714-716, The National Reformers are working (USA Patriot Act), but our leaders are not “alive to the situation”, but have brought in Spiritual Formation instead, and both leaders & people “lose the opportunities given them to see the dangers”, become blind to the dangers, “and do not prepare for the battle”. Some groups’ probation closes at each Waymark, and we are now just before “midnight” (and the close of probation for a particular group of people in Adventism). “Let us show the people where we are in prophetic history (just before MD) and seek to arouse the spirit of true Protestantism…”. 5T 211-212, “The class who do not feel grieved over their own spiritual declension, nor mourn over the sins of others, will be left without the seal of God. The Lord commissions His messengers, the men with slaughtering weapons in their hands:” … “Those who have been regarded as worthy and righteous prove to be ring-leaders in apostasy and examples in indifference and in the abuse of God’s mercies. Their wicked course He will tolerate no longer, and in His wrath He deals with them without mercy.” {RH December 23, 1890, Art. B, par. 18} “a wonderful manifestation of the power of God, but some … brace themselves to resist it.” Our message is a “shut door” warning message, and the next “door” shuts at “midnight” (for the “Priests” of Adventism).


First Trimester 2016

4-14-16. Plowing.

- 3 Bible Chapters cover the same time span from 1798 > CP; Dan. 11:40-45, Rev. 13-16, Rev. 17. The symbol of “Christ” interchanges with angel, angels, message and messengers. You must mark where the prophet is at in the vision so as to accurately interpret it. In Rev. (10) & 13 he is at 1798. The first 6 chapters in Daniel emphasize the “binding off” time; chapters 1 & 2 = “binding off” for the “Priests” from MD > MC; chapters 4, 5, 6 = “binding off” for the “Levites” from the MC > SL; and chapter 3 = “binding off” for the “11th hr. workers” from the SL > Close of Probation. The Waymarks are 1989 > 9/11 > MD > MC > SL > CP.

- God “winks” at our ignorance (Acts 17:30) but requires that newcomers learn the message in its 3 steps (EW259-260).

- First test for the “Priests” of Adventism was learning about Dan. 11:40-45 from 1989 > 9/11. (God “winked” at their ignorance as long as they maintained “the love of the truth”.) The 2nd or “visual” test is from 9/11 > MD (when the “Priests” see and understand the “Image” being set up), and their “3rd test”, or “judgment”, or “binding off” is from MD > MC. The “plowing” of the “Priests” is from 1989 > 9/11 > MD, and the “harvest” of the “Priests” is the “binding off” time from MD > MC when they become the purified “Church Triumphant”.

- First test for the “Levites” of Adventism is from 9/11 > MD. (God “winks” at their ignorance as long as they maintain “the love of the truth”), but their “visual” test is from MD > MC (when the “Levites” see the “prediction” of the “Priests” fulfilled), and their “3rd test”,  or “judgment”, or “binding off” is from MC > SL. The “plowing” of the “Levites” is from 9/11 > MD > MC, and the “harvest” of the “Levites” is their “binding off” time from MC > SL when they join the purified “Church Triumphant”.

- First test for the “11th hr. workers” (Nethinim) is from MD > MC. (God “winks” at their ignorance as long as they maintain “the love of the truth”), but their “visual” test is from MC > SL (when the “11th hr. workers” see the legal battles begin over the first Sunday laws), and their “3rd test”, or “judgment”, or “binding off” is from the SL > CP. The “plowing” of the “11th hr. workers” is from MD > MC > SL, and the “harvest” of the “11th hr. workers” is their “binding off” time from SL > Close of Probation when they join the purified “Church Triumphant”.

- Class discusses Saul-Paul as a “Levite”. “Firstfruits” comes in 2 parts; Christ at His resurrection and those who were resurrected with Him parallels the “Priests” as “Christ” and the “Levites” as those who were resurrected with Him. The “11th hr. workers” are the “harvest”. Amos 9:13, the “plowing” is “progressive” from 1989 > SL across the three groups, so some are being “reaped” while others are still being “plowed”, and from MD > CP there are 3 “harvests”.  Isa. 28:23-29, different groups have different treatments, but it is all agriculture.


4-13-16. Dan. 5-6 Review.

- Dan. 5:4, Belshazzar’s orgiastic feast is at “night” with “wine”. Christ was offered vinegar. The 6th & 9th hour on the cross are typical of the END of the “binding off” at the 9th hr. = MC, for the “Priests”; but the BEGIN of the “binding off” at the 6th hr. = MC, for the “Levites” (but since MD > MC is “both a point and a period” of time the 6th & 9th hr. can both be placed at the MC). V.5, arrival of the 3rd Angel, the “handwriting on the wall” as a “pronouncement of judgment” (spiritual judgment before the execution of judgment) at the MC in the negative sense = David coming to kill “every one that pisseth against the wall”. “Wall” = “law” and the 6th hr. = the 6th day of creation, incl. the “marriage institution”, which is violated at the MC, raising an outcry and judgment against those who passed that law. V.9, “Lords” are “astonied” at the MC > SL (also Nebuchadnezzar [as an “11th hr. worker”] at the SL, and Daniel as a “Priest” from MD > MC). v.10, Nebuchadnezzar’s Queen = “Church Triumphant”, directs to “old paths”. “Thy father” x 3 = 3rd Angel. V.13, a “call” & “name change”. V.16, “gifts”, “scarlet” = purple (Christ’s purple robe), Rahab’s “scarlet” rope “bound” in Jerecho (SL), “3rd ruler” = 3rd Angel at the MC. v. 25, “mene-mene” = MD > MC (4 words, “4” = fall of a kingdom [4th day, light “divided” from darkness, “wise/foolish”], but judgment comes in 3 parts), “divided” = broken, “scattered” (2520 gerahs).

- All 3 “binding off” times can be combined since they all have similar characteristics, therefore there must be some kind of “handwriting on the wall” at MD & SL.

- Dan. 6, at 9/11, “120” = 4 mos. from 9/11 > MC. The “30 days”  can be 1 month from 9/11 > MC, or also MD > MC. Daniel as “1st of 3” (3 Angels). “Presidents” “gathered” to oppose the “world-wide” prophetic message. V.7, 5 leaders = foolish virgins, “statute”, “decree”, “writing”, “signed”, ”perceived-known”. Daniel is in the lion’s den on the “night” (MC) of the 3rd day of 30, and “sealed”. Darius is “62” the number of weeks to the Messiah’s week.


4-12-16. Dan. 4-5 Review.

- The hypothesis is presented that Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar could represent either the United States, or the SDA Church, or both. Nebuchadnezzar recovers his senses after the “7 times” at the SL. At MD the king is “troubled”, there is a “name change”, and Daniel is “astonied” “one hour”. The king “speaks” and Daniel gives the “prophetic warning” (do right, or else), then “12 months” = probation for the king. The “tree” = Nebuchadnezzar = USA, and the “beasts” the nations the USA supports or protects. “Fowls” as churches.

- At the MC a “divine symbol descends”, the “tree” is cut down, and “double bands” (“iron” = Rome/papacy, “brass” = Greece/U.N.) are placed. “Dew of heaven” = outpouring of the H.S., the king changes from “man” (intelligence) to “beast” (rapaciousness), and “eats” (destroys) “grass” (people).

- The “decrees” in Ch. 4. V. 6 (9/11) includes a “call”, “decree”, “world-wide”, “gathering”, “troubled”, “palace”. V. 17 & 24, (MC) “Divine decree” (maybe connects to Lev. 26), “heart change”.  V.29, “12 months” = 1 year from 9/11 > MC and the last 30 days as MC > MC, the king “speaks” (law) then “suddenly” (Mal. 3, Christ comes) “a voice from heaven” (message from God’s people, “national apostasy is followed by national ruin”, “the hour of His judgment is come” to purify the “Levites”), then the “7x” begins. At the SL “end of the days”, humbled, justified by faith.

- My player keeps sticking at 43:41, so this is my notes up to that point. Maybe I’ll get to finish it later.


4-11-16. Dan. 2-3 Review.

- If a person passes the 2nd “visual” test, then their character is set, and will be manifested during the 3-step “binding off” time. Dan. 2 is placed at 9/11 because of the “troubling dream”. Pharaoh also had a “troubling dream” and called in Joseph who was 30 years old, and the “30 years of preparation” fits from the 1989 > 9/11 time. Daniel comes to “stand” before the king. In Eze. 37 the army “stands” in response to the prophecy of the “east wind” (Islam) at 9/11. “Syriack”, the language change represents (externally) the USA changing from the “lamb” to the “dragon” by what it “speaks” (Rev. 13:11) in the USA Patriot Act; and (internally) the General Conference document (IBMTE Handbook) allowing the change from SDA pioneer teachings to Jesuit Spiritual Formation in our colleges on 9/11.

- The events of Dan. 2 are placed in the “binding off” time of the “Priests” (MD > MC), who make a “prediction” (highly criticized) at MD which is fulfilled at the MC/Image test time, separating the two classes of SDA “Priests”. Then Nebuchadnezzar (as a “Levite”) gives “gifts” to the “wise” SDA “Priests” and they “sit in the gate” for him as a “Levite”. A “prediction” is also made for the “Levite” time MC > SL.

- Dan. 3. v.1 (60 x 6 = 360 = 1 year), “Image set up” at MC. v.2-3, gathering of 8 + 8 = 16th day of 1st month = firstfruits; and 2 Chron. 29:17, 8 days for the Priests + 8 days for the Levites. V.4, there is a “decree” + “loud cry” at the MC before the SL command to bow down. V.6, “same hour” from SL > CP. At the SL there is “music”, “dulcimer” = singing appears in 3 of 4 lists of instruments (Isa. 23, Tyre “sings”), and v.12 an “accusation”, “inquiry”, “gathering”, v.15-17, “hand”, v.19, “fury” (Dan. 11:44), “visage changed”, “speaks”, “7 times”. v.21, “bound”. v.24, “rose up”, “hast”, “astonied”, “inquiry”. v.25, “3 + 1”, “Son of God”, “divine symbol-marah”. V.27, “coats not changed” = character. v.28, “changed the king’s word”. v.29, “counter decree” (Dan. 6:26). Class discusses the idea that after the CP the “3 Hebrews” are the 144,000 that aren’t martyred with the “11th hr. workers” but are “lifted up” to the world & the Universe when they come out of the furnace.



4-10-16. Saul-Saul

- Class continues discussing the “binding off” time from the Midnight Cry > Sunday Law for SDA “Levites” as illustrated in the life of Saul in Acts (Acts of the Apostles, Ch. 12, p.112 by E.G. White). (Mid-day can also = MD.) “Saul-Saul” = MC (but it is “MD” for “Levites”). (Interesting to note there is a “bad Saul” & “good Saul”, “bad Ananias” & “good Ananias”, “bad Judas” & “good Judas” in this story.) Saul “suddenly” (Mal. 3:1) meets Christ = mareh, which causes him to self-examine and repent = marah-looking glass. The Image of Christ was “imprinted” forever in his mind = sealed, but there is still a 3-day process of learning, the “prophecies were opened” to Saul from MC > SL  the “hour”.

- From 9/11 > MC the SDA “Levites” are still “trusting in men’s leadership” like Saul was, but at MD (SDA “Priest” Stephen’s talk to the Sanhedrin re. their “old paths” = 1st test) they begin to be “plowed” (doubts arise re. the integrity of church leadership after the stoning of “Priest-Stephen” = 2nd “visual” test, and he kicks against the “pricks” [an ox-goad used when plowing]), and then he personally meets Christ (3rd test) and gets reoriented. Then he spends “3 days” in introspection (marah-looking glass) at the beginning of the MC > SL “binding off”- sealing sequence as a type for all the “wise” SDA “Levites” who go through their own 3-step experiences during the MC > SL time.

- At the SL “Levite-Saul” is filled with the H.S., scales fall from his eyes, he arises and is baptized (4 generations). He then becomes a member of the “true Church” (Church Triumphant) “organization”, represented by Ananias as a “Priest”, that he had previously been fighting against. “Levite” Saul-Paul gives his testimony to the Jews (internal) and Agrippa (external).


4-7-16. Review, Dan. 1-6.

- Ch. 1. At 9/11, 10-day test on “eating” (the “little book” [& name change/covenant/Jer. 15:16]), Melzar’s “fear” = 1st Angel, from 9/11 > MC (time of the “Priests”), includes 2nd “visual” test = 2nd Angel, character is set & “inquiry” (MD), judgment = 3rd Angel, at the “end of days”. 4 “wise” Hebrews. 4th (last) generation as eunuchs. “10x wiser” in understanding prophecy/visions.  

- Ch. 2. At 9/11, 2nd Angel arrives (2nd yr., Neb-Neb, dreamed-dreams [usually put at MC “doubling” but the 3 Angels’ messages are to be “blended” as “wheels within wheels”]), troubling, gathering, call, stand, 4 “foolish” wisemen, Syriack (Isa. 36:11 Rabshakeh [as the rep. for KofN] threatens those on the “wall” at 9/11 but is “turned out of the way” & is destroyed by an angel, and “lepers” find the booty). “Decree” goes forth at MD. (Class gets off into discussing where on the Reformline the “Levites” have their “plowing” & 2 tests.)    


4-6-16. Review, Dan. 6.

- Dan. 6:7, “30 days” (depending on the prophetic line you are explaining, or the level that you are working at) can be from 9/11 > SL, or 9/11 > MC, or MD > MC “binding off” time as a fractal. Some discussion of fractal applications. An example is the “decree & law written” at MD to begin the “30 days” can also apply to 9/11 because a “30 days” began there with a “decree & law written” (the USA Patriot Act). The “decree” means “to bond” also, which connects with Jehoiachin “to establish” at the MC, which is the first part of the “joining of the two sticks” from the MC > SL. Daniel is in the lion’s den from MD > MC and then is “lifted up” at the MC. v.8, it may be that the “decree” is at MD and the “writing” is at the MC. Class discusses where to put the “decree”, the “30 days” of the decree (which is also the “46 years” from 1798 > 1844), Daniel’s perception of the decree and continued prayers, the “3 days” being “dead” in the lion’s den during the “binding off”, and then his “lifting up” at the end. 


4-5-16. Review, Dan. 5 & 6.

- Doublings of some sort appear at each Waymark. Nebuchadnezzar/Belshazzar “good king/bad king” is paralleled by “good & bad” Pharaoh’s in Genesis & Exodus. In the MD > MC “binding off” time Dan. 5:6 & 5:9 the “countenance is changed” and his “loins are loosed” in the center, parallel to Ps. 69:21-23, their “table” that is a snare to them is the 1863 chart. In the “binding off” time the loins of the “wise” are bound up together (EW88.3) while the loins of the “foolish” are loosed and shake. 5:7, “Scarlet, chain, 3rd ruler” = 3 steps in the “binding off” for the “Levites” from MC > SL. As with Joseph, the “gold” chain is the 2nd in the list of gifts = sanctification.

- Dan. 6, “120” = Ezra.7:9 (4 mos), Moses’ death, Abraham’s test, “the days of man”, the number of disciples at Pentecost; can begin at 9/11 at the fractal level (or end at the SL at the big level. Establish the “big” level first, then smaller fractal levels.) v. 2, Daniel is 1st of 3 = 1st Angel’s message at 9/11. V.4, jealousy, assembly of wicked, Daniel’s faultless methodology (EXTERNAL, parallel to faultless SDA methodology of keeping the Sabbath; also INTERNAL, church leadership’s jealousy of Present Truthers’ faultless methodology of “keeping” the “old paths” 1843 & 1850 Charts). V. 7, Ps. 83, “All” = worldwide, have “consulted together” to make a “decree” of “30” days (in the binding off). Daniel is thrown in the lion’s den at the “3rd day” since 9/11, in the beginning of the “30” days “binding off”. Some discussion of whether to mark the “decree” at 9/11 or MD. v.12, a second “assembly” to “inquire” and accuse at MD, and idea of infallible laws (Catholicism). V.17, “sealed” at the beginning of MD. Stone on the mouth = Jesus & Lazarus in the tomb.  


4-4-16. Review, Dan. 5.

- Belshazzar’s feast at 9/11. Him + 4 groups = 5 foolish virgins. 6 idols = false, human worship. The “handwriting on the wall” (law-decree) appears at MD, his probation is closed. “Mene-mene” = 2nd Angel = visual test = MC in parallel with Nebuchadnezzar’s judgment at the MC. Inquiry & name change at MC. “Wisemen” cannot “read” = proclaim the message so they are “foolish”. Queen/woman/Church Triumphant comes in to remind him of his forgotten “old paths” (Millerite history for the “Levites”) at the MC, plus Daniel speaks (2 speakers = Elizabeth & Mary, Moses & Aaron, Joshua & Eleazar), and the king’s “reason returns”. Gifts are offered to “Daniel” at MC. King is slain at the SL.


4-3-16. Review, Dan. 4.

- (Chapters 4 & 5 illustrate the “wise & foolish” virgins.) Class goes through Dan. 4 picking out words that may have symbolic meanings and places them at the Waymarks in the final Reformline from 1989 > SL, the downfall of the USA, as it becomes like the other “beasts of the field”, the other nations, in a one-world gov’t/NWO. Daniel gives the king the message at the MC to “break off his sins” or repent, which would be the 1st Angel’s Message, “fear God”. Then the “12 months” begin at 9/11 (repeat-and-enlarge). When the king/USA “speaks” the 1st Sunday law, in pride, at the MC, then his (Republicanism’s “horn”) “kingdom is departed” (to Rome), the “Church” takes control of the State, becomes the “Image of the Beast”, and the USA becomes one of the “10 kings”. The “one hour” = “binding off” for the “Priests” (MD>MC), “Levites” (MC>SL) & “11th hr. workers” (SL>CP). Eze.29:15, the USA becomes “basest” of kingdoms for rejecting the greatest light.

4-2-16. Lambert. Jeff. Daniel.

- Synopsis of the daily Class studies for the church members. Some variables to consider when studying prophecy is whether the subject matter is about the “external” or “internal” workings relative to God’s people, and also the time where a prophet is symbolically standing is to be noted. In Rev. 13:2 John is placed at 1798 and looks backward and forward in time.

- Dan. 1 (old paths), Dan. 2 (image test) & Dan. 3 (judgment at the SL), can be placed over our Reformline beginning at 1989. The word “astonied” shows with the “hour” during the “binding off” of the “Priests”, the “Levites” and the “11th hr. workers”. Gen. 11:3-9 has 3 “go to” commands that line up with 9/11, the MC, and the SL. The first is a false covenant, 2nd illustrates “city & tower” as a union of Church & State at the MC, and the 3rd “go to” illustrates the “scattering” judgment at the SL.

- Num. 22: 23-28, Balaam & the ass are marked at 9/11 where the “ass” of Islam takes “false prophet” Balaam “out of the way” (the “way” of the plan of the Moral Majority to enact a Sunday law at that time), again at the MC where the “ass” crushes Balaam’s foot between “two walls” (the MC & SL), then again at the SL both Balaam and the “ass” fall, and there is a “speaking”.

- Rev. 9:15, Lk.1 (391 yrs. 15 days, 6th Trumpet), 1449-1453 at the beginning parallel the “binding off” time for the “Priests”, so there is a “4”, an “hour”, a “day”, a “month” and a “year” just before the MC.

- Dan. 1 primarily applies to the time from 9/11 > MC, Dan. 2 primarily applies to the time from the MC > SL, and Dan. 3 primarily applies to the time after the Sunday law. Daniel & 3 friends can either be a “#4” or a 3+1 combination. Ch. 1, the 2nd “visual” diet test shows that their character is “set” from that time onward (also applies to the MC). Ch. 3 the Image/SL test begins at the MC and increases in severity until persecution begins at the SL. Daniel’s understanding of “all dreams & visions” connects with 1 Sam. 3:20 “established as a prophet” = restoration of the “gifts” & Spirit of Prophecy at the MC. “End of the days” refers to judgment and “10x” better connects with EGW that the Loud Cry will be “ten times” the power of the Millerite MC (Sp.M. 4.3), and also applies at our “MC”, and happens “suddenly” (Mal.3:1) .  

- Dan. 2,the  king is “troubled” by a dream in 2 & 8 (and Pharaoh in Gen. 41). Ps. 48, other kings are “troubled” by the “east wind” at 9/11. Ps. 83, kings confederate against God’s “hidden ones”. V.49 both Daniel & Mordecai sit in the gate of the king, and the 3 friends mark the arrival of the 3rd Angel.

- Often the beginning and end of the MD-MC “binding off” time have the same event. Arioch comes “in haste” at the beginning & end of the “binding off” time, and something is “revealed” during the MD “night”. SS Snow speaks at the Boston Tabernacle on 7-21-44 “midway” (MD) through the Millerite time, and then delivers the same message again at the Exeter campmeeting on 8-15-44 which sets off the MC (Gen. 19:6 & 10 Lot’s same door is closed twice). There is a “death decree” at MD and Daniel, Esther & Abigail all learn of it 2nd hand. Daniel & Esther both ask for “time” & “3” that they should not “perish-perish” at the MC, and there is an “inquiry”. There is also a “name change/covenant” at each Waymark for the 3 groups “Priests, Levites, 11th hr. workers”. Daniel makes the “prediction” that the period from the MC > SL is when Satan “sets up” his image-“power as supreme” at the first Sunday laws, and the SDA Church “appears as about to fall” (either capitulates, or loses all of its schools, churches and office buildings), but the “wheat is separated from the chaff” (2SM 380), and begins to join the “Church Triumphant” (18MR 11).

- Dan. 3:2-3, the “doubling” = MC, of “8” = all the world. V.4-5 = advance instruction to obey (& show loyalty) at the SL. From 9/11 > SL “music” plays & includes the “dulcimer” [H5481, Chaldean from the Greek “symphony”] = singing”. At v.5 (before 9/11 the papal harlot was “singing” [Isa. 23:16] for the “Moral Majority” to lead them to enact a SL, but Islam [Balaam’s “ass”] “turned him out of the way” [diverted him from his purpose], so the USA came up with a different harlot-song, the Patriot Act), v.7 (at the MD no dulcimer-singing, but a prediction), v.10 (MC = sing), v.15 (SL = sing).

- At the Sunday Law there is “music”, it is the “hour” and there is a “gathering” and “accusation”. The king makes an “inquiry” and “speaks”. His “visage” fully changes into the dragon, and puts out his “hand” to grab victims, and they are “bound” in whatever “garments” [of character] they have on (but Edom, Moab & Ammon [as the 3 Hebrews] escape his “hand” within the furnace in Dan. 11:41 [because of a counter-decree, as in Esther], with their “clothes” unchanged).

- The “hour” of “binding off”: Rev. 17, the 3-fold union & 10 kings. Rev. 18:6, judgment begins “double unto her double” in the “hour”. Rev. 8:1, the 7th Seal = (silence for ½ hour) but the complete unfolding of the message of the “hour”. Rev. 3:3-10 preserved from the “hour” of temptation. Rev. 11:13, 10th of the city destroyed in the “hour” (Isa. 6, 10th remains, also Dan. 1:12, 10 days and diet remains, v.20 = 10x better). Rev. 9:15 “hour” of Islam. “Astonied” (1 “hour”) in Dan. 3, 4, 5. Dan. 10:10-19, Daniel touched 3x at MC = “double” strong, “double” Samuel called 3x. Eze. 1:1 [marah], (river), 3:23-4 (plain), 8:3 (sanctuary).

- Conclusion: In the Sanctuary the MC is at the position of the Shekina-glory, beginning at MD just before us. Judas “fell” and committed suicide; while Daniel “fell” as “dead to self” (no earthly breath left in him), and was “touched” with added [resurrection] strength 3x. In the “hour” from MD > MC the 3 “Priests” (Hebrew captives) give the prediction that Adventism will fall at the very first (weakest) Sunday Law “Image test” at the MC, which opens the eyes of the SDA “Levites” who then come to stand with the faithful. Increasingly severe Sunday laws coincide with increasingly severe judgments (national apostasy leads to national ruin, Last Day Events, p. 133), both with and without radical Islam, which “plows” the seed of the “11th hr. workers” and makes them quickly grow up and stand with the loyal in the final global persecution.  


3-31-16. Review, Dan. 4 & 5.

- The “everlasting gospel” is shown in Dan. 4 & 5 by comparing Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar as the “Alpha & Omega”, the lesson of the “first and last”, Nebuchadnezzar, as a “wise virgin”, learned the lesson of humility, and was justified by faith; while Belshazzar, as a “foolish virgin”, ignored his grandfather’s lesson of humility, and was destroyed at a young age. In Adventism the “handwriting on the wall” is the 1843 & 1850 Charts that stand as a rebuke to the apostasy of Church leadership. Some will accept & return to the SDA “Old Paths” but most will not, either by choosing to remain in ignorance, or actively rejecting the Truths on those Charts.

- Dan. 4:19, Daniel is “astonied for 1 hour” MD> MC, not wanting to tell the bad news to the king (like Samuel who didn’t want to tell the bad news to Eli). (Dan. 1-3 are “external”, while Dan. 4-6 are “internal”.) The emphasis in Ch.1 is from 9/11 > MC, Ch. 2 is from the MC > SL, and Ch.3 is about the Sunday Law. Dan. 4, 5, 6 follow the same pattern.

- Dan. 4:1-6 (9/11 > MC), signs & wonders, dream, worldwide, troubled, fear (1st Angel), decree to bring in (gather) 4 “wise men” = 4 generations of the “foolish”, then “wise” Daniel who has the “Spirit/oil”, v.8 name change/covenant (with v. 19 = a double name change at the MC). (As a symbol of Adventism, the tree [Tree of Life & Aaron’s rod] is cut down and confined by double metals at the MC, and its “shadow” & “fruit” of Truth is ended.)  

- The “Priests” will make a “prediction” at MD (PK 516, Daniel’s “dumb amazement” [astonied], fear to speak, like Esther, for “one hour” from MD>MC), when a time-dated “decree” will go into effect at the MC, that Adventism will accommodate the first Sunday law, which will wake up a lot of “Levites”. The “holy one” comes down and “cries aloud” (decree v.17) at the MC. The SDA “tree” will be cut down and “double bands” put on it at the MC (“the church will appear as about to fall”, but it does not, instead the “sinners in Zion will be sifted out”), but the (underground) “Church Triumphant” will continue on and grow in membership. (Externally, the tree can symbolize the USA among the nations and its “shadow” the separation of Church & State and religious & civil liberty.) v.14, “scattering” of the fruit at the MC. v. 15, “7 times” the “wise” king gets “wet with the dew of heaven” from the MC onward, and is protected by the “wild asses” of Islam until the SL. V.16, heart change for the SDA “Levites”; but some change into a “beast’s heart”, a persecuting power. V.19, (with v.8 a double name change), but the king “speaks” law at the MC.


3-30-16. Review. Dan. 1,2,3.

- Reviewing the structure of Daniel in order to add new details that have come to light.

- Chapter 1. 1st Angel’s Message. (3 tests for the “wise”) At 9/11, name change/covenant, 4th generation/last/eunuchs (1st generation has an attempted reformation effort that fails), Melzar’s fear (of king/god), 1st test of diet = eat the “little book”, v.13, second test for “10” is visual, “countenances” = mareh, as a vision of Christ. At the MC, 10x “power” [“suddenly” Sp.M.4.3], Mal. 3, the Messenger of the Covenant comes “suddenly” to His temple to purify the “Levites” at the LR.

- Chapter 2. 2nd Angel arrives at 9/11. (3 tests for the “foolish”) Many “doublings”, the king is “troubled” (Ps. 48 [USA’s “ships of Tarshish” troubled at 9/11 by Islam], Ps. 83 [intent to cut off the Sabbath/covenant/name of the “hidden ones”, but the “east wind” changes their course/plans], 10 kings, Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, Daniel). Members of the final “3-fold union” can trade places (ie. both Nebuchadnezzar & Pharaoh can be the USA depending on context). “1st test” at 9/11 (Dan. 1:19 & 2:2), both the “wise” & “foolish” virgins stand before the king. “2nd test” = V.4&7, a “doubling” at MD (beginning of the “binding off). “3rd test” is v.10-13 at the MC. The “foolish” admit they don’t have the Holy Spirit (no “oil”), but they claim no one else does either, so the king  makes a “decree” at the MC. Dan. 2:15 & 25 “Arioch” (similar to “lion”) is “hasty” & Daniel “inquires” at MD > MC “binding off”.  v. 26, inquiry & name change/covenant at MC. v.18 “perish” connects with Esther, who asks for “time” [like Daniel, v.16] at MD and “if I perish I perish” at MC. Esther, Daniel & Abigail all hear of the MD problem second-hand.

- V.19 the “secret” is revealed at night (MD), and it closes probation for the “king” (USA) who hears its meaning at the MC. Esther is also a “hidden one” and has 2 feasts at the MC. Daniel tells his 3 friends in secret, and Nehemiah did his first survey of the walls at night in secret, with only a few with him. Ehud has a secret for king Eglon and kills him with a sword. V. 46, Nebuchadnezzar (as the USA) falls at the MC.

- Chapter 3. (external) Begins at the MC “Image test” with a “gathering” of 7 & “all” rulers. V. 3, a “doubling” of the 8 classes of rulers, all of them focused on the “Image test” in the USA. The all-gold image represents from 1798 > SL, all the nations from 1798 on become part of Modern Babylon at the MC. (Jeroboam II [2nd flock, contention] also happen at the MC.) V.5, from MC > SL = music (Isa. 23 “sing”). v.13, accusation, inquiry, hour (“hand”, Dan. 11:41, 3 escape, 11th hr. workers). v.14, the king “speaks” at the Sunday law. v.19, at the SL “the form of his visage was changed” = USA fully changed from “lamb” to persecuting “dragon”, 7x. v.21, “binding off”. v.29, a “counter-decree” (Esther). 


3-29-16. Michael, Review, part 4.

- Daniel in Ch. 6 is a type of the “Priests” from 9/11 > MC. Class responds to online criticism re. not having biblical justification for what is taught, so the class reviews some points; at 9/11, the “ass” (Jer. 22:19 ‘Kim burial as an ass), name change-marriage-covenant (Jer. 15:16, plus “eats” God’s Word, Rev. 10, Isa. 6, Eze. 3, Dan. 1:12 “pulse” = Rev. 2:17 Pergamos “eat, hidden manna, new name”), 4 “children/eunuchs” = 4th [& last] Generation (Gen. 15:16, Ex. 20:5, Eze. 8, Joel 1), “fear” = 1st Angel’s Message (Ps. 48, Rev. 14, Rev. 18, Gen. 3:9-11). Jehoiakim, is first of the last 3 kings of Judah = 1st’ Angel’s Message, name means “established” = foundation. Dan. 1:12, The number “10” = “testing time” from 9/11 > MC (Ex. 20, Num. 14:22, Mt. 25 virgins, 1 Sam. 25:5, Rev. 2:10, Ps.83).

- The Midnight Cry as both a “point and a period of time”, and the 3-part “litmus” test. Restoration of the Spirit of Prophecy (Dan. 1:17, 1 Sam. 3:20, Acts 1&2 Matthias-gift-Spirit, Isa. 30:26 moon as the sun), a “10” as “x-better” (as the restored jewels in Miller’s 2nd dream, Sp.M. 4.3 = L.R. 10x power of the MC,), an “inquiry” (Mt. 25 re. talents, Jn. 12 Greeks, Ruth 1:19),  

- SL, “ass” speaks, Angel has come down (Num.22). Discussion of when angels arrive in Daniel. “1st year - 3rd year” of kings pattern is noted. “End of the days-judgment” for the “Priests” is the MC, but for the “Levites” it is the SL (Dan. 12:13 = 1844).


3-28-16. Noel & Michael, Dan. 6 Review, part 3.

- After the conspiracy is set up, the king’s decree is made at MD, and then its “30 days” until the MC. Class discusses when Daniel made his 3 prayers, and the possibility of him being in the lion’s den for “3 days” using inclusive reckoning. v.17, the den is covered with a stone & sealed (like Christ’s tomb). V.20, the king “cried”, and there is an “inquiry” at the MC.

- Michael; the class discusses whether the king could represent the U.N. or USA, deceived by the papacy (Daniel’s accusers), and the order of events in the chapter. Daniel coming out of the lion’s den as a type of resurrection (Jesus, Lazarus) at the MC. The king can’t sleep (as in Esther). At the “big level” the king’s worship decree is at the MC (for the “Levites”) and lasts 30 days to the SL, but at the fractal level the king’s decree is at MD (for the “Priests”)  and lasts 30 days to the MC. Tania suggests that Daniel’s prayer 3x per day that the spies saw was his prayer in Dan. 9.   


3-27-16. Noel & Michael, Dan. 4 & 5 Review, part 2.

- Comparing Dan. 4 &  Dan. 5, Belshazzar’s feast at 9/11. 4 groups of people = 4 generations, wine = doctrine, gold vessels = God’s people, v.4 6 idols, candlestick = a church. V.5, “Watcher” comes down at 9/11 (Aug. 11 1840). “Writing”, God has only ever written anything in reference to sin. V.6, “cried aloud” = Rev. 18 Angel at 9/11. V.8, foolish wisemen – wise Queen/woman/Church who “remembers” (as the “Levites”) & points to Daniel (Also the butler of Gen. 41:11-15). V.11,  “thy father” x2 = MC time. v.12, name change. V.13, king “speaks” an inquiry, has “heard” x2 = MC. v.17, a rebuke (Nebuchadnezzar was given a “warning” & “counsel”, but none for Belshazzar). V.18, Daniel points to the “old paths”. V.21, “wild asses” after the MC begins. V.22, no humility. V.25, “mene-mene” doubling at the MC = 2nd Angel “Babylon has fallen, has fallen”, the number “4” = worldwide, message of judgment & close of probation. v.29, “clothed” (Est. 6:8), “gold chain” (Gen. 41:42), “3rd ruler” = 3rd Angel. V.30, “in that night”, the whole story is at night (10 virgins & Millerites at night), Ezra 7:9 night of “tarrying”. King is slain, end of the kingdom at the SL. (R&H 2-8-81, PK 522; Belshazzar’s presumptuous revelry, rejection of his “old paths”.)

- The history of the USA & Adventism are linked together because both began in 1798 and both end at the Sunday Law. (RH 9-24-08.12, light & privileges neglected.) Belshazzar is a “type” for current SDA leadership who have ignored and not learned from their Millerite history (and its present repeat), nor learned from the SDA “scattering” for 126 yrs. from 1863 > 1989, which was typified by Nebuchadnezzar’s “7 times scattering” experience.

- On 9/11 (when the USA decreed the “Patriot Act” and apostate SDA leaders first allowed Jesuit “Spiritual Formation” to be taught) the “Watcher” that came down brought the same message of doom for the USA & Adventism, which will be further clarified before the MC.

- Prediction: as the Millerites made a prediction re. Islam’s “wild asses”, the Present Truth “Priests” also are making a prediction now re. Islam’s “wild asses” before the MC. Belshazzar’s doom was spelled out in words that were financial measurements, and Islam (which hit the “World Trade” Center on 9/11) will destroy the USA (& world) economically (by disrupting commerce, trade), as Genseric in the 2nd Trumpet destroyed the commerce of Rome (Rev. 18:11).

- Michael Chapman lines up Daniel, Jehoiakim & Nebuchadnezzar on separate lines before combining them. PK 556.4, the ascension of Cyrus (536 BC) 2 yrs. after the fall of Babylon (538 BC) marked 70 yrs. since the first deportation of Hebrew captives (Daniel in 606 BC). RH 3-14-07.2-3, Daniel in Babylon in 3rd yr. of Jehoiakim. Judah’s kings were reckoned in the Spring, Babylon’s kings in the Fall, making Nebuchadnezzar’s 1st yr. 605 BC, his ascension year was 606. A possible problem arises in Dan. 2:1, that the 2nd yr. of Nebuchadnezzar (his dream and Daniel’s promotion) may have come before Daniel even finished his “3 years” training (Dan. 1:5), but “inclusive reckoning” cures the problem.

- Michael charts the “10 days” with the “3 yrs.” and “10x better” on the same lines from 9/11 > MC, and 9/11 > SL (fractals), and emphasizes recognizing the starting points for “repeat & enlarge” sequences, which always have the same order of events.


3-24-16. Noel, Reviewing Dan. 4.

- Dan. 4, Daniel understands the dream at 9/11, but holds back from telling the king for “one hour” from fear the king may kill him because of the unflattering interpretation. The dream is actually a prediction, which is explained at “Midnight”, then fulfilled 12 months later at the MC when the king (who at first accepted Daniel’s counsel to reform, but later “mocks” it, PK 518-519) “speaks” in pride, but is humbled, for the “7 times”, until his restoration at the “end of the days”, at the SL, when he “speaks” again. (The king’s restoration at the end is a perplexing issue in the sequence.) Noel studies “trees” in Scripture, which can represent an individual, a king, a nation (external) or a Church (internal, either Laodicean Adventism, or apostate Protestantism). Judaism was a barren fig tree (8T 127). Dan. 5:21 the king is wet with “dew” and dwells with “wild asses”, both marked at the MC.

- Michael looks at some of the chronology of Dan. 1 & 2, illustrating that the “10 days” trial on diet is a symbol of 9/11 > SL, just as much as the 3 yrs. of education is a symbol of 9/11 > SL on a separate line.


3-23-16. Jeff, Dan. 4, 5, 6. (Judgments upon Babylon; Nebuchadnezzar at the beginning, Belshazzar at the end).

- Dan. 4, Nebuchadnezzar’s 2nd dream parallels Wm. Miller’s 2nd dream of the casket & jewels in EW. The “troubling dream” is at 9/11. V.8, “foolish” Chaldeans contrasted with “wise” Daniel (name change at 9/11), and a “holy one” came down at 9/11 and “cried aloud”. V.17 is the message God’s people give to whoever Nebuchadnezzar represents. V.19, “one hour” = 9/11 > MD (or MC?) v.31, kingdom departs at SL(?). v.33, “same hour” as his pride, the “voice from heaven”, “dew of heaven” = H.S.

- Dan. 5 should be overlaid Ch. 4 to see the same sequence of prophetic events. V.1, Feast (at 9/11), 4 peoples (after 9/11), wine (of Babylon) in the holy vessels (God’s people), false gods, same hour (after 9/11), handwriting on the wall (judgment pronounced in response to sin [Decalogue on stone, on the wall, Jesus writes in the sand] at MD), candlestick (main branch is the MC with other branches as the “binding off” before and after), mene-mene (2520, “old paths” foundation after 9/11), cried aloud (troubled-fear), 3rd ruler, wise men, Queen (Church Triumphant appears at MD & directs attention to the book of Daniel), Daniel (arrives [stands in his lot] at MD & MC [messages to Nebuchadnezzar & Belshazzar]), gold chain.

- Sequence is noted of “deception, feast, a death”. “Elijah, Ahab, prophets of Baal”, “Salome, Herod, John the Baptist”, “Belshazzar’s idolatry, Belshazzar’s feast, Belshazzar’s death”.

- “Gold chain” links to the story of Joseph. Joseph was made “2nd Ruler” (2nd Angel arrives at 9/11), but Daniel is made “3rd Ruler” (3rd Angel arrives at the MC). Link of people who introduce “Daniel” to the king; the butler of Egypt, Arioch & Queen at MD.

- Dan. 6, Medo-Persia = USA. “120” = 9/11 > MC (Moses’ age at his death, Aaron = 123 at his death), Daniel as the 1st “Angel” of 3 presidents = 3 steps to the MC. “Decree” is at 9/11, “30 days” from 9/11 > either MD or MC (because MD > MC is “both a point and a period of time”). Daniel’s character is already set “sealed” so he continues to pray 3x per day from MD > MC.  

3-22-16. Jeff, Dan. 3

- (Dan. 2:46, Nebuchadnezzar “falls on his face and worships”, like Balaam the “False Prophet”-USA (Num. 22:31), so Nebuchadnezzar can represent apostate Protestantism, and Pharaoh can represent Republicanism.)

- Dan. 3, the image is set up just before the Sunday law test, and 8 types of officials are called (Babylon is a symbol of Rome and Rome is always the 8th horn [Dan. 8] or 8th head [Rev. 17]). No consensus on the number of musical instruments named, but there is the one “hour” after the SL, a “decree” and a “binding” off. V.8, an “accusation” is made at the MC, and the furnace is heated “7 times” hotter. V.14, there is an “inquiry” for the “Priests” at MD and v.24, another “inquiry” for the “Priests” at the MC, as well as an “inquiry” for the “Levites” at the SL (there is some question of when Daniel & the 3 friends fit into the Reformline as “Priests”, “Levites” or “Nethinim/11th hr. workers”/Edom-Moab-Ammon). “Priests” can look upon and study the holy things, but “Levites” can only carry them (the Nethinim carry the wood & water). V.19, King-USA, his “visage was changed” from lamb-like to “speak as a dragon”. V.26, “mouth” = door. V.29 marks a second “universal” decree, which would be the Close of Probation.

- Image is all of gold. In the repeat of the metals of Dan. 2, golden Babylon = Papal Rome, Medo-Persia = USA, Greece = U.N., Modern Rome = Papal Rome = spiritual Babylon (“which is the 8th and is of the 7”). Since the last 3 metals/members all co-rule with the golden “head” as the 6th kingdom (666) as Modern Rome/Babylon, then they are ALL “gold” like Nebuchadnezzar’s image. The all-gold image represents the final NWO global gov’t of Modern Babylon.

- The 14400 “Priests” go through their “mareh-marah” “fiery furnace” experience from MD > MC, the “Levites” go through their “fiery furnace” experience from the MC > SL, and the “Nethinim” go through their “fiery furnace” experience after the SL, but the 144000 “Priests” are with them there as Christ was with the 3 friends in the furnace.

- Jeff introduces Ch. 4, the “end of the days”, corporately including both the 2300 & 2520, and the king’s 2nd “troubling dream” at 9/11, then Daniel’s “one hour”, then “12 months from MD > MC, then the “7 times” from MC > SL.


3-21-16. Jeff, Dan. 1-3.

- Class reviews the events of Dan. 1, 2 & 3 on the 9/11 Reformline.  Interesting ideas get thrown out along with the established truths. Events of the MD > MC “binding off” time are emphasized.


3-20-16. Jeff, Dan. 2-3.

- (Brittani lists parallels between Daniel & Esther.) Commenting on Thabo’s sermon, Jeff reviews that Daniel 1 is the 1st Angel’s Message (further alluded to in Dan. 6:2 that Daniel was the “first” of 3 presidents, and “over” 120 princes [120 appears between 9/11 > MC]). The 120 + 3 appears also in the age of Aaron at his death. Dan. 4 (Nebuchadnezzar’s humiliation) can overlay Dan. 5 (Belshazzar’s humiliation) as type-antitype. Nebuchadnezzar is given a “warning message” at 9/11, then there are 12 months, then 7 years, then the “end of the days” at the SL where he praises God & “shines” as the “Church Triumphant”.  

- Dan. 3, Image is based on & connected to Dan. 2, therefore making a “doubling” of the Image at the MC Waymark between the chapters. (Note: using the 21 in. cubit, 21x60 = 1260, but EGW uses the 18 in. cubit, 18x60 = 1080 divided by 12 = 90 ft., Sanctified Life, p. 36.4). It is “set up” over a period of time, a “decree” is made by a herald at the MC Waymark, and results in a “bowing down” at the SL “hour” before the CP, but those who don’t bow down are “accused” and there is a “7 times”. v.17, “hand” = SL. The 3 Hebrews = Edom, Moab & chief of the children of Ammon of Dan. 11:41 = 11th hr. workers (which explains why Daniel was not there, because he’s a symbol of the “Priests”). They are “bound” (binding off time SL > CP), and “fall” as one dead (humility), but only the “ropes”(human ties) are burned off of them. Their “coats” were unchanged because they represent that they had “Christ’s robe” on before the test came.

- 11th hr. workers have to return to their “old paths” (Sabbath). “Priests” had to return to their “old paths” (Millerite history & Charts). “Levites” have to return to their “old paths” when they see the “Church Triumphant” = “Jerusalem restored” (Isa. 52:1) by the “Priests” (in the binding off of the “Priests” from MD > MC), and heed the call (1st test) to stand “on the Lord’s side” (Ex. 32:26 [Moses], 1 Ki. 12:31 [Jeroboam I’s Levites refuse the 2 calves and go back to Jerusalem, and Jeroboam II begins the joining of the two sticks at the MC]). “Levites” see (2nd or “visual” test) the “living testimony” of the “Priests” at the MC, then individually choose to join the Church Triumphant (3rd test, “binding off”). 


3-17-16. Jeff, Dan. 2.

- Dan. 1 review. Vs. 1-15; at 9/11 we mark Daniel eating/not eating, 4th Generation (and last generation because they’re eunuchs), name-change/covenant (Sarah & Abraham [3x]), test of “10” to “midnight” & MC (2 Sam. 30, David’s 10 men & Nabal at Carmel [both a city-State & mountain-Church, story of Elijah], a young man perceives the evil decree [as Mordecai, as a wise “Priest”, beginning at 9/11-Patriot Act]. Abigail & Esther [as “Levites”, also Naomi] learn of the danger secondhand). v. 16-18, “visual” or 2nd test. v. 18-20, “end of the days”, “resurrected” to “stand in their lot” (Dan. 12:13).

- Dan. 2 = 2nd Angel arrives at 9/11 to empower the 1st Angel. Nebuchadnezzar (Beast-KofN), Pharaoh (USA-False Prophet) & “kings” (U.N.-Dragon) are “troubled” by Islam’s “east wind” (Ps. 48:4-5, and parallel Rev. 16:13). “Trouble” Isa. 37:3, watchmen on the “wall”, speaking in Syriac (language of Babylon = Spiritual Formation) instead of the “Jew’s language” = Reformlines.

- Dan. 2, “call” of the soothsayers & Daniel (foolish & wise virgins). Role of Arioch and Daniel asking for more time (MD > MC). (Some comparisons made to Esther.) v.13, Death decree for the wise men, and then a stay of execution may parallel Dan. 10 where Daniel became “as dead”, then is touched 3x to “resurrect” him during the MD > MC time (resurrection of Lazarus is another witness).

- Dan. 10:7 (in Persia = USA 2-part powers), the foolish “fled”, their separation is at MD. v.13, the “kings of Persia”, USA is the primary “king” of the “10 kings” of Rev. 17 (as Ahab was king of the 10 northern tribes). The “2 horns” of the USA fall at 1844 (Protestantism) & 9/11 (Republicanism).

- Purpose of Dan. 2 study (in the “internal” sense); v.14, “what shall befall thy people in the latter days”. As Daniel explained the image (“external”), & Stone (“internal”) to Nebuchadnezzar, so God’s last-day people, at the MC, will be “resurrected” and explain Dan. 2 (“external”), from the USA to Modern Rome; & the Stone (“internal”, cut out “without hands” by the “cleaver of Truth” [3 Angels’ Messages] from 1989 > MC) to the last-day “Nebuchadnezzar” -KofN.

- Jeff poses the question; the first 3 Chapters = 3 Angels’ Messages. So, after all of the interaction with Daniel in Chapters 1 & 2, where is he in Ch. 3, in the 3rd Angel’s message?


3-15-16. Jeff, Dan. 1-2.

- Dan. 1:3, Lev. 26:18 (Manasseh), v.21 (“beasts” invaded Jehoiakim, robbed children [Daniel, etc.]), v.24 (Jehoiachin), v.28 (Zedekiah). v.7, “name change” = covenant relationship. Jer. 15:16, name is changed when he “eats the little book” given by the Angel that came down (Rev. 10) on 9/11, so the “name change” is marked at 9/11. v.8, “eat the little book” rather than the “king’s meat” of Babylon. v.11, Melzar = “butler”, x of Egypt, Nehemiah, Jeremiah 25. v.17, restoration of the Gifts of the Spirit at the MC. v.18, “end of the days” = 3 years, then Judgment. Some discussion re. the “10”.

- Dan. 2, the “visual-image” test. (EW 259) Jeff reviews characteristics of each step of the 3-step testing process emphasizing the 2nd step, the “visual” test, “Image test” in the Millerite history & now. The 1843 & 1850 Charts parallel the 10 Commandments as the true “image of jealousy” of Eze. 8. Nebuchadnezzar’s troubling dream parallels Pharaoh’s troubling dream (Gen. 40 >) at 9/11 (which is also Pharaoh’s birthday). Babylon = apostate Church. Egypt = apostate State. The Chaldeans are given a 3-step test from 9/11 > MC.


3-14-16. Jeff, Dan. 1.

- Jeff finishes the quiz questions with the class, and reviews the 3 Angels’ Messages with emphasis on the 1st being a fractal (containing all 3 within itself), 2nd message as being a visual test, and the 3rd as the “shut door” on the Ark. Dan. 1 is symbolic of the First Angel’s message; Dan. 1:1 = Jehoiakim, 1st decree of Ezra 6:14, 1798, 1989. 2nd Angel; Eze. 1:2 = Jehoiachin, 2nd decree, 4-19-44, 9/11. 3rd Angel; Jer. 1:3 = Zedekiah, 3rd decree, 10-22-44, SL.  Dan. 1:2-3 = Isa. 39:7. v.3, Lev. 26:22, robbed of children. v.5, “3 years” = 3 AM. v.6-7, name change (covenant) = 9/11, 4th Generation. v.10, “fear”. v.12, “10 days” at the beginning of “3 years” (v.20, 10x). v.13, visual test. v.15, 2 classes separated. v. 18, “end of the days” = TOE, judgment.

3-13-16. Pop quiz. Michael & class review some of the questions & answers.

3-10-16. Jeff, Sunday Law Crisis.

- Eze. 21:24-27. (All the prophets speak more for our day, at the final Sunday law crisis, than their own day.) V. 24, the Sabbath  is “remembered” at the SL. The “hand”, Dan. 11:41-42, = a symbol of the SL. v.25, “wicked prince” = Zedekiah = “cleansed” on the Day of Atonement beginning on Oct. 22, 1844 when iniquity ends, by faith.

- Rev. 13:11-18 which is 1798 > SL and beyond, and parallels Dan. 11:40; Satan’s ‘personation of Christ, Image of the Beast, persecution, 666; and in comparison with Rev. 17, kingdoms of Bible prophecy; the “10 kings” (U.N.) which are the “Image to the Beast” receive their economic & military “power” from the USA, who then give it to the Beast (papacy) = 3-fold union. V.18, “all the kings of the earth” (Isa. 23:17, Tyre).

- Question re. Dan. 12:11-13. Does the “end of the days” mean the 2300 or not? Jeff contends the context is the 1290 & 1335, not the 2300, because the 1290 & 1335 both begin in the SPRING of 508. The 1290 ends in the SPRING of 1798, and the 1335 ends in the SPRING of 1843. However the 2300 begins & ends in the FALL.

- v.13, the “blessing” (2MR20.1)  was for those who came to (“touched”) the end of 1843 at Apr. 19, 1844 and saw the Protestants separated from the Adventists, and came to the “tarrying time” which led to the blessing of the MC. Class discusses where “waiteth” applies.


3-9-16. Jeff, Dan. 11:40.

- Dan. 11:40, Rev. 13 & Rev. 17 indicate a process or sequence of events (the uniting of the Beast, Dragon & False Prophet) to the setting up of the Sunday law. The adoption of “liberal ideas” (RH 6-1-86), both religious and political, is leading the USA to be ready for a Sunday law.

- “And he (Satan) will continue these wonders until the close of probation (from the SL to the CP), that he may point to them as evidence that he is an angel of light and not of darkness…. Satan will work his miracles to deceive; he will set up his power as supreme. The church may appear as about to fall, but it does not fall. It remains, while the sinners in Zion will be sifted out.”  7BC 911.  Satan will also work through his agents before the SL.

- 7 Thunders fractals. 677 (Manasseh) > Zedekiah > 1844 = 2520 = 7 Thunders. 1798 (Manasseh) > SL (Zed) = “large” 7 Thunders fractal (Isa. 23 “days of 1 king”, Tyre/papacy “forgotten”, Dan. 11:40). 1798 (Manasseh) > 1844 (Zed) = “small” 7 Thunders fractal at the beginning, and 1989 (Manasseh) > SL (Zed) = “small” 7 Thunders at the end. The SL represents Zedekiah as the end of the 7 Thunders, but the SL also represents Zechariah as the “remembering” of the Sabbath at the SL. 1798 > SL (Dan. 11:40) is also covered in Rev. 13:11 & 17: 10-11, 3 Angels’ messages.

- (1260/“Wilderness/scattering/mystery of iniquity/corruption of the Bible by restricting access” from 538) is before 1798-1844, and parallels that the (126/“wilderness/scattering [of Wm. Miller’s dream]/mystery of iniquity/corruption of the Bible by the methodology of Greek Higher Education-higher criticism” from 1863) is before 1989-SL. (“1260” is half of the 2520 & “126” shekels both symbolize the 2520.)

- 1798+1989 both = Dan. 11:40, which are illustrated by the “long, drawn out wars” between the Kings of the North & South (beginning in 1798), and the final battles of Carchemish in 609 BC (illustrating the “internal” conflict in the SDA church and the bypassing of the leadership at 9/11 as represented by the death of Josiah); and the Battle of Nineveh in 627 AD (illustrating the “external” conflict between the USSR & USA-Vatican, resulting in mutual exhaustion, which allowed for the rise of Islam in both 627 AD and 1989).  

- Connections are that the KofN = Babylon in 609 BC, Pagan Rome in 627 AD, Papal Rome in 1798 & Papal Rome in 1989 (helped by the USA as a 2-part power). KofS = Egypt in 609 BC, Persia (as a 2-part power) in 627 AD, and atheistic France (as a 2-part power) in 1798, and the atheistic USSR in 1989. The “key” that released Islam was the “long, drawn out wars” ending in 627 BC & 1989 AD.

- The sequence is that the KofS (Egypt, Persia & atheism) attacks the KofN first (Egypt attacked Assyria in 723 BC, Persia attacked Pagan Rome in 627 AD & atheism (France) attacked Papal Rome in 1798), then later the KofN comes back (Babylon in 609 BC, Pagan Rome in 627 AD & Papal Rome in 1989) and wipes out the KofS (Egypt, Persia, atheism [USSR]).  

- Class reviews how Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin & Zedekiah symbolize the 3-step testing process (3 Angels’ messages) from 1798 > 8-11-44 > 10-22-44, and also the two temple cleansings (Protestants) from 8-11-40 > May/June-43 (Chart) > 4-19-44 (1st diss); and (Millerites) from 4-19-44 > 8-15-44 (MC) > 10-22-44.

- Building the Temple from 1798: stones cut out (Amon “architect”, Miller’s Rules/methodology & Josiah “cutting stones”) from 1798 > 8-11-44. Foundation (Josiah, Jehoiahaz, ‘kim, ‘chin) laid from 8-11-44 > Temple finished at 10-22-44.

- Building the Temple from 1989: stones cut out by Miller’s Rules/methodology, Dan. 11: 40-45 from 1989 > 9/11 (actually all the way to the CP for different groups). Foundation laid, then Temple is finished before the SL, then “street” (old paths, Sabbath) & “walls” (marriage/4th Commandment/Sabbath) finished until the CP.


3-8-16. Jeff, Miracle working, part 1.

- Dan. 12:12, “cometh”-touches the 1335. 1843 “touches” 1844 on 1d1m (Apr.19), class discussion. Jeff points out the parallel to Dan. 11:40-41 where the USA becomes the first among the “10 kings”. The point is that several things happen simultaneously rather than sequentially at this point.

- Dan. 11:41 (sometime after and distinct from the events of v.40), Satan “personates” Christ at the beginning of the Sunday law in the USA, parallel to Barabbas the false Christ. At the crucifixion = SL Christ as “the ensign” was “lifted up” to draw all to Himself.

- Isa. 14:12-14, Satan wants both “throne” (civil-State) & “congregation” (religious-Church) authority “in the sides of the north” through the “bishop of Rome” GC 50.  Satan has to have a one-world religion AND a one-world government (NWO-United Nations) all set up and running BEFORE he comes to ‘personate Christ and be given control of it all. 14MR162 “Satan [personally] unites with Protestants and papists” (3-fold union), “as the man of sin”. Barabbas was a “robber” like Rome in Dan.11:14.

- GC 624, “Fearful sights of a supernatural character will soon be revealed in the heavens, in token of the power of miracle working demons.” These events are suggested to appear between the MC > SL. GC 553, “Men are deceived by the miracles which Satan’s agents have power to do, not which they pretend to do.”

- In Rev. 17, when John is placed at 1798 and sees the 3-fold union (Dragon, Beast, False Prophet), he is seeing the events of Dan. 11:40 through the MC to the SL. Eze. 21:27 says there are 3 overthrows (1798, USA, U.N.).


3-7-16. Marco, Dreaded War.

- Marco examines the “long, drawn out war”, actually many separate wars, between Rome & Persia from about 90 BC to 627 AD (ending with the Battle of Nineveh) that finally resulted in exhaustion of both empires (the “key”), which left a power-vacuum for Islam to arise. Islam immediately attacked, and even though Mohammad died in 632, his uncle Abu Bekr took over and took Syria, Egypt & Persia from Rome by 651 AD.

- The parallel to our time begins when the “long, drawn out” “Cold War” between the USSR & USA was draining both countries’ will to fight, plus the USSR was in a 10-year war in Afghanistan where the USA funded the Muslim mujadeen rebels as a proxy army  (Osama Bin-Laden & Al-Qaeda) from 1979-1989. Other countries (especially Poland) saw that the Soviet Army was now weak (also rather than being a Russian Nationalist, Premier Gorbachev was more of a Globalist who didn’t see a need to defend Russian interests) and they rebelled against Russia also (with funding from the USA and intelligence from the Vatican, culminating in the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Afterward the USA had no will to limit the growth of radical Islam, but meddled in the politics & economies of the Arab nations. Islamic frustration grew until Islam struck American interests in the Middle East and finally hit the USA on 9/11, and as of yet the USA has no will to restrain radical Islam.).


3-6-16. Dan. 8:11, part 4.

- #5a) “take away”= “rum” = lift up [to display] (Dan. 8:11, 11:12, 11:36, 12:7). 8:11, “rum-rum” (H7311) = take away. (e-Sword only shows one “rum”, unless you download an Interlinear Hebrew Study Bible which shows both “rums”.) 11:12 “rum-rum” = shall be lifted up. 11:36 = he shall exalt himself. 12:7 = when he held up. (Hos. 11:4, “take off” the yoke.)

- #5b) Dan. 9:5, 9:11,11:31, “take away”= “sur” = remove. The “daily” has to be “taken away” by an implied “priest”. Heidi Heiks’ "The 'Daily' Source Book" says the implied “priest” is Christ, whereas the “ownership” idea of the “daily” accurately requires the “priest” to be Pagan Rome.

- “Priest-rum” connection. Lev. 2:9, 6:15, [flour-“meat”]; 4:8, 10, 19 [animal fat-“meat”], all the “taking away-rum” is done by a priest. Pagan Rome is the “animal” sacrifice, and its “daily” (its “fat”), is “taken away-rum-offered [up]” by an implied “priest”.

- GC 54 (Rev. 13:2), papacy’s “seat of power was fixed in the imperial city” in 538 AD. (In order to “prove” U.Smith wrong in D&R), Heiks sees the “power, seat, authority” as all given in 538, while WE see a long progression from 330-496-538 (agreeing with U. Smith). In 330 AD the “seat-throne”, including the “fat-crown” = the title of “King of the North” was given to the papacy by Pagan Rome.

- The whole story of Dan. 11 is the transfer of the title “King of the North” from one power to another beginning in 330 AD. 330>538 (KofN title), 496>538 (3 horns), 508>538 (“daily”), 533>538 (religious law), are all parallel but teach different truths re. the papacy’s rise to power.


3-4-16. Evening. Dan. 8:11, part 3.

- Review of the reason why the KJV translators reversed the order of the Hebrew of Dan. 8:11.

#5) “take away”. Wm. Miller got the right answer to “take away” just by “proof-texting” without using the two different Hebrew words “rum” & “sur”.

- The “daily”-“continual” as something “owned” by Pagan Rome (after Babylon & Medo-Persia “owned” it first, all the way back to Cain, and even Satan), and it still exists separately from Papal Rome.

#6) Sanctuary.


3-3-16. Evening. Dan. 8:11, part 2.

- #3) Daily “sacrifice”. Wm. Miller did not say it but he used the “rule of first mention” saying that Daniel is the first place “the daily” appears (as a noun).

#4) Grammar. “Yea he”, “Prince”, “by/from him” confusion. “Two Rules of English” that get used to interpret the verse:

  1. A) Grammatical nearness (the current SDA approach); the pronoun, “by/from him” goes with the “closest” subject, or “Prince” = Jesus. Therefore “Yea he” = papacy, who took “from him” = Jesus, the “daily” = high-priestly ministry was “taken away”.
  2. B) Subject-noun association (Miller’s approach); the pronoun, “by/from him” goes with the “first” subject, or “Yea he” = Pagan Rome. Therefore “Yea he” = Pagan Rome crucified “Prince” = Jesus, (and/then) “from him” = Pagan Rome, the “daily” = paganism was “taken away”.

The subject-object order of the original Hebrew is thus: “Even to the Prince, he magnifies himself, and from him”, and in this order both method A & B give the sense of B and there is no conflict.

#5) “take away”.

#6) Sanctuary.



3-2-16. Dan. 8:11, part 1.

- Dan. 12:12, “Blessed is he that waiteth” = H2442, to “adhere”, imprint, carve, delineate, entrench. Quite a bit of discussion re. the 2520 & 2300 “chazon” as symbolic of other times and series of events than their original timelines, and the relationship of the “marah” as God’s response to a “chazon” vision.

- Dan. 8:11 analysis, 6 points to defend our position on who the “daily” is;

#1) Gender oscillation in v.8-12.

#2) v.11 “from” him rather than “by” him.

#3) “sacrifice” is a supplied word [EW74 is not a good defense because of the statement re. timesetting which is taken from another paragraph, original source; {unpublished MS 15, Oct. 23, 1850 par. 12}, ARSH Nov. 1, 1850 par. 11, then Exp. & Views p.61.2]. (See also “Habakkuk’s Two Tables” #4).

#4) Grammar, who is the “him” confusion. Rules of English: #1) grammatical nearness; the pronoun “he” goes with the closest subject. #2) Subject-noun association confusion.

#5) “take away”.

#6) Sanctuary.


2-28-16. King of the North, part 1.

- (It is pointed out that e-Sword errs on Dan. 10:11 “vision”, making it “mareh” when context requires “marah”, and other e-Bible helps agree.) Dan. 2 & 7 show Rome in both of its phases (Pagan then Papal) but Dan. 8:8-12 separates them by gender oscillation; Pagan Rome “horn” is masculine and Papal Rome “it” is feminine in every-other verse.

- 11:14, “robbers” = “breakers” = Pagan Rome enters the vision at about 200 BC. (v. 15 refers to the Greek-Syrian Seleucid king Antiochus III Magnus, "The Great", who attacked Egypt and took several cities about 200 BC until he was beaten back by Rome who had a defense treaty with Egypt.) V. 16, the title “King of the North” decisively transfers from Greece to Pagan Rome beginning at the Battle of Pydna in 168 BC and continues until Pagan Rome has supreme power in 31 BC. There are 4 “repeat & enlarge” segments, v.14-22, 23-29, 30, 31-39.

- Question is raised about whether Macedonia (Greece, in the “west”) should be the “KofN”, or Antiochus Epiphanes from the Seleucid empire in Syria (which is the “east” in  Dan. 8:9).

- Back to Dan. 8:9 (separating out the references to Pagan & Papal Rome, besides gender); 5 more points: #1) “by” = “from”. #2) “sacrifice” is a supplied word. #3) Grammar of the verse. #4) “take away”; “rum” = take up-good, “sur” = take down-bad. #5) “sanctuary”, its “place” is on earth, not in heaven.

- Question is raised re. #5) “sanctuary” in 8:11, “miqdash-qodesh”. Miqdash = always “earthly” (can be pagan or holy); Qodesh = always “holy” (can be on earth or in heaven). 8:11 uses miqdash = earthly. (Discussion of the “daily” has to be in context of v. 13-14.)

- #3) Grammar: 8:11 is in 3 parts marked by the masculine pronoun. #1) HE [Pagan Rome] is against Christ. #2) “From” HIM [Pagan Rome, not Christ] the “daily” is taken away.  #3) The “place” of HIS [Pagan Rome’s, not Christ’s] sanctuary is cast down (330 AD).

- Note: Rev. 13:2, says “HIS” power (Pagan Rome’s, ie. Clovis) was given to the papacy in 496 AD, “HIS” seat  (Pagan Rome’s “seat”, the city of Rome) was given to the papacy in 330 AD, and authority (not “his”, Pagan Roman emperor Justinian had no religious [Christian] authority), but “authority” IS given to the papacy in 533 AD.



2-25-16. Dan. 11, part 3.

- Dan. 11:30, (The rise of the papacy to rule Europe parallels the end-times rise of the papacy to rule the world, so events of that time should repeat in our time.) Question of whether the repeat of events happening simultaneously from 533 > 538 can be spread out sequentially over the Waymarks of our time, 1989 > SL. Class discusses the events of 533-538 AD: Justinian’s decree re. the Pope as “corrector of heretics”, laws that enshrine the papacy, Justinian attacks the Vandals in Carthage, Sabbath as an underlying issue. Comparisons are made to the USA Patriot Act after 9/11, and maybe that the Vandals symbolize Islam in our time.

- Tyler suggests that based on the “4 generations” principle that all of the first 4 Trumpets may represent Islam of the last 3 Trumpets (the fall of Western Rome may parallel the fall of Modern Rome). It is affirmed that 533-538 and 508-538 are two separate lines of events.

- Tamina points out a problem in who is “taken away” to allow for the papacy to rise. In 538 Pagan Rome as the KofN is “taken away”, but in 1989 Communism as the KofS is “taken away”. It is suggested that when a power is “taken away” that the conquering power becomes the king of both the North & South for a time, until the papacy gets its power back and reclaims its title as KofN again. Tania suggests that Communism is just another form of Paganism, “taken away” for the papacy to rise again. Lots of class discussion of where to place the modern parallel of 508 on our present Reformline.



2-23-16. Dan. 11, part 1.

- Dan. 11:14, where Pagan Rome is first noted as the “robbers” or “breakers” of the people at about 200 BC. They “exalt themselves” to “establish the vision” (chazon). Ch. 8:23, the “king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences” (the tool of Satan who understands the “chazon vision” of prophetic history, Mt. 13:35, Ps. 49:4, 78:2, Num. 13:8, Dt. 28:49-50, parables, dark sayings, line-upon-line) when God’s people do NOT understand the chazon vision of prophetic history.  

- Dan. 11:16, Battle of Pydna 168 BC, changing from Greece to Pagan Rome, all the way to v.22.

- v.23 begins a “repeat & enlarge” at 158 BC. (v.24 “a time” = 360 yrs. from 31Bc > 330 AD.) v. 25-28 = 31 BC, the struggles between Augustus Caesar, Cleopatra & Marc Antony in Egypt. (“time appointed” = 330 AD.) v.28, “return” from Egypt in 31 BC & “return” from Judea in 70 AD. V.29, “time appointed” = 330 AD, “former” = “return with great riches” (Egypt, 31 BC); “latter” =  “return from exploits” in Judea (in 70 AD).

- V.30, “ships of Chittim” = Genseric’s Vandals in N. Africa (428-477 AD) until defeated by Justinian in 534. Simultaneously there’s a religious struggle between the Catholics (Rome), Arians (Vandals) & Monophysites (Greek Orthodox). “Indignation against the holy covenant” & “Intelligence with those who forsake the holy covenant” = Justinian has books & codes of civil law written to uphold Catholicism & chooses the Pope of Rome as the “corrector of heretics”. V. 31 repeats the religious events from 496-538 AD.


2-22-16. Teaching Method.

- There is a challenge of teaching too much background info before getting to the main point of the lesson. People often get lost in the details and can’t connect them to the main point. But on the other hand, you can’t just announce the main point without some introductory teaching or it will just sound like a heretical assertion.

- It is explained how the Karaite calendar works to locate the beginning of the new year (and the papal efforts to change it with the Gregorian calendar). Then the class discusses how that some of the Millerite method of reckoning time may be considered shaky by today’s standards (the Karaites in Jerusalem usually just tacked on another 12th month beyond the standard Rabbinical calendar, a “2nd Adar”, so the Millerites just did that in Boston, MA [because the USA is the anti-typical “Glorious Land”], which then led them to Oct. 22, 1844 the Day of Atonement for that year), but it is still endorsed by EGW, which puts God’s seal upon it. Similarly, the method used by Josiah Litch to mark Aug. 11, 1840 for the fall of the Ottoman Empire would seem sloppy to us today, but God led him to precisely the right day anyway.

- Ezra 7:9, the 1d1m, helped the Millerites establish the beginning of the new year on April 19, 1844, but they never saw the connection to 1d5m, which lands on Aug. 15, 1844 (MC), which confirms the Millerite sequence more for us than it did for them. They had no idea the MC was coming, but we look forward to the MC as the beginning of the Sunday law crisis and several other events we expect to begin happening about that time (Eze. 1:1, 5d4m, July 21, SS Snow at Boston).



2-22-16. Evening. 2 Chron. 29:16-17. Thabo Mtetwa.

- The gathering of the “Priests” & “Levites” = a type of the 144000. Thabo compares the Reformline of 2 Chron. 29 to the Reformline of the 144000, with some discussion of the “plowing” of the “Levites” going on now. Saul, a former opposer, as a “Levite” is converted into Paul, a great worker. V. 4, “east street” = “Priests & Levites” unite in the message of Islam & SDA “old paths”, also God’s seal & glory (Rev. 7 & 18). Judges 21:19, a “feast”. The Reformline of the “two temple cleansings” is compared also.


2-20-16. Lambert. Jeff. Eze. 21 & Dan. 2, the kingdoms of Grace & Glory.

- Eze. 21 presents an “image” like Dan. 2 in the overturning of crowns/kingdoms. Dan. 1-3 parallels the 3 Angels’ messages, so Ch. 2 parallels the 2nd Angel, or the “visual test”. Therefore a “second image” fits with the “doubling” of the second “visual” test. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that he couldn’t understand parallels Pharaoh’s dream that he couldn’t understand, both marking a sequence that began at 9/11.

- The “stone cut out without hands” represents the “imperfect” fulfillment of the Millerite time from 1798 > 1844, which is a type of the “perfect” “cutting out of the stone” at the end of the world from 1989 > SL, which is the progressive gathering together of the glorified “Church Triumphant”.

- The Eze. 21 “image” puts the USA parallel with Medo-Persia, both being “2-horned” powers (for 70 “years” = the “days of one king”), and that rather than being consecutive, as in Dan. 2, the parts of the last image all exist together in one 3-part “kingdom” (Beast, Dragon, False Prophet).  

- The “toes” of Dan. 2 were correctly applied by the SDA pioneers to the 10 nations that Pagan Rome broke up into, and we are correct in applying them as a “type” of the “10 kings which have no kingdom as yet” in Rev. 17.

- Dan. 11:14, Rome “establishes the vision”, but the SDA GC apparently supports the old Protestant/Catholic Antiochus Epiphanes view. There are 4 times that Rome is symbolized by a beast; Dan. 7 Pagan & Papal Rome; Rev. 12 “Dragon” as both Pagan & Papal Rome; Rev. 13 Papal Rome; Rev. 17 Modern Rome, therefore Rome goes all the way to the end of the world.

- Chazon & Mareh. The “chazon” visions of prophetic history all apply from Babylon to Oct. 22, 1844, where the “mareh” visions of the “appearance” of Christ as the High Priest appears in the Most Holy Place on the Day of Atonement.  Dan. 2, Image + stone. Dan. 7, Beasts + Ancient of Days. Dan. 8, Horns + Cleansing of Sanctuary & Host in MHP. Dan. 11, King of the North + Glorious Holy Mountain. Rev. 13 Dragon + Rev.14 3 Angels. Rev. 17 Babylon + Rev. 18 4th Angel.

- The Millerite “temple” of people was “rebuilt” in the 46 yrs. from 1798 > 1844, but the work really accelerated when the Angel came down from 8-11-40 onward (parallels Michael coming down to help Cyrus), and the “foundation” was laid, but before 8-11-40 the “stones” of the temple were being hewed & prepared “without hands” at the rock-quarry (as in Solomon’s temple) before being brought to the assembling-place/foundation to be put together in one body of believers.

- The “time of the end”. A quote by James White puts the “time of the end” at 10-22-44, therefore the “time of the end” can be the entire time from 1798 > 1844, so it is both a “period of time” and a “point in time”, and represents the “end of the world”. (Unfortunately the SDA Church in works denies the name “Adventist” because we no longer really believe we are at the time of Christ’s second advent at the “end of the world”.)

- Daniel “stands in his lot” at every place where any truth relative to the book of Daniel is unsealed (1798, 1840, 1844, 1989, 9/11, etc.). The Millerite time was about the end of PROPHETIC time (“time no longer” Rev. 10:6), and our time is about the end of PROBATIONARY time (“time no longer” repeats in our time). Each Waymark marks a “close of probation” a “time no longer” for that generation, leading up to the final Close of Probation, the final “time no longer” for the world.


2-18-16. The “daily” part 2. Transition from paganism to papalism.

- Dan. 11:31, “sur” (take away) = “sur” in 12:11, and “place” in 11:31 = “set up” in 12:11 (same Hebrew word #5414). “Arms” (plural) (beginning with Constantine who “pollutes” Rome in 321 AD by a Sunday law, and further dividing it in 330 AD, and the barbarian tribes who cut up the Roman Empire into 10 nations), also means Clovis who begins in 496 to defeat pagan opposition to Catholicism (the legendary King Arthur is the last of the 7 kings to accept Catholicism in 508 AD), and Justinian in 534 & 538 plucks up the last 2 of the opposing “3 horns” and bestows supreme rule on the Papacy.

- Class discusses the “3 horns” that were “plucked up” to make way for the papacy; Heruli destroyed in 493 by the Ostrogoths; Vandals destroyed in 534 by Justinian, and also the Ostrogoths were driven out of Rome in 538 by Justinian.

- 12:11, the 1290 is to be counted from the “take away” in 508 rather than the “set up” in 538 AD.

- The religious decline of the Roman Empire is from the Sunday law in 321 AD > 538 AD, and the political decline is marked from 330 AD > 538 AD, then both the religious and political are combined in the Papacy in 538 AD.


2-17-16. The “daily”. (“clay” = corrupt church.)

- Dan. 8:12. The word “against” (H5921) = “on top of”, “in control of”, or “from”, “him” is supplied. The gender of the verse is shown by “it” in the feminine, which connects it to the other feminine “it” in v.10 (the papacy). V.11, “take away” is used as an illustration that the same word can have different nuances of meanings. In 8:11 “take away” is “rum” (lift up), and in 12:11 “take away” is “sur” (remove).

- The word “daily” is used 104 times in the Bible, 99 times as an adverb that modifies a verb (action word), or as an adjective to modify a noun (person, place or thing),  but in Daniel “the” daily (used 5 times) is used as the noun itself, a symbol of something else. The “rule of first mention” only applies to the way it is used in Daniel, as a noun.

- Dan. 8:12, the “host” given against the “daily” = Clovis who defeated the Visigoths in 508 AD.

- Dan. 11:31a, an army is given to the papacy (Clovis in 496 AD). 11:31b, pollute the “sanctuary” (Constantine, of Pagan Rome in 330 AD, Rev. 13:2). 11:31c, “take away” (sur) the “daily” (Clovis in 508AD, 12:11, 8:12). 11:31c, put in  place the “abomination that maketh desolate” (Justinian’s decree of papal supremacy, of Imperial Rome in 538 AD, 12:11). [538 minus 496 = 42 “months”= 1260 yrs.]. Some discussion of the two uses of “return” in 11:30.


2-16-16. Evening. Kingdoms.

- The setting up of Christ’s kingdom is a progressive process. All of Christ’s “comings” typify His Second Coming.

- God’s people rejected Him from ruling over them and wanted a king like the other nations, but the kings were so bad that eventually God gave the “crown” (Eze. 21:25-27) to pagan kings to rule over them.

- The “kingdom of grace” was “instituted” at man’s fall, but began to be “established” at Jesus’ death (in the “Courtyard”), and continues in His “Holy Place” ministry from 31 AD > 1844, and still continues today. The “kingdom of glory” overlaps the kingdom of grace, and was “instituted” in 1844 when Jesus entered the “Most Holy”, and continues until Jesus “establishes” it at His second coming. However, all who are converted participate by faith in the “kingdom of glory” before Jesus comes again. Their personal sanctification shows the world that they belong to the “kingdom of glory” and are “sealed”, especially during the final Sunday-Sabbath crisis.   


2-15-16. Evening. Bar of God.

- 28 minute class. Class reads EGW & Bible verses and discusses just when we individually “stand before God face-to-face in the Judgment”, which is when we have the “mareh-marah” experience (during the “binding off” period) from “midnight” > MC.


2-15-16. End of Time.

- “We have come to a time when God’s sacred work is represented by the feet of the image in which the iron was mixed with the miry clay.” (4BC 1168.8, c. 1899). Class reads EGW comments on unconsecrated SDA businessmen in leadership positions who were stealing money “legally”, using “politics” to establish their ideas, and corrupting the whole SDA Church generally.  “Iron & clay” = mixing Church & Church “politics”, parallel to Ahab & Jezebel, secular principles overruling spiritual principles. Another quote uses the “iron & clay” as a symbol of the Church crumbling and not sticking together.

- 1798 marks the “time of the end” for the world (only 5 verses left in Dan. 11). The events from 1798 > 1844 typify the events at the end of the world, which are the feet of iron & clay of the image. The Millerites were tested on “prophetic time”, and since 1989 we are being tested on “probationary time”, and at the end of each phase of the test some group is being passed-by; SDA leadership since 9/11, the “foolish virgins” of the “Priests” at the MC, etc..

- Dan. 12, Daniel sees two angels on either side of the river with Christ above it, a symbol of the covering cherubs on either side of the Shekina throne, and the “river of life” coming out from under the throne (Rev. 22:1). 1798 > 1844 are both a “period of time” & “a point in time”. The “period” = the 46 years to rebuild the spiritual Millerite “temple” & 3 Angels’ Messages. The “point in time” = the time of the “end of the days” (Dan. 12:13), “days” meaning the end of prophetic time counted by “days” on Oct. 22, 1844. The 7 time prophecies that are counted by “days” ending on Oct. 22, 1844 = 1st 2520, 1260, 1290, 391.15, 1335, 2300, 2nd 2520.

- Daniel “stands in his lot” every time a “seal” is removed, from 1798 > 1844 and again from 1989 > SL. Dan. 12 is about the process of “cutting out the stone” that is to smite the image on its feet (the 144,000).

- Dan. 2 parallels the 2nd Angel’s message, and one characteristic of the 2nd Angel is the “doubling” at the MC. Eze. 21:25-17 illustrates a prophetic “doubling” of the image of Dan. 2. The succession of kingdoms from Babylon > Papal Rome = the succession of kingdoms from Papal Rome > Global Modern Rome.

2-11-16. Churches.

- Dan. 2, the “cutting out of the stone” from the mountain without hands = God preparing a people from 1798 to enter into the Most Holy Place with Him by faith in 1844 to initiate the “Kingdom of Glory”. (3 steps, justification-sanctification-glorification.) The sequence repeats from 1989 > Universal SL.

- Miller’s view of the 7 Churches, 7 Seals & 7 Trumpets was accurate, but the SDA pioneers saw both the 1-7 sequence as well as a 4+3 sequence, that the first 4 Churches were sequential, but the last 3 as contemporaneous.  U. Smith introduces the “internal – external” relationships between the 7 Churches & 7 Seals. (Some discussion of the 4 cherubs and the 4 leading tribes of Israel.)

- Rev. 6:9-11, The 7 Churches sequence also applies to Ancient Israel, beginning with Moses and ending with Christ. The 1260 years “captivity” of “modern Israel” parallels the 70 years captivity in Babylon of ancient Israel, which parallels with the 4th Seal = Thyatira, then there is the 5th Seal = “How long?” by Sardis. Zech. 1:12, 70 years (Thyatira = 4th Seal), then “How long?” = 5th Seal. Zedekiah of Judah = the compromise of Pergamos before being conquered by Babylon = Rome = Thyatira (for 70 yrs.), then “How long?”. V.11, they are told to wait until a second group of martyrs (Rev. 20:4) is made up as they were at the Sunday Law. Therefore “How long?” connects to the SL, and Babylon is judged “double” because of the second group of martyrs (Rev. 18:6). The “white robes” given them symbolize their martyrdom, therefore the “great multitude” with “white robes” in 7:9 are also martyrs, a third group (the “perfect fulfillment” of all martyrs), in harmony with the “3 Elijahs” theme (Elijah, John the Baptist, Great Multitude).


2-11-6. Evening. Third & Fourth.

- 3rd = Pergamos > 4th = Thyatira. “Cause-and-effect” relationships in the 7 Churches. The compromise and apostasy in “Pergamos” leads to the punishment of “Thyatira” (crown removed in Eze. 21:26-27). The power of “Ephesus” leads to the persecution of “Smyrna”, (which leads to the compromise of “Pergamos”, which leads to the bondage of “Thyatira”, which leads to the quest for freedom in “Sardis”, which leads to the “brotherly love” & comradery of “Philadelphia”, which eventually degenerates into the cold, self-satisfied formalism of “Laodicea”, which carries within itself a “subculture” of a new “Ephesus” which repeats the cycle at the end of the world). The same is true of the 7 Seals.

- The cycle of the “7 Churches” began with Ancient Israel under Moses (as “Ephesus”) and Joshua (as “Smyrna”), and the era of the kings-crowns (Saul -  Zedekiah as “Pergamos”-crown removed), and ended with Christ who overlapped the new Christian “Ephesus” (the new “covenant people”) over the old Jewish “Laodicea” (the old “covenant people” that were being passed-by).

- Sardis = “How long?”. The Millerites understood that they were broken into two classes, the “Laodiceans” & “Philadelphians”, and their target audience was the “Sardisians”, the general public who were “be escaping” (combination of H#8668 & G#1163) from papal errors (also applicable to the future “11th hr. workers”). A quote from S.N. Haskell (Story of the Seer of Patmos, p. 75) associates the transition from Pergamos to Thyatira within the experience of “Sardis”. Within “Sardis” are those who are “escaping” (and also those who are compromising and drifting back into papal errors). Note that Sardis, Philadelphia & Laodicea all coexist together as different types of spiritual experience occurring within the same timeframe.

- In response to a question Jeff charts the first 4 kingdoms of Bible prophecy (Dan. 2) with the last 4 kingdoms of Bible prophecy (Rev. 17) … principle of the “first & last”, and upholds that in that sense they are sequential rather than contemporary (as all within the feet of iron & clay).


2-10-16. Rev. 17:11-13. The 8th, is of the 7.

- 1798 marked the beginning of the 3 stories of Dan. 11:40-45 (Beast), Rev. 13-14 (False Prophet) & 17-18 (Dragon), and they all tell the story of how the “deadly wound” is “healed”, the “warning message”, and the Close of Probation.

- 3 kingdoms of history were “plucked up” in succession (Egypt, Assyria, Israel) before the 7 later kingdoms could reign and Pagan Rome could arise to rule the “world” in 490 BC. Also the 3 “horns” of 10 were “plucked up” (leaving 7) before the papacy could rule the “world” in 538.  Counting down from Egypt, Pagan Rome is the 7th and Papal Rome is the 8th (and is of the 7).

- An email question raised the subject of multiple tests within the “3 tests” of the 3 Angels’ Messages up to the Sunday law. The 1st Angel’s message contains many “tests” (under “Methodology” = Miller’s Rules), the “old paths”, “Charts”, “eating the little book”, “line-upon-line”, “Reformlines”, “authority of EGW”, etc., which all together allow us to “see” the 2nd Angel’s message, the “visual test” as a direct and specific fulfillment of Bible prophecy (“Babylon [confusion] is fallen, is fallen” and the corrupt politicians no longer operate on principle, but on public opinion polls), and when we “see” the “Image of the Beast” developing in the USA we know that we are either developing the “Image of the Beast” in our own hearts, or the “Image of Christ”. And the 3rd test has all the characteristics of the “binding off” process in it.

- Rome always comes up as the 8th “and is of the 7”. (Dan. 7), there are 10 horns, 3 are plucked up, and the 8th comes up among them “and is of the 7”. (Dan. 8), M/P = 2 horns + Greece = 1 horn, then + 4 horns, then the “little horn” is the 8th and “is of the 7”. (Rev. 13), beast has 7 heads, but one is “wounded to death” & is “healed”, so the “healed” head is the 8th and “is of the 7”. (Rev. 17:10), the 8th head, which “is of the 7” is Rome. (Sr. Tania notes that all the prophetic dates relative to Rome always end in “8”, ie. 608, 538, 1798.)

- Rev. 17:12, the 10 kings-U.N.-Dragon receive 1 singular kingdom (not 10 kingdoms), and have “1 mind”, led by the False Prophet-USA to give their kingdom to the Beast-papacy at the SL, who then uses them to “make war against the Lamb” in persecution & martyrs.

- Ps. 48:1-7, the (10) kings are assembled, but they “hasted away” for fear of the “east wind” = Islam at 9/11. At 9/11 an Angel comes down to help Cyrus build the “foundation”, parallel to the Angel of Rev. 10 & John (as the Millerites) being told to “measure the Temple” = study & build the Sanctuary message, which is the “foundation” of Adventism (in 46 yrs. 1798-1844). At 9/11 today we are told to “measure the Temple” & “foundation” again (Millerite “old paths” = Charts) & “prophesy again” re. the “old paths” & “foundation” = Charts.

-The number “46” is about the Temple; human body has 46 chromosomes, the 10 Commandments divide into 4+6, Moses was 46 days in the mount getting the pattern of the Sanctuary, marriage of James & Ellen White in 1846, John 2 = 46 yrs. building Herod’s Temple (which also equals “3 days” = 3 Angels’ Messages from 1798-1844). 1844 = the Cross, but Jesus said He would rise up 3 days “after” the Cross, therefore the “3 days” after 1844 are a “fractal” of 1798-1844 where the few remaining loyal ones after the Great Disappointment #1) “measured” the heavenly sanctuary ministry of Christ (on the Day of Atonement), #2) learned of the Sabbath in ’46, and in 1850 #3) published the 1850 Chart (which “resurrected” the Millerite movement as the early SDA Church).

- Since 9/11 the “foundation” is being re-established, and the “10 kings” (Ps. 83) are becoming “confederate” with “one consent/mind/heart” to lift up (“shall ascend” Rev. 17:8) the [one] “head” = the papacy (7T 182), to “cut off” the “hidden ones” of 9/11.

- (The subject of the “10 kings” spans the entire Bible.) Gen. 15:13-21, “Abraham’s Covenant”. 9/11 marks the beginning of the 144,000 “covenant” time God makes a “4th generation” covenant with Abraham, that applied to Moses, and the “iniquity of the Amorites” = the “cup” that is full at the “day of the Lord” = SL. “Smoking furnace” & “burning lamp” = MC. God promises from Egypt to Babylon = whole known world, and names 10 nations = “10 kings” = whole world (Rev. 17:12).

- Because of the fear of Islam, the USA enacts the SL and stops being the (6th) separate “kingdom” and joins the “10 kings” (7th kingdom) as their head = Ahab (military & economic power, Dan. 11:40) under the control of Jezebel = Modern Global Rome = 8th kingdom, which “is of the 7”.  

- In another line, Ahab/Herod/U.N. are deceived re. the purpose of Jezebel/Herodias/papacy to kill the prophet who rebuked their adulterous marriage (union of Ch. & State in the USA, which was made because of the fear of Islam).


2-9-16. Rev. 17:8-10.

- The history of ancient Israel parallels the 7 Churches/7 Seals of Revelation. Teachers need to show the “crown” being removed from God’s apostate people (Eze. 21:27) and given to Babylon/papacy in both ancient (Zedekiah) and modern (Constantine) times.  Also the two 2520-yr. prophecies are needed in order to show the repeat of the 4 kingdoms on the 1843 & 1850 Charts now at the end of the world.

- Dan. 11:40-45, the 3-fold enemy, as named in Rev. 16:13 (Dragon, Beast, False Prophet). We need to know the message before we can give the warning. The “wilderness” of 1798 ties Dan. 11:40, Rev. 13:1 & 17:3 together.

- Rev. 17:8, The “bottomless pit” (GC 268) “A new manifestation of satanic power”; in Rev. 9:2 = Islam, in Rev. 11:7 = atheism (in France), in Rev. 17:8 = Papacy.

- Rev. 17:9, “7 mountains” = 7 kingdoms (Miller’s Rules #8). The “mystery-Babylon” (v.5) moves from head-to-head in turn through the 7 kingdoms of Bible prophecy (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, USA, U.N.). “7 mountains” also = the city of Rome, both literally and symbolically, the pagan “sanctuary of strength” (Dan. 11:31). “Mountain” can symbolically mean either “Church” or “State” depending on the context.

- (Isa. 4:1-3, Church Triumphant from the MC > SL. “7 women” = all churches, “one man” = Pope, “own bread” = own doctrines, “own apparel” = own righteousness, “thy name” = Catholic/Universal, “our reproach” = Sunday Law.)

- Rev. 17:10, the “key” to the riddle is to identify John as standing at the end of the “wilderness” in 1798, the end of the 5th (papacy) and rise of the 6th kingdom, the USA as the “False Prophet” (which also includes the U.N. as the “Dragon”, and Rome as the “Beast”). All 3 rule the world together as a 3-fold union in the 6th kingdom, so they make up the number “666”. Two other Bible scenarios are Ahab as the “Dragon”, Jezebel as the “Beast”, and the prophets of Baal as the “False Prophet”; and Herod as the “Dragon”, Herodias as the “Beast” and Salome as the “False Prophet”. The historical scenario is in 538 AD when the Sunday Law was reinforced (from 330 AD), with the “Byzantine Empire” or “Eastern Imperial Rome” as the “Dragon”, the papacy as the “Beast”, and the  as the “7 kings” as the “False Prophet”. Rev. 13:2, “power” given by the 7 kings = False prophet, “authority” given by the U.N. = Dragon, and “seat” given by the papacy = Beast.

- The “False Prophet” does the “dance of deception” that deceives the “Dragon” about the plans of the “Beast” until the “Beast” attempts to kill off the “true prophet” (Elijah-John the Baptist). John was beheaded (as the future martyrs will be, Rev. 20:4), but Elijah was translated without seeing death (as the 144,000 will be).

- Dan. 11:40-43, Rev. 13:11-15, Rev. 17 = how the “deadly wound” is healed; how the “church” that is “forgotten” (Manasseh as a type in 1798) will be “remembered” after “the days of 1 king” (Isa. 23:15-16) by “singing as an harlot”, and v.18 will “reign over the kings of the earth.”


2-8-16. Rev. 17:1-8.

- Intro. Dan. 11:40-45, Rev. 13 & Rev. 17 all show the resurrection & restoration of papal power, the “Beast”. Rev. 17 is given to John by one of the “7 Last Plague” angels from Rev. 16, therefore the “dragon, beast, false prophet” 3-fold union theme from Rev. 16 must continue in Rev. 17. The 3-fold union sends “spirits” to the kings of the earth to bring them to Armageddon = “har-megeddon” = “mountain” of Megiddo, but since there is no mountain at Megiddo, then “mountain” must be a symbolic word here.  

- Rev. 17:1-2, false wine = false fire = false prophecy = the “fire” of Joel. Union of Ch. & State = Image of the Beast = “transgression of desolation” (Dan. 8:13). Mark of the Beast  = “abomination of desolation” = Sunday enforcement, the “mark” of Rome’s authority.   V.5, she’s “drunk” with the blood of martyrs by the “end of the wilderness time” in 1798 (though persecution had stopped 25 years earlier, the “binding off” time or the “point and a period” of time). She is also a “mother” of harlot daughters (fallen Protestantism). V.7, the “mystery” of the woman, not revealed until then, must be understood as it is revealed. V.8, the “beast that was & is not, yet is”. (Dan. 8 = both pagan & papal Rome. Rev. 12 = only pagan Rome. Rev. 13 = only papal Rome. Rev. 17 = Modern [Global] Rome.) Isa. 23, “Tyre” (as the Papacy) is “forgotten” for “the days of 1 king” (the USA), then is “remembered” at the SL, then goes into “perdition” (2. Thess. 2:3-4, the transition from pagan to papal Rome), and all the world shall “wonder”. “Is not and yet is” = healing of the deadly wound (Rev. 13:3) was begun but not completed at the Lateran Treaty in 1929. The “healing” will be complete when the Papacy can persecute again (at the SL), parallel to Justinian’s decree of “authority” in 533 leading to 538 AD when the Papacy entered Rome.

- Question of how the Papacy can be both a “beast” and a “woman” at the same time. From 1798 the “woman” had no civil power to control, no “beast” to ride and control, but that civil “beast” power will return for her to ride & control again at the Sunday law in the USA.


 2-7-16. History of Rome.

- Jeff reviews the history of our growth in understanding the importance of the two pioneer Charts, and how that God is leading to a deeper restudy of the image of Dan. 2 through the realization that Eze. 21 & Rev. 17 allow us to see a repeat of the first 4 kingdoms of Bible prophecy of Dan. 2 in the last 4 kings of Rev. 17.

- When Christ ascended to heaven in 31AD He sat on the “Throne of Grace” initiating the “Kingdom of Grace”, and when He moved to the Most Holy Place in 1844 (as the High Priest on the Day of Atonement) He then sat on his “Throne of Glory” initiating the “Kingdom of Glory”.

- Dan. 11:14 (where Rome “establishes the vision”) is where Wm. Miller departed from the “old Protestant” position that the “robbers of thy people” was the Syrian Antiochus Epiphanes and asserted that it was Pagan Rome (see 4BC 63). Therefore the foundation principle is that ROME is the primary focus of ALL Bible prophecy. 158 BC, Pagan Rome comes into Bible prophecy when it connects with God’s people. 

- Dan. 7:7-8, We mark 490 AD as the point where Pagan Rome has broken up into 10 parts, and 538 where the three horns are plucked up.

- Dan. 8 (the “gender oscillation” between Pagan & Papal Rome). V.9, Masculine “horn”, Pagan Rome conquers 3 lands, the last is Egypt at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. V. 10, Feminine “horn”, Papal Rome “casts down the host & stars” (worship of angels, saints & relics, and the exaltation of Bishops, from ~100 AD through to 321 AD (Sunday Law). v.11, Masculine “horn”, Pagan Rome “magnified himself even to the Prince of the host” = Christ at His birth & death (~4 BC-31 AD), and the “daily” is “taken [up] and exalted” (first in the Pantheon, but) then is slain as a sacrificial offering in 508 AD, but his “Rome’s” “sanctuary” was “cast down” in 330 AD (when Constantine moved the capital of Rome from the City of Rome to Constantinople, and thereby divided the empire). V. 12, the “him” = Feminine “horn”, Papal Rome gets military aid (the “host”) “against” (lit. from) the “daily” = paganism (both Justinian in Eastern Rome by 493 & Clovis in Western Rome by 496), “by reason of transgression” = union of Ch. & State, and it “cast down the truth & prospered” from 538 AD > 1798.

- Dan. 11:24, “against” (lit. “from”), the “stronghold” = City of Rome, “even for a time” = 360 years from 31 BC > 330 AD. V.27 & 29 refer to and record the events of 330 AD. Rome typifies the USA and the “stronghold” that the USA rules from is its Constitution.

- Dan. 11:31, “arms” = Clovis in 496 AD switches from paganism to Catholicism (and convinces the rest of Europe to “convert” to Catholicism too), and then Justinian (in Constantinople) plucks up “3 horns” for Rome, ending in 538 AD. “Pollute the sanctuary of strength” = wars destroy the City of Rome from 496 AD > 508 AD, “take away” the pagan “daily” in 508, and “place the abomination that maketh desolate” = papacy in 538 AD.

- Dan. 12:11-12. 1290 yrs. from the “daily” taken away (Pagan Rome in 508 AD) and “the abomination that maketh desolate set up” (Papal Rome in 538 AD) to 1798, and 1335 from 508 to 1843-44. The “chazon” vision is all about Rome.

-  Rev. 2 (Churches) & Rev. 8 (Trumpets). 321AD = 1st Sunday law (cause), then Rome is divided (effect, “national apostasy = national ruin”) between West & East by Constantine in 330 AD (and further divided between his 3 sons). Then the 1st Trumpet = 395 AD, 2nd Trumpet = 428, 3rd Trumpet = 451-453, 4th Trumpet = 476 AD further divide Western Rome into 10 parts by 490 AD. By 538 (papal Sunday Law) the 10 kingdoms are reduced by 3, and become a “3-fold power” = the 7 kingdoms (False Prophet), the “horn with eyes and a mouth” (Beast), and Eastern Rome in Constantinople (Byzantine Empire, Dragon) until 1453 AD.   

- 1843, (at the end of the “chazon” vision) by then the gospel separation of the Protestants was done, so it was a time of “preparation” for the “bride” (or 2520 “host” of Dan. 8:13, or the [lively, 1 Pet.2:5] “stone(s) cut out without hand”, or the “temple” of Ezra 6:15) to enter into the “marriage” on Oct. 22, 1844. At the end of the “chazon” vision the “mareh” is marked in Dan. 7:13 (judgment opened) & 8:14 (cleansing the sanctuary & host). They are the same vision of the “mareh” after the end of the “chazon”. Therefore the “stone cut out without hand” in Dan. 2 is the “mareh” vision, or the “mountain that filled the whole earth” (Dan. 2:35), and it is “cut out” progressively from Oct. 22, 1844 until the Close of Human Probation.


2-4-16. Stages of Rome.

- To shed light on a local question, Jeff begins with reading EGW statements on reverence in the Church sanctuary, and the role of women as teachers in the Church (but not as elders).

- Jeff addresses an erroneous teaching based on the last sentence of GC 615, “Romanism in the Old World and apostate Protestantism in the New will pursue a similar course toward those who honor all the divine precepts.” The error says that the Old World is in the past and Protestantism is in the present, or some other distinction, but the quote says “will”, putting both “worlds” into the future, doing the same persecution at the same time, in fact, there will be a 3-fold union of the “Dragon, Beast & False Prophet” persecuting together.

- The Kingdoms of Bible Prophecy are listed in Ed. 177; Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece & Rome (which are different from the kingdoms of world history). However, the kingdoms of history can be used to typify the kingdoms of Bible prophecy in that 3 kingdoms were “plucked up” (Egypt, Assyria, Israel) before the next 7 kingdoms could arrive (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, USA, U.N.). There is a progression of “gadal” (self-exaltation) in each kingdom of prophecy in Dan. 7 & 8, which parallels the progression in Rev. 17 as the great harlot moves from head to head as they rise and fall. Further EGW quotes establish that our prophetic baseline for understanding the kingdoms of prophecy is found in the books of Daniel & the Revelation, beginning with Babylon.

- In Rev. 13:1 John first sees the “7 heads” of the beast coming up out of the sea. The “heads” of the beast of Rev. 17 are the kingdoms of Bible prophecy, but they are also all on the papal “Beast”, containing elements of the papacy within each head. Rule X, Symbols can have more than one meaning. “Dragon” means both Satan & his human agency, Rome (GC 439).

- A brother in Africa was teaching something re. the various heads of the beasts in Rev. 12, 13 & 17, but would not consider the order of the beasts in Dan. 7, nor the rule of “first mention” in the Bible. The “first mention” of a subject in the Bible contains all the elements of the fully developed subject later in the Bible, therefore the first mention of Rome in Dan. 7 shows that Rome goes all the way to the end of the world through Rev. 12 (Pagan Rome), Rev. 13 (Papal Rome) & Rev. 17 (Modern Global Rome). Dan. 7 is the “key” to the full understanding of Dan. 2, and all the other chapters dealing with Rome throughout history.

- 16MR334, Ulai & Hiddekel are the “great” rivers of Shinar, not tributaries, therefore they have to be the Euphrates & Tigris rivers.

- Consider the situation of the prophets when they are given a vision (TM 112). When John is given Rev. 13 he is placed  where the papacy is “robbed of its strength” at 1798, and shown a new power “coming up”, the USA, which is the “last to wage war against the law of God” (ST 11-1-99); and in Dan. 8 when Daniel was standing by the Ulai (Euphrates), and was given a vision, he saw himself in a location over 100 miles away in the not yet built palace at Shushan in Elam (which means “hidden”). Christian Experience & Views of E.G. White, p. 57-61, while on earth EGW in vision saw herself on the new earth.  Rev. 17:3, while John is on Patmos he sees a vision of himself in the “wilderness” at 1798.


2-3-16. Review.

- Visions, Dan. 8-10, chazon (prophetic history), mareh (vision of Christ/God), marah (looking-glass, humbling).

- Kings of M/P.

- 70 yrs. (TOE, 538-536 BC).

- 1st & 3rd year of Cyrus.

- History of the kings of Judah. (Isa. 7, Ahaz, 742 BC – 65 yrs. = 677, the 2nd 2520). Comparing the reigns of Hezekiah & Hoshea gives the starting date of the 1st 2520 = 723 BC.

- 2nd Passover (2 Chron. 29 & 30). It is explained how that a Bible story with dates, times & events can be made symbolic and give us light on end-time events. The Temple is cleansed in 2 parts (1d1m connection to 9/11; 8 days for “Priests” + 8 days for “Levites” = 16th day; missed Passover on the 14th day, ). In the literal story, Hezekiah then gives the latest possible invite to Israel/Samaria/10 tribes to return to the worship of the true God before Assyria (KofN) destroys them in 723 BC. (Ezra 7:9, 1d1m = 9/11. 1d5m = MC. 10d7m = SL.) Symbolically, the Passover on the 14th day can be moved to 1d1m = 9/11, then the “call” to the “10 tribes/11th hr. workers” can be moved up to the MC before the SL. Jeff points out another line of prophecy, that the Cross was on Passover, which = Oct. 22, 1844 = 10d7m = SL, therefore the “call” to the Passover is before the SL. It is explained how that on the line of 2 Chron. 29, when we turn “1d1m” into a prophetic symbol it parallels 9/11, then 8 days parallels the MC, and 8 more days parallel the SL = 16d1m = Firstfruits offering.

- Carchemish. As a symbol, it shows the “long, drawn out war” that is the “key” that opens the “bottomless pit” for Islam to arise. 1798 & 1989 are both separate “times of the end”. KofS “pushes” the KofN (1798), who later retaliates, with a 3-fold union, “like a whirlwind” (Dan. 11:40), and destroys the KofS (1989), and then goes on to conquer the world (SL). (The principle is the KofN always conquers first his enemy [KofS], then his ally [who provides the chariots, horsemen, ships], and finally his victim [the world].)

- “hissing”.

- Dan. 8 & 9.

- Nineveh. The Battle of Nineveh (627 AD). 2nd witness for Dan. 11:40 (“long, drawn out war”), and introduces Islam. The war was between Eastern Rome (Byzantine Empire) and Persia, who exhausted each other and allowed Islam to rise. Persia is part of the “2-horned” Medo-Persia, who symbolically = the “2 horned” France (Sodom & Egypt = atheism) who “pushed at” the KofN (papal Rome) in 1798 and started another mutually exhausting “long, drawn out war” ending at the fall of atheism in the USSR in 1989 (who had been keeping a lid on Islam in Afghanistan for 10 years), which was the “key” that opened the “bottomless pit” (Rev. 9:2) of Islam again in 1989, who then struck at the “armies of Rome” (USA) at 9/11. (No Review of Dan. 2.)


2-2-16. Evening. Daniel 2 by Michael.

- The two Sunday laws of 321 & 538 happened where the “iron & clay” were mingled at both times. 4BC1168 (1899), “God’s work is represented by the feet of the image.” {Ed 179.1} “The final overthrow of all earthly dominions is plainly foretold in the word of truth. In the prophecy uttered when sentence from God was pronounced upon the last king of Israel is given the message: “Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: ... exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until He come whose right it is; and I will give it Him.” Ezekiel 21:26, 27. {Ed 179.2} The crown removed from Israel passed successively to the kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. God says, “It shall be no more, until He come whose right it is; and I will give it Him.” {Ed 179.3} That time is at hand.”

- Michael addresses the apparent contradiction of the number of kingdoms of Bible prophecy between Dan. 2 (4 kingdoms) & Rev. 17 (8 kingdoms). There is no contradiction if you can see aspects-characteristics of the “iron” of Rome in all of the subsequent kingdoms, which we do; #4) Pagan Rome, #5) Papal Rome, #6), USA = “Protestant Rome”, #7) U.N. = the 10 kings that came from Pagan Rome and which will go back to Rome as #8) Modern Global Rome. Also the characteristics of the “iron & clay” mixed “toes” (union of Church & State) are found in the last 4 kingdoms.


2-1-16. Rev. 9.

- Rev. 8, Constantine makes the 1st Sunday law in 321 AD (national apostasy leads to national ruin), then the first 4 Trumpets, barbarian tribes overrun Pagan Rome. #1) Ostrogoths, #2) Vandals, #3) Huns, #4) Heruli. (Dan. 7, 3 of these “horns” are plucked up to make way for the papacy).

- 538 AD (the Byzantine Empire), the papacy gets an army-“host” in 496 AD (Clovis) to defeat pagan resistance to papal supremacy (Dan. 8:12, 11:31), and reinforces the Sunday law at the Council of Orleans. (The 321 SL = the USA SL. The 538 SL = the Universal SL.) The principle of “national apostasy leads to national ruin” applies again and Islam arises against Rome (Rev. 9). The prophetic principle is that attack by a “Trumpet power” is the punishment for making a Sunday Law.

- Rev. 9, the 5th Trumpet (from about 600 AD > 1449) includes Islam’s “1st Woe” for “5 months” = 150 years (1299-1449). The “fallen star” is Mohammed, and Islam grows in power in Arabia, but can’t spread north because of a “long, drawn out war” going on between East & West (Persia & Eastern Rome in Constantinople, the Greek or Byzantine Empire) which block the way, but Persia & Constantinople exhaust each other’s military power (ending with a sudden attack by Eastern Rome’s army at the Battle of Nineveh in 627 AD where Persia is defeated), which is the “key” that allows Islam to begin to spread into the former Persian territory and eventually attack Eastern Rome in 1299 (for supporting the papacy in Rome).

- Dan. 11:40 parallels (from 1798 to 1989). #1) A “long, drawn out war”. The KofS (atheistic France) attacks the KofN (Papacy) in 1798. #2) Eventually the atheism of France moves to the Communist USSR (the new KofS) in the East and begins a “long, drawn out war” (the Cold War) with the USA in the West. #3) In 1984 the USA sends an Ambassador to the Vatican (KofN) and becomes Rome’s new “army” (with “horsemen, chariots & many ships”), and in a sudden attack (“whirlwind”) defeats the USSR-KofS (Berlin Wall comes down in 1989), and there is no more any opposition to the KofN (parallels the Battle of Carchemish, KofS attacks KofN, but KofN eventually returns to defeat the KofS), and the “key” is turned for Islam to attack the USA (for supporting the papacy in Rome).

- Review of 1-28-16 class. Ulai & Hiddekel, “The light that Daniel received direct from God was given especially for these last days. The visions he saw by the banks of the Ulai and the Hiddekel, the great rivers of Shinar, are now in process of fulfillment, and all the events foretold will soon have come to pass” (Letter 57, 1896). {16MR 334.2, 4BC 1166.5} “Hiddekel”, Strong’s #H2313 = Tigris, therefore “Ulai”, #H195 = “Eulaeus” = Euphrates. Therefore, while in Babylon by the Euphrates, Daniel sees himself in a vision of the not yet built Medo-Persian palace at Shushan at 457 BC, the start of the 2300-yr. prophecy.

- Historical discrepancy. Historians put Belshazzar’s birth at least a few years after Nebuchadnezzar’s death, but EGW makes them contemporary. “Belshazzar had been given many opportunities for knowing and doing the will of God. He had seen his grandfather Nebuchadnezzar banished from the society of men. He had seen the reason and intellect, in which the proud king gloried, taken away by the One who gave it. He had seen the king driven from the kingdom, and made the companion of the beasts of the field.” {Lt51a-1897 (July 8, 1897) par. 13} SDA pioneer writings seem confused on the issue.


1-31-16. Evening. Iron & Clay.

- Union of Church & State, Isa. 14:13, Lucifer wants to sit on God’s thrones, both the political one in heaven and the religious one “in the sides of the north” on earth. Rev. 13:2, the “dragon”-Satan gave the papal “beast” its “power” (military 496-508AD), “seat” (Rev. 2:13, Pergamum, then Rome in 330 AD) & “authority” (by order of Justinian in 533 AD). Gen. 11, Tower of Babel, “go to” x3 = 3 Angels’ messages. City & Tower = State & Church (DA 596). Dan. 8:9-12, the “little horn”, gender oscillation between masculine Pagan Rome and feminine Papal Rome indicates State & Church. Gen. 2:21-25, Adam the “State” & Eve the “Church”, becomes an unholy marriage when the “Church” gets in control. Gen. 3:16, correct relationship, man as “priest”. Dan. 2:40-43, “iron & clay”, to be addressed more fully. 2 Cor. 4:7, Isa. 64:8, “earthen vessels” = clay = God’s people. Rev. 2:27, 12:5, 19:15, “iron” = rule, government. 4BC1168 (1899), God’s work is represented by the feet of the image, a mixture of iron & clay (the “mystery of iniquity”). Rev. 13:11-15 (GC 48), an “image” in the USA, AND an “image” in the world = 2 “images” of the Beast, the Church using to power of the State to enforce religious laws. Also the image “to” the beast is a sort-of “offering” made “to” Catholicism by apostate Protestantism.


1-31-16. Dan. 8 & 9. Review; Carchemish, 3rd yr. of Belshazzar, Ulai.

- The two battles of Carchemish, the “long, drawn out war”, show two “time of the end” periods, that allow us to parallel a “time of the end” at 1798, and another “time of the end” at 1989 (instead of 1989 just being an extended part of the 1798 “time of the end”). 1989 begins a “time of the end” repeat of the same sequence of events that gives us details about our present “time of the end” that we otherwise would not be able to see.

- Rev. 16:13 names the 3 major players as the “Beast, Dragon & False Prophet” who are the “3-fold union” that leads the world to Armageddon, and parallels Dan. 11:40b (beginning in 1989) which speaks of the KofN (Beast) as Rome, KofS (Dragon) as atheism/paganism & the USA (False Prophet) as “chariots, horsemen & many ships”.

- Dan. 11:40a is about the KofS (atheistic France) “pushing” at the KofN (papacy) in 1798.

- Miller’s 10th Rule: “Figures sometimes have two or more different significations.” Therefore “Egypt” can symbolize both the organized atheistic/pagan KofS as France (who pushes at the KofN in 1798, and then 191 yrs. later [as the atheistic USSR] is conquered by the KofN in 1989). “Egypt” can also symbolize the whole disorganized (atheistic/pagan) world in a more general sense, who is further conquered by the KofN (at the Universal Sunday Law) as he leads the world to Armageddon.

- The first battle of Carchemish has the “3-fold union” that parallels Dan. 11:40b (1989): Babylon as the KofN (Beast) or Rome, Medo-Persia as the USA (False Prophet) or “chariots, horsemen & many ships”, and Egypt as the KofS (Dragon) or atheism/paganism. They attack Assyria as a symbol of the whole world (or “Egypt” in Dan. 11:42) and bring it to Armageddon.

- The second battle of Carchemish also parallels Dan. 11:40b (1989), and has Babylon (as the Papacy-Beast-Rome), and Medo-Persia (as the USA-False Prophet-glorious land) conquering “Egypt” (as the KofS-Dragon-atheism/paganism in the USSR).

- The KofN continues on to conquer the “countries” (of Europe, returning them to the Papacy), and conquers the “glorious land” (USA, at the SL), [then enlists the aid of the now supportive “resurrected” Dragon-atheism/paganism in the U.N.], and then finally conquers “Egypt” (Dan.11:42) as the whole world, and brings it to Armageddon.

- Jeff emphasizes the importance of “context”. The 7 last kings of Judah represent the “7 Thunders”, that contain the “4 Generations” and that also contain the “3 Angel’s Messages”.

- Dan. 8:1, the “3rd year of Belshazzar” as his last year (short reign theory) upheld by A.T. Jones, and S.N. Haskell, while Wm. Miller,  U. Smith & most secular historians say Belshazzar ruled for about 15 years (long reign theory). EGW, RH 3-21-07.3, “a short time before, ‘in the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar,’” Daniel was given the 2300-yr. prophecy. Question: Can “a short time before” mean 9 years? No. Dan. 5:29 suggests Belshazzar was still only a co-regent when he made Daniel the “3rd ruler” of the kingdom. EGW, YI 5-19-98.4, “Admitted to a share in kingly authority at fifteen years of age, Belshazzar gloried in his power, and lifted up his heart against the God of heaven.”… (most likely 3 years later when he was 18).

- Ulai (Persian) = Eulaeus = Euphrates. (Hiddekel = Tigris in Strong’s Concordance.) “The light that Daniel received direct from God was given especially for these last days. The visions he saw by the banks of the Ulai and the Hiddekel, the great rivers of Shinar, are now in process of fulfillment, and all the events foretold will soon have come to pass” (Letter 57, 1896). {16MR 334.2, 4BC 1166.5} Dan. 8 & 11 as not yet completed. “Shinar” = Babylon. “Mesopotamia” = “Land Between The Rivers”. Dan. 8:16 & 12:5-7, Christ stands “between the banks”, and then “upon the waters” between the angels (Ark-Throne is between the angels, where the waters come out, Rev. 22:1). 


1-30-16. Lambert Sabbath School, GC 403-404.

- The class discusses spiritual discouragement in contrast to personal closeness with God. Some excellent ideas were brought out.


1-28-16. Evening. Dan. 2, the transition from Pagan to Papal Rome.

- Question: Does every reference to Pagan Rome appear in connection with a reference to Papal Rome?

- Line of Rev. 2, Pergamos “falls away” to make way for Thyatira (Papal Rome). 2 Thess. 2:4-8, a power is “taken out of the way” to reveal “that Wicked” power that will be destroyed at Jesus’ coming. Wm. Miller saw that the power “taken away” was paganism or Pagan Rome (31 BC > 330 AD). Constantine enacts the first Sunday law in 321 AD and divides the kingdom in 330 AD (“national apostasy leads to national ruin”). By 508 AD the fall of Pagan Rome is complete and in 538 AD the Papacy takes over until 1798.

- Line of Rev. 12, Pagan Rome waits to destroy Christ at His birth, and the “woman” hides in the “wilderness” from Papal Rome 1260 years (538 > 1798). Both “Romes” are symbolized by “the dragon”.  The “Earth” (USA) opens its “mouth” & “speaks” = law of the US Constitution (which separates both Church & State, opposing both Papal rule & kingly rule), which “swallows up the flood” that Papal Rome’s dragon cast out of its mouth (Papal laws against heretics, enforced by the State).

- Line of Rev. 13, ST 2-8-10.5, “earth beast” = USA. John is standing on the “sand of the sea” at 1798 and looks back at the “sea beast”, a composite of characteristics of both Pagan + Papal Rome (in reverse order of appearance because he’s looking backward). Then he looks forward at the rising “earth beast” that professes to be a peaceful representative of the “lamb”, but hypocritically “speaks” with the State-enforced worship laws of the “dragon” (both Pagan + Papal Rome).

- Line of Rev. 17, the Papal “woman-harlot-mother” is drunk with the blood of the saints at the END of the 1260-yr. “wilderness” at 1798. v.10, by 1798 “5 are fallen” = Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome. “1 is” = USA (1776). One is “not yet come” = United Nations = NWO (for “a short space”). Then the “10 kings” GIVE their (NWO) kingdom to the “beast that was & is not, yet is (v.8)” = Modern Global Papal Rome rules the world. 

- Line of Dan. 12:11-12, the Pagan Rome “daily” is taken away in 508 AD (and the “abomination” of Papal Rome is set up in 538 AD). From 508 AD + 1290 years = 1798. From 508 AD + 1335 years = 1843 (when those who lived then were “blessed” at the beginning of Adventism). 

- Line of Dan. 11:30-31, 33, 35. Pagan Rome  has “indignation against the holy covenant” (321 AD), and “has intelligence with them that forsake the holy covenant” = Papal Rome (508-538 AD). v.31, pagan hordes invade and sack the city of Rome (the “sanctuary of strength”) many times, until the pagan “arms” = armies of Clovis, suddenly switch from paganism (“take away” [Heb. sur] the “daily” opposition to true worship) to paganized Catholicism and by warfare “arms” prepare the way from 497-508 AD for paganized Papal Rome (the “abomination that maketh desolate”) to rule the (civilized) world in Europe from 538-1798. v.33 & 35, “they that understand” shall fall by flame, sword, captivity & spoil for “many days” = 1260 years of Papal persecution from 538 AD unto “the time of the end” = “a time appointed” = 1798.

- Line of Dan. 8:11-13, Pagan Rome “magnified himself even to the Prince of the host” = crucifixion of Jesus in 31 AD, and the pagan “daily” was “taken away” (actually “taken up and exalted” [Heb. ruwm] in the Pantheon) by Pagan Rome. Then “the place of his [pagan] sanctuary (the city of Rome) was cast down” (in 330 AD by Constantine when he moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople). v.12, an “host” (the armies of Clovis) was given “him” (the antecedent of the “it” of v. 10 = Papal Rome) against the “daily” (Pagan Rome), and “it” = Papal Rome, “practiced and prospered” for 1260 years from 538 AD to 1798.

- Conclusion: Yes, every reference to Pagan Rome does appear in connection with a reference to Papal Rome (also in Dan. 7 & Dan. 2), and the uniform characteristic is that Rome (both Pagan & Papal in the general sense) ends in the year 1798.


1-28-16. Hissing.

- Class discusses God’s “hiss” as a “call” or “message” for enemies (apostate State & apostate Churches) to come and destroy disobedient “Israel” (as a symbol for the “foolish virgins” of Adventism at 9/11, the USA at the Sunday law, and finally the world at the Universal Sunday law), and then the “hissing” of surviving observers as an expression of shame or amazement because of the complete and permanent destruction.

- Also Zech. 10:8, God will “hiss” to “call” by means of a “message” the scattered loyal “wise virgins” together to bless and increase them.

- Dan. 8 review. V.1-2, in the year 538 BC, while standing by the river Ulai (location unclear) Daniel sees himself in a vision of the not yet built Medo-Persian palace at Shushan at 457 BC, the start of the 2300-yr. prophecy.

1-26-16. Evening. The Image of Dan. 2.

- (The “time of the end” can be marked by a sequence of events as well as a point in time.) There seems to be a difference in the way that Mark & Lorenz are teaching Dan. 2 from the way that Michael & Tyler teach it, so Jeff begins by examining Eze. 21:24-27 “overturn, overturn, overturn”. Zedekiah, meaning  “cleansed” (sanctuary-MHP), “iniquity remembered” at SL. V.25 (PK 450), “iniquity shall have an end” at the Day of Atonement, Close of Probation. V.26, “diadem” = turban = Priest = Church. “Crown” = king = State.

- Eze. 21:27, “overturn, overturn, overturn” = sequence of kingdoms after Zedekiah (based on Rev. 17): #1 Babylon = #5 papacy in 1798 (deadly wound). #2 Medo-Persia (2-horned power) = #6 USA in 1776 (2-horned power). #3 Greece = #7 the United Nations (10 kings who receive 1 “kingdom”) at the National Sunday Law in the USA. #4 Pagan Rome = #8 “resurrected” Global Papal Rome (Modern Babylon = 3-fold union of Rev. 16:13) at the Universal Sunday Law. The last 3 “kingdoms” reign together as the 3-fold “6th kingdom”, therefore together they make “666”.

- “Whose right it is” = Jesus who came in #4 Pagan Rome (kingdom of grace), and Who will come again (kingdom of glory) in #8 “resurrected” Global Papal Rome (Modern Babylon = 3-fold union Rev. 16:13).


1-26-16. The Second Passover, 2 Chron. 30.

- PK 287-292 (RH 2-12-14.8), Assyria had already either killed or exiled most of the population of Israel (the 10 northern tribes) when Hezekiah called for all 12 tribes to renewed consecration to God at the Passover at Jerusalem. It was their last chance, even delayed until the 2nd month, the latest possible time, but most still refused it and were miserably destroyed in Assyria’s next invasion.

- The historical details at the beginning of the 2520 reveal details that repeat at its end in the Millerite time (the beginning of Adventism), and also in our time as we repeat the Millerite events at the end of Adventism (and the world).

- The very studying of these subjects puts us in touch with the mind of Christ, which then converts and sanctifies our own hearts and minds.

- The 2 Chron. 30 sequence is: “dedication, call, Passover”. The first prophetic “Passover” for the end of Adventism (and the world) was on 9/11 (and some “Priests” bearing an “old paths” 7 Trumpets message have participated in it, Num. 9 & 10 “trumpets”), but there is a “Second Passover” call (for the “Levites”, beginning at the “Image of the Beast” test [the union of Ch. & State in the USA] and the MC) yet to come at the Sunday Law, which is the world’s last chance (“11th hr. workers”) at repentance and return to loyalty to God’s law.


1-25-16. Evening. Period of Time.

- Belshazzar’s death as a symbol of the 2520 against N. Israel (723 > 1798) scattering, kingdom removed (spiritual Babylon = the papacy). Nebuchadnezzar as a symbol of the 2520 against Judah (677 > 1844) and restoration. Jer. 25:12 says Babylon will be punished at the end of the 70 years. 70, 40, 1260 = “wilderness” at the end of 1798. At the end of the “wilderness” time is the “binding off” time.

- Jeff argues that the “binding off” time is also the “time of the end” at the end of a prophecy (whether a time prophecy or an event prophecy). The “time of the end” is marked by the birth of Moses, John the Baptist & Christ (even though John the Baptist & Jesus were 6 months apart). John the Baptist was the 1st Angel’s message and Jesus was the 2nd Angel’s message, so that means Moses was the 2nd Angel, so then Aaron must have been the 1st Angel’s message. Both of them were born in the “4th generation” so both were a fulfillment of Abraham’s prophecy. The 1st Angel was also Wm. Miller in 1798. Cyrus is a type of Christ who is the 2nd Angel’s message, so Cyrus = 2nd Angel’s message.

- When Babylon fell both Darius the “Mede” & Cyrus the “Persian” were there. M/P = 2-horned power = USA in 1798 (Protestantism & Republicanism) who was there, but Spiritual Babylon (papacy in 1798) fell to a different 2-horned power = France (Sodom & Egypt).

- Questions re. the exact dates on both ends of the Northern 2520, a 3-year question with 723-721 BC, and a 3-year process with 1798 that marked the “time of the end”.


1-21-16. 1st or 3rd year of Cyrus.

- Class struggles with where to mark Cyrus as a prophetic entity and the “time of the end” because of so little comment by EGW, and some confusion in the Pioneer writings. RH 3-21-07.3, “a short time before, ‘in the third year of the reign of King Belshazzar,’”.


1-20-16. 70 years.

- Two 70-yr periods are marked: #1) 606-536 (explicitly stated in Scripture) from the 3rd year of Jehoiakim (captivity of the “host” = 9/11) to Cyrus (host restored).

- #2) 586-516 (is NOT explicitly stated in Scripture, but must be constructed from prophetic parallels) from Zedekiah (destruction of the Temple = SL = Day of the Lord) to Darius the Great (Temple restored). 

- Fall of Babylon (according to worldly archaeology = Oct. 13, 539 BC), but on the 1843 Chart = 538 BC which prophetically connects (via the “first & last” principle) to the rising again of “Babylon” in 538 AD.

- Jer. 25:1, 36:1, 45:1, 46:2. One year after the 1st deportation (9/11), the people think that’s all Nebuchadnezzar is going to do to them, but Jeremiah says it is just the beginning of their destruction, so 9/11 marked just the beginning of troubles with Islam (as we can now see clearly is the case 15 years later).

- Manasseh = 1989 (538 BC can = 1989 too), 3rd yr. of Jehoiakim = 536 BC = 9/11, Jehoiachin = MC, 11th yr. of Zedekiah = SL.


1-19-16. Evening. Dan. 6.

- PK551-557, Return of the Exiles. End of the 70 yrs captivity = end of the 2520 which is a Sabbath-sign. Daniel’s prayer of repentance. Jer. 25:12, question; did the 70 end at the end of Babylon in 538, or at the beginning of Cyrus in 536 BC?

- Dan. 8:14, Daniel was perplexed to connect the 70-year captivity with the 2300 years (and Adventism is struggling to connect the 2300 with the 2520), so in Ch. 9 Daniel studied Jeremiah (his SOP) like Adventism studies EGW for clearer light.

- Dan. 6, Daniel (representing the book of Daniel) is thrown into the lion’s den and “sealed”, then it is “unsealed” when Daniel is brought out of the lion’s den, and there is an “increase of knowledge” re. the prophecy that Cyrus is to free the Jews. The “increase of knowledge” for Cyrus is a “beginning” that parallels an “ending” at the SL.

- The progressive fall of Babylon marks a fulfillment of a time prophecy, so is a “time of the end”, and parallels the progressive fall of apostate Protestantism in the Millerite time (becoming complete at 10-22-44). 1798 marks a fulfillment of a time prophecy, so is a “time of the end” also. Dan. 9:1 & 11:1 both mark the “1st year of Darius the Mede” and mark a “time of the end” at Babylon’s fall when Darius the Mede begins to rule Babylon under Cyrus, then 3 more; Cambyses, False Smerdis, Darius (Hystaspes, the Great), Xerxes the Great (Ahasuerus). (Suggestion to compare Xerxes the Great to Donald Trump, with conditions for his rise set up by Islam.)

- Suggestion that the “lions” in the den “sealed” over Daniel represent Babylon who sealed up the Bible (and the book of Daniel) during the Dark Ages, and when Daniel was “unsealed” and set free from papal Babylon in 1798 he became the 1st Angel’s message to Darius & Cyrus.


1-19-16. Kings of Medo-Persia.

- PK 714, 70 = 1260 = 2520. Lev. 26, “7 times” changed from noun to adjective. 490 yrs violation of the 2520 “sabbaths of the land” law led to the 70 yrs captivity. In Dan. 8:2 Daniel (c. ~ 620-530) was taken in vision to “Shushan” at 457BC, like as in Rev. 17:3 John was taken in vision to the “wilderness” at 1798.

- Dan. 10:1, he sees the “thing” = dabar = “word” = chazon = Dan. 11 = 2520, and “understands” the “mareh” = 2300.

- Dan. 11:2, (3rd yr of Cyrus, 10:1) +3, Cambyses, False Smerdis, Darius (Hystaspes, the Great), Xerxes the Great (Ahasuerus). (Suggestion to compare Xerxes the Great to Donald Trump.) Est. 1:4, the 180-day feast was actually a planning session to invade Grecia (between Vashti & Esther).

- Dan. 10:2-4, fasting 21 days (4th > 24th day, inclusively).


1-18-16. Evening. Dan. 11.

- Jeff poses the problem of the end of the 70 years which marks the beginning of the “time of the end”, and an “increase of knowledge”, for that prophecy. Is it at 538 BC when Babylon falls, or 536 BC when Cyrus releases the Jews? Jeff proposes that Dan. 9 is at 538 rather than 536. (Cyrus as a prophetic symbol “can have more than one meaning”, Miller’s Rule #10).

- Ezra 1, Cyrus’ decree is “world-wide” which puts it at the “empowerment” of the 1st Angel (1E = 536) rather than at the “arrival” of the 1st Angel (1A = 538). Jer.25:12, Babylon is punished at end of the 70 yrs. in 538 (1A), the “time of the end”. In Dan. 5:31-6:1 Darius has an “increase of knowledge” re. Daniel personally, and after Daniel survives the “lion’s den”, Darius makes a “world-wide” decree to “fear God” (536-1E) Dan. 6:26. 538 = 1798 when “Babylon” is punished, and a “2-part” kingdom of Bible prophecy (parallel to Medo-Persia’s 2 parts) is coming up, which is the USA (recognized as independent in 1798). (Other “2-horned” powers are Judah & Israel, Judah & Benjamin, Sodom & Egypt [France], all symbols of the USA [Protestantism & Republicanism] the 6th kingdom of Rev. 17.) Dan. 11:2, “Grecia” = 7th kingdom = 10 kings of Rev. 17.

- Class begins to compare the “3 kings in Persia and 4th far richer” to 1989 and 3 US Presidents and 4th “far richer”.



1-9-16, Lambert Fellowship. A Certain Sound, part 1.

- Dan. 9. EGW connects Daniel’s 70 yrs. of captivity by Babylon with the 1260 yrs. captivity by Rome as parallel prophecies, therefore the events in the restoration of both captivities can be seen from 1798 > 1844. At “the time of the end” of those prophecies the book of Daniel was unsealed and there was “an increase of knowledge” from the book of Daniel.

- Medo-Persia as a type of the USA, a “two-horned” power, the 6th kingdom of Rev. 17. Dan. 11:2, since 1989 the 4th “king” (President) who is “far richer than they all” (Trump?) attacks “Grecia” the 7th kingdom of Rev. 17 = the U.N. = Greek philosophy = “political correctness”.

- Isa. 58:1, “voice” (Num. 10:1-9, giving the trumpet a “certain sound” sheds light on the calling for either an assembly or battle in Joel, Zeph. & Zech.). God’s Present Truth people are the “voice” and sacred message of the Angels, even Christ, and are the Latter Rain, sealing messages that began at 9/11.  

- Num. 16, the “conspiracy” against the chosen leadership, originated in heaven, carried out on Moses, and Christ, and again at the time of the 144000. Those who carry the sealing message in Eze. 9 & Rev. 7 are the “man with the writer’s inkhorn”, even Christ.

- Numbers 1 & 3 are not chronological.

A Certain Sound, part 2

- Genesis covenant stories with Adam, Noah & Abraham are an introduction to the Exodus covenant history with a chosen people. The 3 Angels’ messages are in Exodus (Fear God), Leviticus (give glory to Him, righteousness, law), Numbers (judgment, making up the number, sealing).

- Ex. 40:17, Tabernacle set up on 1d, 1m, 2nd year. Num. 1:1, 1d, 2m, 2nd year. Num. 3:1, 1st year. Num. 9:1, 1d, 2nd year, shows these chapters to be not chronological but “repeat & enlarge”.

- Num. 5:11-31, curse of the unfaithful wife. Story reveals the “wise & foolish virgins” at the MC “Amen, Amen”. Wave offering = lifted up at the MC. The “oath” (“7 times” = 2520) becomes the “curse” for the unfaithful (who cling to Old Protestant theology), but it is the “covenant” for the faithful (who follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth). “Thigh” = symbol of oath (Gen. 24:2).

- “Strangers” can participate in worship, but can never be “Priests” or “Levites”, therefore the “11th hr. workers” are a separate group and not part of the 144000, who then must be only SDAs.

- Num. 10, “Trumpets”. Silver = obedience, calls for “assembly” (Joel 1:14). v.8, “Priests” blow the trumpets, one for the “princes” & two for assembly.

- Zeph. 1, the future “day of the Lord” (not 9/11), the Lord’s sacrifice and punishment of those in “strange apparel” without the “wedding garment” at the Sunday Law. v.11, national apostasy is followed by national ruin. v.12 “candles”, searching for leaven-sin to be put out on Passover, Investigative Judgment. v.16 “trumpet of alarm” on the USA.

- The “Watchman-Priests” who blow the “two trumpets” (1st & 2nd Angels’ messages combined) from 9/11 to the MC have to know the “certain sound” to make with their trumpet (for assembly, not war), or they’re not a “wise-virgin watchman-Priest” (1T651).